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A friends Daughter & Wife

shutterbug51 on Taboo Stories

I was staying at a friends for the weekend, he & his wife went off to bed leaving me watching a porn flick. I had a raging hard on and went down to his Daughter's bedroom. I actually thought his daughter was 19 or 20 at the time. Anyway I looked in and saw this sweet young thing asleep, completely nude on top of the covers. I walked in and stood over her bed looking at her smooth young body,  slowly stroking my hard cock. Debbie had one arm outstretched , her hand open, hanging off the bed. I placed my cock in her hand, which slightly closed around my cock. I started to slowly pump her hand my cock growing even more hard at the thought of what I was doing while she lay there sleeping innocently. She suddenly turned over onto her stomach, I waited a moment to make sure she was still asleep. She was lying there with her legs spread open, her cute little asshole looking soooo inviting. I undressed, slowwly climbed onto the bed, making sure not to wake her. I moistened a finger and slowly started sliding it up and down her hairless little slit. I heard a slight moan escape from her. I got brave and slowly inserted it deeper in her tight little cunt at the same time I started tonguing her little asshole. I slowly finger fucked her cunt as I tongue fucked her asshole at the same time.Suddenly she was pushing her ass up against my tounging her. Moaning more, she suddenly said " When you're done there I want to suck your cock". I stopped what I was doing and she turned over grabbing my throbbing cock and swallowed my  9" of hard cock. I continued to finger her tight hairless cunt, juices flowing out all over my hand.

I stopped her from sucking my cock so that I could eat that sweet wet cunt. As I started eating her she pushed my head further into her cunt yelling " Fuck me with that tongue til I cum down your throat". I thought who was I to argue? I continued to lick and suck on her clit,which was about an inch long,  and driving my tongue deep into her cunt. Then I felt something wet sliding into my asshole. I stopped and there was her Mother,Nancy she was tonguing my asshole. She stopped long enough to smile and say, " don't stop now I want you to eat my Daughter til she cums". I continued eating and tongue fucking Debbie, she started to shake screamed " God yes I'm cumming", gushing one of the biggest loads      I 've ever had the pleasure to suck down. The whole time I was doing this Mom was tonguing my asshole, and I was as hard as a rock.

Mom said " I want to see that hard cock of yours deep in my little girls cunt. I want you to fill her with hot cum". I told Debbie to get on her knees and to eat her Mom's cunt while I fucked her. She immediately started eating her Mom's cunt as I slowly pushed the bulbous head of my cock in her tight little cunt. Once in I started pounding in and out, I was  shoving her face deep into her Mother's cunt each time I shoved my hard throbbing cock into her. I could hear her Mother saying " That's Mommy's little slut eat Mommy's wet cunt like a good little girl". after about 15 mins. I couldn't take it any longer and filled her little cunt with a huge load of hot cum. Debbie was cumming and her Mother was yelling " Eat Mommy's cunt I'm cumming, Drink all Mommy's cum, you little slut".Nancy the went down on her Daughter sucking all the fresh hot cum, I had just deposited, out of her.While she did this I grabbed Debbie by the hair and told her " lick my cock clean you little bitch", which she eargerly did.

After resting for a while Nancy told me she had something she wanted me to watch, by now I was game for anything. She left the room, while she was gone I started sucking on Debbie's wet cunt again, sucking what was left of the mixture of hers and my cum. Her Mother was back and had their Great Dane with her.She coaxed the dog onto the bed had him lie down and started to jack him off, his cock growing as she did. she the pulled the sheath back exposing a 10" long and very thick cock. She then started licking up and down the long hard shaft of the dog, she slid his cock all the way down her throat. My cock was again getting hard as I watched this beautiful woman sucking a dog cock. She then grabbed Debbie by the hair and shoved her face down forcing the dog's cock deep into her mouth. Debbie was protesting trying to keep from having his cock in her mouth, but Mom slapped her ass and told her she better " suck that cock, if you know what's good for you". She Slowly started to taste this huge dog cock and suddenly she engulfed the whole 10" sliding her mouth up and down the long thick shaft. My cock was so hard , the head deep purple, the veins on the side bulging out, I needed to do something. I grabbed Debbie by the ass and drove my cock deep into her cunt at the same time shoving my thumb into her tight asshole. This caused her to come off the dog's cock with a scream, then she was back sucking that cock.

Mom now wanted some cock and grabbed me on the out stroke, pulling me out and taking my cock into her eager mouth. Mom sucking me Daughter sucking the dog, his knot was swollen to the size of a small baseball. I had Nancy by the back of the head and was now throat fucking her, while watching her Daughter sucking that huge dog cock. I pushed deep into Nancy's throat telling her " I'm cumming and don't you miss one fucking drop of my cum bitch". She didn't. Debbie was still busy on the dog and he was getting ready to spray his load as he was humping Debbie's mouth faster and faster. I heard her Mother tell her, " you be a good little slut a drink every drop of that cum or I 'm going to let that dog fuck you in the ass". Of course no matter how hard she tried she couldn't drink his cum fast enough and some of it ran down her chin. After she was done Nancy pushed the dog's head toward my cock and said " lay still while he cleans up that cum I missed". The dog started licking my cock , down my balls and even down my ass. As he licked, my cock got hard again, I raised my legs to give him easier access to my ass, which  he eagerly licked  even delving into my ass. I was now moaning. " Fuck that feels good" I said. then Mom and Daughter started licking and taking turns sucking my cock, while the dog tongued my asshole. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore " Suck my cum you fucking bitches" I yelled to Mother and Daughter as I let go with another hot load of cum, first splashing their faces, then them sucking down what they could. Then Nancy with a firm grip on my balls said " lick that dog's cock clean, Motherfucker, or pay the consequences", as she sqeezed. I pulled the sheath back and slowly licked the dog's cock." suck that cock ,I want to see you, take that cock all the way down your throat". I did as I was told and as I did his cock started to grow bigger and thicker. I had no choice or my balls were going to be crushed. As I continued, Nancy said to her Daughter " finger fuck his ass and suck his cock, you fucking cunt". I felt her little finger slide into my ass as she started sucking my cock. It didn't take long and I was hard again and loving every minute of the finger fucking while being sucked. I was so engrossed in what was being done to me that I was no longer bothered by the thought of sucking this dog cock and was completely going down on the this huge cock. The all of a sudden Hot cum started spraying down my throat causing me to shoot my load in Debbie's throat. I drank as quickly as possible , but lost some the cum down the corners of my mouth and down my chin. Nancy grabbed me and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth licking and sucking out as much dog cum as she could. Afterward she said to me " remember what I told my Daughter would happen if she let any of the dog cum out of her mouth"? "Yes, I replied". " Well, that goes for you , too."

All the time this was going on my friend was fast asleep, while I fucked and ate his wife and Daughter. What a Night.

Yes there is the story of Debbie & Me being fucked by the Great Dane, but I'll save that for later......

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