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ok so first off my name is mike im 6 foot tall and ive got a muscular build from playing high school football i never  had much luck with the ladies and dont really care cause ive got my perfect woman at all started when my mom age 45 a heavy set lady with huge tits and a huge ass i mean it makes my dick spray cum in my pants even when im at school and just thinknig about it! anyways it all started when she came home and went on the computer and sat on the office chair.she was on the computer for oh id say about 4 hours and then she got up and left.i walked past her in the hallway and this is all before she even knew i thought of her in a naughty way..i looked at her ass as walked by her and noticed a wet spot on the back of her pants.i just went strait to the shower and jerked off spraying cum everywhere thinking of that huge ass of hers just sitting right on my hard cock sliding right into her anus then into her cunt and then finish her off in the mouth.that was my goal!that was my dream!so i came out of the shower and went in my room to get dressed and noticed a wet stain on the office chair...i got closer to inspect it and to my surprise about 3 feet away from it could smell her ass and her wet cunt! so of course i dove right in and sniffed my way to ecstacy licking the wetness and sniffing where her ass cheeks had just sat slighty slid open letting out the aroma of her anus.i couldnt take it i let out a groan and strings of my hot cum sprayed all over my chest and the chair...i got dressed cleaned myself up and the chair and fell asleep on the bed....the next day while she was away i went in her laundry hamper and pulled out some dirty underwear and started to sniff and lick the wet areas.soon i came in her underwear..i was scared that she would get mad so i cleaned them up as best i could and put them back in the hamper.......i guess it wasnt good enough becuase she confronted me later that day and heres exactly what her and i said......."young man you have some explaining to do!" "what are you talking about mom"   "i found these in my dirty hamper with cum stains on them!!!" "im sorry mom i cant control myself im sorry please forgive me please!!!" "look i know what its like to be young and horny so ive given it some thought and ive decided that if you want me bad enough you can have me" "WHAT!!"""

at that very moment my mom laid me on the bed took off my pants and my cock sprung to life she stood up took off her pants and turned around bent over and spread her ass cheeks....and there it was in all its glory her tight pink anus.the aroma was overwhelming.i went to ram my cock in her ass when she stood up and said "first you have to give me a foot massage" i was ok with that because i liked her feet she laid on the bed took off her shirt and her tits just flipped out in all there beauty the nipples were so hard..she put on foot on each of my thighs at this point i was ready to cum!!!! so i grabbed the lotion from my nightstand that i used to jerk off to her with and began to rub it through her toes.she moaned so sexy and twisted her nipples then she took both feet and cradled my cock in them and began to rub her feet all over my cock i was about to cum when she stopped got on all 4s in doggy style and spread her ass cheeks and applied pressure to her anus so it opened and she told me to cum in her ass.i slid the head of my dick in and it made a little pop noise i guess it was really wet.her anus tightened around it.just then my dog walked in the room and since he was in heat he was aroused and went on the bed up to my mom and started to put his groin in her face.soon enough his red cock was out and she was sucking it.moments later he came all over her face as i was fucking her ass i realized my balls were tighening and so i told her i was cumming so she popped my dick out of her anus and sucked my cock strait to her throat and swallowed it.i came for 4 minutes and i made her choke on my cum.she got up got dressed and ever since then weve been having anal incest sex

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