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Beth's Big Black Momma

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Beth's Big Black Momma

By LustyLee

Beth was trying to console her grief stricken mother. Her father had run off with another woman, fled the country, and left them with nothing but unpaid bills. They decided to leave the mansion and seek an inexpensive apartment. By the time they moved into a two bedroom apartment Beth's mother Alice was low on funds and expressed the need for her to find a job as soon as possible. Beth exclaimed, “I can find a job too and we will get along just fine.”

Alice had home schooled her daughter and wanted her to attend college so she replied, “No way baby; you finish school first and then you will be able to find a much better position.” Alice accepted a job as a waitress and after testing for college Beth was informed that she would have to go to high school and finish the 12th grade first.

It was a strange experience for Beth to be among all of those other young people as she had been overly protected at home. After a month and a half she was becoming somewhat accustomed to school and was getting excellent grades but was too shy to make any friends. While walking to the door after finishing her last class Beth was pulled into a storeroom by two buxom cheerleaders, one was a blonde and the other was a light skinned black girl. She was shoved against the wall and told that if she didn't do as she was told they would kick the shit out of her.

With tears in her blue eyes the eighteen year old slender girl with light brown hair pleaded, “Please don't hurt me. Why are you doing this to me? I will do anything you say, anything at all but I beg you not to beat me up.”

The cheerleaders smiled, pushed the frightened girl to her knees, lifted their skirts, lowered their thongs, pushed Beth's face to their bare pussies and told her to gobble them up and make them cum in her mouth and to be sure to suck and lick up every last drop of their sticky honey. The naive girl never even knew that such acts were ever done but thought that it was much better than getting a beating. When she licked both hot pussies clean she was pushed to the floor and the black girl sternly told her, “Be here at the same time tomorrow and we will feed you some more juicy pussy. Don't tell anyone else about this or you will be beaten to a pulp. Do you understand bitch?”

“Yes, I understand and won't tell a soul.”

The tall blonde added, “You look good with our cum glistening all over your pretty little face. You like the taste of our hot cunts and gooey cum, don't you slut?”

The cowed and confused girl meekly replied, “Yes, yes I do.” They laughed as they left and warned Beth to be on time tomorrow. As Beth walked home she felt degraded and used but at the same time she tingled all over and felt more alive than at any other time in her life. Unknown to the sexy trio the pussy licking escapade had been caught on camera and thoroughly enjoyed by Leona the black lesbian security guard.

The next day Beth was both frightened and titillated as she entered the storeroom, her eyes opened wide, and her mouth dropped when she saw six naked girls and one older Latin woman waiting for her to service them. She learned that Rosa was a porter at the school and the storeroom was her responsibility, They all degraded her with obscenities as she was forced to eat every pussy and ass that was roughly shoved into her face. They left her on the floor and informed her that this would be a daily event. Rosa stayed to lock the door and as she left the storeroom Beth was startled when she was told by an authoritarian security officer to come with her.

Beth fidgeted and squirmed in her chair as Leona played the tape and told Beth that she could be sent to jail, expelled, or suspended. She was scared to death when she learned that her parents would see the tape. Beth pleaded,”Please no; it is just my mother and me. I never did anything like that before but they forced me to do it. Please have mercy on me and I promise to be a good girl. I implore you please let me go and I will do anything you want me to do.”

Leona smiled and said, “Come sit on my lap little girl and we shall discuss it. Perhaps we can work something out.” Beth meekly walked over to the large black woman and sat on her lap. Leona pressed the girl's face to her huge bosom and said “Tell me all about it girl and maybe I can help you.”

“Well, they pulled me into the storeroom and threatened to beat me up if I didn't do those nasty things to them. I didn't want to do it but they made me.”

“I understand child but any fool could plainly see that you loved eating pussy. Your face against my big black tits is making my nipples hard as hell so why don't you just take them out and suck on them while I talk to you.” Beth obediently complied and nursed on the big tits with fervor. She told herself that she was doing it because she had to but deep inside she knew that she loved it.

Leona said, “I know a woman that works as a guard in an all female prison and she told me that the tougher inmates and some of the guards take advantage of timid, pretty, and weaker females that can't take care of themselves. The only answer is for them to become a bitch for a stronger woman that can protect them. Would you like to become my little bitch and have me protect you from all those nasty whores that want to hurt you? I can tell that you are in heaven nursing on my tits; just wait until you feast on my cunt.” Well, what is your answer sweetheart?”

“Would you really protect me from the others?”

“Yes darling now let's get naked.” They disrobed and Beth was moaning with pleasure when Leona nibbled on her tiny pink tits. The dominating 42 year old black woman then pushed Beth to the floor, spread her slim, creamy legs wide, and then dove right in her tiny pink cunt. In about three minutes Leona's long tongue had Beth screaming out in ecstasy as her juices flowed like a river and her frail body trembled and quaked as she violently orgasmed.

Leona then straddled Beth's head and slowly lowered her steamy slit to the white girl's face. Beth flicked out her tongue to tasty the inflamed pussy. Leon scolded, “Whoa girl don't be so fucking eager, take your time and do it right. First inhale my aroma and then spread my cunt open and drink in the beauty of my superior black cunt. Does the smell turn you on? You want to put your mouth on my sexy black cunt don't you? Tell me how you feel and tell me what you want.”

“Your pussy is so big and the smell sets me aflame. I want to taste you, make you cum, drink it all up, and make you feel so good that you will always want me.”

“Good girl, right answer, now chew on my puffy pussy lips and clit. Then lick and suck the motherfucker with everything you got. I want your whole face up my big cunt so far that you can't see light. Never stop licking and sucking the gift that I am offering you. Now do it bitch! Make Momma feel real good and eat the motherfucker right now.”

Beth kissed the thick black pubic hair, sucked the meaty pussy lips, nibbled and sucked the enlarged clit, and marveled at the inner pink of the alluring pussy when her face was roughly pulled tightly to the flooding black hole. She licked and sucked for all that she was worth. Her whole head was not up the hot hole but her whole face was. She had difficulty breathing but she kept on sucking and licking the pungent pussy. Leona held the back of the girl's head tightly to her erupting volcano and exclaimed, “Yes baby, eat your Big Black Momma real good, worship my cunt with your mouth, Yessssss, lick it all up, drink up all my cummmmmm, yessssss!”

After the torrid pussy eating session they cuddled in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Beth shyly asked, “Did I do it right? Did I earn the honor of being your bitch and being able to eat more of your delicious pussy?”

Leona smiled, hugged the girl tight, looked into her blue eyes and said, “Oh hell yeah, you did just great baby, you are my little bitch and I am your Momma. I really enjoyed eating your white pussy too. Don't know why but I have never been with a white woman before but I should have because you are fantastic.”

The following afternoon as Beth was leaving school she was once again pulled into the storeroom but Leona came around the corner and entered right behind her. Leona kicked ass and made it very clear that they were never to bother Beth again. They all agreed and vowed to treat Beth with the utmost respect. Leona drove Beth home and announced that she would be back at eight o'clock to pick her up. Beth lovingly looked into the black woman's dark eyes and replied, “I will be ready Momma.

When Leona parked in front of the apartment Beth rushed out to meet her and slid in the front seat and gave Leona a long sexy kiss. Leona ran her long black fingers up the girl's legs and declared, “When you go out with me don't wear panties anymore; they only get in the way. Why didn't you invite me inside are you ashamed of me? Something is bothering you. Don't hold anything back, let me know what is wrong.”

Beth said, “No I'm not ashamed of you at all it is just that I am not ready to explain us to my mother yet and mom is worried that she won't make enough money to pay the rent as the tips at the diner really suck.”

“You are 18 and do not need your mother's approval. If she loves you she will accept your new lifestyle. I think I have a solution to her financial problems in mind. What is your mother like and how old is she? Tell me all about her.”

“Well she is thirty six, has sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice figure, and her breasts are larger than mine. How can you help her money problems?

“I was going to take you to my place and ravage you but instead we will stop at a lesbian bar that is owned by a friend of mine. The girls that work at her bar do really well with tips so maybe we can get her a job there,”

“Mom working in a lesbian bar! I don't think so; she is much too straight to go for something like that.”

“Let's meet with Monica and see what we can work out.” The couple entered the bar and were drinking beer when Monica walked up to them with hugs and kisses for a warm greeting, Beth was in awe of the place; it was filled with women of all different shapes, sizes, and colors but most of all she was blown-away by the knockout 29 year old ex stripper turned bar owner named Monica. The bronze bombshell stood 6'2”, was slender, had huge busts, a bubble butt, and long shapely legs. As Leona explained the situation Beth was totally captivated with the alluring Monica and felt herself falling under her spell as she got lost in Monica's deep, dark, enchanting, and shining eyes.

Beth snapped back to reality when Monica laughed and told Leona, “So you want me to do you a favor and give your bitch's mother a job? What's in it for me are you going to let me take your little bitch upstairs and fuck her pretty face? If you do then we can work something out.”

Leona nodded 'Yes' and Monica led the mesmerized girl to her upstairs office.

Monica ordered, “Lose the clothes bitch and then undress me! Down in the bar you undressed me with your eyes so now you can do it for real. I couldn't help but notice you lusting after me so now I am going to give you what you want.”

Beth discarded her clothes and with trembling hands removed Monica's black dress. The seductive ebony sex goddess only had a garter, stockings, and high-heels on. Beth was infatuated with with the woman's steamy body and willingly complied when she was instructed to kiss every inch of it. After nursing on the huge ebony breasts, licking and kissing all over, sucking pussy, and kissing ass Beth couldn't move her tongue anymore. Monica patted her on the head and declared, “You did good; now let's go downstairs and see Leona about getting your mom a job here.”

They had a few drinks and decided the best plan was for Leona and Beth to bring Alice over to Monica's place Sunday. Beth asked, “How come you made me sleep with her? I thought I was your girl.”

Leona gave her a stern look and said in no uncertain terms, “You are not my girlfriend you are my little pussy licking bitch. You will do what I say without question. I am going to involve you in many sexual situations with myself and others but don't worry because you are a submissive and you will love every minute of it. Also, I knew how much you wanted Monica; everyone does and soon your mother will discover the joys of lesbian sex. Monica is irresistible and is the perfect choice to seduce your mom. Your mother will be the big winner; she will get a better job and will have the good fortune of tasting Monica's delicious pussy. I will not permit anyone to hurt you but you are my little pussy slut. Do you understand?

“Yes Momma, I understand and am all yours but I am not so sure about my mom.”

“Just leave that to me and it will be alright, you will see. I am coming in with you to meet your mom and we will talk her into visiting Monica Sunday.” Alice was surprised by her daughter's new,older, and black friend but did not understand the full extent of their relationship. The prospect of a new and more lucrative job was a major factor in Alice accepting the offer to visit Monica with her daughter and Leona.

Beth and Alice were impressed by the sprawling estate, were let inside by a young black girl in a skimpy French maid uniform. The slender maid led them to the sitting room where Monica was enjoying a whiskey sour. Introductions were made and Silvia the maid brought in a tray of whiskey sours for all. Alice was seated next to Monica on the sofa and was surprised when Silvia sat on the other side of Alice and joined them with a drink of her own. Leona and Beth cuddled in the love seat. Alice felt uncomfortable watching her daughter and her friend openly displaying affection for each other, Silvia was constantly touching Alice's arm, ear, neck, and leg as they talked. Alice was shocked and aroused when Monica's silk red robe opened displaying her alluring, well stacked, and breathtaking ebony frame. Alice had never been attracted to another female in her entire life and couldn't understand her body's response to this enchanting black woman. She tingled all over and she could feel her pussy flooding.

Monica noticed the all too familiar reaction her body was having on Alice so she pulled her to her bosom and said, “Suck them baby, I know that you want to so just let go and enjoy yourself.” Alice thought to herself that she couldn't do it especially in front of her daughter but her urge for Monica was overpowering and the yearning was not to be denied. She glanced over to see her daughter suckle Leona's black tits and felt Sylvia between her legs tugging down her panties. She could no longer resist and kissed the big ebony melons before sucking on her rubbery nipples.

When Sylvia's extremely long tongue wiggled its way up her pussy Alice screamed out as an explosive orgasm rocked her body, Monica said, “I see that my maid's tongue has found your trigger. That is why she works for me. She is 20 years old but looks much younger; her looks are nothing special but her tongue is second to none.” Monica wiggled her butt to the end of the sofa, spread her legs invitingly, opened her pussy lips, and told Alice, “Do to me what my maid is doing to you. Have you ever tasted a pussy before?”

“No, never but you are so beautiful that I want to taste you.”

Monica beamed and said, “Excellent, there is nothing better than being a woman's first and feeding her hungry mouth my horny cunt. Come on baby and do it because you want my cunt. Do it now!” Alice lowered her head to the bald black love hole and assaulted it with her mouth and tongue. As she delighted in eating Monica's delicious delicacy her own throbbing pussy reached one orgasm after the other as Silvia worked her magic with her long talented tongue. The group started swapping places and Alice was made to feast on every pussy and ass in the room. She felt wicked and depraved when she was made to eat out her own daughter's sopping pussy but felt even more guilty when she explode in another gushing orgasm on her daughter's probing tongue.

Before they went home they were invited back and Alice was told that she had the job. It was explained to her that she would make much better tips if she let the customers grope her and talk dirty to her. Her salary would be double what she was earning at the diner and the tips would be far better. Alice was informed that some of the customers were willing to pay for sex and she could make some good money after her shift was over but that was strictly optional and the decision would always be hers to make.

When they got back to the apartment Leona went inside with the mother and daughter. They thought that she was going to say goodnight but instead she told Alice to lead them to her bedroom. Leona ordered them to get naked and she did the same declaring, “I have only been with two white women in my life and now I have them both together. First I am going to suck your sweet cunts dry and then you are both going to suck my toes, nurse on my tits, eat my cunt, and suck my ass-hole.” Mother and daughter thought that they were too tired but soon were screaming with delight as Leona expertly worked their little love holes. Then they each grabbed a foot and sucked her toes, then her big tits, and finally they took turns on her pussy and ass. Before she left the apartment Leona told them that white women were better in bed and that she was going to recruit some more into their circle. As she was walking out the door Alice asked how Monica could afford to own her own bar and an expensive house at such a young age. Leona answered, “You both found her irresistible; well so did many other women and some of them were women of means that were only too happy to contribute to her cause in return for sexual favors. Without exception they all said that she was the most eatable woman that they ever met.”

Three weeks passed and Alice was happy with her new job; not only was the money great, she had fun with the patrons, made lots of new friends, but best of all she felt thrilled and honored when Monica permitted Alice to service her scrumptious body with tongue and mouth. She felt strange when her daughter and Leona stopped in but it wasn't very often or for too long. Alice felt that while Leona and Monica were friends that Leona didn't want Beth around Monica for too long because of Monica's animal magnetism.

One night Monica summoned Alice to her office and asked, “Have you ever earned any money after work with a paying customer?”

Alice answered, “No, I have partied with some women but not for money.”

“There is a woman at the bar that has expressed an interest in you. Her name is Bridget and she is from Hong Kong. She is extremely wealthy, is of Chinese and French descent , her beauty is intoxicating, she is great in bed, is a young looking thirty-two year old and she is very generous. I am not ordering you to go with her if she makes you an offer but I strongly suggest that you do. Bridget is a close friend of mine and I wouldn't want her to be offended and you will find her pussy to be the best you have ever had; with the exception on mine of course.”

Alice did not want Monica to be offended and she feared not being invited to the office anymore to taste Monica's muffin so she quickly replied, “If she is a friend of yours and if I can be of any help then it will be my pleasure.”

“Good girl and it will indeed be your pleasure and it won't hurt your bank account either. Make her happy and you will soon be financially secure!”

Alice went back to work and saw the exotic beauty sitting at the bar and noticed the woman's eyes following her. About an hour later Alice was at the waitress station of the bar ordering drinks for her customers when Bridget motioned with her long finger to come over. Alice had never seen such long fingernails or such long flowing black hair. Alice felt nervous and her knees were weak as she approached the stunning beauty. Bridget eyed Alice then placed ten one-hundred dollar bills in Alice's trembling hand and announced, “There is plenty more where that came from. I am staying at the Hilton in room 949. I can go wait for you or stay another hour until you are finished work; which would you prefer?”

Alice blushed and stammered, “I ah.. guess that um... it would be better to leave with you.”

Bridget said, “Very well then and Oh, by the way, plan to stay the night.” Alice called Beth to tell her that she would be staying the night with a friend.

Beth was riding Leona's face at the time but knew that her mother was not just going to visit a friend. She had no doubt at all that her mom would be playing the tongue in pussy game. They had been having sex with the lights on and the blinds wide open. It was Leona's idea to let the sexy redhead neighbor watch them because she was trying to entice the twenty-six year old housewife to join them. It took awhile for her to spot them but once she did she started peeking through the curtains and became bolder leaving them open and the last couple of nights the sexy redhead masturbated while watching the torrid sex show.

Leona asked for the housewife's phone number and called her saying, “I noticed that you can't keep your fingers out of your red haired pussy when you watch us so why don't you come over and join in the fun?”

Donna was embarrassed having been discovered and said, “Oh my, I couldn't do that. I am a married woman and have never been with another female before. I wouldn't know what to do.”

Leona told Donna, “I know that your husband works nights and you get lonely so just come over and talk. We will put our robes on and you can do the same and we can all have a neighborly drink together; come on over.” Donna reluctantly agreed and soon found herself sitting between Leona and Alice on the sofa sipping brandy.

Leona opened her robe displaying her huge black breasts, She pulled the frightened redhead to her tits and demanded, “Suck them bitch and this time you don't have to just imagine what it would be like or finger your hot little cunt because my little girl is going to show you just how good she is at making a pussy hum and cum. Donna wanted to protest but with her mouth full of tit and Beth's tongue snaking up her slit all she could do was gasp. Leona pushed her head away when she bit her tit when she reached an orgasm crying out, “Oh my god, oh my god, it feels soooo goooddd, yessss!”

Leona exclaimed, “You bit my tit bitch! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Donna panted, “I...I'm so sorry but I have never cum so hard before. I never knew that anything could feel this good.”

Leona told her that the fun had just begun and before they were finished with her she would cum more times than her husband makes her cum in a month. Donna was slumped down and Beth was eagerly feasting on her hot juicy pussy. Leona straddled the redhead's face and sternly asserted, “Now I'm going to feed you my big black hairy cunt and you're going to love it but I am warning you, do not bite it or you will pay big time. Now suck it bitch, just like my slut is doing to you.”

Donna's pussy flowed like a river as she enjoyed eating the juicy cunt almost as much as she liked what Beth was doing to her horny love hole. Beth and Leona exchanged places and Donna continued to cum as she devoured Beth's creamy cunt and thrilled to Leona's long tongue. Donna passed out from sheer exhaustion after reaching so many orgasms. When she came to she realized what happened and said, “Oh my god, I better get home before my husband and what if Alice had walked in on us?” Donna was shocked to learn that Alice also had sex with them. Then she cried, “Oh no, now I am a lesbian but I love my husband. How could this be?”

Leona chuckled and said, “Just because you had the best sex of your life with us does not make you a lesbian. If you still love your husband then chances are that you are bi-sexual. Every woman that I have ever known loves pussy but some of them never get to try it so they don't know what they are missing. You have to decide if you are going to tell your husband or not but I gotta tell you that it's best to be honest and not deceive him.”

“You are right but I don't want to hurt or lose him.”

Leona thought for a second then stated, “It is good that you don't want to hurt him but chances are that if he is like most men he will want to watch or join in.”

Donna put on her robe and went out the door saying, “Let me think about it but I do want to do this again. You two have turned me into a sex crazed, pussy loving slut, and I want more. I will call you tomorrow.”

Alice was ushered out of the bar by the elbow and helped into the backseat of a limousine chauffeured by a buxom blonde. Bridget slid in beside her and instructed the driver to take them back to the Hilton. Bridget held both sides of Alice's face and kissed her passionately. Alice adored the woman's cherry flavored lips and felt her pussy moisten when their tongues intertwined. The exotic beauty slid her hand up Alice's creamy legs and inserted two fingers in her steamy pussy. The extra long fingernails hurt but felt good at the same time. Bridget called out to the driver and told her, “This fucking slut is soaked from just the touch of my fingers. She is going to require attention all night long so you will have to join us in bed. We can tag team the slut and see if we can drain the ocean of cum from her. “ Alice swooned as Bridget kept finger fucking her.

Mona the driver turned and said, “Thanks boss; this ought to be a lot of fun.”

Bridget and Alice waited by the elevator while Mona parked the limo. The Hong Kong knockout continued to finger poor little Alice who felt so embarrassed when she saw the young lady behind the desk watching them. Bridget taunted her saying, “What's the matter you filthy slut? Does it bother you having an audience while you are creaming on my fingers? Well you better get used to it because having sex with an audience is going to be part of your life from now on. You haven't seen anything yet.” Mona joined them and they got into the next elevator. Three nineteen year old college students were running to catch the elevator and Mona held the door open for them.

The girls thanked them but were aghast when Bridget and Mona began fondling the older woman. They took out her breasts and fingered her pussy and ass. Bridget turned to the students and asked, “Would you like to come to my room for some drinks and watch us fuck this horny slut? Think before you answer because an opportunity like this doesn't come along everyday or are you too afraid?”

Mona eyed the three confused schoolgirls and said, “They have no guts they are just three little wimps. Forget about them and let's fuck our slut. They probably couldn't even handle the drinks.”

The three girls were a study in contrast; there was a cute little blonde, a brown haired girl with thick glasses that looked very studious, and a heavyset girl with big boobs. The heavy girl asked if all they had to do was watch and drink. Bridget answered, “That's it, you don't have to have sex; just drink, watch, and enjoy. We are training our pussy slut to indulge in public sex. This is our floor so if you're game then come on; it not then go to your room and regret what you missed for the rest of your life.” The girls did not say a word but followed them to the room.

Once inside Mona poured everyone a stiff drink and Bridget ordered Alice to do a slow sensual strip. Alice gulped down her drink and began swaying to the music. She wondered what she had gotten herself into and if it was worth it but then she thought about the money and Monica and started disrobing as she danced sexily to the music. When she got down to her work shoes and socks she was told to stop and lay on her back in the bed. Bridget and Mona disrobed and joined her in bed and ate her leaking cunt until the cum stains were visible on the sheets. After many orgasms Alice was told to get between the twenty-two year old Mona's legs and gorge on her bare pussy. Bridget violently fingered Alice's ass and pussy while she feasted on Mona's cunt. They changed positions and Alice marveled at the silk like black pubic hair that surrounded her pussy and ass. She loved the taste of the exotic woman and feasted with vigor. Unknown to Alice Mona had strapped on a 10” purple dildo and assaulted her pussy from behind. Alice's screams were muffled as her face was pushed deeper into Bridget's smoldering slit.

Alice was then placed on her back and fucked in the missionary position while Bridget sat on her face. Bridget noticed the girl's playing with themselves and stated, “I'm tired does anyone else want to feel this slut's tongue up their pussy.”

The heavyset girl was first and fucked Alice's face with fury. Alice was gasping for breath as her nose as well as her mouth was swallowed up by the plump girl's hungry cunt. The girl continued to fuck her face and pussy juices and cum covered her face so much that her eyes were almost glued shut but at least she was able to grab a breath of air every now and then. The other two girls took their turn sitting on Alice's face but they were much more genteel. All this time Mona continued to pummel her stretching pussy; it felt like it was ripping apart. The three girls were each given a strap-on and told to Relieve Mona and keep fucking the slut. Once again the full-sized girl went first and pounded Alice without mercy but she was in for a big surprise when a two pronged dildo entered her pussy and ass worn by Bridget. When miss plump complained too much the big dildo was shoved up her ass and was stretching it just like Alice's pussy. When the other girls saw what was happening to their chunky friend they attempted to gather their clothing and get the hell out of there but Mona blocked their path and tossed them to the floor. Bridget pulled miss chunky off Alice and placed her on her knees, helped Alice recover, strapped a huge dildo on Alice and told her to get even. Alice derived a great deal of pleasure while stuffing miss piggy's two gaping holes.

Bridget and Mona fucked the other two girls silly and then made them eat out their pussies and ass holes. Then all three girls were made to kiss Alice's sore, gaping, and swollen pussy and make it all better. When the girls finally left Mona called out, “Ya all come back soon now, ya hear.” The three then got some much needed sleep.

The next day Bridget called Monica and asked if she could keep Alice for another day. Monica said OK, I will call her daughter and let her know.”

Bridget's couldn't believe what she was hearing and asked about the daughter. Monica informed her that she was eighteen, was as cute as they come, but was Leona's bitch. Bridge replied, “Well maybe Leona and I can work something out so that I can borrow her for a week or so.”

“Leona could use some more money so she just might but you two will have to work that out. Take good care of Alice and I will see you both tomorrow.”

When Alice woke up she was told that there was a little something for her on the dresser. She walked funny complaining that her pussy was sore but her eyes opened wide when she saw a large stack of hundred-dollar bills. Before she could speak Bridget told her, “There is ten thousand dollars there and it is all for you honey. You earned it and there will be more for you tomorrow when I drop you off at work. Your clothes will be cleaned today and I have a little something for you to wear today and tonight. Now get over here and show me some appreciation.” Alice did not hesitate to run over to the bed and eat Bridget's scrumptious pussy for breakfast. Mona slept through the whole thing.

Later they were getting ready to go to a business meeting with one of Bridget's associates. Alice was given a pink sun dress to wear and shown the shortest skirt that she had ever seen and was told that today Bridget wanted Alice to look like a sweet housewife but at night she would be made up to look like a street whore.

When they arrived at an office building Mona was told to wait for them. Alice asked, “Why do you need me at a business meeting? I don't understand.”

Bridget laughed and said, “You will darling; soon it will be very clear to you. No more questions just do as you are told.” They entered an office, an extremely attractive receptionist greeted them, they were informed that they were expected, and were ushered into a large office. Introductions were made and they all sat at a conference table. Gretchen was a large woman in her fifties and Amanda was a slender woman in her forties, Gretchen had gray hair while Amanda's was brown. After discussing business for an hour Bridget told Alice to get under the table and do her thing.

Alice responded “Wa...What?”

Bridget fumed, “Don't act so fucking stupid. Get under the table, take off our shoes and panties, and then suck our toes and eat our cunts. Do it now bitch!”

Alice's face turned crimson, she fell to her knees, scurried under the table, heard Gretchen say “Me first.” Alice removed the older woman's shoes and sucked her stocking clad feet. She was aware of the other two discarding their shoes and spreading their legs. Alice kissed up the chubby legs and removed the woman's panties and was hit my the musky smell of the gray haired aroused pussy. Alice ate with fervor while the woman's legs held her head in a vice like grip.

When the woman orgasmed and relaxed her grip Alice moved on to Amanda. “Bridget inquired, “What about the sexy receptionist? Is she into women?

Gretchen replied, “I wouldn't have hired her if she wasn't.”

Bridget announced, “Then bring the foxy bitch in and let Alice eat her cunt out so I can see the look on her beautiful face when she gets off.” Gretchen buzzed Alica in and the twenty-three year old Cuban was more than willing to join the party.

Bridget asked Amanda, “What about your secretary? Do you think she would like to join the party?”

Amanda answered, “I don't know; I have been trying to get into her pants but she is straight although she came close to giving in a couple of times. I know that she is thinking about it and it's just a matter of time.”

Bridget said, “Great! This will be a wonderful way to introduce her to lesbian sex. I'm sure that Alice will make this an experience that she will love and want more of woman to woman sex.”

Amanda was reluctant but excited at the same time so she called Connie and told her to come over. The cute little blonde sat at the table and was instantly aware of the scent of female arousal. She noticed the look of pure pleasure on Alica's face then heard her say. “Yes eat my caramel cunt! Suck it bitch, make me cum in your mouth. Yessssss!”

Connie considered getting up and running out of the room but Bridget told Alice to take care of the newcomer. Bridget stood behind Connie to hold her in place. She licked the girl's neck and ear as she fondled her breast. When she felt a tongue lapping her pussy Connie lost it and gave no more thought to leaving. She screamed out, “Oh god, oh shit, yesssss suck meeee! It feels soooo fucking good, don't stop pleassssseeee.”

Amanda walked over to Connie and said, “I wish that it was me between your legs instead of her but at least now you know what you have been missing all this time.” Amanda lifted her skirt and moved her dripping cunt to Connie's face and said, “Eat it baby; suck your boss's pussy and make me feel like that woman under the table is making you feel. I have waited so long for this moment and want to see your blue eyes as you gobble up my cunt so keep looking up at me and do it baby.” For the first time in her life Connie tasted pussy and found that she loved it. She kept looking up at her boss's lust filled eyes as she slurped her sloppy cunt and fondled her breasts. The scene soon turned into a full-fledged orgy.

Each woman had tasted every other woman in the room and they were all fully satisfied. Gretchen excitedly asked, “When are we going to have our next meeting?”

Bridget smiled wickedly and announced, “Soon, very soon, and I have a special surprise for everybody. Our little pussy licker Alice has an eighteen year old daughter that loves pussy just like her mother does. I will try to arrange for her to be our special under the table guest next time along with a young black girl that works for a friend on mine; you have to see and feel her tongue to appreciate how long and talented it is. See you all next time, goodbye and keep your cunts wet.”

They went back to the Hilton and took a long nap. When they got up Alice was made to wear the micro-mini-skirt , a see-through top, fuck me heels, and her face was made up with too much powder, rouge, and lipstick. Mission accomplished; she now looked like a common street whore. Alice felt so out of place as they ate in the Hilton dinning room. She wanted to hide and felt that everyone was staring at her.

When they got into the limo Bridget said, “I was going to take you to the park and have you eat out some strange pussy but too many men would get in our way so I am going to take you to a private lesbian club that caters to rich women with strange fetish desires. When I bring your little girl we will dress her like a little school girl and she will be a big hit but I am sure that we will find some uppity bitches that fantasize about fucking a street walker or a nasty slut.”

Donna joined them as they went inside the club. It was very plush and was filled with refined looking women and others dressed like nuns, schoolgirls, teachers, lady cops, whores and a wide variety of other getups. Alice gazed around the room and inquired, “How come none of these women are having sex? I imagined that it would be wild, hot, and one big orgy.”

Bridget explained that all of the regulars had room keys and could invite others there for wild and crazy sex. Only dancing, kissing and some touching was allowed in the main room. While sipping their drinks an elegant redhead in her thirty's asked Bridget if she could use her slut. Bridget replied, “Of course you can but only if we can watch.”

The woman waved two others over dressed as policewomen and announced to Alice, “I am the lead vice detective and we are taking you in for prostitution; cuff her ladies.” Alice had her hands cuffed behind her back and was roughly led to a private room. The women probed her with their nightsticks and ordered her to perform oral sex on them. After that Bridget, Mona, and Alice took two women dressed as teacher and student to their room and had their way with them. After several more erotic encounters they went back to the Hilton, changed, and drove Alice to work.

When the three entered the bar Alice was both stunned and delighted when she received a thundering round of applause. It made her feel so good when so many customers and coworkers as well as Monica expressed how much they missed her and how glad they were to see her back. Leona and Beth were among the greeters and gave her hugs and kisses. Bridget took her aside and discretely handed her another stack of money. When Alice went to work Bridget, Mona, and Monica, joined Beth and Leona for a drink. The Hong Kong beauty told Leona that she would like to take Beth for a few days next month and added that she would make it well worth her while. Leona knew exactly how generous Bridget could be and responded, “Sure, the change of scenery will do her good, just bring her back unharmed.”

Bridget said, “She will be just fine and will come back to you as the same girl but somewhat more experienced.”

When Bridget expressed an interest in using Alice again and borrowing her maid for another trip. Monica told her, “Yes, you can take the maid this time but not Alice. Wait awhile before you take Alice again. I am happy for her to make enough to buy a new car and perhaps a house and live without having to worry about paying her bills but I don't want her to get so rich that she won't work for me anymore so you can only see her a few times a year but I know that you are into variety so that shouldn't be a problem for you.”

They agreed and drank and partied and Alice their waitress was well taken care of with gratuity's but was exhausted. Beth couldn't help but wonder about her trip with Bridget but felt excited thinking about the possibilities. Beth decided that it was great to have her Big Black Momma for a lover and still be able to experience the joy of being with other women. Monica shocked them when she told Bridget, “When you take Beth and my maid on your little trip I want you to leave your beautiful driver Mona with me.”

Bridget thought for a moment and answered, “Sure, it only seems fair but I will miss her.”

Monica smiled and said, “Good but just think about how great your reunion with her will be!”

THE END (Maybe)

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