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 My little sister & me.

 Not that little,she is 3 years my junior but sexually way out ahead of me I found out.


 Just another day really. I appeared home in the usual manner except it was a couple of hours early. The reason was I needed to masterbate,so I snuk off early I was that desperate. This was I reckoned because a boy I knew broke me in the night before and it was shit compared to what I had expected it to be. Yeah he'd shot his sperm in me but no he hadn't made me orgasm. Selfish bastard,or was he just useless at fucking? - So as I said I needed an orgasm and that's where I was heading,or so my plan thought!

 Home,house all quiet? - Good,up our bedroom,panty's off and masterbate,finishing with mum's dildo. Must remember to wash it off before putting it back in her room. I forgot the wash it last time! So dumping my outdoor kit as I go I head for the bedroom that I share with my younger sister. Reason we are 3 years different is we have another sister in between, - prizzy cow she is,thinks she's gods gift to boy's. She of course had to have the 'on my own room' just as well really,at least us other two both masterbate. Bet her's is healed up already!

 Enough for now about her. This is the nub of my plan. On getting to the bedroom and trying to push the door open,there was an unexpected resistence. Pushing a bit harder,the door gave some,enough to stick my head in to see why the door was stiff. "Oh,its only you,you gave me the shits for a second,I thought it was mum" - Young sister was sat on the floor,pink faced and with her legs apart in a Vee. As I glanced her hand had gone between her thighs obviously pressing her dress bottom down flat to the floor. But more to the point,our Cuddles, the dog looking up with his head flat against the floor,his tail swinging slowly in recognition it was me. With eye up in his skull and over to my direction had a very guilty look as did my sister.

 'Mum a kill you if she catch's you bringing him upstairs. What's he doing in here anyway?' As I'd asked the question,I spotted her knicker's pushed away to the side of her bed. I knew they were the one's she'd put on this morning and the even redder cheeks of her face gave me a clue. She lifted her dress,there it was,a small tuft of pubes and they were wet as was the insides of her thighs. Because she had sat up her pussy had gone under so I didn't know if she'd been laying down or sat up,but not being that dumb. 'You haven't been have you?'

 "Haven't you?" She whipped at me. My mind went into shock,I'd never thought of using Cuds' tongue to masterbate me,but as it now was presented to me,I felt my pussy, - already randy because of my plan to masterbate, - start to dribble. Fuck,the little cats brazenning it out and she's got me thinking the unthinkable, - Cuddles making me cum. I had too hit back from here. 'What ever made you think of using him?' "MUM!" 'M-U-U-M?!!!' "Yeah,I seen Cuds' pulling her trying to get his thing out,so I spied on her some more and she always starts by letting him lick it"

 I was gob-smacked. Not because of mum fucking our dog,that was shock enough,NO! it was that I'd not been aware of mum fucking Cuds' yet my young sister had' "She loves it too,I reckon she can't get enough of it" 'EH! What do you mean?' "Well she does it nearly everyday" More shock. 'Every day? you're having me on' "NO,I'm not honest" 'When was the last time you spied then?' "Yesterday And guess what" 'What?' "He done her twice" 'Twice? How would you know,you couldn't have been here all day' "I know,I wasn't,she was getting pulled after he'd fucked her so I kept watching and about a half hour later after she still stayed on the floor he went back to her and got on her back and done her again. She makes a lot of noise as they cum off and all"

 "That's what it was,it looked so awesome that I had to have a go and you've caught me" 'This isn't your first go is it?' "No,course not,but you've stopped me halfway. Shall I show you?" With out me giving an answer,she dropped back on her back and drawing her knees up making her dress fall away revealing her small pussy slit she slapped her inner thigh, "Come on Cuds' show how good you can make me cum" Our dog siddled a bit nearer to her quim and tentively started to lick her pussy lips. With eyes closed she was soon back into the swing of masterbation and as her hips started bouncing up towards his tongue,his cock started from its sheath. 'He's getting a hardon,you haven't let him have you,like mum I mean' "Mmmm!"

 I took this to mean yes. Then in an instant she was bouncing around in a fantastic orgasm. I wanted so desperately to masterbate now,yet I knew if I got on my bed to do it I would miss anything else she intended to let Cuddle's do to her. I resisted the moment expecting her to kneel over and let him mount her. She didn't,instead,she put her hand across her slit to stop Cuds' licking anymore. "Come on,give it a try,I bet you want too and yours is wet I'll bet" I knew I had a dumb look on my face,because I now desperately wanted to let Cuds' give me a go but was reluctant to admit it to my young sister. She had no such qualms, "Well are you going too or do you just want to watch him fucking me"

 I stood now and pulled my knickers down and off. She now smiling,moved up and sat on her bed. "Lay down where I was and just open your legs like I done" On squatting to do as she said,as I got halfway,Cuds' had his nose straight in at my pussy and gave me to first lick. It was so tickly I toppled onto my back laughing with my bent legs rolling upwards as my back landed on the floor. In that moment as Cuds' moved round to get at my pussy,I was mesmerized. Just as his tongue hit my clit I was staring under his chest and dangling from his loins was the biggest cock I could imagine ever seeing. It was huge in my eyes. About 9 inches back to what I guessed was his knot, - I wasn't too knowledgeable at this stage, pinky going on red into purple with some very thick veins running up its length. Nothing like the boys one that had put it up me the night before. As he moved about to get at me,it bounced and throbbed before me.

 'God Shir' - That's my sisters name, - look at its size,I can see mum could get it in but surely you can't' A smirk came across her face. "Can't I? you reckon,just wait and see after you cum off in a minute" I knew from this she could, - mind,her body was quite miniscule really, - but if she could,I could,that is after I'd seen if it made her cum better than that idiot that didn't do anything for me. Now this looked a whole lot different and the thought of Cuds' making mum squeal was surely proof enough he,Cuds' would satisfy Shirley and me.

 I now lay back to enjoy what I was about to receive and enjoy it I did. Each time his tongue slid along my crack and flipped my clit I nearly came off,each time he seemed to curl it around my little now hard clitoris and pull it like pulling at a tiny cock and I suspected mum had trained him to do her good,because as he rose me almost to an orgasm he would move onto licking my thighs or bum slit then start all over again,when I'd cooled off a bit. Through this haze of sexual satisfaction I noted Shirley was masterbating her pussy as I got nearer and nearer to cumming. Then I exploded in what was the most sensational orgasm I ever had and it done for my sister because I heard her cumming almost at the same time.

 I on returning to reality felt her pushing alongside of me. "Move a bit so I can kneel for him" There was that huge cock again,no more than inches from my face as Cuddle's moved around to get at my sister,he certainly knew where he wanted to stuff his hardon. I made to sit up and watch just as he put his paws onto her back as she spread her knees to let his back paws get between her legs. I could see his cock dangling but as it touched her skin on her inner thighs it seemed to stiffen even more. I was shocked as without further fuss this massive cock just disappeared straight deep up inside my sister's what appeared to be a tiny vagina. The grip he now took on her hips was showing marks by the tightness of his grip. At this Shirley started to hump him as he did her and in next to no time I saw her love juice oozing out of her swollen pussy. Gasping, "He's M-A-K-I-N-I-G  M-E-E  C-U-M-M! With that I watched as his bum twitching made her yelp,FUCK ITS SO HOT,HIS CUM IS BURNING HOT!

 I could tell by the force of the thrusts he was pumping Oh! So! deep inside of her. I really couldn't believe she could get that length up inside her vagina,not even now,but the now very large knot was still outside of her pussy. This in turn was allowing his puppy juice to squeeze past his cock and froth around its stem. Then he was out of her,as his knob plopped and dangled before me,I knew I wanted to let him try me and thought nothing of the size of this knot as it would be outside my pussy. "Going to? - It was Shirley, - He might not get on you straight away seeing he's just shot off in me" 'How did he get that much inside? you're not all that big' "I haven't a clue,but it doesn't hurt me at all,in fact I'd like even more up inside,Fuck,it makes you really cum hard though,my legs are all weak now.

 She again clambered up on her bed, "Go on then,kneel down and see if he wants too" I knelt and he had a lick of his prick then became more interested in licking my pussy again. I was finding this difficult because it was oh so sensitive it was making me want to pee. Then up he got,wishing to see if he'd grown back to a proper hardon I looked between my arms and legs and I think in doing this I placed my cunt just at the right height for his thrust,as his paws gripped me like a vice his fat cock lunged deep into my almost virgin quim. It went fast hot and deep right up to my cervix then it hurt a moment as I knew the pointed boney part pressed even tighter into my cervix's neck.

 Almost immediately I felt his hot juices spurting inside me. With each thrust I felt a hot spirt go up me. Then I knew what fucking was,as his cock got even thicker I started getting really hard thrust that trembled through every nerve in my body until the tension of my orgasm made me nearly pass out. I knew as my body started to relax and in an instant tensed as his knot suddenly was inside my vagina. Fuck the size hurt as It started to swell bigger by the feel of it. My cunt was being stretched beyond its limit,but stretch it did and even more till he couldn't fuck in and out anymore it was so fucking tight. I heard my sister utter, "Fuck,you should see how your cunt looks,its swollen as big as mum's does,he's got that fat part right inside you you lucky cow" Lucky? It was surely going to bust me any second. It didn't though!

 'Lucky? Fuck its hurting like hell,how big is it?' I didn't really hear the answer as with thrust after thrust,- my cunt started letting the lump slide now, - I felt Cuddles cum pump hotly up my vagina. Then he had me in the most powerful orgasm as the heat of his orgasm in turn brought me off as no man ever would. No wonder mum and my sister was hooked on K9 fucking. My sister again, "That's all of us now" 'All of us???' "Yeah,our prizzy? Yeah,he fucks her as well" I couldn't believe it! All peaches and cream is into K9? NEVER! "Oh yes she is,I've seen her getting it as well,but she's stupid,she takes him into the garage to get him to fuck her. Much nicer in here"

 After this action,I was set on watching mum and prizzy getting it,so my little cunning sister conieved with me and we spend time watching both,but we always revert to Cuddles fucking us as well in the aftermath of them getting him. I can't believe the stamina our dog has,he never refuses any of all our offers. I now know boys and men aren't that viril. As for sensational cock,give me K9 every time!


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