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Naughty 13 year old Kelly (Part 3)

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His tounge rolled around the young girls nipple. Her nipple was very hard, when he put hit lips tight around the nipple and sucked the little girl moaned louly. He pulled his lips away from her breast and said "Shhhh. I gave your mom a sleeping pill but we don't want your brother to hear us. She said "OK daddy I'll try to be quiet, but it feels so godd. Especially when you drag you teeth over my nipples". He went back to suckin on the little girls tits. While he did this she ran her fingers through her dads hair with her eyes closed. Her dads hand slowly moved down Kellys tummy until it was at the waistband of her panties. He stopped and pulled away from her tit, looked her in the eyes and asked "Are you gonna keep these on?" She smiled, her eyes only half way open and said "I told you silly if you want these panties, you have to take them off me yourself daddy". She pulled him down to her and gave him a hot slutty kiss. Then breaking the kiss she moved her lips up the side of his face until her lips were just awayfrom his ear and she whispered "Come on daddy, take your little girls panties off". He moved to the foot of the bed facing her, Kelly bent her knees and opened her legs. He moved between the little girls legs, and with his thumb and pointer finger he pinched both sides of her panites on her hips. She was lookin at him still licking her lips. When he started to pull the panties down the little girl gave a naughty smile and lifted her hips and ass off the bed. He stopped half way down on her hips and waiting, Kelly said "Please daddy, don't tease me." That's when he knew the little girl was ready.

He started tugging the little girls panties down her hips again, she smiled. Her daddy whispered "Has a guy touched your pussy before?" Kellys response wasnt't more than a breathless whisper, she said "No daddy, I want you to be the first guy to touch my tight wett pussy. Please daddy feel how wett it is." WHile they talked, Kelly's panties were at her knees, her father stopped at looked at her. He couldn't believe his 13 year old little girl was laying naked in front of him talking about acting like a total slut. He thought to himself, if this is how she wants to act then I'll treat her like a little slut. And he tore the little girls panties off, ripping them; this scared Kelly for a second. But for some reason she liked it, it excited her. Then her dad said "Kelly are you daddys little slut?" She didn't know what to say, so she stayed quiet, her father said "Tell me your my little slut Kelly." With this  Kelly whispered "I'm your little slut daddy." He said say it again but tell me you want to be daddys little slut. He put a finger into her pussy and started fingering the little girl hard. Kelly closed her eyes and moaned loudly, not caring who would hear. While her daddy continued to finger fuck her, she said "Yes daddy, I want to be your little slut! Treat me like a little slut daddy. Play with my 13 year old pussy. Do what you want to my pussy I'll do what you say daddy. Just don't stop. Put your big dick in me daddy Please! Please do it..make me your little slut daddy, I won't tell me mommy!"

Kelly was so horny and wett she was saying this with tears in her eyes. She was begging her father to put his dick into her. Her father said "Will y u suck my dick whenever I want you to?" Kellys said "Yes as long as mommy won't catch me." Her father moved in closer between her legs, his hard dick just inches from the young girls pussy. Her dad asked "Do you want to feel my dick in you slut?" Kelly said "Yes daddy fuck me like I'm a slut." She felt her dads hard dick touch her pussy, she tensed up. She was so ready for this. Her father asked her "Will you pose for me? Let me take picture sof you so I can always remember my young little slut?" "Yes  daddy, please put it in." She felt the head of her fathers thick cock focing its way into her young pussy with no mercy. She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth together tightly to ease the pain. Once he popped her cherry, the pain subsided a little and she started to enjoy it. Her father was fucking her hard now, everytime he shoved it in she would raise her hip up to meet his thrust, enjoying the feeling of his thick member slamming into her. He was up on his knees with his dick buried in her, now he held the little girls thin ankles in the air, forcing them up extended over her chest.  He was giving her the full 8 inches with every thrust, all she could do was grip the sheets tightly. She whispered to her daddy "Harder, I'm a little young virgin daddy, make this pussy yours." Then she felt an orgasm like she never had before. Her whole body shook violently, her legs went weak. She put the pillow over hre mouth and screamed into it. Then her body went limp, her father didn't seem to notice; he kept driving into his little girl all his might until he felt it rising in him.

He pulled out, still on his knees, he moved up the bed near where Kellys head was. He grabbed her by the hair and turned Kellys face to his dick. He pulled her hair gently and whispered "Now baby, suck daddys dick and make him cum, like a good little girl." Kelly smiled and said goody and started sucking his dick like a pro. Not only sucking, but jacking him off at the same time until she heard her father say "Yes that's it, make daddy cum like a good little slut." He exploded into Kellys mouth, she tried to swallow all of it, but there was so much it began to come out of her mouth and drip down her chin. She couldn't get enough of it, when he was done cumming, the little girl kept sucking her fathers now limp dick. Until she pulled away from it and innocently looked up at her father asked in a shy little voice "Did I do it right daddy? Am I good girl?" She smiled, her dad said "Yes baby, your a good little girl" and kissed her. Then he put on his PJ bottoms and asked "REmember all the things you said you would do?" And she said "Yes daddy, I promise to keep my word. All of it." And her dad said "Wll talk tomorrow baby, good night. I love you." And he left.

When her father left her room, Kelly laid in her bed trying to believe what just happened between her father and her. It all felt so good, she couldn't wait for the following day, for the first chance she would get to be alone with her dad. Just so she could act like a little slut for him. It was all so exciting, she knew she couldn't keep it all to herself. She knew she was gonna end up telling her best friend Jessie about it. It was only fair because Jessie told her the secret about when she played strip poker with her grandpa. They told each other everything and never judged each other.

The next morning when Kelly woke up, she noticed hse had an instant message, she couldn't wait to read what her daddy had to say. When she clicked on it, it read "I heard you and dad last night. Come to my room after everybody goes to sleep tonight. We need to talk little slut, and just wear a t-shirt-no panties. I'll be waiting. Scott".......

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