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Brother and Sister Fuck in the Woods

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   Jeff's parents had just gotten his family a pool membership. As the 16 year old boy he was, he was excited for a summer of swimming. He went and told his sister Heather who had the same reaction. Heather was 15, but had matured quickly, already developing large C breasts and a figure that other girls envied.

   Jeff and Heather had always been close since they are only a year apart. They always seemed to do a lot of things together, and even hung out together sometimes. They knew they were going to have fun at the pool just as they did everywhere else.
   When they went to the pool for the first time, it was almost euphoric. They had always wanted a pool membership and their parents finally gave in. They found a place, and their parents set their things down and sat in a couple of chairs. Jeff and Heather wanted to go swimming. They both striped down to their bathing suits. Jeff pulled off his shirt revealing a chisled athletic frame he had gotten from all the years he played lacrosse. Heather took off her top revealing her breasts that were struggling to be covered by her bathing suit. She took off her shorts which revealed her slender legs that looked amazing.

   They both jumped in the pool, as their parents looked on. They eventually made good use of the diving board but grew tired in a couple hours. They both got out of the pool to dry off. Jeff immediately noticed that his sister's nipples were hard as rocks. which made his cock jump a bit. He knew it was wrong to have those feelings, but eventually he didnt care. He felt bold and decided to pursue his feelings.

   "Want to go into the woods Heather?" Jeff asked. She said yes, and they both started to head into the woods. They sat down on a log when they got tired of walking and they got to talking. They eventually got to talking about relationships. Heather asked her brother "so when was the last time you were with a girl". "It's been about a month" said Jeff. Heather suddenly reached down into Jeff's swim trunks and grabbed his cock, which was soft. "Good. Now i can have some fun with you." Jeff was amazed and confused at the same time. She jammed her tongue down his throat, and he was surprised but went along with it. Their tongues intertwined as Jeff's cock grew to 7 inches. Jeff took off Heather's top and threw it on the ground. He started to play with her tits as he laid her down on the log, soon moving her to the ground. He stood up and took off his shorts and he looked at his sister who had slid her bottoms off. "Fuck me now, Jeff, fuck me hard." she said. With that, Jeff guided his cock into her pussy which was so tight. Heather moaned in pleasure as Jeff got all of his 7 inches in her and started pumping away. Their breathing increased, as Heather's moans grew even louder. "I'm going to cum! I want you to come inside me!" she said. That sent Jeff over the edge, and with a final deep thrust, he exploded into his sister. Soon after he collapsed onto her and they both feel asleep on the ground. Heather woke up to his brother playing with her clit. "I hope we do this more often!" said Heather. They both knew they would take advantage of every opportunity they get from now on.

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