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Grandma & Grandpa Taught Me to Fuck

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The Summer of Change at Grandma & Grandpa's

Grandma was a feisty old gal, independent and strong.  She carried her head high and made sure everyone knew who was in charge at her house. House was a bit of an exaggeration actually.  Grandma and Grandpa lived in a small travel trailer in Winterhaven Florida.  It was only about 30 feet long but neat as a pin.

I was spending a few weeks with Grandma and Grandpa that summer.  I was 14 years old and all full of myself.  I was actually looking forward to the break from Mom and Dad.  I needed a breather from school and friends and everything else that presses in on a teenager.

I arrived by bus on a hot June day.  Grandpa was sitting on the small porch making some sort of little crafty thing. He saw me walking up the drive and came out to greet me with a hand shake and a hug. Grandma was right behind him and she wrapped her arms around me and drew me into her bosom. She hugged me long and hard.  She put her hand on the back of my head and actually pushed my face into her boobs.

Grandpa was a tinkering sort of fellow and had a wonderful little workshop behind the trailer.  He gave me the cooks tour and showed me many of the wonderful things he had made. He offered to show me how to make many of them and I eagerly accepted his offer.  Grandma grabbed my bag and my arm and into the trailer we went.  She explained the sleeping arrangements to me.  The trailer was small, very small. There was a bedroom of sorts in the back, the door to it was just a curtain. There was a bed on one side, closets on the other and a narrow walk between that lead to the bathroom.

Grandma tossed my bag on the bed and opened it up, dumping the contents out. I was glad I hadn’t packed anything embarrassing in there. She placed the clothes in the top drawer under the closet, opened the closet and hung my two shirts and two pants on empty hangers. “There you go, you’re all unpacked and settled in” she proclaimed, “I’m glad you packed light we are pretty tight on space here”.  She pointed around the trailer and chuckled.

“You’ll be sleeping on the sofa up front Jerry”, she said as she pointed and moved toward it.  She grabbed the bottom cushion, lifted it up and pulled it out. The back dropped down and it made into a nice size bed.

“That looks fine to me Grandma, what about using the bathroom at night”, I asked. “I kinda noticed it is all the way in the back.” Grandma grinned and said I could just walk on back there and use it.  I wondered about the grin but didn’t dwell on it.

Grandpa and I spent the rest of the day in the shop.  He showed me his beer can chairs and how to make them.  They are pretty neat but take a lot of work and a lot of cutting. By the time we were done for the day my hands were a mess of little nicks and tiny cuts. I headed for the trailer to clean them up just as Grandma popped her head out the door to announce dinner was ready.

After dinner Grandma helped me clean up my hands and put some medicine on them to help them heal up faster. I think it was aloe. We watched a little TV and before I knew it, the day was gone and it was time for bed.  Grandpa headed for the bathroom and Grandma helped me make up my bed.  It was pretty easy actually. Pull out the bottom and throw a sheet on the cushions.  It is so hot in WInterhaven, you don’t need or want any covers.  The trailer had a little cooler that kept the inside comfortable, but it was by no means cold.

Grandpa came out of the bathroom wearing just a pair of boxers.  Grandma saw my surprise and spoke up quickly.  “Jerry, this is a real small trailer here and modesty is not really an option.  I hope you don’t mind, but your Grandpa and me usually don’t wear clothes at night. I think he put them fancy boxers on because you’re here. Will it bother you to see us in our underwear”?

I looked at Grandpa again and them at Grandma. I tried to imagine her in underwear.  I wasn’t sure about this.  But then it sunk in that underwear was an increase in their normal cover.  I struggled to open my mouth and answer her, suddenly words started to flow.  “No problem Grandma, I was wondering about that actually, because I don’t have any pajamas myself.  I usually sleep in just my under shorts or sometimes nothing. No problem at all”.

Grandma smiled that silly grin again and headed for the bathroom. She turned back just before going in and said “you’re last in the shower. I’ll try not to use up all the hot water. Say, have you ever taken a shower in one of these little trailer showers”? she asked.

“No I haven’t, why” I asked.   She grinned again, “They take some getting used to. I’ll show you how to not run out of hot water when it’s your turn.”

After Grandma finished up she motioned me back to the bathroom.  Grandpa was sprawled out on the bed watching TV. His boxers were not doing a good job at all of hiding his manhood.  I stepped into the tiny bathroom with Grandma.  She was wearing a pair of not to grandmotherly underpants that really didn’t hide a lot and a very light weight bra that showed the nipples very well.  She wrapped her arms around me and turned so I was next to the shower and she was next to the door.  “First off let me show you the crazy toilet. It is not like the ones at home”. She lifted the lid and pointed out that there was no water in it. She explained that peeing was simple, just pee and flush, but pooping was different. See without the water, the poop would stick to everything and that would be a constant mess. So Grandpa has rigged a special poop mode to the flush lever. When you had to poop, Grandma explained, you flip the poop lever up and it holds the bottom flapper open, which allows the poop to just fall all the way through to the bottom.  “Man Grandpa is smart” I said.  “Yes he is”, Grandma agreed “He made that gadget the first time I made him clean out all the nasty skid marks in the toilet”.  Grandma started laughing and so did Grandpa.

Grandma explained the wet, soap, rinse method of trailer showering to me and also explained that the hot water heater in the trailer was only 10 gallons so I need to be quick.  That made sense to me.  I retrieved a pair of clean shorts from the drawer and took my shower.

As I exited the bathroom, Grandma was laying on the outside of the bed next to the aisle, her legs were spread open, she had her hands behind her head and as I walked by she flexed upward lifting her head off the bed and her legs up as well.  She relaxed and flexed again saying “twenty” as she relaxed.  I stopped and turned around to face her. “Wow Grandma, do you do 20 crunches like that every night” I asked?

“No Jerry”, she responded “I do different ones. Sometimes I do these, other times I do bent knee or side. I do some small exercise every night though”. 

The night passed by and morning brought the smell of breakfast to my nose. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Grandma busy at the stove cooking bacon.  She still had on her skimpy underwear. I could clearly see her butt crack and a little bit of what I thought was pussy crack.  Grandma heard me rustle on the bed and turned around.  The morning sunlight lit her chest up and I could clearly see her nipples. They were poking out proudly and then I realized with a sudden wave of terror, I was poking out too.  I had morning wood and Grandma was staring right at it.

“Good morning young man” she said with the emphasis on man.  That grin crossing her face again.  “Just like your father and your Grandfather” she chuckled.  “You men smell bacon in the morning and your dicks all get hard. I just love it”.

I felt myself turn bright red. The temperature in the room went up 20 degrees and I heard Grandpa, “You don’t think it’s those see through undies your wearing do you”?  I chuckled, “Yea Grandma, you know you can see almost everything through those”.

Grandma put her fork down, stepped away from the stove and looked down at herself.  “Almost everything” she questioned, “what can’t you see”?

“Can’t see that beautiful pussy of your ma” Grandpa quipped. “Can’t see that cute little rosebud when you bend over” he added.  My face felt like it was on fire.  I knew I was beyond red. Grandma turned to face the bedroom.  “Pa now you behave yourself. We have company here. I can’t be parading around like that with young Jerry out here.  The poor boy already has a serious boner and I got my most modest undies on. What’s going to happen tomorrow when I have the thong on”?

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen” grandpa began, “the boy is going to watch every move you make, try and hide his wood, head for the bathroom and blow a load of cum down the toilet.  Hell I bet he does that today.  How about it there Jerry, you need to toss a load yet”?

I was mortified. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. How did grandpa know?  I was ready to explode right here on the bed without touching anything. If Grandma had on a thong and I could see more of her I’m sure I would blow.

Grandpa got out of bed and his wood was standing tall and proud.  He flexed it a couple times and his boxers lifted.  “Hey Jerry, have you ever seen a porn movie? Have you ever seen people do it?” Hell have you ever seen a naked woman?”

I was still mortified. I stammered and stuttered and finally managed to squeak out a no.  “Well I think it’s about time you started to learn about the birds and the bees, but it’s more fun to learn about pussies, boobs and butts.  How about it boy, I need to get it on with this lady and this is a real small trailer. You can sit right there and watch or go outside, your choice”.

Grandpa didn’t really wait for an answer; he pulled Grandma into the bedroom area, pulled her panties down and bent her over the bed.  He dropped his boxers and let his dick free.  He dropped to his knees and started kissing and licking Grandma’s butt and pussy. Grandma started moaning and pushing her butt back into Grandpa’s face.  Grandpa grabbed her butt and pushed it open more and buried his face in there.  I could hear his tongue slurping around.  It must of tasted pretty good.  All of a sudden grandma nearly stood up, hollered, “I’m cumming” and grandpa pushed his face way up between her legs and slurped and licked for all he was worth.

As grandma relaxed a bit grandpa stood and aimed his dick into grandma’s pussy.  It disappeared and grandma moaned in pleasure.  Grandpa started driving his dick back and forth, Grandma flipped her bra up and was pulling and twisting her nipples.  They both started moaning real loud and suddenly grandpa thrust in deep and unloaded his cum into grandma.  Grandma twisted her nipples hard and bit down on her lip as her climax hit.  I suddenly felt a surge of wetness in my shorts.  I had cum without touching.

“Wow, you guys are great” I exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. I don’t think we need to worry about that whole modesty thing anymore Grandma.  I’ll be OK with no clothes in the trailer. I got a mess to clean up in these anyhow. Watching you guys made me cum”.  I stood up to show them the mess and slipped my shorts off.

Grandma also stood up and turned toward me. Her pussy was shaved. It was beautiful. I had never seen a real woman’s pussy before and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  My dick started to grow again even though I had just cum.

“Look George, the poor boy is growing already. Jerry have you ever seen a woman up close, I mean naked and all? Have you ever seen a pussy”?

“No” I admitted. She motioned me into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed.  She laid back and spread her legs wide for me to see. “Have a look Jerry, I’ve got nothing to hide. You can look all you want. You can touch. You can play with it and even lick it if you want”.

I reached out tentatively and touched her outer lips. They were very soft and smooth. They were also very hot and wet. I rubbed my fingers into her slit and slipped one into her opening. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. My dick surged and I was hard as a rock again.

Grandma reached down and pulled my hand away from her pussy. She sat up and swung her feet to the floor. “I have to finish breakfast for you two, there’ll be plenty of time for playing Jerry. I’m sure you’re going to love your two week here.” Grandma patted me on the head and went about finishing breakfast.  I went to the bathroom and cleaned up my mess.  Grandpa went in after me to wash up and didn’t even close the door.  I watched him stroke his dick clean then he stood in front of the toilet and took a monster pee. I’ve never seen anyone take a pee that lasted as long as Grandpa.

We finished breakfast and Grandpa announced that today we were going to make stuff on the wood lathe.  Cool I thought. I really wanted to learn that and I thought maybe dad would buy me one if I got good at it.   Grandpa and I went out to the shop and Grandma said she was going to do a little cleaning then work on her sun tan.

The morning flew by so fast in that shop.  Grandpa taught me all about the wood lathe.  How to mount wood in it and make sure it was balanced.  How to set speeds and what speed to use when.  It was fun and interesting. I never knew there was so much to learn about this stuff.  Grandma came out to the shop at 11:30 with iced tea for us.  It was a welcome break.  She announced that she was going to lay out and work on her sun tan and that lunch would be about one o’clock.

Grandma was wearing a rather nice two piece swim suit that would allow a very good tan.  Grandpa thanked her for the tea and asked, “Are you going to wear that thing and get tan lines”?

“Oh heavens no, I just thought I’d tease you two a little”. She spun around to show us her back side. The suit was a thong and her still nicely shaped butt was out there for the world to see.  She headed around the back side of the shop to the sun patio and Grandpa and I returned to our lessons on the lathe. 

We broke for lunch, enjoyed a sandwich and went back to the shop for the rest of the afternoon.  Grandma went back to the sun patio for a bit more then busied herself around the trailer.  By dinner time I was getting pretty good at turning little things on the lathe. It was a lot of fun but I figured there would be more fun in the trailer tonight.  I was not disappointed.

After dinner was finished and everything was cleaned and put away, Grandpa asked me, “So Jerry, have you ever watched a porn movie before”?  “Gosh no, I’m only 14 where would I get one of those” I questioned?

“Well your Grandma and I have quite a collection, let’s pick out a couple that sound interesting to you”.  Grandpa opened up a storage cabinet and pulled out a drawer that was full of DVD’s.  There must have been a hundred of them.  Titles like Cum Queens, Foxy Fun, Babes in Lust, Mature Muff Divers.  “You pick them Grandpa; I have no idea what to choose”.

Grandpa grabbed a couple out and popped one in the player. Grandma came out from the bedroom wearing a flimsy see through top and a thong bottom. Grandpa dropped his pants to the floor and pointed to my shorts. “Best take them shorts off Jerry, these movies will give you a hard on for sure and you’re going to want to play with it. The shorts will just get in the way”. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. I already had a half hard on seeing grandma in that thong. The three of us settled into the sofa, Grandpa and I on either end and Grandma in the middle.

Grandpa hit the play button and the screen filled up with a pussy being eaten. My dick reacted immediately and came to full attention.  This did not go unnoticed by Grandma or grandpa.  The movie played on and my dick started to leak.  Grandma started to rub her pussy through the thong and Grandpa pulled his dick out through the opening in the boxers and started to stroke it.

Grandpa looked over at me and pointed to my tented underwear. “You should take them tight things off and let that dick free. It needs to be out where you can stroke it.  That’s what these movies are for Jerry. They get us all hot and bothered and horny.  They make us hard and your Grandma wet. They make us want to squirt cum so let’s get with it”. Grandpa stood up and dropped his boxers, he grabbed his dick and shook it up and down.  He sat back down on the sofa and started stroking with a purpose.  I stood and pulled my underwear off and grabbed my dick.  I sat down and watched the scene on the TV.  A young guy was lunching on an older woman. His face was buried in her pussy and you could see his tongue going in and out of her hole.

Grandma stood up and took off all her clothes. She reached above the sofa and pulled a dildo out of a cabinet and sat back down.  She slid the dildo in her mouth then in her pussy. She started humping that fake dick and I was ready to blow my load.  I moaned “Oh God grandma I’m going to cum, this is so incredible”.  Grandma moaned as she shoved the dildo into her pussy, “Cum on my boobies Jerry, cum on my boobies, I want to feel your hot cum. Squirt on Grandma, sweetie”. I quickly stood and aimed my dick at Grandma’s chest. She grabbed her boobs and raised them up. My dick began to spurt and my cum flew the short distance to Grandma’s boobs. She moaned at the first touch of my cum and leaned in closer to my dick. As the last wave of cum started to dribble out of my spent dick, Grandma scooted forward and grabbed my dick with her boobs. I automatically started to hump at her touch and I finished by tit fucking her and rubbing my cum all over her chest.

Just as I finished and sat back down, grandpa stood, aimed his dick at grandma and unleashed a torrent of cum on her chest.  Then he really kind of freaked me out. He bent over and started sucking on grandma’s boobs. Now sucking boobs is real cool and I want to do it but these boobs had a bunch of cum all over them. Anyhow, the movie continued and I got back into it and started playing with my dick again. It got hard for a second time and I was moving toward another orgasm. Grandpa had his limp dick in his hand and had fallen asleep. Grandma was alternately watching the movie and my hand move up and down my dick.

“Jerry I hope you’re not too freaked out by all this tonight” grandma asked. “Your grandfather and I might have moved to fast but I sort of sensed you would be ok with it.”  “Ok” I said, “Ok, I’m way more than ok with it grandma. I hope we can do this stuff every night. I hope we can do it every morning.”

“Oh Jerry, that is such a relief to hear,” grandma began. “Your grandfather and I are really loving to each other and it is hard for us to go more than a day without some kind of release and relief. By the way, we always sleep nude and now since you have seen everything there is to see I hope we can sleep that way while you’re here.”

“I hope I can sleep naked too,” I replied. “I think I’m going to have a hard on for the next three weeks and I’d hate to try and keep it hidden the whole time.”


This is my first story. Please let me know if you like it in the comments section. Chapter two will follow if I get enough positive feedback.




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