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The faggy Sissy boy!!

gumbolover on Gay Stories

I looked into the kids nervous eyes, his shifty yet calm expression told me I could get what I wanted. He backed off slightly into the wall and knocked his head softly.


“Hey kid you ok?”


He quickly shifted his head from side to side erratically giving the impression that he was scared or something was wrong. He made a leap and bolted to his left side so I quickly rose out my hand and grabbed his thin boyish arm. His skin was so soft and the colour so pearly he reminded me of the milky bar kid so innocent looking.


“Just leave me alone get off my arm.” He shouted at the top of his voice but no one was down the street at this time of the morning just me and him.


“You should stop squealing kid, I’m not letting go until you calm yourself down. No one round here can hear you and if they did I doubt they’d give a shit about some cheap gay boy.”

I said dashing his hopes of escape. I was much bigger than him of course and my manpower and hold on him obviously came over the poor boy.


“What do you want with me damn you, I’ve done nothing wrong.”


I checked him out all over. Yes he was just another young clubber tired and wasted from the night earlier. He wore the ever so tight t-shirt that most gay boys were these days usually one or two sizes to small. His hair was cut in the typical fashionable style with small wisps of highlighted blonde on top. His face was what really gave him his beauty. He had light blue eyes and above small plucked eyebrows that had been finished off neatly by some beautician who probably charged him twenty pounds. I placed my other hand out and lightly stroked his hair feeling the softness, oh I was in heaven and I hadn’t even got the boy naked yet.


A rain began to fall just lightly which assured me even more that no one was going to turn up unexpectedly. Well apart from my long term friend Dennis. He just like me loved to trawl the streets of Manchester in the early hours of the morning, picking up young boys so induced by drugs and alcohol that they are unable to communicate properly.


We were stood outside one of the lesser appropriate bars that the gay village had to offer, it’s known as the company bar. The clientele that drinks and eats in this place are best described as fat, ugly and smelly old men, but one thing they have in common with me is that they love young boys. I had decided now the time had come for me to make my move so I motioned the scared boy down an alley just parallel to me and covered his whiney mouth with my hand.


“Now listen you little shit and listen carefully, you do exactly what I say or I’ll be forced to do something to you that even your worst nightmares couldn’t contend with.” I said wrapping my hands round the boys’ neck as we stood in the confined alley.

“I will listen but please let me go your hurting my arm, I don’t understand what I’ve done I don’t even know you.” He wriggled about a little more and I saw a tear build up at the corner of his eye, he was so cute. The youth of today are so naïve what did he think I was here for to steal his wallet or mobile, what a stupid little boy.


I kept him at bay whilst I gently moved my hand to my crotch to get a good feel of my ever growing cock; I made sure he saw too. I looked into his terror filled eyes he was in shock and finally he had realised what was going to happen to him. He began to mutter something disjointed words accompanied by little yelps escaped his mouth.


The time had come so I picked up his thin puney body from the ground and hoisted him over my shoulder. He kicked and screamed into the night but no one was coming. I decided to shut him up and slapped his face three times hard.


“Remember what I said listen to me carefully or it wont be a slap next time it will be my foot. Now were going under the canal bridge and I’m going to strip you naked, like a faggy gay boy should be.”


I quickly stepped out onto the street and waited for my moment to move, finally after a minute or so I sprang across looking both ways the coast was clear. I hurried down the steps and turned to my left; I flunked the kid onto the floor and proceeded in dragging him along the ground.


“See boy I’m going to drag you all the way by your feet if you carry on crying.” I said as I whistled to the tune of signing in the rain to my self, I enjoy being ironically cruel every once in a while.


“You monster you fucking bastard, let me go.” He said.


“I know I’m a monster, oh did I mention my monster cock?” I chuckled to me self at that last remark. 


“Please don’t rape me; I’m scared I’m really scared.”


He was pleading with his last ounce of hopes, but I wasn’t going to give up a fresh fag boy just on his demands.


“I can’t wait to see that hole boy, I bet it’s all puckered and fresh untouched even, so tell me are you a virgin boy?”


“No” He replied


“So tell me how often does a fag like you get that hole fucked, once twice three times a week. Yeah I bet your some cheap escort aren’t you your only quality being your ass.” I said these things only to annoy him further, if you’re going to break a boy you have to find his week spots a few of those being humiliation and shame.

He carried on kicking and screaming but deep down between the canal walls no one was going to hear. I love a boy when he’s angry it’s so sexy.


We came to a small point in one of the walls or as I call it the fuck bunker. Down here was the perfect place for fucking and completely secluded.


I shoved him into one corner and ordered him to start taking his clothes off when he didn’t move I decided to do it my self.

I grabbed both his legs and put him upright against the wall just enough so I could pull his legs wide apart. I began by taking his trainers off underneath he had little pink socks on what a complete fag. I pulled down his jeans completely to reveal a nice but small package beneath a par of white pants, oh he was so sexy. His legs were smooth and toned I ran my fingers down them working my way up to his pants and sliding my fingers underneath. I continued doing this for some time putting my fingers in and then pulling them back out, just to keep him on edge.


Eventually I decided to take them right off, flinging them in the canal he had no chance of getting them back just adding to the humiliation. His cock was average size but in and around the pubic area he had shaved. I cupped his balls in my fingers applying pressure just enough for the boy to gasp.

“Ah nooooooo.” He cried I bet he loved the feeling really.


“Hey think about it kid will feel a lot nicer when my cocks wedged up into that ass of yours. Don’t you think?”

I laughed loudly but only to be met by the look of terror in his eyes. He mumbled something quietly, dumb kid. I pulled him around and had him stand on his hands and knees. I slapped both his thighs wide apart so I could get a perfect view of those balls and most importantly that ass. Looking at the hole I was in heaven it looked so tight. Very small wisps of hair grew around the pucker, but the majority of his skin was smooth. I decided to humour him once more.


“Hey kid you pay for your eyebrows to be plucked your hair to be cut and god knows what else but you’ve forgotten the last remaining thing your hole. I’ve heard these days they can wax that set you back only thirty pounds. “


“I don’t have that kind of money I’m only eighteen.” He said as I moved my large hands down to his penis. I rolled it between my fingers and gradually worked him into a slow rhythm; he began actually thrusting his hips.


“Must be hard for you fag, being scared witless then getting turned on by my hand rubbing this small cock of yours.” It was true he wanted to release the backed up semen within his balls and although me a rapist was doing it he didn’t care.


“You cheap fucking whore now your going to wish you had never been born when you see my mother.” He stopped for a moment when he heard my words and when I had taken my hands off his cock he moaned again. A moan of displeasure though he had enjoyed my hands clasped around his bitch clit, and nothing was there now to stimulate him.


I quickly undid my jeans and placed them neatly to one side I popped off my pants and let my huge manly cock jut upwards, I was so horny right now. The kid turned his terrified head backwards to look at it, the look of hell filling him up inside.


I wet two fingers and spread his bouncy fresh ass cheeks to one side; I began easing them in just to the point where my nails were embedded. Then without him being prepared I shoved them right up there into his rectum.


“Owwwwwwwwww, nooooooooo, pleaseeeeee.” He screamed out in pain. He wriggled his ass up and down them it was as though he was fucking my fingers. The discomfort was too much for him so I think that is why he was moving so much.

I reached down with my hand and slapped his balls five times.


“Shut up, shut up!” I shouted at him.


He said nothing but continued to moan to himself. I looked him over once more whilst I was applying some lube to my cock, I had some handy in my pocket.

 Just imagine being in my position having a fresh faced eighteen year old boy on his hands and knees spread wide as possible waiting to take the full length of my cock. I didn’t even need to hold him down any more he just stayed there, I think he had come to a decision there was no point fighting it, he knew I was bigger and stronger, and that very soon his sweet ass was going to be fucked………

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