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The Love Of My Life Pt 1

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We flopped down onto the couch in Alex’s room with a sigh of relief. Both exhausted after a long night at the bar catching up with everyone after my return back to London. We’d had quite a few drinks throughout the evening and were definitely feeling it. I looked over at Alex sitting on the couch next to me. I scanned her up and down, taking in her petite body. She had always been stunning to me. Blessed with perfect 34D breasts and a shapely little bum on such a small frame. Something about her tonight was too much for me to handle. Years of unrequited love and lust was manifesting itself and I felt myself being overcome with an animalistic desire for her. I could feel my dick beginning to stir within my pants. I wanted her so badly. I decided to through caution to the wind and go in for

End of a Long Week Time for Fun

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The week slowly ground to a end on Friday afternoon. Chase had finished his day early at work and found his way home and jumped in the shower. His life had been very different after his surgery. Before his surgery he had worked hard with Brianna and managed to lose a good amount of weight and was really proud of the way he was turning out. After his surgery when he was cleared he started going back to the gym. He loved it very much and the new and interested looks that Brianna had been giving him and he was very excited to see himself in the steamy mirror as he exited the shower. He took his towel and wiped the steam away from the mirror and stared back at himself through his own brown eyes. Just then a thought entered his head, he smiled to himself as he picked up his razor and tr

My Initimate experience with a stranger

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When we first met we were total strangers.  I visited a family relative and there you were again lusting after me with your eyes.. I notice your prying eyes stripping me so boldly.. It got to me I asked you if you had a problem? You replied I need to speak to you outside.! I responded ask me now.?

He stepped to the door with slight smerk on your face you answered me softly "dont keep me waiting! " I was eager to hear what was on his mind so I went..

We walked and walked until we enterred another house on the property and then he openned a door which entered into his bedroom.

He offered me something to drink,  i dranked it while he stripped me again with his eyes. I said to him stop it! What is it?  He smiled! You are beautiful he said!   Is this why you wanted me alone.... He

My Beautiful Brianna 1

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If some of you visit other sites, you may or may not recognize my username. Please note that the stories I am posting now are ones that I have written. I am the original author of them. Please enjoy..

This is a romance series, that being said, there is no sex in this chapter. Please keep that in mind. Sex doesn't start until chapter 2.

Growing up my parents and I moved a lot. It kind of sucked to be honest. The thing that sucked the worst about it was the fact that I was held back a year in high school. I should have graduated a few months after I turned 18. That didn't happen. Instead I was 18 when my senior year started.

It wasn't all bad though. Reason being was that I got a head start in my chosen profession. During the Summer break I attended the academy and got my certif

David and Morgan

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I heard the front door slam while I was standing at the stove. My back was to the entryway. I didn't turn around. But I heard him stop and take a deep breath before he growled, “What the hell do you think you were doing today?”

My response was quiet. “I just thought it would be nice to see you, as a surprise,&rdqu

My Latina Queen

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I was in a transitional stage in my life. Needless to say I was very bored with myself. I just graduated from college (North Carolina Central University class of 2003) and started to out grow my friends. I had the time of my life in Durham, N.C. When I came back home to the Bronx, New York I had to deal with these knuckleheads whose

New Found Existence

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She had spent all of her life running, running from her past, running from her future, running from things that would scare her so badly she felt like she could not breathe. One of those things she ran so desperately away from was love. She had seen what it could do in the past, what it did to her family, her friends and occasionally even to herself when she would stop running long enough. It was never a pretty picture. Just like almost everyone else in the world, Lynn had some pretty deep emotional scars. Unfortunately, she used them as an excuse not to let her guard down.

Over the years very, few people did break down those defenses and saw past the illusions she fabricated. She was so afraid of getting hurt again that as soon as someone got too close she would sh

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ut down. The fear was too real for her. After the years she spent trying to recover from the damage of the emotional terrorist she wasted a year and a half of her life on, her self-esteem remained shattered. It seemed as if nothing would ever put the pieces back together.

When Michael drifted into her life, she never suspected that things would change so quickly. There was just some inexplicable reason she felt so connected to him. She had never been as comfortable with anyone in her life as she had become around him. It was the first time she felt like she could be herself around anyone. When he started to break down those defenses she clung so dearly to, he would not let her run away. What surprised her most was that she did not even want to run from it. She was so lost in the excitement and fun that she forgot about what she had been trying to avoid for so long and just let herself go.

He had been hurt many times as well. Both of them had sworn off relationships because of the broken hearts in the past. Neither of them wanted to go through that pain again. Instead of just pushing people away like she often did, Michael hid behind an almost impenetrable shyness. With her that boundary around his heart seemed to melt away as easy as the morning sun melts the autumn frost.

Days turned into weeks, and that connection that was so strong between them, began to grow more intense. Neither of them would ever be able to pinpoint the exact moment it happened. All they knew was that it did happen with such ease that they did not see it coming. They could talk about anything and it would still be all right. There was nothing Lynn could not share with him. Slowly, she began to show him her scars. All Michael could do was tried to comfort her and assure her that she deserved better. He, too, began to open up, revealing things he had not told another living soul.

It was not until a cold Saturday afternoon that things suddenly began to change between them. She showed up at his apartment to spend the day with him. Michael gave her a hug like the ones he had given her many times before, but something felt different today. Lynn dismissed it as just having missed him more than she normally did lately. As they sat down on the sofa to talk, he sat closer than usual. Something like that typically would have made her uncomfortable very quickly. Today, it did not even register to her.

While they were talking about what they had been up to, it happened. It was the moment that would change everything. It was like a fairy tale. It all happened so quickly. Their eyes met and neither could say a word. In the silence, it was as if their hearts cried out for one another. Michael moved a little closer. As he leaned in, Lynn's eyes closed. The kiss was so soft and delicate but filled with such a passion that neither of them could deny it any longer. They both knew right then and there that this was meant to be.

He pulled her closer to him. His body felt so good against hers as his arms wrapped around her. She felt so safe. The kiss deepened, becoming more passionate by the second. Her hand gently rested against his shoulder, holding on to him tightly. Part of her was afraid that it was all just a dream and that she would wake up any moment. She pulled back slowly, breaking the kiss and looking up into his eyes. Her heart felt as if it would burst right out of her chest. The words would not come out. They could not. It was too soon. It would change everything and possibly destroy it.

He caressed her cheek as he looked into her eyes. It felt as if he was staring into her soul. It was the closest she had ever felt to another person in her life. A slight smile crossed his lips. That was the moment she knew that it was no longer just a friendship. Her lower lip quivered as she tried to force the words out. He did not need to hear them. He could see into her heart.

He leaned in, pressing his lips to hers once again. All of her defenses melted away, letting him not only touch her body but her soul as well. His hand slipped down the center of her back, resting gently against the small of her back as he pulled her harder to him. She offered no resistance to his advances. He broke the kiss, releasing her from his grasp for a moment. Lynn feared that something had changed in that moment, that now he did not find her desirable. Much to her surprise, Michael leaned down, scooping her up into his arms and carrying her to the bedroom. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she gazed into his eyes. That was when they both became completely certain that this was right.

Michael laid her down upon his bed, staring at the beautiful creature before him. Deep down he had longed for this moment for a very long time, but never before could he act upon the feelings. Lynn bit down lightly on her lower lip as she shyly looked up at him. He moved onto the bed, lying down next to her. He propped his head up on his hand as he looked at her. The overwhelming urge to kiss her once again surfaced. Michael kissed her softly once again, moving on top of her. Lynn's eyes fluttered shut as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to her.

His hand rested against the soft curve of her neck as he kissed her. Very slowly, he began to move it down along her collarbone and toward her breasts. He felt her chest rise and fall faster as the desire inside her grew stronger. Finally, his hand came to rest upon her right breast, massaging it softly as they continued to kiss. Lynn moaned softly into the kiss, urging him to continue you. His hand slipped down, tracing along the soft cotton t-shirt before slipping under it.

Lynn drew in a deep breath as she felt his hand against her bare skin. The softness of his touch sent shivers through her as his hand moved back toward her lace-clad breast. The moment they shared was more beautiful than either of them could have imagined it would be. Each breath Michael drew filled him with the soft scent of her perfume. His lips left hers, trailing from her cheek to her jaw line and finally down to her neck. Her head moved to the side, giving him full access to her neck, something that many had been denied. He was delighted as he heard the soft whimper as he began to kiss her warm skin. Her body reacted incredibly to each touch of his lips against her. He continued to cover her neck in delicate kisses before reaching the edge of her shirt.

Now that Michael had gotten a taste of her, he needed more. He eased up onto his knees and stared down at her. He took the hem of her shirt in his hands and slowly began to slide it up her body. Lynn sat up slightly, allowing him to slip the garment off her. Despite how she felt at the moment, her self doubt shown through. Michael's eyes never left hers as she stared up at him self-consciously. His hands moved around her torso, unhooking her bra. Her hands immediately moved to cover her breasts as she laid back. Michael took her hand in his, as sadness filled his eyes. He shook his head slightly.

"Please Lynn, trust me. I do not want you to be shy around me. I think you are beautiful," he sincerely said.

It took all the courage had for Lynn to move her hands. The constant degradation from her ex boyfriend had left her so ashamed of her own body that the thought of exposing herself to someone she now felt so deeply connected to awoken a deep terror inside her. Michael leaned down once again, caressing her smooth skin as his hands pushed the straps of her bra off of her shoulders. His lips met her flesh again, kissing across her collarbone and slowly down her chest. He took his time, savoring every inch of her as he removed her bra.

Lynn's breath came in ragged bursts as each kiss breathed new life into her. She could slowly feel the doubts slipping away as he continued to worship her body an inch at a time. Her fingers intertwined with his hair as she ran her fingers over the back of his neck. A loud moan slipped from her as his lips latched on to her distended nipple. The soft suction from his mouth and the gentle caress of his tongue were driving her wild with desire. She had never experienced such pleasure before with anyone and now she knew she had to have more.

He continued to suckle her nipple as his hand slipped down her stomach, inching toward her jeans. She could feel his erection pressing against her through their clothing as their need for each other intensified. Fear mingled now with the desire he had awoken in her. His mouth left her breast, kissing across the valley between the two fleshy mounds toward the erect center of her left breast. Soon the tiny nub was given the same delicate treatment as the other as his fingers fumbled with the button fly jeans. Her hand moved to his, pulling it away from her pants. He promptly stopped, looking up at her with a puzzled look on his face. He was clearly worried that he had overstepped bounds with her.

She leaned up, kissing him softly as she pulled his shirt slowly off. She pulled him back down with her, running her fingers slowly over his spine. Her nails lightly brushed along his skin, sending chills through him. She broke the kiss, laying back and smiling at him. Her hands gently pushed him away, encouraging him to lay back. She slithered from under him, sitting on the edge of the bed as she watched him relax. Her hands moved quickly to his pants as she started to unfasten them. She felt in control again, pushing her vulnerability aside as much as she could as she tried to detach herself from her emotions. She knew it was the only way she could survive this.

He lifted his hips off the bed as her fingers hooked under the waistband of his boxers. She slowly removed both articles and laid them at the foot of the bed. He watched her closely. He could almost see a physical change in her as she moved between his legs. He understood what she was doing, and no matter how much she tried to succeed, he could not let her. He watched the transformation of her movements, seeing the old defenses immerging. As her fingers wrapped around his swollen shaft, he let out a pleasurable sigh. Her skillful touch was almost too much for him. She leaned in closer, letting the tip of her tongue trace over the smooth warm flesh at the head. She made tight little circles over it, letting each one expand slightly before she allowed the head to penetrate her warm mouth.

He groaned softly as her tongue tickled his flesh, making it even harder for him to concentrate. He wanted the feeling to continue but he knew if he let her build that wall again, the connection they had shared would be cut off completely. His hand landed tenderly against her jaw, lifting her face as he pulled her away from his engorged shaft. He could see the fear in her eyes as she tried to evade his gaze. He sat up, pulling her body to his and hugging her tight. She did not understand why he was doing this. She tried to pull out of his embrace but he held on tight, brushing her hair away from her face as he looked into her eyes once again.

"What do you want from me?" she asked in a broken voice. "What do you want?"

He could see the tears starting to form in her eyes as she awaited his answer. She was terrified that he had suddenly found her unpleasant. Her lower lip quivered almost undetectable. He stroked her cheek as he smiled at her. She felt rigid in his embrace. The fear and self-doubt had once again reared its ugly head.

"I want to make love to you Lynn. I just want to love you," he whispered.

The tears streamed down her cheeks as she looked at him in disbelief for a moment. She could tell he was truly sincere. Lynn buried her face against his chest as he held her. It took all she had not to completely break down. No one had ever used those words with her. No one had ever made love to her before. She was unsure what to expect. She lifted her face, looking up into his eyes once again. He just smiled at her, wiping away her tears with his fingertips. He felt the stiffness slipping away as he laid her back down against the bed.

Her eyes never left his as he began to undress her fully. Like a child, she sought his guidance, his reassurance. He loved her deeply, that was evident in everything he was doing. She drew in slow controlled breathes as she felt his hands begin to tug on her jeans. She lifted her body slightly, allowing him to remove them completely. The thin white thong that covered the smooth skin remained in place. He moved over her once again, and began to kiss his way down her body. Her soft gasps and moans made it clear that she was surrendering to the feelings she feared most.

She could feel the warmth of his breath against her skin as he moved down slowly toward the tiny patch of fabric that covered her sex. The scent of her made his mouth water. Even through the material of her panties, she could feel the warmth of his lips as he kissed down them. Her legs spread for him slowly, still a bit reluctant about letting herself go. He could see that she was finally accepting what was happening, that she was opening herself up to him in a way she had not opened herself to anyone in a very long time. He kissed along the edges of the panties, feeling the soft skin against his lips.

Her breathing was becoming noticeably labored as the urgent need began to build inside her. She tried to sit up, to make him let her please him as well. He just shook his head as he looked at her. She parted her lips to speak but was quickly stopped as he put his finger to her lips.

"No Lynn. Please, I want this. I want to make you feel like you have never felt before. I want you to lie back down and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying doing this," he said reassuringly.

She nodded, laying back as he returned to what he was doing. His lips grazed her panty-clad lips, making her shiver with pleasure. Slowly his tongue traced over the little pearl just above them. Lynn ached with desire for him. His tongue dipped down, dragging over her lips again. She squirmed, feeling him push the fabric harder against her flesh as it became increasingly wet. His fingers hooked into the sides of her panties and eased them down slowly. His palms glided over her thighs and down her legs as he removed the final barrier between them.

She could see a hunger in his eyes when he looked at her. He lowered his head, his tongue immediately moving over her soft swollen lips. She moaned loudly as she felt the thick fleshy flaps part and his tongue push into her. Once he had a taste of her, he could not get enough. His tongue darted in and out of her, lapping at the sweetness she secreted. She gripped handfuls of the bedding beneath her, clutching the sheets as his touch gave her such pleasure. His nose rubbed gently against her clit, sending her into the first shuddering orgasm of the night. Michael eagerly swept every drop of the delicious fluid into her mouth with his tongue. His lips then moved over her clit as he brought his finger to the moist slit.

Slowly he pressed into her, letting his finger slip in deeper as she moaned loudly. Lynn murmured as she writhed against the bed. He added a second finger, easing it in patiently before turning them. He curled his fingers slightly, feeling for the spongy spot on the upper wall. His fingers moved in and out of her slowly, grazing that spot with every pass. His tongue swirled against her throbbing little bud as his fingers teased her velvety folds.

He listened to each soft sound she made, noting every nuance in his mind as he learned exactly where to touch to elicit a specific reaction. Lynn's body trembled under his skillful manipulations of her flesh. In her lifetime, she had never experienced something so special and so pleasurable. She could not explain it if she had to. There were no words that could even begin to describe what she was feeling at that moment. Quickly, he drew out another intense climax from her.

He sat back on his heels, smiling at her, his lips and all around his mouth glistening with her wetness. She stared at him in complete awe. He could see a fire in her eyes now that raged, destroying any self doubt that had remained. He licked his lips, still savoring the taste of her. Before he could lick the honeyed juices from his fingers, she took his hand in hers. She guided Michael's fingers toward her mouth, letting her tongue dance over the damp digits before sliding them between her lips. She suckled softly as she stared up into his eyes, continuing to clean the taste from his fingers.

He moved over her as she laid back. Her arms snaked around his neck as she pulled him down to her. The kiss was the most passionate they had shared. Her tongue slipped between his lips, seeking out more of her own taste upon him. Her hips moved, lifting and lowering slightly as she felt the tip of his manhood against her moist flesh. Their moans mingled as they kissed, hands exploring every bit of flesh they could. Her lips were parting again as the head of his swollen shaft nestled between them. He pushed in slowly as her hips rose to meet his.

The sounds of their passions increased as their bodies moved as one. His mouth left hers, kissing back to her neck once again. Her muscles milked him as his rigid cock worked slowly in and out of her. Her moans became more passionate as her body crushed against his. Her nails raked lightly down his back as she bucked into him. His teeth caught her flesh between them, nipping gently at her neck. He groaned as he felt her body react, her muscles clenching around him.

Her breathing became frenzied as she started to grind her hips against his. Again, she was shaking, caught in the grips of an intense orgasm. Her muscles spasmed around him, bringing him closer to climax. Michael fought with all his might to keep from losing control. It felt too good to be inside her like this for him to let the feeling end so quickly. The sound of his voice in her ear urged her on. Her voice filled the room as she reached new heights of pleasure.

Her nails dug into his flesh as her body writhed beneath him. He looked down into her eyes as another orgasm blossomed. Her soft panting breathes mingled with her moans as she stared back at him. It was more than he could take. Michael's pace quickened as the throbbing became unbearable. In an instant, her womb was flooded with his seed. He collapsed against her as they rode out the intense waves of pleasure.

With his head resting on her chest, he could hear her heart pounding. Once they both were starting to calm down, he raised up, resting his weight on one elbow. His fingers brushed over her cheek as they gazed into each other's eyes. Michael had accomplished the impossible. Not only had he fought past all of the painful emotions of her past and his shyness, he had managed to connect with her like no one else had ever done. In that moment, Lynn felt something she had never felt before. Despite the thin sheen of sweat that covered her body, the mass of tangles her soft auburn hair was in, and all of her former misconceptions that led her to see herself as a hideous monster, Michael made her feel beautiful.


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He stepped into the light and Jade gasped . It couldn't be. She put her hands to her face, willing the image to leave her. She stood there for a few moments sobbing. Suddenly, she felt two strong hands envelop hers, and pull them from her face. Jade kept her eyes closed.

*Please* he begged
*Please , look at me, * she had waited for this, and now that the moment had come, she was terrified.
* I ..... I can't ...* she stammard.
she began to relax, as he held her hands,  softly running his thumbs over the backs of them. he placed her hands against his bare chest . her fingertips brushing the familiar body she had so gently kissed and caressed not too long before. he gently tilted her chin up and kissed her lips ever so softly. with this tears streamed down her ch

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eeks like  cascading rivers. the man slid his arm around her waist pulling her close. Jade could feel his thighs pressing against hers.

* Please * he begged again.
* Please , will you look at me ?* he said his voice low and husky.

slowly she opened them and through blurred eyes Jade saw what she had dreamed to see for months after the news of his death. Dante was now standing before her. she smiled remembering the day before he left. the had made love that day. slow passionate love. as if they would never have the change again . after , she laid in his arms as  he caressed her side and kissed her lips... he had promised no matter how long it took . he would come back . even out of the fiery pits of hell. nothing would stop him . the need of her was too strong . not even the devil himself could contain him.

Dante ran his hand along her cheek rousing her from the memory. she looked at him again and smiled. slowly as if afraid to touch him . she reached up and softly caressed his face.. as soon as Dante felt her touch his eyes closed and he leaned into her hand. then kissed her palm softly .
how long had it been sense he had felt her last? how long had he ached to hold her and love her ? not only in mind but in body. on the lonely nights laying in his bed he had spent the time dreaming of her . of her soft skin resting against his . their arms and legs twisted together in a passionate embrace. their bodies striving to become one . him thrusting into her willing body.

he groaned at the thought as a stirring started in his loins. slowly he wrapped his other arm around her waist pulling her body flat against his own . his hard on now pressed into her belly , wanting to be touched. she slipped her hand between their bodies slifing her hand over him . he groaned again and opened his eyes . looking down at her he smiled. she was so beautiful he thought . ha had never seen another like her . long silky raven hair , skin the color of honey, and so soft it was like touching rose petals. her eyes my god her eyes were the color of pure jade. two bright flurescent green orbs . which could look straight into a mans soul and penetrate his thoughts . her lips were full with a gorgeous red hue. dante reached up with one hand and ran his thumb over her lips . in response she closed her eyes and kissed it.

* god ive missed you  *, he silenced her by gently pressing his lips to hers and kissing her . he pulled back and brushed his lips against hers.

* shhhh im here now, lets just enjoy the moment*, he replied. he slipped his arm back around her waist and pressed  her so tight to him ,that it was like he wanted to absorb her into him . she stood leaning against him , smiling at him. now that her mind was thinking clearly again, she noticed he hadnt really change much . he was 6'5 and still fit and lean , handsome with piercing eyes a strong jaw and dark hair. she also noticed his tattoo. a panther on his bicep . which she now softly ran her fingers over . he smiled at her touch and noticed she was wearing a tubetop. he smiled again knowing he had easy access. he nuzzled her neck inhaling her intoxicating aroma. a mixture of natural woman and lavendar. slowly dante trailed soft kisses down her neck and chest. he stopped at her tubetop and grunted in disapproval. he hooked two fingers into the top and quickly pulled it down revealing her firm beautiful D cup breasts. she shuddard feeling the cool air hit her skin . dante squeezed her left breast and pinched her nipple a few times feeling it hardend slightly . her head fell back and she moaned in pleasure when he lent down and took her nipple into his mouth . his lips tight around it as he sucked . he ran his hands down her back and gripped her ass hard lifting her off the floor. she pushed up her skirt and wrapped her legs around him . as he held her up , he caressed her ass with his left hand . his right roamed her body. teasing her other nipple then slidding inbetween their bodies and underneath her skirt. he ran his hand over her , finding her to be soaked . she kissed his neck and the side of his face, as she ground against his hand, urging him on . he pushed aside her thong and teased her clit abit making her moan.  after working her into a frenzy he pushed two fingers into her then a third . dante started slowly thrusting his fingers into her warm pussy. until she was pulling on her free nipple and moaning low in her throat . he thrust harder and harder feeling himself becoming more aroused by the sounds and smells of her . she started screaming and her body shook with the coming of her first orgasm. dante pushed her against the wall, reach down and undid his pants . she pulled his face up to hers and kissed him breathlessely, as he pushed his pants down to his ankles .  he pulled his fingers out of her , and with a quick movement ripped the thin material of her thong , exposing her pussy to him . he steadied himself and with a hard quick thrust. he forced himself into her . her cries muffled by his kisses. she tightly wrapped her legs around him, locking him in place. he pulled all the way out , until there was just the head inside her and drove into her again . he did this a few times until he had his rythem. they stayed like this for what seemed like hours. her digging her nails into his back, moving with him until he hit just the right spot, which sent her over the edge . she screamed again and buried her face in his chest as her body shook violently , as the  orgasm coursed through her . her muscles contracting tightly and squeezing his shaft was too much for him . he groaned and came in her, his body shuddering . after he stood for a minute still being  inside her he kissed her , and lowerd her to the floor. until she was laying on her back . she ran her hands over his body as he moved. the muscles moving under her hands . he impatiently pulled her top over her head . then grabbed her skirt and ripped it open .. the buttons flying everywhere. he pulled the remenants of her thong from her body and leanend down to kiss her .. he kissed down her body , licking , biting , and sucking her nipples .... down her stomach... running his tounge around her navel . then down to her inner thighs . he rested one on his shoulder and kissed slowly up her thigh. she shivered as he did the same to the other . then stopped at her pussy. he blew slowly causing her to twitch. then ran his tounge along her pussy lips. just barely grazing her clit. he did this until she moaned loudly and pushed his face into her pussy. he spread her lips apart and sucked on her clit making her writhe. he slid two fingers into her pussy as he did this sucking hard on her clit and thrusting into her pussy until she screamed and came again . he moved down and began licking and sucking her pussy . sliding his tounge deep into her licking up her juices, sucking her into extreme bliss. she laid there panting, small rivulets of sweat running down her temples.. breasts heaving . he kissed her pussy then moved up her body stopping to lick her nipples. she smiled wrapping her arms around him . she kissed him and held him against her. his head rested on her breast, as she  ran her fingertips acrossed his back . they both fell into a fitful slumber, both smiling with satisfaction.

The Right as a Husband

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Darcion walked outside after the two had eaten dinner, staring at the sun as it made its way under the horizon. He smiled softly and ran a hand through his hair, the feeling of sleeping beside Solaria still leaving a warm completeness in his soul. He thought to himself, There is nothing else I would rather do, than to sleep beside her forever and never leave her side. His heart beat a bit faster as he remembered the image of her sleeping beside him, the feeling that passed through his body as her skin touched his. His mind remembered the time he had seen her bathing and felt entranced by her beauty, his eyes moving up and down slowly so as not to miss any part of his beloved.

Darcion felt part of him respond to the memories, and he blushed lightly at the feeling, then tried to i
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gnore the memories for the time being so he could return to normal. Then two arms circled around his waist and he turned in them slowly, finding Solaria standing before him smiling strangely.

“Darcion…” she whispered softly, “you have been too knightly… and not taken your right as a husband.”

“S-Solaria… my right as a husband? I could not do that unless you were ready… and I would never ask you for that.” Darcion blushed again lightly and looked at the horizon, trying to make his body stop its reaction to her close proximity and the topic of the conversation.

“I know my beloved… and that is why I tell you now, I wish for you to complete the final part of our marriage… take your right as my husband, by my wish.” She stepped back slowly, hands reaching up to part her robes.

Darcion turned back to her, his eyes widening as her robe fell away to the ground and revealed her magnificent form to him. Slowly she walked to him and pulled his tunic from under its belt and over his head, pushing his ponytail out of the way as she discarded the cloth to the ground beside her own. Holding him closer, her breasts brushed his muscled chest, a moan slipping from his lips as he felt the soft skin against his. Lowering his face, he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her deeply as her hands fiddled with his belt and began to pull the material down his legs, gasping softly as his manhood sprung from its prison and stood before her, her hand softly touching it, making Darcion moan into their kiss. Solaria broke away and looked into his eyes, then slowly sank to her knees before her husband.

Darcion’s eyes widened and he stuttered, “S-Solaria… w-what are you doing? A-are you sure?”

Solaria nodded as she leaned forward, softly kissing the head of his shaft as her hands grasped around the hilt. Darcion moaned softly and his back arched, her lips gently parted, no hesitancy in her mind as she pushed her mouth over the tip and pressed down, moving her mouth as far down the shaft as she could and lightly brushing the soft tip with her tongue. Darcion gasped lightly at the incredible feeling of his manhood filling his beloved’s mouth. She sucked softly at the tip, then pulled back slowly, tracing her tongue along the bottom as she retracted. At the head, she kissed it again lovingly, then sucked on it for a moment before plunging back down and rolling her tongue all over it, coating it with her ambrosia. Darcion moaned strongly, her lips curled into a half smile around the shaft and she licked it again, then pulled off, kissing down its length and grasping it with her hands again.

“My love… do you like this?” the innocent look in her eyes as she knelt naked before him made Darcion almost laugh with the irony of her face, then he nodded strongly, “Good.”

Solaria parted her lips once more and slid down, now simply moving up and down, pushing her mouth as far along the manhood as she could. Her ambrosia lubricated it, allowing her to slowly speed her pace, bobbing her head up and down as Darcion’s back arched. The feeling running through his body forced to grab the railing of the small balcony behind him as pleasure washed over his body in waves, his legs feeling like jelly as the ecstasy of having his love touch him in this way sending his mind to the clouds above. Solaria smiled as she pulled away from its length, now dripping with the fluids of her mouth and she kissed it again. Darcion could feel that his finish was not far away, and his body showed it as his shaft swelled with even more blood rushing to it.

Grasping the shining member in her hands, Solaria began to massage it with her hands as she sucked on the tip, smiling at the reactions she was eliciting from her beloved. Running her tongue in the small slit at the point of the shaft, she smiled as she tasted something salty, then she resumed her sliding motion, her fingers sliding around it and massaging those parts that her mouth and tongue could not reach, feeling the heat in it grow and begin to spread to herself, the happiness running through her heart at making her Knight feel this way intoxicating. Darcion moaned loudly and Solaria’s head tilted slightly, not knowing what was happening, then suddenly the shaft pulsed, and a rush of salty fluid filled her mouth. Pulling back rapidly, coughing lightly and brushing at her lips to catch the white drops, making sure she didn’t miss any of it as she swallowed, smiling up at Darcion as she sat back on her feet, her heart felt warm and complete for doing that for him.

Darcion sagged to the ground in front of her, smiled at her, then he leaned over and embraced her tightly, pulling as much of her skin to his own as he could, a fire seeming to spread over him wherever their bodies touched. Then an idea coming into his head, Darcion laid her down on the floor beside him, his eyes traveling up and down her beautiful form, stopping at her breasts, and then moving down again to the place between her legs, where blond hair emerged in a small patch. Leaning down, he softly kissed her neck and then down her collarbone. She moaned softly and ran a hand through his hair, and Darcion’s kisses moved down to the valley between her breasts and kissed each one softly, his hands moving up to gently cup them both in his calloused hands.

Solaria moaned and put her hands in his hair, stroking his face as he gently moved his kisses up one breast and wrapped his lips around her nipple, pulling it into his mouth and sucking gently, the rush of pleasure almost making Solaria cry out. Darcion’s tongue played with the tiny nub, caressing it as the pressure in his mouth suckled on her soft flesh. Solaria’s hands ran through his hair one last time then moved to her own, pushing it back from her face and moaning in pure adulation. She had never imagined it would feel so wonderful for her love to touch her and kiss her body like this. Softly pulling up, Darcion kept the suction up for a moment then released it, watching the breast bob gently back into place and he moved his mouth the second breast.

Back arching slightly, Solaria’s mouth could not close; her lungs were keeping a constant moan moving from her lips. Darcion’s hands softly caressed up and down her body, tracing his fingers against her stomach and breasts, teasing the nipple he had just released and pinching it softly, a gasp erupting from deep inside of her. Then, as he slowly released the second breast, Darcion began to tease kisses down her chest, teasing her navel with his lips, a small giggle breaking through the panting breaths.

His face eventually reaching right above her hidden place, Darcion caressed her thighs with his lips, moving down at a gentle pace and he stared gently at her last hidden place, a blush crossing Solaria’s face and she attempted to cross her legs, but he used his hands to stop her. Leaning down once again, his lips moved through the blond hairs around the slightly dripping lips and he kissed them, inhaling the scent deeply, and smiling against her. Solaria’s eyes closed and she relaxed her legs.

Tasting a warmth on his lips, Darcion extended his tongue and tasted the sweet fluid on them, then smiled widely and brushed his tongue between the gap in her womanhood, tasting much more of the juices on his tongue and he swallowed happily as Solaria’s back arched and she moaned loudly. Pressing in again, Darcion’s tongue slid inside of her and drank in her flavor, caressing deep inside. Solaria’s hands subconsciously moved down and pressed his head even deeper against her, his tongue reaching farther into her reaches, more and more liquid flowing into his mouth as he drank in his wife’s essence.

Heat spread through Solaria’s body and she arched her back higher, only helping Darcion’s tongue probe deeper, and her moans became small gasping screams of pleasure as Darcion’s hands slid up and down her stomach, teasing her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Suddenly Solaria screamed happily and pressed her beloved’s face as hard against her as she could, a rush of fluids berating Darcion’s tongue and mouth as he struggled to swallow, the walls inside of her tightening around him and seeming to try and latch down. He caressed the walls again to clean up the last of the fluids and then pulled back, kissing up her body once more and taking her in his arms, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. Solaria’s eyes opened softly and she stared up into Darcion’s, gazing at his soul with total wonder and joy flowing through both of them, their souls almost joined.

Solaria then broke their kiss and their embrace, standing up slowly and taking Darcion’s hand, leading him into the cottage and laying him down on their meager bed. Crawling on all fours to him, she hovered above his face and smiled, his shaft once again standing at its full length and waiting. Solaria smiled as she watched some of her fluids dripping once again from her own arousal fell to his shaft, the feeling making Darcion close his eyes again. Kissing his neck softly, Solaria smothered her breasts against his muscled chest, then slowly lowered her hips, feeling the throbbing head pierce her lips and fill her, stretching her virginity almost painfully, but she continued anyway, moving down until she felt him hit her barrier. She closed her eyes and tried to brace herself, knowing that this would hurt, as the ladies of the castle had told her of this, the first time, and how to please her Knight.

Thrusting down powerfully, she felt the barrier tear and his shaft bury itself to the hilt, and tears sprung to her eyes and she sagged against his chest, gasping from the pain as he embraced her tightly and kissed away the tears softly, running a finger under each eye to wipe away the last vestiges of those salty trails.

“Are you alright my beloved Solaria? Why did you not tell me this would hurt you…?”

Solaria shook her head and shushed him as she held a finger to his lips, then whispered, “It does not hurt anymore my Darcion, fret not, for I knew you would not do anything that would hurt me unless I did if for you.”

Wrapping her hands around his neck, Solaria raised herself slowly, feeling herself tightening around his shaft, its full length bigger than she had even realized when she used her mouth upon it. Once she reached the head she moved from side to side slowly, making small circles with her hips and caressing the head of his manhood with her soft lips, both Darcion and Solaria closing their eyes with pleasure. Darcion then rolled Solaria over on the bed, her eyes smiling at him as much as her lips and he pushed himself into her, feeling the walls stretch and she moaned happily, her body shivering against his.

Darcion slid out again and then pushed in, his shaft as a sword, her womanhood as its sheath, her fluids only helping him shift in and out, filling every inch of her hidden place, her back arching and she began to move her hips in unison with his, pulling back and moving to meet his shaft, both bucking against each other, her mouth caressing his neck with a deep kiss as his eyes shut tightly from the pleasure. She moaned loudly against his skin and he smiled even as he pumped, her breasts bobbing up and down to the pattern of their joining, and he cupped them in his hands, squeezing and massaging with each finger. Solaria felt a wall break inside of her and the waves washed over her mind again, her body collapsing as the rush of fluids ran over Darcion’s manhood, the walls tightening and grabbing him, locking him in place as she continued to buck against him a few more times, this last bit sending Darcion over the edge and his own climax came in a powerful explosion of his seed deep inside of her, their essences mixing in her womb and a wonderful sense of total completeness flowed through both as they lay as one being, his shaft still deep inside her, their heart’s beating as one.

“M-my love… I wish to stay like this forever… to be one with you forever…” Solaria’s quiet voice broke through her powerful breaths.

Darcion nodded and then whispered softly, “If only time would freeze right here, so we could lay like this in an everlasting placement of our love… my beloved Solaria.”

Solaria sagged into the mattress and Darcion moved sideways, laying beside her as she rolled him over and laid atop him, resting her face in the crook of his neck. She closed her eyes and softly slipped asleep, the warmth of their bodies shared and she the rhythmic pumping of Darcion’s heart lulled her into slumber. Darcion caressed her sleeping face and laid back against the pillows, his own eyes closing slowly as he remembered each moment of the events passed.

Meeting jessica

ambiesboy06 on Love Stories

It was early at night. I lay awake thinking of everything that happend that day. I had talked to Jessica and her parents on the phone. Me, Jessica, Jessica' parents and My sister had a conference over the one. We came to the decision that I was going to go visit her. So I got a bus ticket, In just one more Hour I would be on my way to Reno to visit Jessica. I was nervous. All I could think about was "Is she going to like me?" That thought left my mind once I saw her the next day.

So I arrived at the bus station in Reno around 3pm. I got off the bus and immediatly spotted her running towards me. I dropped my bags and ran toward her,and she jumped into my arms and I held her so tightly in my arms, I didn't want to let go. I smiled, staring deep into her beautiful honey br

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own eyes, as she was staring back into my deep blue eyes. Tears of joy begin to trickle down both our cheeks. We shared a long passionate kiss and finally, after several minutes we managed to let go of one another, walking to her parents car. We got into the backseats, sitting next to eachother. She rest her head on my shoulder, and I placed my arm around her. I stared deep into her eyes once again and told her " I love You Jessica. With all my heart. It's so nice having you hear with me now." She looked up at me from my shoulder, smiling she reached up and kissed my cheek. " I love you too" she replied.

When we finally arrived at her house, her father grabbed my luggage and took it in the house saying "you can have the couch. But no sneaking around or your out on your ass" I nodded and said "yes sir" in a respectful tone. I looked back at her with a nervous look, she just giggled.

We went into the house, and Jessica showed me around. In her bedroom we shared yes another long kiss. She then showed me her notebooks she's told me about, but refused to let me read most of what was written in them.

I put my arm around her and we walked downstairs together, smiling. I could see some happy tears in her eyes, so I kissed her cheek and gentally wiped them with my finger. We went into the living room, where she made me sit on the couch. She popped a movie in and sat down beside me, and I once more, placed my arm around her, holding her close. We leaned our heads into one another, smiling. After half an hour too an hour of Selena we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Her parents woke us at dinner time. At dinner we had to endure a lecture about sex from her father, he gave me an evil glare and said "don't fuck my daughter." I spat my water all over Bobby, from the shock of him saying that. Bobby whined "ewww your boyfriend slobberd all over me!!!" and he ran to his room screaming. Everyone laughed slightly, then her dad looked back at me. "I mean it." He said. "I know sir. Don't worry, I won't." I assured him.

After dinner I offered to help with the dishes, her mother declined, saying I was their guest. So Jessica and I went back in the living room and picked up where we left off on Selena, we snuggled under the covers. I held her close, and we shared a kiss now and then, especially during the romantic parts. I must admit, I got a little aroused but I kept my cool and didn't act strange at all, and I didn't do anything either. I think she knew though, because i'm pretty sure my erect penis brushes against her ass slightly, and purely on accident. We continued snuggling all through the movie. Then it was over. She turned to face me, we then begin kissing. Her father walked in.

"Enough of that. Your getting carried away." He said to us, giving me a glare, that felt like a hot knife piercing right through me. Jessica not wanting to, but nervously crawled out of the blanket and off the couch. "I guess we should be going to sleep. It's late" she told me, she bent down and kissed me. "Goodnight Baby Boy. I Love You" I replied back "Night, I Love You too Baby Girl." We locked eyes for a moment, not saying a word, smiling. Then we each said goodnight again, kissing one last time, and she went to her room to go to bed. I layed back, stretching my arms, said goodnight to her family and tried to sleep. A few hours went by, and I couldn't sleep. I was to happy and excited about the day's events.

I got off the couch and walked around a bit. I paced around the living room and the kitchen, had a couple glasses of water. At one point her dad caught me. "What you doing up so late son? it's 2 am." "Couldn't sleep sir. I'm...really happy to be here. So happy that i've finally been able to...." I paused.. "hold Jessica in my arms..." I finished my sentence in a lower voice. "I understand" he replied with a smile. "Here" he walked me out of the kitchen and all the way to Jessica' bedroom door, he opend it slowly. "Ever watch the one you love sleep? It's something to do when you can't sleep yourself. Go ahead and sit by her bad and just watch her. But no funny business. I'll be right here in the door way" He told me. I smiled and nodded at him as if to say thank you.

I walked into her room and grabbed a newar by chair, placing it beside the bed, and I sat down, looking at her face watching her sleep. "She's so beautiful" I whisperd to myself. I reached my hand out to her and wiped her bangs out of her closed eyes. I leaned my head in and kissed her cheek. "I love you" I whisperd. After a while, I got sleepy and leaned my head on her bed, our heads slightly touching, and I fell asleep. I have no idea what her father thought of this but he must not of minded because Jessica and I both woke up the next day and looked at eachother. She asked what was I doing there, and I explaind. She just smiled and kissed me.

It was early in the morning, around 7:30. She pulled me onto the bed and ontop of her. We started making out. Rubbing out bodies against eachother. Her hands found their way up the back of my shirt, massaging my back as we kissed. We both were moaning in sweet pleasure. I slowly ran my right hand up the front of her shirt, and layd it apon her bra coverd left breast, I squeezed it gentally as we slid our tongues into eachothers mouths. After a few moments of kissing, rubbing, and squeezing she stopped me. "No..I'm's too soon...I'm not ready...I'm sorry" I pulled my hand back to myself, and I got off of her, kissed her lips quickly and got off the bed. "You don't have to be sorry. It's okay I understand. And I love you." I smiled and left her room, telling her to get dressed so we can hang out down stairs or something. She agree'd. I went to the bathroom and showerd quickly, got dressed and came out.

"Breakfest is served" she smiled,setting a plate of sausage and eggs down on a table and motioning me to sit down. "I don't like eggs" I smiled and sat down in front of the plate. "But thank you" She smiled and took the eggs and left the sausage. "Pancake?" she asked offering me a plate with some pancakes on it, so i took two. "Thanks love" I smiled, andd she sat next to me with a plate of her own. We had a nice first breakfest together.

"Mmm...I could go for some desert.." Jessica looked over at me saying. "Okay, what do you want i'll make it?" I asked. She just smiled and blushed a little. I looked over at her curiously. "Well?" I asked. She smiled and stood up, "come on. Follow me." So I got up and we put our dishes in the sink, and I followed her back to her bed room. "No one's home." Jessica smiled. "Drop 'em." she winked, pointing at my pants. Wide-eyed I blushed, and slowly unbuttond and unzipped my pants, pulling them down very slowly. She smiled and walked over to me, placing her hand down the front of my boxers, and pulled my newly erected cock out.

"Mmm" She mumbled, getting down on her knees, holding my dick in her hands, as she slowly licked my balls, then moved her tongue to the bottom of my rod,
slowly licking her way to the tip, then slid the head into her mouth and sucked just the head. She was smiling, I had my eye's closed, my head tilted and I was moaning. She pulled the rest of my stiff into her mouth, sliding it in and out, sucking away, and rolling her tongue around it and all over it. I couldn't hold on much longer, as my cock twitched in her mouth, I thrusted myself in and out, she pulled on it with her hands well trying to suck it. Moments later I came into her mouth, she did a good job at cleaning up. She made sure not to waste one single drop. After we finished I pulled my pants and boxers back on. And we washed up, then snuggled on the couch watching A walk to remember, and we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Hours later I awoke to find one of her hands around my pulsing cock, and her other hand down her own pants, rubbing herself. I smiled and gentally grabbed her arm and pulled the hand down her pants out, and then slid it down my pants. "Here...use both hands" I said. "I'll help you with that." I winked pointing between her legs,licking my lips. I slid my hand down her pants and panties and begin rubbing her crack. I slowly slid a finger inside her, pinching her clit playfully, then massaged her insides. We both moand together. I came into her hand, and I guess that got her over excited because it wasn't long after that she came all over my hand. I pulled my hand out and was about to lick her cum off it, but she grabbed it, shaking her head, and then licked it off herself! Watching her lick her own cum excited me and I came all over her hand even more. "mmm" she said after finishing up. Then she pulled her hand out, which I grabbed and licked all my own cum off her hand. "mmm that's hot." she mumbled. "I want to feel myself in you..." I whisperd. "No..not right now...I'm not ready for that yet...I'm sorry....I do want to, but not yet..It's to soon..." she replied. I smiled and nodded. "It's okay love. I understand" I told her, and we kissed. We got up and went to the bathroom and washed up. Her parents got home shortly after with some mcdonalds food. Jessica and I crashed on the couch after dinner, falling asleep again.

We both awoke late. It was near dinner time. I took her out to a romantic resturant. Where I gave her a white rose then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She cried alot and told me yes, as I slippd the ring onto her finger. Afterwards I took her to a movie. In the nearly empty, quiet theature She grabbed my cock and jerked it and I fingerd her pussy as well, after cuming she fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. It was the last movie of the night and I woke her when it was over. "I wanna suck your dick..." she whisperd, pulling my cock from my shorts. She slipped it into her mouth, sucking it hard and fast. She licked and sucked every inch of it. She seemed to enjoy fucking my cock with her mouth. I came all over the inside of her mouth, and on her face. She licked me all over, cleaning up. Afterwards we snuck into a bathroom quickly so we could clean up, and she washed off her face and we shared a passionate french kissed. Then we went back to her house, it was late and everyone was sleeping.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She took all of her clothes off, and then approached me and removed all of mine. She held herself against me as she kissed me, my dick brushing against her slit. I fondled her tits in my hands, and nibbled at her nipples for a bit. She then walked over to her bed and layed on her back, spreading her legs open. "Make love to me." She pleaded her eye's stairing from my hardon, to my eyes. My eye's stiard back into her eye's and glanced at her moist b-cup breast and to her slightly wet pussy. "Are you sure?" I asked her watching her carefully. "Get over here and fuck me all ready" she giggled. I smiled back at her and walked over to her. I climbed ontop of her, licking her from the bottom of her crack, all the way up her body, licking her breast and sucking her nipples. "mm" I mumbled. I gentally rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy as we moand together. I staird into her eye's and she staird into mine. "Are you sure...?" I asked her worriedly. She smiled and nodded her head. I pressed my cock against her cunt and she moand, then she took my cock in her hand and jerked it playfully. She guided my hard on to slit, placing the tip of her head inside, and pulled her hand away.

"Go ahead" she told me smiling. I pressed harder against her, my head moving into her slowly. I came to a wall when slightly less then half of my cock went inside. "mm still a virgin" I smiled. She smiled back and nodded. I slid in and out of her up to the wall a few times, then we held hands as I gave her a hard thrust, breaking her wall, her hands tightly squeezing mine in a mix of pain and pleasure. We locked lips to supress her scream's and moans. We moands into eachothers mouths, and then released eachothers hands, my hands gropped her beautiful tits, her's wrapped around my neck. I slid in and out of her slowly speeding up. Still kissing and groping, I felt her clit against my shaft. She squeezed me in her arms, begging for more and she became more wet.

 I started pounding her cunt hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around me, and tightend her pussy walls. I moand as I felt her tighten around me, my dick has never felt so good. I nibbled her nipples a bit and then went back to kissing as we sped up and moand loudly into eachothers mouths. She tightend more, releasing her juices, having an incredable orgasm, as well as I begin spitting my cum into her pussy. After we finished cumming I pulled myself out of her, and moved up so that my cock was in front of her face, I held it pointing down at her with my hand. My cock was dripping wet with our juices and she grabbed it with her hand and pulled it into her mouth, sucking it, swallowing our juices. She choked deep throating my cock as it came again. I heard her moan and mumble all over it. After she finished cleaning it I slid back down and inserted myself into her again. We came together once more after just a few seconds of sliding in and out of her. Afterwards I collappsed onto her, my cock still inside her, slowly softening. We shared a long 20 minute french kiss, thanked eachother for the good time and then fell asleep, my cock still inside her.

Wanting You

justjim on Love Stories

There I was again, in the presence of a wonderful man who makes me very
horny. Everything about this man standing across the room fills me with
desire and lust.

Tonight was not the first time we had met. We met in school, and before the first month was over, we were dying to have one another. We were like a country boy and a country girl trapped in a big city, finding each other and sensing some kind of commonality. We knew we were meant to be.

We usually get to 'meet' once a week or so, but because of
prior engagements, it had been almost 3 weeks, and the sight of him was
making me so hot that it was almost homicidal. If I didn't have him now, I would go

As I walk across the room to meet him on the dance floor, I co
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uld feel
myself getting hotter and hotter, and wetter and wetter. He embraced me as
if it were the first time. Slow dancing and our bodies pressed together only
made my lust grow stronger. We danced with our bodies so close that we were
almost as one. He slightly rubbed my chest, causing my nipples to stand
erect through the sheer black dress I was wearing. I could also tell by the
huge bulge in his tight wranglers that his thoughts were on track with mine.

He whispers into my ear "How about we get out of here?" I gladly accept the
offer to leave. As we walk to the car we walk hand in hand, as if we were
teens again on a first date.

He opens the door for me to climb into his cavalier and as I get in, he
takes advantage of the position, and grabs my ass slightly. I just smile and
tell him to get in the car. As he gets into the car, he asks if I know of
any country roads here in this big city, but we both know where we are going
and what we want. There's a deserted, dead-end road about 6 miles from
town. It has become a well-known area for us. As he drives, I leave over and
begin suckling his earlobes and kissing his neck. He wiggles away but I know
he likes it.

I tease him for a few minutes then begin to unbutton his shirt
so that I can feel his manly chest. I slightly rub his nipples and then tug
on them gently. I make my way down to his stomach. He loves to have his
stomach rubbed, and I love to rub him. This 6-mile ride seems to be taking
hours and hours.

I notice once again that bulge in his pants. I decide to
unbutton his pants and free his manhood. I stoke him slightly. I scoot
closer to him. I begin kissing his chest, then his stomach. Then I move
south. I can't wait to have his cock inside my mouth. He is so huge.

I lightly tickle the head of his throbbing cock with my tongue. Then, all at
once, I take him in my mouth and begin to lightly suck. With one hand at the
base of his penis and the other massaging his balls gently. I love giving
him a blowjob. As I start my "job" he begins to rub my chest.

Gently rubbing and pulling on my nipples. He removes his hand from my shirt as I
run my tongue up and down his shaft, making sure to lick the complete length
and back down again. I flick the head with my tongue sending chills through
his body. He moans and utters "I love it when you do this to me, but I can
already tell that he is enjoying this by the slight pressure he is putting
on the back of my head and gently guiding me up and down. He tells me that I
should stop before he came.

I reluctantly give in to his request; after all, we just turned onto the dirt road, so I know that it is only a matter of minutes before I can have him inside me.
The car comes to a halt. Finally my wait is over! He shuts the car off and
turns out the lights. He turns to me and pulls me close to him. He
passionately but gently kissed me in the way that real lovers kiss. He runs
his fingers through my hair and I am in ecstasy. I am now dripping wet and
he hasn't even touched me yet. We continue kissing as he slides his shirt

He lifts his rear slightly so that I can get his jeans and boxers off.
I begin to stroke his cock again and he moans with happiness. He then slides
my shirt off and unsnaps my bra. He begins kissing my neck, making his way
down to my breasts. I love it when he does this. He finally kisses his way
down to my skirt. He unbuttons my skirt and slides it off with ease. Then he
takes a finger on each side of my thong and rolls them off my hips. I can't
wait to feel him deep inside of me but from the look in his eye, I can tell
it will be a while.

He reaches over me and lays my car seat in the reclined
position. He begins rubbing my chest while passionately kissing my lips. He
then rubs his way down to my wetness. I want him so bad! I open my legs just
enough for him to rub. He rubs so gently but so gracefully that I almost
cum! He then enters one finger, then another into my pussy, using his thumb
to massage me. It feels so good that I can barely contain myself. He is
pumping his finger in and out of my pussy. I'm in heaven but I really want
him in me!

I tell him to stop and to fuck me but he says "wait dear, wait."
He finally stops and begins to kiss my stomach, making his way down to my
crotch. Oh He knows this drives me crazy. He begins to massage me with his
tongue. He is so talented! He only does this for a few minutes before I cum!
I lie there in sheer ecstasy but only for a few moments. I then tell him to
lie back in his seat. I eagerly climb to his side of the car.

I kiss his entire body and suck his cock until he is at the brink of an orgasm. He
tells me to stop, because he has an idea.

We get out of the car and he leads me to the hood of the car. He is now
standing behind me, kissing my neck and back. He leans me over the hood of
the car, with my ass rubbing his cock. He gently enters into my wet pussy
and begins to thrust deep and hard into me. He holds me at the hips. I can
feel the head of his penis deep inside of me. I hear him moan with

He removes one hand from my hip and begins to rub my clit. Oh god!
I love this man. I feel that he is about to come when all of a sudden he
stops. He pulls his cock out of me, leaving me in heat. But he takes a seat
on the hood of the car and pulls me onto his lap. I am impaled by his large
cock and I love it! I begin riding him like never before. As I ride him, I
kiss his neck and lips. He returns the favor by sucking my hard nipples. We
kiss passionately. He runs his fingers through my hair, sending chills over
my body. I ride him, thrusting harder and harder. He responds by grabbing my
ass with both hands and thrusting himself further into me. He smiles and
moans and I know he close to climax.

I then begin to rub myself helping myself to pleasure. I ride him a few more minutes until I can no longer take it, I arch my back and I cum all over his cock. The night is not over for him though. I have a surprise in store for him tonight. I climb off of his lap and I suck his cock for a moment. I then tell him to get up. He looks puzzled, but I assure him that it will be worth his while.

He just smiles and agrees. I lead him to where he is once again standing
behind me and I am bent at the waist, holding onto the car hood. I tell him
to put his huge beautiful penis in my ass. He looks shocked but more than
willing to do what I ask. I've never let him do this before but I knew it
was a fantasy of his. I ask him to go gentle at first, and of course, he
does. As his head enters my ass, there is a slight pain, but once inside, it
felt SO good. I asked him to fuck me harder and faster. He began thrusting
harder and harder. He began kissing my back and rubbing my pussy while he
thrust. I hear him moaning and telling me that he loves me.

I say "I love you too" All of a sudden I feel him tense up and I feel warmth shoot
throughout my entire body, as I have another orgasm simultaneously with him.
We waited a moment before moving. Then he turned me around and hugged me and
kissed me passionately and quietly said "Thank you."

We dressed ourselves and got back in the car. We kissed several more times,
and then we headed back to the city. The drive back didn't seem nearly as long
as the drive to get there and we both knew why. Now there we were again,
telling each other good night and wondering when we would be able to escape
the city life together again.

A happy ending to a disasterous start.

davidj on Love Stories

I was 19 when I met this girl Anna– I learned a little later she was 18. I took her out a couple of times and the second time we kissed and I touched her breasts. She stopped me and said not tonight – next time, it not a good time.

It was about a week later before I took her out again as she wouldn’t date me until then. I was pretty sure it was her period time.  That night we went through the same routine of kissing and when I tried to touch her breasts she let me. After a while I undid her buttons and touched her skin and slipped my hand into her bra to touch her nipple. When she didn’t attempt to stop me I slipped her shoulder strap off and exposed her breast and when she didn’t complain I got down and kissed and sucked on her nipple the

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n exposed the other one and sucked that too.

She was enjoying the experience I gathered and my hand next went to her thigh and I slowly moved it up to where her pants met her leg and she said how far do you want to go.

I said as far as you will let me.

She lifted her bum off the chair and slipped her pants off and said that’s as far as you can go tonight - and let me feel her vagina and slip a finger into her.

She made no attempt to touch me so I undid my fly to see if she would take it from there.
She said no – not tonight maybe next time. I continued to finger her and suck on her breasts and kiss her which she was evidently enjoying but wasnt going to let me go any further and wasn’t interested in my cock. Ultimately I fingered her and got her to orgasm and she lay back and let the spasm overwhelm her. She didn’t say much she just moaned a little and wriggled her cunt on my fingers as I continued to finger her and she looked into my eyes and smiled. When the spasms had subsided she just said – that was nice, I liked that,  and kissed me.
I persisted with dating her and the following week I asked her out for the day – it was a Saturday and I had planned to take her driving and somewhere for lunch.

We drove into the countryside and I could see she was enjoying herself so I didn’t push things too quickly. We found somewhere for lunch and sat outdoors and had a nice meal and a couple of glasses of wine.
After lunch she said lets find somewhere secluded. I didnt argue – it sounded fine to me.
We found a spot which was totally secluded and where nobody would see us.
Then she got out of the car and when I joined her we kissed and then she said today is the day. Have you got a rug or something.

As it happened I always have a blanket in the car for ‘emergencies’.

I lay it out and as I was doing that she began to undress and I watched her as she removed all her clothes and stood there naked in front of me.

I said that is the most beautiful sight I have seen.

Then she said don’t waste it come on – you have been waiting a long time for this.

I immediately undressed and as I slipped my pants down – which was the last garment I removed, my hard cock popped out and stood out hard and straight. She looked directly at it and said – Oh God - that’s beautiful. 
Then she sat on the rug and I sat beside her and we kissed and she touched and held my cock. That not only looks beautiful it feels wonderful too she said . It was worth the wait.

Laying there in the nude with the warm sun on our naked bodies pressed together felt magnificent.
Any how we began to engage in foreplay and we were both engaged in touching feeling and using our hands to explore each other. I had fingered her and she was more than happy with the way I was pleasing her that way and she was quite good at using her hand on my cock. I gathered it wasn’t the first time she had done it.
After about 15 minutes I made a move to engage her in intercourse. She stopped and asked me how many girls I had been with.

I said three – the last one was about a year ago.

I asked he had she experienced sex before herself.

She said once and she wasn’t very happy when it happened, I was just 16.

I said I gather it was painful.

She said have you ever had sex with a virgin before.

I said my first time was with a virgin girl when we had sex together.

Did she enjoy it she asked?

I said eventually – the first time was painful for her and a bit traumatic for both of us. I used a condom and I am afraid I didn’t last very long and came after a couple of minutes. She was worried as she was still bleeding when I pulled out. I explained that was normal and it would stop if it hadn’t already done so. Then we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We went back to her bedroom and started to talk about it. Neither of us got dressed and I was enjoying being with a naked girl being able to see everything. She talked about how it hurt her and the bleeding and how she had been looking forward so much to doing it the first time and that it wasn’t the big bang she had expected. She said she didn’t feel much apart from the pain.  It sounded as if she wanted to enjoy it but had been disappointed.  We lay together and kissed and rubbed each other with our hands. I guess it would have been about 20 minutes later she asked me if I could do it again.  I had no problem getting hard again so we tried again. This time we both managed to enjoy it. The second time she said she was still a bit sore and didn’t cum but said it felt so much better. Later on we tried again and this time I lasted for ages and she managed to get herself to cum. We did it three times that night. After that one she was so excited – she had done it all and finally had her climax and had cum. We both hugged each other and really began to enjoy ourselves and had a bit of fun playing with each other in the nude. We began to meet as often as we could after that and it was straight into sex – no formalities we both enjoyed it and did it as often as we could. We tried to work out how to get her to cum more frequently and doing that was great.

Anna said I wish my first time had worked out like that.  The guy I went with had been with a few girls and I gathered he knew how to handle my situation. He knew I was a virgin but all he wanted was sex and he didn’t care about me at all. The fact I was a virgin meant nothing to him and he just went about what he wanted from me and got it despite I was hurting and crying and bleeding. His main concern was he was covered in blood and when he finished - semen as well. He said he wouldn’t cum into me but he did. I can remember exactly when he started to cum and I knew he was doing it inside me.

I was horrified and I screamed at him DON’T _ DON’T DO IT  - DON’T DO IT IN ME -  GET IT OUT - and he just kept going and grunting each time he ejaculated into me and said
Oh dear I seem to have spilt my milk in there ….pity.. then he laughed.

Then I began to cry.

Then I began to cry.

Then he just pulled his cock out and complained about how messy I had made him and he went away and cleaned himself up and just left me there. I was completely distraught at what he had done – I had little knowledge of contraception then and believed that I was pregnant now he had ejaculated into me.
I was so upset and he just said shut up and took me home and dropped me at the end of my street – not even to my front door. He said if you get pregnant that’s your problem – stupid bitch.

It took me weeks to get over that – I wanted to tell my mother what had happened but I wasn’t game. I listened to other girls talk about their first times and none were as traumatic as mine – and I wouldn’t say a word. You are the first person I have ever told. One day at school my period had arrived, I wanted to tell everybody then I wasn’t a virgin – but I didn’t  – you have no idea how happy that made me – up till then I was certain I was pregnant. After a couple of weeks he began to hang around again but I refused to talk to him and let some friends know he wasn’t a nice guy, but never told them what happened to me.
The two of us were ready – nothing was said but we both knew the time had come - Anna was lying back looking up at me, then she smiled, and said - please be gentle.

You have no idea how beautiful she looked lying back completely naked about to be fucked. She looked radiant.  I have thought about this time with her for a couple of weeks now. I had masturbated a few times imagining I was with her. I was going to have sex with Anna now and I had planned it to happen but not like this – this was far better than I ever imagined.

I said are you perfectly sure - if you would prefer not to I will understand.

She said no – I decided a few days ago I wanted  to go through with it – I could hardly eat my lunch knowing we were going to do it together. I just knew it was not going to be like my first time. I am so excited.  I knew after our second date it was going to be you. I decided you were kinder and more considerate and never pushed me into going any further than I wanted to. Actually the night I allowed you to touch me down there I felt like I was going to let you do it then, but I wasn’t sure of myself – I knew you were the right guy, and after my first experience I wasn’t sure of myself, now I have decided – I want to and I want to do it with you.
I lent over to get my pants as I had a condom in my wallet – she asked me what I was doing.

 I am getting a condom – I don’t want any accidents.

She said don’t bother – I am on oral contraception – I didn’t want to ever go through what I did those few weeks I thought I was pregnant. Now I can have sex and not worry. If you do want to cum inside me that’s fine, actually I would like you to.

Just before my period came when I thought I was pregnant, my mom realised I was having a problem. One night she started to talk to me about boys and sex. She was great and we had a long talk and I admitted I had tried sex once, and had a bad experience. We became very close that night and we had a very heart to heart talk. I leaned she had a bad experience herself. She arranged for me to go onto oral contraception. She has never asked me since if I have been tempted again. I think she knows when its right for me I will tell her.
I asked Anna again if she was sure she wanted me to do it with her, and she said yes – I have thought about it a lot and now I know what I want, and I know I don’t have to worry now.

I then proceeded to get prepared to enter her. She obviously wanted to start in the missionary position as she prepared herself for that.

She lay back and lifted herself up onto her forearms and looked down her body – over her pubic patch and directly at my cock.  I was on my knees and had my cock in my hand ready to penetrate her. She had her knees up and legs spread apart ready to begin. Her pubic hair was parted and her labia lips were just showing. I could see her pink vagina showing through pubic hair – it was glistening with wetness in the sunshine. Her patch of auburn hair was complete and she hadn’t shaved it. I have never seen a prettier more desirable sight in my life. She was exquisite.  I hesitated momentarily – maybe she might like oral first – it certainly look good enough for me to eat. Then I thought no this is more important for her.

I said are you ready for it.

She looked at me and said I could not be more ready willing and able. It looks wonderful I cant wait to feel it.
I put the head of my cock against her lips and looked up at her. I shivered with anticipation. She looked absolutely beautiful, her breasts were firm and areola and nipples were now bright pink. I had a small drop of precum at the eye of my cock as I guided it toward her cunt. It was all pink and wet with her foreplay juices. Our sex juices mixed together for the first time.

She shivered as I had done and her breasts shook, then said yes – I really want to do this and feel it – This is exactly how I imagined my first time would be – I just want to experience you now and blot out that previous disaster for ever.

I pushed my cock head in deeper and it slipped in until my cock was about half way inside her, and I stopped.

How is it I asked – should I go further, is it hurting.

She was watching me and could see and feel my cock going into her perfect vagina. No she said it just feels magnificent.

She looked up into my eyes and said that feels amazing - put it right in.
I lowered my self down and slowly and gradually slid my cock into her. I watched her face as I did and I could tell she was obviously enjoying it – there was no sign of pain or discomfort. I could feel the warmth and firmness of her cunt as I went in and the ease it slid in meant she was wet and ready for me.

Finally I had my cock completely into her body – I looked at her and smiled. There I said we are as one – I am as far in as I can go.

She let out a big breath and lay right back and put her arms above her head. I have never seen a more exotic and beautiful sight. I knew she was happy.

She looked into my eyes and said ohhhh this is heaven – I never want this to end.

I am 7inches long and 4 in circumference so I am not huge but from what I gather pretty normal. The entire 7 inches was now inside her and I could feel the warmth and firmness of her body wrapped around my cock. She had wrapped her legs around my waist locking me firmly inside her. My ball sac was now soft and rubbing her body between her cunt and her ass hole. It felt awesome.

I lay there not moving and said how is it.

She said just leave it there – I have never imagined it would feel this good – I can feel it right up inside me all the way and it feels wonderful. I have never felt anything like it before.

I looked down at her and saw her breasts sitting on her chest – they are firm and I guess about 35 or 36 C. perfect in my eyes. Her areola had changed from  pink to a nice cherry red and her nipples were hard and looked absolutely divine. There were no tan lines or signs of a swim suit but she was nicely tan all over.  I made a mental note to ask her if she sun tanned in the nude, it was possible because she had no hesitation in undressing in front of me and showed no signs of embarrassment as she moved about naked. I have occasionally visited a nude beach and I recognised the signs of her comfort and confidence in being nude.
I bent down and kissed each nipple and as I did she softly murmured the sound of a contented woman. If she was feeling half as good as me – she would be having the time of her life, I was.

I could feel my cock now was as hard as it would ever be. I slowly lifted myself to withdraw my cock almost out and then slowly lowered it back into her. I did this a few times and said – well how is it – will we make love now.
Oh my sweet darling she said – Heaven could never be this good - take me with you everywhere like this – I never want this to end – I have never felt so happy in my life.

I lay down and we kissed – it was one of the most erotic kisses I have ever had – open mouthed – and our tongues intertwined. Our chests were rubbing together and the firmness of her breasts erotically pressed against my body and my cock firmly and deeply embedded within her magnificent body through her heavenly vaginal entrance. My tongue in her mouth and my cock in her vagina – I was in heaven myself.

When we finally broke our passionate embrace – she looked at me and said – fuck me my darling - make love to me, make me cum, fill me with the wonderful love potion that will make babies for me…..  I LOVE you.

I didn’t need a second invitation – I began to move inside her and gently make love to her – this was better than fucking – we could do that later, hard and fast and animal like. I knew we would both enjoy the sensational feelings of a wild and furious fuck in due course – but our first time together was going to be memorable – far better than the first time we lost our virginities – this time we were going to share the experience together and make up for the original disaster. We were and would finish our first time together as lovemaking.

Slowly I began to fuck her – long slow deep penetrations and gradually building up to a regular speed and comfortable experience. She moved her legs every now and again, positioning them in a few ways while beneath me – sometimes around my waist other times on my shoulders then high and spread wide – she varied her movement quite a bit and I said – are you enjoying it .

She said I cannot believe that we are having so much fun – my whole body is tingling with the sensation of you being inside me – every nerve in my body is alive. God knows what will happen when I cum – I have never felt this good before ever.

I continued to make love to her and touched and licked and kissed her nipples which occasionally made her jump – they were very sensitive. I got her to touch mine as well as I often have wonderful sensations when they are touched. We would stop every once in a while and kiss with my cock deep inside her and the erotic passion connecting our tongues, clit and cock head making our lovemaking something really erotic.
We had been locked together for at least 20 minutes alternating fucking with kissing and touching sessions of sexual passion and pleasure when she said – make love to me – make me cum – fill me with your seed, I want your baby.

I gently bent down and kissed her softly on the forehead and said anything you ask will be provided my darling.
I felt her shiver beneath me and I then began to fuck her steadily. This time I wouldn’t finish until we both came.
I didn’t have to wait long – I could tell she was beginning to be aroused as she moved her legs to get the best sensation of having my cock inside her and as she did I lifted my speed and went a little harder and after a couple of minutes we both recognised the signs within each others bodies. She started to move her head from side to side – she was getting very close.


I went hard and fast I was going to try and get the both of us to cum together. I was nearly there and she was if anything a bit ahead of me as I heard her make her first sign,


She was shaking beneath me forcing her cunt up onto my thrusting cock – the two of us were forcing my cock and her cunt together so hard … my balls were swinging about and getting squashed between us ---- the noise we were making must have been able to be heard for kilometres.  I was there – I was cumming……. I was cumming in a way I had never cum before…… cock was in a spasm….. but  nothing was cumming out …… I felt an ache in my stomach then down into my balls  ……..    Then. it started       OHHHH SHIT I WAS CUMMING ----I GRUNTED ONCE… TWICE THREE……FOUR……. FIVE  TIMES . My cock was spurting a never ending stream of semen from deep within me and out through the eye of my cock deep into her. I was filling her wonderful cunt with my semen.  If it were possible for a guy to have a multiple orgasm – I think this was a close as it could be.  Her body was full of the seed of life coming from deep inside me to wash her womb with the milky white semen that puts life into a woman.

OHHHH ..SHIT  OOOhhhhOOO….. FFFFF… UUUU…. CCCC…..KKKK I could hardly breath I could feel my cock still in orgasm. I was having the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. ….  I could not believe it –the feeling in my cock and balls was absolutely amazing, my cock was still sensitive and it almost hurt to rub in inside her. . She was laying under me looking up at my contorted face as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her.
I could hardly move it but it continued to spasm and spurt until my cock realized there was nothing left to fill her any more than she already was. I don’t know but I would say it was the biggest volume of semen I have ever produced.

I collapsed on top of her gasping for breath – It was as if I had been kicked in the balls. I could feel her gasping for breath too as her body heaved, getting air into her as I was as well. I could feel her breast heaving against me as she gulped lungs full of air. We were both soaking wet with sweat and I could feel myself slipping and sliding on top of her beautiful body. We lay together and I kissed her lips gently and often as we both regained our composure. She looked up at me and just smiled and returned my kisses. I have never been in love – but I had a feeling this was as close as I had ever been – she was amazing, beautiful, and had shared my body sexually and is full of my seed. It had to be love. We were as one.

My cock subsided and slipped out of her.

It just slipped out she said  – it could have stayed in me for ever. I said I wouldn’t mind either but how would I piss and talking of pissing I think I need one now.

We both got up and as she did she looked down and said doesn’t that look beautiful – look.

She had spread her legs and my semen was beginning out seep out of her magnificent pussy lips surrounded by her fur lined vagina. Her hair was also full of my semen. She had been well and truly fucked.
I said it looks good enough to eat - jokingly.

She said that may come later – there is nothing I would not do with you now – I have never imagined anything could be as good as that was.

We both had our pee, she squatting next to me as I stood and pissed myself dry.

She had even thought to bring a tissue to wipe herself with. I said I will need one of those too – I am covered in our love juices.

She laughed and said I could do something about that – but I am not going to – I will have to convince myself I can do that for you one day.

I said I hope there are going to be many more days like this – I have never enjoyed being with anybody – ever - like I enjoyed today – so far.

She said the day is young – I am sure we can have a repeat performance in a while – I would be willing – once I get over that one – it was absolutely mind blowing.

That night we both went home more satisfied than ever in our lives before – we had managed to have sex four times before we were so tired I couldn’t really get it hard enough and she was so full of my semen it wouldn’t stop leaking out of her.. We had tried a couple of positions which were great fun. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was so say goodnight to her that night at her front door. We had shared life, love and our bodies completely together that day. Never have I had such an enjoyable day in my life.

Her mother turned on the light and opened the door. Her mother was wondering what had happened to Anna. She heard the car and wondered where we were. We could not part and had kissed for ages.
Anna introduced me and I am sure her mother knew immediately that Anna and I had tested the effectiveness of those oral contraceptives. She invited me in and said I may like a cup of coffee. I refused politely – I was pretty sure Anna wanted to tell her mother everything. I would have been embarrassed had she done so with me there.

I know my mother took one look at my sister one day and knew she was having sex – I have no idea how she knew but she was right.

Anna said to me during one love making session – I told mom what we are doing she said I gathered you have seen more of Mike than I have seen. Have you been entertaining him in your bedroom?  Anna admitted we had and her mother seemed happy. She said don’t do it in his car – I would prefer you do it there than in his car.  
From that day on we became lovers in the true sense of the word. Within a month we were inseparable and had completed the full gambit of sexual pleasures on each other bodies. Even her mother seemed happy with Anna’s choice of partner.

Her mother always seemed pleased to see me and accepted Anna and I were lovers in every sense of the word. She never discussed our lovemaking with Anna and accepted we were more than casual partners.
One night I was at her place enjoying a meal and her mother said I am going away for the weekend in two weeks. I have a fair idea what you two will be up to so don’t disturb the neighbours. That was her way of saying we could sleep together while she was away.

After I left she laid a few ground rules down to Anna and she was fine with them – we had no problems with them. We spent almost the entire weekend naked and having sex – it was amazing. From then on her mother told Anna we could use Annas bedroom for our lovemaking even while she was in the house. She never disturbed us or said anything to us about it. After that weekend there was always an extra towel in the bathroom for me to use after we had sex. I often got a knowing smile from her after we had enjoyed ourselves. She once said to me – I have never seen Anna happier – thank you.

I just said – No its thanks to you – she smiled back at me and nothing more was said.

After a few months of the most wonderful sex I could imagine – Anna said to me  I cant wait for you to make a baby with me. That is apart from the innumerable times we told each other we loved each other. I didn’t have to be having sex with her to know that.

I said the baby wont be a problem – but you will have to stop eating those love lollies each morning.

She said that will happen later - than sooner – we have a lot of lovemaking and living and unfortunately studying to do before then.

When we graduate it will be in more ways than one.

I proposed on the spot. She may not have been the first but she could well be the only girl I ever make love to from then on.