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Family Rituals Ch 1 & 2

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Family Rituals

Copyright 2006

Co-Written by Powerone and SummerElizabeth8

M+/F, incest, oral, anal, mast

Chapter 1

The Marriage Proposal

She had thought it was good news, and wasn’t even sure how she ended up in this position.   Her parents had always been strict, not strict in the same sense that others used it, but strict in the sense of corporal punishment.  And it wasn’t just her, but also her mother, hearing her Mother Teresa’s’ sobbing and pleading through her walls late at night while she grew up.  It seemed that only her brother was spared, two years older then she was, in college now.   She accepted it, but never mentioned it to her friends, sure they would not understand.

She was so excited, she rushed into the house and blurted out the good news to her mother and father in the living room.  “Evan asked me to marry him.  And I accepted.”  She saw the look on her fathers face.  “He’ll be over to ask for my hand in matrimony tonight Daddy.”  She had just graduated from high school, Evan being her boyfriend for the last two years.  They had been dating exclusively.  Her parents had instilled a strict morality in her, and they had never progressed past first base. She was a virgin at eighteen, almost a relic of the past.  But Amanda had learned that you didn’t disobey your parents, especially her Father.  Even in high school she often found herself thrown over her Fathers lap, punished by his large, powerful hand as he spanked her butt, her Mother standing meekly by, unknown to Amanda that her Mother would have to be available after the spanking to alleviate her Fathers aroused state.   She even shut out of her mind the feeling of his hard cock beneath her lap as he spanked her, her squirming doing little more then to aggravate his obvious arousal.  She always blamed herself for the state he was in.

Now she found herself again over his lap, his hard cock pushing into her stomach as she squirmed beneath his hand as he slapped her ass cheeks hard.  Evan had come over, asking for her hand in marriage, and her Father graciously gave it.  But then she and her mother were quickly ushered out of the room, her Father and Evan in a private discussion.  She didn’t know what was said, but Evan left without saying a thing to her, leaving Amanda confused and worried.

Her mother called her into her Father’s study, a large room that reeked of male dominance, wood furniture and bookshelves smelling of polish, stale cigar smoke permeated the cloth furniture, animal heads gracing the walls testifying to the ferocity of the owner of the room.  Her Father was waiting for her, sitting in the large heavy chair that out of place in the middle of the room, and Amanda instantly knew its purpose.

“Did I displease you Daddy?”

“You never displease me Amanda.  You are forever my little girl.  You just have never been explained the family rituals that were handed down by generations.  It is time you learned your place in life.  I have spoken to Evan and he has agreed to the terms of your marriage.  It is as much for his benefit as for your training.  But first a spanking is necessary to get you into the correct frame of reference.  Come, over my lap.  You know what is expected of you.”  He motioned her over to him, watching her as she did.  She had grown up to be a beautiful girl, just as her mother was.  A lovely pair of tits danced delightfully beneath the cashmere sweater she was wearing, full hips, and a lovely pert ass that would make his cock jerk in pleasure as he spanked the muscled cheeks.  And he yearned to see the treasures between her legs, her mother guaranteeing that her pussy was shaved bald, highlighting the full mound that he had been promised.  He had to hold back the groan when her soft body spread over his lap, his cock jerking to attention as she settled on top of him.

She felt it beneath her, his hard cock jerking against her, unable to stop squirming as she tried to get comfortable, knowing that she was the cause of his discomfort.  She deserved to be punished, she knew she should not have accepted Evan‘s marriage proposal until her Father had given his permission.  She finally stopped moving, feeling the familiar touch of her Father’s hand on her ass, never even considering the fact that it was unnatural.  After all, her Mother was standing near her, watching as her Father prepared her.  She felt his hand clench onto one of her cheeks, squeezing it as if he were checking it for ripeness for the spanking.  His hand moved to the other side, sliding along her crack, her cheeks clenched tightly together.  He had never done this before.

“Don’t tighten your cheeks on me!”  He slapped one cheek hard, the sound ringing out in the room, the pain taking a moment to reach her brain.  He felt her jerk beneath him, a tiny cry escaping from her lips.  But she surrendered, feeling her cheeks loosen, his hands eager to explore her flesh. 

She felt his hands return to run over her ass cheeks, one cheek still stinging from the blow.  His hands seemed to explore her butt, moving from one side to the other, clenching on and off of her cheeks.  She felt his hands slide along her crease, pulling them apart, and Alice grateful that she was at least still fully clothed, embarrassed as she felt the tug on her anus.  She felt a finger push into her skirt, sliding along her crease, the pressure pushing down until she felt it stop on her anus, a strange tingling in her tiny hole as it began to spasm uncontrollably.  She looked at her Mother but all she got back was a stern look.  He had never touched her like this before.  It confused her, yet at the same time she felt a degree of arousal between her legs, a wetness.  She had never even masturbated before, a strict taboo, the threat of punishment always in the back of her mind.  When Evan had stroked her breasts, making her nipples hard as a rock she felt her panties get wet with desire, fighting the urge to let his hands explore between her legs.  But always the image of her Father was etched in her brain, not quenching her desires, only limiting her actions.  Now it was his hands that were arousing her, her mind fighting the conflicting emotions.  She was brought back to reality with a sharp slap to her other cheek, her butt arching up before settling back down.  His cock felt harder and bigger as she squirmed again, his hands rubbing her ass as if encouraging her salacious behavior. 

He enjoyed the way she rubbed up against him, his hard cock jerking in pleasure as his daughter began the slow masturbation of his cock.  When she slowed down again, he would slap her until she began again, enjoying the lovely sight of her luscious cheeks moving up and down on his lap.  He let her slide down a bit, her mound now over his cock, making it jerk in pleasure against her.  He slapped her again, this time hitting each cheek in succession, watching as she danced on his lap.  His hand began to move over her ass again, rubbing harder, pushing her down on his cock, sliding her side to side in a gentle masturbation.

Her Father slid her lower, feeling her sex pushed against his cock.  It was huge, growing as Amanda turned red in shame for making her Father so aroused.  His hands were moving more urgently on her ass, making her move side to side, a slap to her ass enforcing her obedience.  His slaps to her ass became less frequent as she began to get into the rhythm he wanted of her, a strange desire between her legs making her tingle strangely.  Her sex was pushed against his hard cock, rubbing her on her clit, the tiny pleasure button that she avoided like the plague, sure that if she had rubbed it she would cum, the punishment too shameful for her to even fathom.  Now her Father seemed to be intentionally doing it to her at the same time she felt his cock rubbing against her.  Would he make her cum?  She moved her hips more urgently now, sliding back and forth, feeling his cock jerk in pleasure as she did.  She pressed harder, his hard cock sliding back and forth over her clit as she shook in pleasure, her body betraying her.  She felt his hands on her ass pulling her cheeks apart again, her muscles relaxed as she let her Father have his way with her, knowing that he would do what was best for her.  “MMMM,” she moaned, unable to control herself any longer as his finger slid along her crease until his finger pushed on her anus, driving her sex harder onto his cock.  She held her breath as it moved back and forth over her anus, feeling the uncontrollable clenching of her anus as she was touched so intimately by her Father.  She looked at her Mother, a smile on her face as she watched her rubbing salaciously against her Father.  The finger on her anus seemed to drive into her, even separated by her skirt and panties she felt her anus slowly stretching open under his probing.  She humped her Father’s cock, pumping up and down, no longer caring how it looked.  All she cared about was the burning desire between her legs, the only way it could be quenched was by the intimate rubbing against her Father’s hard cock.  She was panting now, unable to control her emotions, grunting in lust as her Father’s hand controlled her movements, back and forth over his cock.  It jerked and shook beneath her, her brow wet, as she humped him like a dog in heat.

“Yes Amanda.  Can you feel the lust between your legs?  Let yourself go.  Cum as you rub against me.”  He was ready to cum, fighting back the delightful feeling that his own daughter induced when her young body rubbed against him.  He wanted her to cum when he did.

He had said it, the words making it easier for her to perform, anything to make her Father pleased with her.  He wanted her to have an orgasm, Amanda bracing for her first as she humped up and down on his cock, her Father telling her it was all right.  She wanted to please him, hoping that she was doing it right, hoping that he would cum also.  “Like that Daddy?”  She pushed down hard on his cock, jerking her hips from side to side as she felt his cock jumping beneath her.  Her clit seemed swollen in lust, and Amanda wished she were naked rubbing against him, wanting to feel his hot flesh against her naked sex.  How sinful it was, masturbating her Father as her Mother watched.  And approved, smiling as Amanda panted in lust.  It seemed almost natural when it hit her like a ton of bricks, her body shaking and shuddering as if she were having a heart attack.  She thought she peed her panties, her pussy gushing as she came.  She jerked up and down so hard she thought she had hurt him, his head thrown back as if in pain, his mouth open as he cried out.  Then she felt his cock jerking beneath her, it suddenly dawning on her, he was cumming.  And she was doing it.  Then next orgasm came crashing down on her, her nipples so sensitive they felt as though they would burst, her thighs pressed tightly together, another release of her pent up lust rushing from her body.  Her panties felt drenched in her juices.

He couldn’t hold out any longer, cumming in his pants, filling his shorts with his hot cum, wishing it was Alice’s mouth or her virgin pussy that was receiving his seed.  He felt her orgasm rocking her untrained body, and delighted in the fact that this was her first of many that he would induce in her.  He began to stroke her back and ass gently as she came down from the explosive orgasm that shook her body.  “Good girl Amanda.  You came so nicely for Daddy.  And you should be so proud the way you made me cum.  As good as your Mother.”  He patted her ass as she tried to catch her breath.

She never felt anything like it before, her body still shaken, not sure she could even stand.  She was grateful as her Father petted her and purred into her ears his encouragement feeling so proud of herself.  Even her Mother’s smile beamed from ear to ear.  “I never felt anything like that before Daddy.  Thank you.”  He finally let her get up, standing in front of him on her shaky legs.

“I had a talk with Evan about your marriage.  While I agreed to it, there are some family rituals that must be honored before you can consummate your marriage.  He has agreed to my stipulations.”

“Family rituals.  I don’t understand Daddy.”

“Just as your Mother and her Mother did, the family believes that the daughter must be trained sexually for your new husband.  He does not have the experience or ability to train a virgin in the manner that she needs to fulfill her wifely duties.  For generations this has fallen to the Father and I will take the mantle of tradition and indoctrinate you in the joys of submission.  Your Mother and even your brother, Jason will participate.  This will be a lengthy process, taking a year.  During that time you can continue seeing Evan but are not to participate in any sexual relations.  I had a lengthy conversation with Evan and we understand that it will be difficult for a man to go another year without sexual contact.  Your Mother is still a very beautiful and sexy woman at thirty-five.  I have offered your Mother’s sexual services to Evan during this one year period.  He will begin to explore the pleasure that you will be taught to give him and what is expected of him as the Master of his house.  While a bit reluctant, he has agreed.  And once he enjoys the pleasures that your Mother will give him he will come around more enthusiastically.  After a while he will be allowed to watch as you are put through your paces.”

Amanda was shocked, but also highly aroused, even after just cumming.  She loved Evan and would do anything for him.  And she loved her Father more than that.  To be able to please both of them was all that she asked in the world.  Her Father was always the Master of the house, and now she understood it more fully.  And she understood what she would have to do to honor the family tradition.  She felt so proud of the way she used her body for her Father’s pleasure.  There would be much more, so much more.  She just didn’t understand the part about her Mother and brother, especially her brother, but it was quickly gone from her mind as thoughts of her Father’s cock raced in her mind.  She was a virgin, but knew that soon her Father would take her innocence from her.  And more, the unknown exciting her more.  And the thought of her Mother with Evan bothered her, but

It also gave her an intense desire to learn as much as she could from her Father, wanting to please Evan more then even her Mother could.  She would make him soon forget her.  “Yes Daddy,” was all that she could say.

“Very good Amanda.  I want you to take a shower and change your clothes.  Mother has put the clothes I want you to wear on your bed.  I want you back in my office in two hours.  I will begin your training immediately.

Chapter 2

Training Begins

Amanda couldn't believe what had just happened in her Father's study. It was all so surreal.  Maybe in the back of her mind, she knew that someday it would come to this, but she had never expected her Father to be the one to reveal the mysteries of sex to her.  Outwardly, it didn't seem right, but in a strange, much deeper way, it did.  She shrugged off her doubts, knowing that her Father would not be moved.

She took her shower, remembering her Mother's reminder to make sure that she was completely shaved all over. Father was very strict about this.  She also took great care to wash every nook and cranny of her nubile young body.  The hot water slightly stung her spanked ass cheeks, but it also soothed and calmed her as she finished preparing for her training.  She was unprepared, however for the garment that her mother had placed out on the bed for her to wear.

It was…old fashioned.  It was a white nightgown that had a high neck and a skirt that looked as if it would skim the floor when she put it on.  The collar and long buttoned sleeves were trimmed in delicate lace and there was a row of tiny buttons that ran from the neck down the entire front of the nightgown.  Amanda was surprised and a little disappointed.  This was hardly the sexy garment that she had envisioned while she was taking her shower.  But Father wanted her to wear this, and so she would.  She didn’t want to begin her training on a bad note. 

However, the old fashioned nightgown had one more feature that Amanda had failed to notice while it rested on her goose-down comforter.  When she picked it up to examine the buttons, she noticed that it was so sheer that the outlines of her entire body including her breasts and nipples would surely be seen even with a casual glance.  She blushed completely down to the tips of her toes as her nipples contracted and hardened.  There was nothing casual in the way her Father would be treating her in the next year.

She stood naked before the mirror as she had done hundreds of times before, but tonight, she realized, everything would change.  She would begin to walk the path of true womanhood and learn everything she needed to know about being a good and obedient wife.  If the sounds from her parent’s bedroom were any indication, it was a never ending path that took you through every phase of your marriage, but she was willing to accept her role.  Somehow it seemed more like her fate, mused Amanda silently.

She glanced at the clock on her bedside table and noticed that she only had twenty minutes to finish getting ready and present herself in Father’s study.  She heard a light knock on the door, and her Mother entered.  Amanda stared at her Mother, who was wearing a nightgown that exactly matched the one she was holding in her hands.  Her swollen, red nipples were clearly on display as well as the cleft between her buttocks and shadow between her thighs.  Amanda‘s mother, Teresa, had a slim, tone body and worked hard to keep it that way because that was her Husband’s wish.  Luckily, she had good genetics on her side and her 36D breasts were still firm and proud.

Her Mother clucked and fussed as if nothing were out of the ordinary.  She had a hairbrush in her hand and two long pink ribbons.  She moved behind Amanda and started brushing her hair as she spoke.  “You don’t want to be late for your first lesson,” Teresa spoke softly.  “Father would be very angry.  It would set a bad manner for the whole year.  You have always striven to be deferential to your Father and so you will continue to be.  He will expect more from you now, which is the main difference.  I know that you will be a good girl and apply yourself to these new life lessons.”

Amanda moved around to hug her Mother in earnest.  Her naked breasts felt warm against the cool fabric of her Mothers nightgown.  She felt the tingle begin again between her legs and her nipples began to get hard.  When she pulled back, she noticed that her Mother’s nipples were stiff also.  Impulsively, she leaned forward and kissed her right nipple through the fabric.  Teresa laughed and turned her naked daughter around to finish tying a single ponytail in Amanda’s hair.

“I’m scared, Mom,” Amanda whispered quietly.

“I can well understand,” Her Mother replied.  “I was too, in the beginning and I still get scared sometimes even after all these years.  But one of the things that I have learned is that being scared is part of the thrill and I hope that you will learn to embrace it.”

Teresa tied the second pink ribbon around Amanda’s throat like a choker.  She tied it not too tight, but not too loose either.  Just enough to remind her beautiful young daughter that it was there.  Quickly undoing the buttons on the top of the nightgown, her Mother lifted it over Amanda’s head and settled it down around her shoulders before doing up the front buttons over the girl’s pert breasts. The gown made Amanda feel almost like a little girl again instead of a woman about to be married.

Without saying a word, Teresa took her daughter by the hand and led her out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  She paused and knocked at the heavy French doors to the study and the ladies stood patiently, hand in hand, and waited for Father to tell them that they may enter.  When it came, however, the order was given by Amanda’s fiancé, Evan.  Startled, Teresa and Amanda looked at each other quickly before Teresa opened the doors and gestured for Amanda to enter first. 

Amanda’s Father, William, was sitting in his large chair, in its usual spot in front of the fireplace.  Evan sat in a matching leather wingchair opposite William, staring unabashedly at the two entering ladies.    Amanda, for her part, was totally mortified that he should see her on such display.  She couldn’t help but blush all the way down, causing her pert breasts to harden and exhibit themselves further.

Her Father seemed amused, Amanda noticed, at the young couple’s discomfort.  He motioned for the ladies to come over to where the men sat.  “Sit, Sit,” he waved.  “We have much to discuss.”  As there was no other nearby chairs, Amanda followed her Mother’s lead and sank to the floor to sit at Evan’s feet.  Her Father cleared his throat and began.

“We will begin your lessons with some basic ground rules.  These are simple, but you had better remember them if you want things to go smoothly for you.  First, the Husband is the Master of the house.  Evan will assume that role upon your marriage, but for the interim, I will be the Master that will train you.  You will address me as Sir, do you understand?”

Amanda looked up and nodded to Daddy.  “Yes, Sir, I understand.”  Amanda’s mother smiled at her little girl at this first sign of acceptance.

“Good,” William continued.  “Second, you will wear regular clothes anytime you are out of the house, unless your Master says otherwise.  When you are at home, however, you will be dressed as your Master wishes you to dress.  You will strive to keep yourself beautiful and ready for your Master at all times.” 

Knowing that that meant keeping fit, clean and shaved, Amanda nodded again and her Father continued.

“Next, you will learn different positions for presenting yourself to your Master.  He may decide to inspect you or maybe just have you displayed like a work of art.  Or he may decide to make use of one of your tight holes for his pleasure.  You will have to remember the position numbers and be ready to present on command.  As I remember, your Mother had a particularly hard time with that lesson,” William shook his head, fondly remembering.  “But she knows them well enough now,” he growled. 

“Two!”  He barked and Teresa rose off the floor gracefully.  She went to stand in the middle of the room, where the chair usually sat for a spanking and sank back down on her knees.  She shifted her weight evenly on the balls of her feet and toes, resting her bottom on her heels, and spread her knees as wide as she could.   Then, she brought her hands up to the back of her neck and spread her elbows wide so that the bodice of the gown was stretched tight against her puckered nipples.  Her eyes were downcast as she held her position, and Amanda stared at the display that her Mother had created.  It sent tingles through her young pussy as her Father continued.

“Fourth, Your Master will have the use of your entire body, including your mouth, pussy and ass.  You will service him and others whenever and wherever he sees fit.” 

Amanda gasped and stole a look at her Mother.  Teresa didn’t quite meet Amanda’s eyes and confirmed her worst fears that Daddy and Evan would eventually use her body like a common whore!  The thought of this was unbearable, but what choice did she have?  Did they really mean to stick their penises in her tiny asshole?  Why did her nipples get hard at the thought?  Amanda blushed as she realized that the room had gone silent and that all three of them were looking at her hard nipples, Evan in amazement, her Mother with lust, and her Father with a smile.

 “And lastly, you will follow the rules as laid down by your Master.  Any departure from the set rules will earn you a punishment deemed appropriate by your Master.   Those are the basics.  Your Mother and I raised you very traditionally, so you should already grasp the framework of this.   Before, you were only spanked.  I hope that you realize that now that you are about to become a woman, there are much more inventive and interesting ways that your Master may punish you.”  He let the weight of his words hang in the air as Amanda’s imagination took flight.

  She wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was sure that she wanted to strive to be as perfect of a wife as she could be.  She could feel her damp pussy between her thighs and she knew that tonight, her life would change forever.  She looked up at Evan, and saw that he was looking down at her with a powerful stare.  He seemed to be realizing the power that he would soon wield over Amanda and her body flushed as her stomach turned over.  She loved Evan, knew that he would become a wonderful Master, and she would endeavor to submit to him in all ways.

Amanda’s Father shifted his attention to his wife.  “Let’s show Evan and Amanda the basic positions, shall we?  One,” he said firmly.  Teresa stood up in the same spot on the floor and planted her feet about shoulder width apart.  Her hands went back behind her neck and the fabric stretch tight.  “As you can see, position one is very similar to position two with the exception being that she is standing.  Her nipples are very stiff and red.  I regret that I had to punish them last night.  My beautiful wife forgot to get milk at the grocery yesterday,” William directed his comments towards Evan.

Evan glanced down at Amanda again and met her nervous gaze.  “You can punish her for something that small?” He asked his soon to be Father-in-Law.

“Yes, it is my responsibility as her Master to correct her forgetfulness and other bad behavior.  My girls work hard to do their best.  It doesn’t happen often, but must be dealt with when it does,” William replied.  “So you have already seen position two, on to position three, then,” he instructed his wife.

More graceful than she could ever hope to be, Amanda thought to herself, Teresa lay on her back on the floor.  She brought her legs up in the air and spread them impossibly wide.  The sheer gown gathered about her waist and exposed her wet gash, also red and swollen, only this time with lust.  Being exposed like this was no strange feeling to her, but the fact that it was happening in front of her daughter and her soon to be son-in-law heaped more humiliation and embarrassment than she had felt in a long time.

 “When Teresa was first being trained, her father had to use a spreader bar to get her to remember just the right distance between the legs,” William said to Evan.  “I remember she used to walk around locked into it for hours.  I still break it out on occasion just to remind her,” he sniggered.  Amanda’s mother blushed anew, remembering her own Father’s extreme love for and use of the device.

Evan was riveted, as was Amanda, both inflamed by her Father’s words.  “And the fourth basic position,” He motioned to Teresa again.  “This one is my personal favorite” Without hesitation, she rolled over onto her hands and knees and dipped her head low onto the plush carpet.  Her knees, she spread wide and her back, she arched high, exposing her treasures to all who cared to see.   Her lush pussy was open and her little brown hole was winking from behind welted ass cheeks.  It seemed that she couldn’t help but wag her hips a bit, and it was obvious to everyone that she was greatly aroused.  This was the time for Amanda to learn that he was in charge of all, and it would always be the way that her Master wanted it to be, William thought to himself.

“Evan, does my wife arouse you?” he asked pointedly.

Tearing his gaze away from Teresa, Evan looked shamefacedly at William.

“It’s perfectly all right.  She is a beautiful woman and you are a healthy young man,” he told Evan.

“She turns me on,” he said simply to William, looking back to Teresa again.

“Feel her breasts.  They are sensitive today, and very responsive,” he instructed Evan.  He moved quickly over to her and didn’t hesitate to rub the tender nubs through the sheer fabric of her nightgown.  Teresa moaned low, and Evan was encouraged to deepen the contact.  He cupped her breasts in his hands and jiggled them slightly.  He could feel their heat through the fabric and he slightly pinched her nipples. 

William motioned for Amanda to sit in the chair that Evan had vacated and watch.

“Tell her to suck your cock,” he instructed Evan.

Evan looked down at Teresa and wasted no time.  “Undo my pants,” he told her.  She had it done and in seconds, Evans proud 8 ½” pole was grazing Teresa’s cheek.  If anyone had been looking towards Amanda, they would have seen her eyes go wide at the first sight of her fiancé’s cock.  It was only a quick sight, though, because soon enough, Evan had ordered her to swallow it.  It had been a long time since he had had anyone, since before he had met Amanda.  And he had only fucked a few giggly girls at that.  He was going to make good use of this woman’s mouth, he decided.

Teresa literally dove into her task, plunging her face down as far as she could onto the thick meat before coming back up and swirling her tongue around the head.  The fact that her Husband and daughter were watching her suck off this young man only aroused her more.  She heard her Husband undo his pants and knew that he had exposed his hard cock, also and was stepping out of his slacks.

Evan was struggling now to undo the buttons on the front of her nightgown.  He was having a difficult time of it, and was getting increasingly frustrated in his horny state. 

William laughed and bent over Teresa’s back.  He grabbed the material and pulled it on either side so that the buttons all gave at the seam and the fabric tore from her body in one fluid motion. 

Teresa moaned loudly, and cried out as William buried his hard cock in her pussy in one fluid motion.  She was overcome by the friction and struggled not to come without permission.  Still sucking on Evans cock, she stilled her hips and waited for her Husband to set the pace. 

William began forcing his huge cock in and out of his wife’s sopping pussy.  He knew that she was as turned on tonight as she had ever been in her entire life.  The way that she was wolfing down this young kid’s cock was making her spasm around him and he flexed his hips to push every last inch of his pole into her dripping cunt. 

Seeing all of this laid out like a tableau in front of her, Amanda desperately wanted to touch her aching pussy.  Without permission, though, she knew that this lesson would quickly turn bad for her.  She looked pleadingly at her Father, but he shook his head.  He was not about to let her have satisfaction again today.  Lesson number one: Master’s needs come first.

Evan was moaning loudly now, and knew that he was about to blow his load into the mouth of this sweet mother in law.  Holding her head in his hands, Evan started using Teresa’s mouth like a pussy and pumped his cock in and out as deep into her throat as he could get on the down stroke.  This slut took it like a pro, he thought, and he had no trouble lodging the head in her throat on the down stroke.  Teresa moaned around Evan’s cock and wagged her hips at her husband in a silent plea to play with her pussy.  William slapped her ass hard twice and she refocused on the rhythm of being speared by two hard cocks.

“I’m about to cum,” Evan moaned and sank his shaft as far as it would go into Teresa’s throat.  Amanda’s eyes widened again and she could see the tip of his cock make a visible bulge in her Mother’s neck.  Evan held her there as he spurted again and again directly into her stomach.  William never let up impaling her pussy, and with a few more strokes, dragged her up to his cock and shot his wad all over her face and breasts.  After coating her with his semen, he held his softening cock to her lips and she sucked it clean without being told.

 “Good girl,” William said to her as Evan buckled himself back up and went to sit back with Amanda.  Teresa exited quickly to go and clean up while William faced the kids.  “Any questions?” he asked them.  They both sat there.  “No, then you may leave now Evan.  You will not be allowed to see Amanda’s training.  This will allow you to have a honeymoon that will surprise and pleasure you.  But once a week you will come over and Amanda’s mother will take care of your lust and give you a look into what you may expect from Amanda.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed.”  He nodded goodnight to Evan as he left the room, the door closing leaving Amanda alone with him.  “And we will now begin your training.”

To Be Continued













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