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MY wifes bitch

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        Well i will start of with telling you what i look like i am about 6 foot tall i wiegh about 180 pounds and have about a 8 inch cock and i have the most beautiful wife named Tara( by the way my name is donovan) Tara is about 5 foot 5 and wieghs about 120 pounds has brown hair and she has most beautiful 36C tits and the nicest ass you will ever see. well the afternoon started off like any other i was just gettin out of work and so was my wife we both sat down for diner.
Baby cani ask you a question Tara said
Sure whats is is babe
Can we try something new in bed tonight
sure i said scepticly what do you have in mind
Nothin really its more of a suprise.
Well i am going to go get ready for tonight come upstairs in about  30 mins Said Tara
K Hun i will
well about 30 mins later she calls down to me get naked and come up stairs. I was really excited to see what was in store for me. i was so excited my 8 inch cock was already strating to get hard. so i walk into the room and there is my wife with this red leather outfit on that she looked so hot in. and she had this huge 8 inch green strap on also. Baby whats that for i said. she said i am mistress Tara not Baby and you will be refured to as Bitch understand. Yes mistress. Good Bitch she replied. i want you to put this on. and she gave me this blonde wig and this school girl outfit and i said Baby are you feeling ok. She said i told you my name is Mistress now go getr change and then its time for your punishment. so i went and got changed i put this black thong on with this very short plad mini skirt then i put on one of her bra and a tight white shirt i put the blonde wig on and i came out. Your a hot female bitch but were not done yet she said its time for makeup. so we went into the bathroom and she gave me a full makeover. Your a hot bitch your turning Me. know its time for your punishment. Come here Bitch Mistress Tara wants to spank you. She put we on her lap and started spanking me. now bitch Mistress wants her cock sucked. NOW get on your knees and suck Mistresses cock. so i got on my knees and took they dildo into my mouth i have never done anthing like this before but i was really starting to like it. Bitch i want you to suck my dick not just the head so my wife Starts to fuck my mouth and that was the first time i have ever had a 8 inch didlo all in my my mouth. Thats a good bitch a real good bitch keep sukin that cock. Stand up bitch Mostress yelled. Bend over against the bad Mistresses dick wants to fuck you in the ass. Here bitch rub this on my dick and but it on your asshole you sexy female bitch. so i start to rub the lube all over her cock and on my asshole. Since you sucked my cock now your going to take it in the ass like the bitch you our. Tara doesent waste anytime she shoves all ofd the cock in my ass. omg it was such great pain but at the same time it felt so so good. she start to fuck my ass harder while i jacked my self off. Bitch i never said you could play with your cock. Then i felt a hard slap on my ass. Moan like the slut you are. it was really turning me on. Shes never talked to me like this before.I feel the dildo slide out of my ass she said lay on your back and face me Mistress wants to grab your tits. so i layed on my back on the bed and i feel the dildo fill my insides again and now my Mistress is grabbing my tits and i was really gettin off to this. my cock was so hard and she kept teaseing it by rubbing her tits againts my dick. Bitch do you want mistress to wack you off. Yes mistress. so as she fucks me harder she wacks me harder and she just keeps gettin harder. moan slut moan she says. Mistress fuck me with your big cock keep fucking me plz. Mostress likes it when you beg. Mistress i want all your cock give me all your cock. Just like that bitch. YESSS MISTRESS. OMG I AM GOING TO CUM> KEEP FUCK MY ASS PLZ DONT STOP FUCKIN MY ASS. Mistress wants you to cum in her mouth. Tara takes my cock into her mouth while she fucks me and i unleash the biggest load i have eve had in my life straight down my girlfriends throat. so my wife and i go into the bathroom to clean up then i ask her. Want to take a hower but thats another story. 
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