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A Mother's Solution

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I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about what happened. As a mother, there's some guilt feelings, but as a woman, I feel..well..very differently. I do know that if my husband found out, a divorce would be in the works. It certainly shows how a relatively small event can spiral out of control.

It was this past July. It was nearly eleven in the morning and I still hadn't seen my son Jeremy, 15. He sometimes slept late, but I felt that this was ridiculous. He was wasting a beautiful, sunny summer day! I went down the hall and rapped on the closed door of his room.

"Jeremy! Get up! It's a beautiful day outside! Your sister got up hours ago!" In fact, his sister, Julie, 14, had gotten up at eight to go to some sale at the mall with her girlfriend. I had driven them over there.

Jeremy answered through the closed door. "Uh...Ok, mom..I'll be out in a little bit!"

His voice sounded odd. I couldn't really define why. Just call it motherly instinct.

"Jeremy?" I said, "Is everything alright?"

There was a pause. "Yeah, sure mom. No problem." But I thought I detected a note of fear or nervousness in his voice.

I thought for a moment and then decided that my responsibly as a parent took precedence over his privacy. "Jeremy, I hope you have clothes on, because I'm coming in!" I turned the knob and opened the door.

He was lying on the bed in his usual t-shirt and boxers. He quickly pulled up the covers to cover himself, but not quite quickly enough. My face felt very hot and I knew I was blushing.

"Oh! I..uh" I stammered, deeply embarrassed. "I'm really sorry!" What I had seen was his erect penis protruding from the fly of his boxer shorts. He was obviously either masturbating or just about to. I averted my eyes and started to close the door.

"Wait!" he said in a plaintive tone, "I think I got a problem...I-I don't know..I-I'm not sure how..."

I stopped, confused. Surely, every teen boy knows how to masturbate! I looked at him, trying not to look at his penis. "Uh..don't know how to what?"

"It won't go away!" he blurted, sounding close to tears. "It's this..for a couple hours!"

I tried to sound calm, but I knew I was still blushing. "Well, did you...did you finish?"

Now he was blushing too. "Kinda, but not a lot. Not like it usually is." He looked at me helplessly and blurted out, "I took one of Dad's pills! One of those little blue ones! I just wanted to see what happened!"

"Oh no! You didn't!" I almost yelled. Jim, my husband, had been having some problems getting erect and had gotten a prescription for the famous 'little blue pill'. "Jeremy! How could you be so stupid! And you were snooping in our bedroom!"

He looked away, shamefaced. "I'm really sorry! I'm scared! What do I do?"

My brief anger turned to concern. "And..well..doing the usual thing doesn't..uh..make it go away?" He shook his head. I tried to think clearly. "I'm going to have to call the doctor!" Jeremy blushed more deeply as I picked up the phone on his desk and dialed Dr.Blakeslee.

The nurse put me right through. The doctor listened to me and sighed, "Well, there is an injection that will reverse the effects, but it really hasn't been approved for use on someone his age. Yet going on too long in that condition can injure the penis." He paused. "Brenda, I don't know how to put this delicately, but does he have a girlfriend?" I understood his meaning and was more than a little shocked, "Not THAT kind of girlfriend! He's only 15!" The doctor sighed again, "Well, I know sexual intercourse can provide enough stimulation and the necessary orgasm or orgasms to relieve the problem."

"Isn't there anything else that will help?" I asked, feeling helpless.

"Not really. The injection or intense stimulation are the only two solutions. You could wait it out but that could be risky." he hesitated. "Tell you what. Why not..well..just wait and relax..consider the situation for a while. Call me back if you need to." I was confused at first. He seemed to be abandoning us....but then I understood what he was trying to say.

"I-I understand doctor, thank you," I said somewhat numbly and hung up.

"What did he say?" Jeremy asked hopefully. I didn't know how to answer him. I sat down on the edge of the bed. Even though he'd pulled up the covers, his erection was still obvious.

I took a deep breath. "Well, basically, honey. He said that this is a problem that we..that we have to solve on our own." I told him what the doctor had said. His face fell.

"But I-I don't know any girl THAT well! I never even did 'it'..honest, never!"

I shifted uncomfortably. I didn't know how to say what I had to. Taking another deep breath, I looked up at the ceiling and said, as calmly as I could. "Honey. most girls your age are still virgins and it wouldn't be right to use them that way. But..well..I'm a female and..well..not a virgin"

"Oh Jeez!" he exclaimed. "You mean, I'd put it in your...I mean, have sex with you?" I could only nod and say "We can't tell your father"

I pulled the covers down and this time really looked. His swollen penis pointed straight up his belly. It looked a bit larger and thicker than his dad's. I reached out with a trembling hand and touched it, then wrapped my fingers around it. I was surprised by its hot, almost steely hardness. Had Jim's EVER gotten that hard? The moment was quite awkward for both Jeremy and me.

"I think I'm going to go over to my room and..well..get ready," I said quietly. "When you think you're ready, you can come over..Ok?" He nodded. I felt an increased throbbing in his shaft just before I let go it and left the room.

In my bedroom, I undressed quickly, trying not to think too much. I tossed my panties onto the floor and looked at my naked body in the mirror. For 38, I think I still look Ok, but I should exercise more. The big globes of my 38D breasts hang a bit now but aren't too floppy. My hips have widened after two kids, giving me more of an 'hourglass" type figure. I was a bit embarrassed by the untrimmed thatch of dark brown hair between my legs, but figured it really made no difference now.

I wasn't ready. My wide dark nipples were relaxed. I put my hand between my legs and pushed my middle finger up inside me, finding myself damp, but not wet. Just then, Jeremy appeared in the doorway, staring in fascination. He was naked now, his manhood pointed straight out in front of him. I quickly pulled out my finger.

"I'm not quite ready..inside, I mean," I said sheepishly. Jeremy looked confused. I sat down on the bed.

"When a woman is ready for sex, she gets wet, down here," I explained, placing my hand on my crotch. "It lubricates me so a penis..your penis..can slide in easily." He nodded.

"Can I help you get ready?" He asked.

I balked at first, but then realized that was silly. "Yes..yes you can," I said, pulling myself up onto the bed and reclining on my back. "Lie down here beside me."  He did and I closed my eyes and opened my legs.

"Ok, honey. Reach down between my legs where the hair is." I felt his hand on my bush and suppressed a startled jerk. "Yes, there. Now down further. Feel that fold of skin? You know what that is, don't you?"

I felt him probing the slit as he said, a bit breathless, "Yes, it's your cunt." I didn't correct him. Nice language seemed silly by that point.

"Push your finger in the slit..uh..yes, but down further, more towards my butt..oh!..there! Push it up that opening." His finger went up inside me. I opened my legs further. "Yes. That's good. Now, move it in and out."

I think he was trying to shock me as he asked, "I'm fingerfucking you, aren't I?" I answered casually, "Yes, honey, you're fingerfucking me."

I felt his other hand on my right breast. A tentative squeeze. "Suck the nipple", I encouraged. "That helps too." Almost immediately, eagerly sucking lips pounced on my nipple. He pulled his finger out of my cunt and began playing with my other breast.

"Man, you got nice tits, Mom!" he said as he moved his face to my left breast. His other hand moved back between my legs and found something new. My hips jerked.

"What's that? What's wrong?" he asked.

"My clitoris..its very sensitive" I answered.

He moved his face down below my belly. "It's standing up, Kinda rubbery," he observed.

"Yes..I'm..I'm becoming aroused," I said, frankly surprised.

I heard him breathing more heavily and felt him swing his leg over me. I thought he was preparing to mount me and kept my eyes closed, my heart racing. Was I doing the right thing? All this was SO forbidden! But then I felt him up further on me, almost sitting on my breasts.

"Jeremy? What are you..." I opened my eyes to see his hard penis hovering over my face. He had one knee planted under each of my armpits.

"Suck my cock!" he demanded in a hoarse, unfamiliar voice. "Suck it!"

"Jeremy! I'm your mother! You....AUUGHH!" His response to my protest was to push his cock into my mouth and nearly down my throat, almost gagging me. He immediately leaned forward, his hips over my face. His hips began pumping frantically. "Oh yeah!" he breathed, "Oh yeah! facefuckin' ya!" I was near panic, but he had me pretty well pinned. I real can't 'deep throat' very well but with Jeremy, I had to as he forced the head of his penis down my throat. I felt his hairy balls squash against my chin each time he thrust downward. Suddenly, his pumping became very rapid, almost frantic. He was going to come in my mouth! I tried to protest but could only manage a gurgle.

"Ohhhh shit!" he gasped out. There was a great, hot flood in my throat and mouth. I couldn't breathe. There was so much that I couldn't even gag. I was literally drowning in my son's sperm! I heaved my hips and shoulders but he kept pumping away, spurting more and more. It poured out of my mouth and down my chin and cheeks. My vision got fuzzy and just as I felt I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, he fell off me to my right, pulling his cock out and shooting the last of his load straight into my face.

I rolled to the other side of the bed, gagging, coughing and spitting out what seemed to be a gallon of cum onto the carpet. I lay there with my head hanging over the side of the bed, trying to get my breath.

"Wow Mom!" Jeremy said. "That was great! I didn't know you could suck like that!" I still couldn't breathe well enough to respond. I remember hoping that I had taken care of his 'problem' at least. But I was soon to be disappointed.

I was lying on my stomach. Without further comment, he grabbed one hip and rolled me onto my back. As he pulled my legs apart, he said "Oh yeah! Now let's get some of that pussy!" I started to say something...I don't remember what, when he scooped up my legs and stuck his cock in me..all of it at once.

"Oh God! Jeremy! Easy!" but he had again gone deaf,it seemed. "Yeah! Yeah!" was his only response, "Shit this feels great!" He slammed it in and out. The bed creaked and groaned as my breasts bounced all over my chest. I felt him swelling up bigger and hotter inside me but I didn't believe he could come again so soon.

As his pumps quickened, my own hips began lifting to meet him. "You likin' this Mom?" he asked in a surprised and pleased voice. I didn't answer, feeling both shame and pleasure, but I did hug him close.

"Don't..come..yet..not quite..yet," I panted in his ear. His pumping and the heavy smell of his jizz on my face drove me over the edge and I erupted in a bucking, groaning orgasm.

"Oh shit yeah! You're comin' !" He exclaimed. I could hear the surprise and delight in his voice as I came with a ferocity I hadn't felt in years. I thought I'd faint from the intensity of it, which was enhanced by feeling his organ spurting inside me.

I lay there limp as he gave a last few pushes before dismounting. He lay quietly behind side me for a time. I was too spent to look to see if his boner had subsided, but I soon knew that he hadn't.

"Roll over on your tummy, Mom," he said, pushing on my hip. Dreamily I complied, not realizing what he had in mind until I felt his finger between my buttocks. "Ever had it up the ass?" he asked eagerly. "Only a couple times," I answered groggily, "Your father doesn't like to do that." I felt his finger go up my anus roughly, making me gasp. "It's nice and tight!" he admired, as he worked his finger in and out.

I came to my senses as I felt his weight on my back. "Wait Jeremy! You can't just shove it in! I need..." and then I groaned in protest as he forced his penis up into my rectum. He began humping as rapidly as my asshole would permit. I groaned and squirmed beneath him.

"Jeremy! It hurts! Pull it out!" I almost screamed, but already a tingling pleasure was coming through the pain. My buns jiggled in time with his thrusts. I felt like I was going to pee and put one hand beneath me to grasp my pussy to hold it in, but I was soon masturbating. The pressure did make me pee a little, it dribbled through my fingers as I humped my hand.

Then a voice said, "Oh my god! Oh my god!"

I was able to twist my head around enough to see my daughter Julie standing in the bedroom doorway, her eyes wide and mouth open in utter shock. My feet pointed toward her and I knew she had a clear view of her brother sodomizing me. I had totally forgotten that her girlfriend's mother was bringing her home from the mall!

Of all the things she could have said, what she blurted out was totally unexpected: "Does that hurt?"

I just shook my head.

Jeremy became aware of her and suddenly yanked his penis out of my rear. Julie's eyes widened even further as she stared at her brother's erection. She didn't move as Jeremy leapt off the bed and grabbed her arm. He roughly flung her onto the bed but she raised no protest..seeming stunned. When he unsnapped her jeans and attempted to pull them down, she yelled "Don't!", grabbing her jeans just as her bright blue panties were starting to show.

"Jeremy, no!" I yelled, "You can't do that!"

His eyes were wild, "Why not?" he said, "She's got a pussy...she even showed it to me! Teasing me!" The blush on Julie's face confirmed what he said. She suddenly released her grip on her jeans and Jeremy yanked them off her in one movement, knocking her shoes off in the process. As She tried to  get up off the bed, he grabbed her top by the lower back and jerked it up over her head. Her bra catch let go and both her flailing arms instinctively tried to cover her exposed small breasts instead of holding onto her clothes, allowing him to finish pulling off her top and bra.

Her eyes had a wild look as she tried to keep him from tearing off her bikini panties, but the flimsy material ripped easily. Jeremy tore them off her and flung them behind him. They flew clear out into the hallway, their tattered remains fluttering like a blue butterfly.

She made only a half-hearted attempt to cover the neat triangle of hair between her legs. It was the exact shade of brown as mine. She scooted across the bed away from him, stopping as she got next to me. She looked at me with shock and an odd fascination in her eyes.

"He's going to fuck me" she said, rather quietly. Her legs were open slightly and I could see the slit of her vagina.

"Jeremy!" I scolded. "She's a virgin. And you could get her pregnant!" But Jeremy advanced on her, taking her shoulders and pushing her down on the bed on her back. Her eyes darted between his face and his hard cock. "It-it won't fit!" she said, mild fear in her voice.

I know I should have stopped it, but the atmosphere in that bedroom was charged with lust. I've never felt such electricity. "Yes it will, dear," I said soothingly. I slid my hand over her thigh, bringing it to rest on the fuzzy hump of her young pussy. I massaged it gently. "Mom..." she started to say. "Shhhhh!" I hushed and lowered my face to suck her left nipple, making its flower petal softness change into a rubbery erectness. "Oh.." she said softly as I felt her body lose its stiffness. I took my hand from between her legs and wiped it against my own crotch, making my fingers wet and shiny. I put my hand back between Julie's legs and rubbed the wetness into her pussy, then slipped my finger up inside her tight vaginal opening. I worked the dampness into her and, as her own wetness started, her hips moved gently. I briefly sucked her other nipple then kissed her on the lips. I looked at Jeremy.

"You can take her now," I said.

He had been watching us, but now he came back to life. He laid on top of her. She looked fearfully into his eyes, but loosely put her arms around him and let her legs slide open wide. I saw the head of his cock push against her crotch, but knew it was too high. I reached between them, took his shaft in hand and moved it down slightly. "It's right there," I said, "Push slowly!"

He pushed and Julie gasped, "It's going in!" Then her head went back and she gave a short scream. I knew my daughter had just lost her virginity. "Owwwwwwww!" she complained softly, "Take it easy!" and, surprisingly, Jeremy did go slowly. But he relentlessly pushed his penis into his sister's vagina. "Draw your knees up, honey," I encouraged, "It'll help it go in!" She obeyed and I saw a few drops of blood on the bed beneath her butt, a result of her broken hymen. When two-thirds of his shaft had disappeared between the stretched lips of her cunt, she grunted "I can't take any more!" Jeremy began to pump, forced to go slowly by her tightness.

I know it sounds terrible but I laid there and masturbated as I watched my children fuck. Julie looked over at me and smiled, the flush of her face spreading down her chest as her arousal increased. Soon her hips were rising to meet his pumps and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He seemed to be fucking her brutally but she kept gasping encouragement so I said nothing.

"Jeremy, don't come in her," I said, knowing it was futile to tell him that. His hips soon began jerking motions. Julie's eyes flew open wide. "I can feel it!" she said with delight, "I can feel him squirting in me!" Already I saw a dribble of white ooze out of her, running between her small buns, across the pink pucker of her asshole. Jeremy seemed almost done when she came, holding him in a bear hug and giving rapid pulses of her hips. I came as I watched her.

Finally, he rolled off her and she lay limp as a rag doll, legs wide open, his sperm gushing out of her stretched cunt. I looked at Jeremy and sighed with relief. His cock was finally limp!! He was completely exhausted.

Of course we never told Jim about what had happened. Not about that or subsequent 'sessions'. Thankfully, Julie didn't get pregnant and I got her on the pill, telling Jim it was to help 'female problems'..he didn't ask for details. I had thought Jeremy would prefer Julie over me, but he's in bed with me more often than with her. Julie tends to be a bit fussy about letting him come in her mouth and is still adjusting to taking it 'in the back door', as she puts it. And oh yes, Julie and I have enjoyed each other further..we tend to do that when it's just us at home.

Hard to believe that a little blue pill caused all this. When Dr. Blakeslee asked about it, I just tell him that everything worked out just fine!


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