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The evening began as many summer evening do with a trip to a secluded spot at the lake for a relaxing swim. Looking back I would have to wonder if I would have made that life trip knowing now how it would change everything. After a long stressful day at work I changed into some cutoffs and a tank top before driving back into the woods to a spot I have gone to swim many times before. Once there I noticed as was usual no one was in sight so I pulled my shirt over my head, unfastened my shorts, and let them fall to the ground by the pier. Diving in I felt the cool lake water caressing my heated skin instantly washing the away the stress and strain of the day. I hoisted myself up out of the water and onto the pier after swimming to the center of the lake and back a couple of times. As exhaustion slipped over me I laid out under the slowly setting sunlight to dry before heading back to the house.

My body jerked awake from the feel of a hand covering my mouth and another one capturing my hands from above my head. Looking up into a pair of intense hazel eyes, eyes that seems to burn deep into my own, I began to struggle, twisting and kicking out to no avail. He placed his knee across my stomach and leaned forward whispering, "Slut fighting is futile as you will not win". Tears ran down my cheeks as his words only caused me to buck against him that much harder trying to escape from his grasp. He pulled his hand from my mouth but before I could let out a scream for help he was shoving something hard and round into my mouth and hooking it behind my head. "The ball gag should keep you quiet" he whispered before jerking me over onto my stomach, the rough planks of the pier scraping my breasts. I began to whimper as he yanked my arms down behind my back, the feel of a rope coiling around my wrist biting into the tender skin. He laughed as my attempts to roll away from him only resulted in his jerking my arms upwards as his other hand pushed downwards between my shoulder blades. In one last attempt at freedom I kicked back connecting with his thigh, "Oh so you want to play rough do you my little whore", he growled as his hand connected a swift sting across my bare ass. Realizing I would have to wait for a chance to escape I shook my head no as he again brought his hand down hard causing me to scream against the ball gag in my mouth. Hearing the sound of a chain, I jerked my head to the side, watching as ankle cuffs were secured around my ankles, a short chain connecting them together. "Are you ready for your new life as my slave girl?"he asked. A growl escaped from around the gag as I shook my head furiously. He abruptly stood and leaned down, his hand fisting in my hair, using it to jerk me up to my feet. "Know this girl, from this moment forward it does not matter what you want as you are mine now to use as I see fit. The soon you realize that the better off you will be." Fear filled me as he brought my head back forcing me to see the truth in his eyes. Using his fist in my hair, he drug me towards aa pickup truck, my feet having to step quickly as the chain only allowed short steps, the feel of the cuffs digging into my flesh with each step. Opening the door of the truck he lifted me inside, pushing me to the floorboard he reached under the seat and pulled out a collar which was attached to a chain hooked to the bottom of the seat. He hooked the collar snugly around my throat before shutting the door and walking around to climb inside the truck. My eyes darted all around trying to find a way out but knowing it was useless as I could hardly move from my position. I also realized he had me down to where I could not tell where he was taking me to.

After riding for what seemed like hours he pulled into a garage attached to a house. When he pulled me from the truck my legs buckled, the only thing keeping me standing was his hand clasped around the back of my neck. After a moment his hand once again fisted into my hair as he lead me through a door and down a flight of stairs. When he turned on the light I gasped in a mixture of horror and intrigue as all over the room I could see what looked to be different areas for torture. A cross was affixed to one wall, what looked like a padded sawhorse on another. Chains hung from the ceiling, the walls and even some screwed into the cement floor. There was what looked like a doctors table set up for a female exam, metal carts with covers over the top, a huge set of cabinets, one opened to display many whips and such, and in one corner what looked like a dog cage. He started leading me towards where the cage was,"This will be your new home until you are trained and realize you place here," he stated. My struggles started anew at his words, the thought of being confined in the cage bring new fear to me. Yanking my head back he softly said, "stop". The way he said it took most of the fight right out of me as I knew he would make me one way or another. He turned me from him and shoved me against the wall before reaching down to unshackle my ankles and untie my arms. "Do not even think about trying to fight or I will have to show you what happens when you do not obey me. Do you understand?" I slowly nodded my head as I felt him reaching up unhooking the ball gag. "Screaming will do you no good as my dungeon is totally sound proofed, not that there is anyone around to be able to hear you." When he turned me to face I saw he was smiling at my discomfort which made me start to struggle anew. "You ass you can not " was all I could say before he had his hand around my throat pinning me hard against the wall. "You will never speak to me like that again. Do I make myself clear" he growled. A sadistic look shone from his eyes as his had continued to tighten making it hard to breath. "Yes Sir" I whispered as the room began to fade from my view just before he released his hold around my throat He jerked me over to the cage and shoved me inside before locking it shut. "Rest while you can slut as I will be back to start your training and see how much you love the pain that is about to become your best friend,"laughing he turned and walked from the room leaving me to curl up shuddering as I imagined what he would do to me with all the strange things I could see from my caged prison.

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