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I fuck Daughter

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I’m a 36 year old man, divorced, single, stressful job, and find it delightful to have sex with my 15-year-old daughter, call her Candy.

It all started when she was thirteen. It was a Saturday and had the day off from work. I hadn’t seen Candy for over a year and I felt okay with that since we weren’t close. Yet.

That day, however, the ex-wife decided to drop her off at my place. At first, I was frustrated about the idea. I had already planned a relaxing evening. Then she knocked on my door. I opened it, and instead of seeing a little girl, I saw a little girl who had filled-out. I was so amazed. She had straight brown hair that stopped at her shoulders. Her eyes were hazel and her skin a nice Olive tone. Her lips glossy pink and pouty. Her body was delectable and youthful. Her breast, through the white blouse, looked small but very perky. Her tight jeans revealed a very curvy set of legs. Not skinny at all but not too thick. Very athletic.

“Hi Daddy.” She said. I sensed her tone a bit… seductive.

“Hi Candy.” I said gulping, “Come in. Make yourself comfortable”

She walked in. As I closed the door I couldn’t help but check her out as she walked into the living area. She had the best bubble butt I had ever seen. I felt horny and hard.

After some small talk and catching up, I suggested we watch a movie. She agreed.

So I turned off the lights and started the film. Candy sitting right next to me. Hip to hip. I was afraid she might see me bulking up in my pants from feeling her so close.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, it happened. She looked up at me and I looked at her glossy eyes. Her lips so wet and inviting. I wrapped my hand around her little shoulders and pulled her closer. Her hand suddenly rested on my lap, and I felt her touch my huge cock.

At first, I thought she would be disgusted. But instead, she began to caress it.

“Do you love me now, Daddy?” She asked seductively. Her warm minty breath hitting my chin. My cock got bigger as she stroked it faster through my pants. She felt that and began unzipping them.

I leaned and began to kiss her little mouth. Our wet tongues caressing as she pulled my pants down and I began to unbutton her blouse. I felt her small hand wrap around my huge cock and she began jacking it off.

Feeling so horny, I ripped her blouse off of her and ripped her little training bra in two. I looked down to see her beautiful teenaged breast swelling as I cupped them and massaged them.

“I love your rough hands.” She whispered.

I began to put my fingers in her mouth and she began to lick them with her warm wet tongue.

I started to unzip her jeans and then pulled them off along with her wet undies. Her legs thighs were smooth, and milky. Her pussy was hairless, and not from shaving, her hair just hadn’t grown there yet. When I began massaging her tight little pussy, my daughter let out a squeal of both pain and tons of pleasure.

“Are you a virgin for Daddy?” I asked her.

“Yes Daddy.” She whispered.

I then began fingering her. She let out more squeals and began ejaculating my cock faster than before.

“Oh yes baby.” I said, feeling so much pleasure I felt like exploding. “Lick baby girl.”

I laid back across the couch and carried her little body on top of me. “Now turn around baby,” I instructed, “We’re going to 69 each other.”

She turned around so that her little pussy was on my face. I felt my the tip of my cock go into her warm mouth. It FELT SO GOOD! As her little tongue began licking at it.

In return I began to lick her pussy lip and suck and bite at it. Gentle at first, the more aggressively.

“Ah!” she shrieked with my penis in her mouth. Then I began sticking my tongue inside her pussy and fingering her tiny asshole. Her pussy began to squirt her love juice out on my tongue.

Feeling like I was going to explode, I said, “All the way in baby!” I didn’t realized I was breathing so hard ‘til I said that.

My brave girl, feeling my anguish of pleasure and despite my fingering and licking of her pussy and asshole, she swallowed my whole cock. I felt it go down her tight throat.

“Oh baby!” I said as I began to fuck her mouth. “You’re so fuckin’ good!” I said in between breaths.

And then, I felt it. Inside my daughter’s mouth, my cum shot down her throat. I began to pull out, and when I did, my daughter began licking the tip of my penis as she caught her breath, letting my cum hit her face. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t choked.

I was so tired already, but she kept licking it. Then she began to rub her wet pussy on my face.

“Keep licking me Daddy, I like to cum.” She said in her childish voice. “Feels soooo good!”

I began licking her again. And I began to feel my cock get harder again.

“Ooh Daddy.” She said, “Wanna fuck me?”

I then spanked her juicy ass. “You’re bad little girl.”

She giggled, so I spanked her again and then pulled her off me aggressively and threw her on the carpeted floor.

“Are you gonna punish me?” She asked spreading her legs and pulling her knees up to her ears. I admired her little pussy opening up like a flower with all the nectar still oozing out.

I jumped on top of her and began kissing her and groping at her like an animal.

“Oh Daddy! Punish me! That means you love me!” She screamed as I poked at her pussy with my cock. It was so tight down there, that I had to help my cock get in by spreading her pussy wider with one finger.

“Ahhh! Daddy!” She screamed in pain and pleasure.

It was so warm inside her, so tight, that when I started pushing harder, I felt things break. Her knees bend around my shoulders and I began to fuck her hard. She screamed and squeezed her eyes shut but that only added to the pleasure. I began fingering her ass again. I pulled out of her pussy and shoved my cock up her ass. She screamed some more. Her asshole was tighter than her pussy! And that made my cock harder.

I pulled off her fucked little ass and went back into her pussy. I fucked her harder… Harder… Harder… HARDER!

“Ahhhhh! Daddy! I love you! Ah!.” She screamed and squealed.

Finally, I began to cum inside her. Everytime it squirt she would go softly “Ah… Ah… Ah.”

Then I pulled out. And it was over. Our first time. We both laid there catching our breath.

“I love you Daddy.” She said “Do you love me?

“I always have.” I said, “But now more.”

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