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A friends daughter: true story, incest young female/ older femele & male

shutterbug51 on Incest Stories

I was staying with a friend for a weekend and after he and his wife went to bed, leaving me to watch a porn, I was hard and horny and decided to use the bathroom before jacking off. As I came back from the bathroom I saw the door to his Daughter's room slightly open and a light still on. I looked in and saw his Daughter (Deb ) lying on her bed, uncovered and naked. I couldn't resist going in and taking a look, as she looked 20. She had ample breasts and a sweet hairless cunt. I started stroking my cock thru my pants and couldn't resist taking it out and lying it in her out stretched hand. As I did her hand slightly curled around my hard cock, but she continued to sleep. I slowly started to fuck her hand, it felt so good. She stirred slightly and turned over onto her stomach, and spreading her legs wide, giving me a lovely view of her tight little ass. I couldn't resist . I slowly clinmbed on to the bed and slid my finger up and down her slit. As I did her cunt juices started to flow. I then bent down and licked that sweet ass. As I started to tongue her asshole she again stirred. I paused and waited, she then agiain turned over giving me access to her tight little cunt. I started licking up and down her wet slit, when I felt a hand pushing my head deeper into her cunt. I thought tahat it was her having awakened, but to my surprise it ewas her Mother. Nancy told me to get undressed and as I did she started licking her Daughter's cunt making me even harder. Deb was now awake and moaning with every lick. When I was undressed I laid down on the bed, Deb climbed on top of my face and her Mother was sucking my rock hard cock. Deb came after about 15 min. We then sitched positions she laid down her Mother climbed onto her face and I slid my still very hard cock into Deb's TIGHT cunt I fucked her til I couldn't hold back and filled her cunt with a large hot load of cum, that Mom then proceeded to lick out .We rested for a while then had another session, but that's another story.

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