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Mom in Law Fuck-Buddy

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My Mom in Law Fuck-Buddy

My wife lost her sex drive after the birth of our daughter. Kaitlin is now thirteen and over the past thirteen years our sex relationship deteriorated to maybe once a month, and then I was the only enthusiastic partner and she became ever more passive. It became like shagging a beautiful bag of potatoes, a beautiful one because she is an extremely good looking thirty five year old woman and I lust for her week in and week out but she just has no inclination towards being intimate.

I have tried marriage counseling, which she only partook in because I demanded it of her and then she decided that my problem simply was that I had no self-control and quitted the counseling.

Her sister has had a serious motor car accident recently and was recovering at home after a week in hospital. She would be in a wheelchair or on crutches for at least another fortnight and so my wife decided to take a fortnight’s leave to go stay with her to support her.

My mother in law came to stay with me and Kaitlin during her absence to take care of the domestic angle and, I suppose, because my wife thought it imprudent for a father to stay alone with his daughter for such a long time. Maybe the fact that Kaitlin had taken to suntan topless like her mother this summer had something to do with the decision.

Kate, my mother in law, moved in with us on Thursday even though my wife only left early on Saturday morning. I guess they wanted to spend a bit of time together before she left, and we spent two quite pleasant evenings together, playing cards and catching up on all the gossip.

Kate and my wife both had breast enlargement operations. Kate had hers first before her husband died in a car hijacking attempt, and my wife had hers three years ago. I still do not understand why, because she has no great need for sex. Her breasts seem to be an image thing for her, to show off to her friends. We did have a few weeks of almost weekly sex after her enlargements, but although I tried my best to make it great and exciting in an attempt to revive her enthusiasm, it soon petered out to its previous status quo.

Kate is fifty seven years old and quite a looker for her age. She never smoked, drank only lightly and took care of her weight and general health and is an excellent example of womanliness. She did not remarry and although she dates intermittently she has shrugged off all suitors thus far, claiming to be self sufficient financially and waiting for someone who is really mr. Right for her.

Kaitlin was picked up by a friend’s mother during mid morning on Saturday to spend the rest of the weekend with her, so Kate and I were going to be alone for the rest of the weekend. After a light lunch we decided to relax in the pool. The pool is closed in on one side by the back of our double garage and on another by the two and a half meter high brick fence between us and the neighbors. The other two sides are enclosed by a 1.8 meter high precast concrete fence. My wife asked me to have the area closed off like this because she liked putting het beautiful breasts out in the sun for a bit of color in summer, something Kaitlin picked up on, and that I have stumbled upon more than a few times this summer.

We languished in the pool for a while and I couldn’t help noticing again how good she looked in her sky blue bikini, especially when it was wet. We got out together and she dried herself and opened her full length beach towel to suntan.

“John, will you put this on me, please?” she asked, holding out her suntan lotion to me.

“Oh, sure.” I replied, inspected the tube and replied: “Kate, you should use mine. This is a factor 36. You won’t tan even a bit with this on. Mine is a factor 10 which will be just fine for tanning.”

“Oh! Then I won’t have any use for this. Could you use it?”

“Keep it. Belinda uses a factor 30 on her nipples when she sticks her tits in the sun. You don’t want sunburn on your nipples.” I suddenly got a naughty little thought and added: ”You want to show your breasts to the sun and bronze them a bit seeing that there is no-one here?”

“You are here. You just want to ogle your mother in law’s tits. Pervert.” There was no malice in what she said. We have an excellent relationship and always had.

“Now, will you be so kind?” I took my sun tan lotion and started with her back and shoulders, standing behind her. It felt nice spreading the lotion over her smooth skin and rubbing it all over. I just about went over every inch of her skin three times. When I did her shoulders I naughtily hooked my index fingers under the straps of her top and shifted them off her shoulders, expecting a scolding and ready to laugh at her. She neither scolded me nor attempted to reposition the straps, instead she merely lifted her hands to lightly support the cups of her top on her breasts.

I turned her around to face me and started oiling her torso and flat stomach. Gosh, she gyms three days a week for two hours and it shows. I spread a generous layer of lotion over her collar bone area and rubbed it down to the tops of her breasts, but when my fingers got to the tops of her bikini top I found that I could effortlessly insert my hands under the material to rub all over and even the undersides of her breasts. Her hands never moved to interfere with mine, merely holding the cups of her top lightly in place so that they would not fall away from her breasts completely.

Her top was worked loose enough by my hands so that I had a full view of her nipples by this time. Her eyes flashed wide with surprise at my cheekiness and her jaw fell open a bit but she didn’t stop me. “I am doing your breasts for in case you change your mind about going topless.” I said as motivation for fooling around with those two really grand orbs. “If you do, I will put some factor 36 on your nipples for you.” And with that I rubbed over her nipples with the specific naughty purpose of getting them hard. They had already bunched up into hard wrinkled teats the size of the last joint of my little finger and I quickly took then between my thumbs and the middle joints of my index fingers and rubbed and rolled them for a few seconds, making her gasp and yank the blue triangles up just a little in a defensive reflex. “John!” she drawled at last, “You are getting naughty.”

Before she could scold me or turn me away, I got on my knees in front of her. This made her giggle a little. “I cannot remember when last I had a man on his knees in front of me!” she chortled and that relaxed her enough so that I felt I could continue oiling her legs.

I started at her feet, spreading and rubbing the suntan lotion past her ankles and up her shins and calves. “Gosh, Kate, you have really sexy legs for a grandmother!”

“Is this the first time you notice, John? In that case I’m disappointed.”

“I cannot really compliment you for being sexy in front of your daughter, can I now?” I was squirting lotion on her thighs by now. I spread it out and rubbed it over her thighs and hamstrings, up and up and on the insides of her legs until the index finger of my flat hand stopped against her crotch. I rubbed once or twice more, rubbing against her crotch before finally declaring the lotion job done. I watched her face while I was rubbing her thighs. Her mouth opened as if she was going to gasp when I approached her crotch but she did nothing to stop me, not even when I touched her crotch. She just breathed noticeably heavier.

Oh lordy, I was getting so horny that I had difficulty containing my cock inside my swimming trunks. Moreover she saw my condition but made no comment and proceeded to stretch herself out on her stomach on her towel.

After just a few minutes and while I was still organizing myself on my towel, she sat up and proclaimed that she decided to take my advice to tan topless. She took off her top clearly not bothered by the fact that her breasts were in my full view before laying down on her stomach again, obscuring most of those magnificent orbs from my view.

We didn’t talk. I was scared that my voice may be a croak and she was clearly musing over something. Her head would turn this way, than that. Her legs would stretch and relax and once or twice her buttocks contracted, pressing her crotch into her towel.

After about fifteen minutes she turned over and settled her back. I drew my eyes to slits looking at her with steadily increasing lust. It was clear that she was aroused. I could see the deep slit of her pussy flanked by her swollen labia under the stretched material, a huge camel toe, and her nipples were erect. Belinda has a prominent pubis and she sure got it from her mom. I hardly had time to focus on the renewed source of my arousal when she lifted herself up on her elbows and asked: “John, is the factor 36 over there with you?”

“I’ve got it, Kate”

“Do you mind doing the same as for Belinda on my nipples, please. If I do it I’m gonna smear it all over my breasts and end up with a mottled tan.”


I could hardly say ‘yes’ quickly enough and was on my knees next to her in a flash. However, I now had a raging hard cock and simply had to adjust him inside my swimming trunks. I quickly shoved my hand into my trunks and arranged my 18 cm cock diagonally in them, managing to contain him inside while easing my discomfort somewhat. She tried not to let on that she was watching every move of my hand closely.

I put a little of the factor 36 lotion on my fingertips and took an erect nipple between my fingertips, rubbing it with the lotion. Her areolas shrink away completely when she her nipples get hard so I was just rubbing and gently rolling her erect nipple only, like rubbing and rolling the last joint of my ring finger. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open. I imagined that I heard her groan. I did the same for the other nipple and she drew one leg up and threw her knee out while I rubbed. I tugged on the nipple, now somewhat slippery with suntan lotion, so my tug rather milked her little teat. I repeated the gentle milking action and then did the same to her other nipple. Her eyes flew open. “John!” she squealed. “You are playing with my nipples!”

“God, Kate! You have beautiful tits!”

“Thanks, John. But try not to play with them. ”

I lay down next to her and said: “Kate, I’m going to kiss you. I need to kiss you.”

“No!” she squealed again. “We can’t kiss each other! Not like that. I’m your mom in law. You’re married to my daughter. It cannot be done!”

“Kate, you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you. Just feel my mouth on yours.”

She tried to protest but I leaned over and closed her mouth with mine. I did not try to part her lips immediately, I just kissed and kissed and much sooner than I expected she parted her lips for me and our tongues met. She slowly started to answer my kisses with her own, eventually kissing me back as eagerly as I was kissing her. Judging her to be warming towards me I put my hand on her beautiful breast and gently started rubbing and squeezing it. She gave a quivering protesting moan into my mouth and her placed her hand over mine, pinching it, but with no real anger in the pinch, so I continued, squeezing harder and gently milking het breast from its base to its nipple, stretching the nipple out a little with every milking action. “God!” I groaned again, “You have beautiful tits! My mind is totally consumed by your tits.”

“Right now it’s your balls that are consumed, John. We have to stop this, John!”

“I’m gonna suck your tits, Kate. There is no way I can stop without having sucked your tits first.”

“You won’t be able to stop later, John. And neither will I.”

I had no intention to stop any more. I was licking her throat and neck, working my tongue down along over her smooth skin steadily towards her breasts. She held my head in her hands as if to lift it off her body but never got around to resist me. I kissed and licked and sucked on her breast, slowly circling around her nipple, zooming in on it. I licked her nipple, flicked it with my tongue and then sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, trapping her teat against the roof of my mouth, flicking my tongue at it, milking it with my tongue and sucking hard on all of it. She sighed hard. “John, this is wrong! This is sooo wrong.”

I liked the tone of her voice. She was not about to throw me off her with a sudden jolt, that’s for sure. I moved my mouth on to her other breast to give it the same treatment. I sucked on her breasts for the best part of twelve to fifteen minutes, kissing her on the mouth and licking her throat and ears every now and then to prevent it becoming monotonous. She became ever more pliable in my hands. I had moved half on top of her and my hard cock was pressing hard against her thigh. I started slowly humping her thigh. “Kate! I want you badly!”

“John, we really must stop. This is wrong!”

“I need this, Kate. I want you and I need you. Bad, Kate. Really bad!”

“John! Please!” she moaned with a trembling voice. I Reached down and pulled my swimming trunks off my buttocks. My cock now pressed hot and hard and slightly slippery against her thigh. I resumed my slow humping against her thigh. “God Kate, I want my face in your pussy. I need to eat you out, Kate.”

“John! Oh my god, John. You are going too far. Please stop John. Please!”

I pulled her bikini off her buttocks. “Please!” she whimpered but didn’t stop me, so I continued to pull it off her legs. I parted her knees and knelt between her legs. I started licking the insides of her thighs, working upward to her crotch, licking her swollen pussy with a few slow strokes of a broad flat tongue before turning down the inside of the other leg before turning around and repeating the routine, it was fuelling her fire and making her wet. “Please!” By the time I entered her slit and started sucking on her inner lips she was almost dripping, and that is something to witness in a fifty seven year old woman.

“Oh god, please! Please, John!” her tone changed. She wasn’t begging me to stop.

I hardly sucked her clit between my lips when she came, bucking her hips and almost breaking my nose with the suddenness of it, announcing her arrival with a whimpering cry: “Johnnn! Oh gawwdd, Johnnn. Ah-huhuhuhuh!” She I gave her just a minute or so to recover while kissing her on the mouth and telling her how beautiful she was, before putting my tongue back for more of the same.

I gave her four clit orgasms in a row. She complained less and less about how wrong it all was and by now she was lifting her knees higher and pressing my face into her pussy. As I was kissing her on her mouth after the fourth orgasm, thinking it was time to introduce her to my hard-on, she reached down for him and felt him out with her hand. “Oh John! Gosh, you have a good sized cock!”

“You have beautiful tits, Kate. And a beautiful body. I am going to take you all the way, Kate. I am going to consume you now!” “John!” she whimpered like she was going to cry, “I’m your mom in law!”

“Yes! But we are not going to make babies, Kate. There cannot be bad surprises. Be my fuck buddy, Kate.”

“Johnnn! Please! Let’s not!” I took my cock in one hand and, pushing her protesting body down with my other, aimed it into her slit and within seconds it found its mark and started sliding up her warm, wet tunnel until it hilted. “I’m inside you, Kate. I need you, Kate. Stop struggling and please be my fuck buddy, Kate!”

She suddenly surrendered and stopped struggling. “Oh, John! It’s so wrong, John.” She gasped one last time. Then, in almost a whisper: “But it feels sooo good. John I haven’t had a man for three years now. I’m weak, John. It’s so very wrong, but I cannot refuse you any longer.”

I started fucking her slowly with long deliberate strokes. “John!” her voice was just a whisper now. “You are big and you really fill me up. Oh god this is good, sooo good!”

I started fucking her a little harder still. “Are we fuck buddies, Kate?”

“Yes, John, yes! Ohhh! You don’t know what you are doing to meeee. You can fuck me really hard, John!”

“Do you want it hard, Kate?”

“Fuck me hard, John. Don’t make love to me. Fuck me!” I obeyed. I pressed her hands down on the towel above her head so that her torso lifted to give my mouth better access to her breasts and nipples while I rode her, our bellies slapping together and our pubis mounds grinding on each other, my balls slapping against her perineum. And all the while she was sighing and gasping “John! Sooo Goood! Oh yes, Sooo good!” She came long before I was ready, bucking under my like a rodeo bronco. “John! I’m there!” She almost screamed.”Now! Fuck me hard! Hard! HARD!” I rode her roughshod through the spasms of her orgasm.

When she stopped panting I said: “I want you on your knees, Kate. I want to do you doggie style.” She obliged wordlessly, and knelt in front of me, supporting her weight on her elbows with her breasts pressing down on the towel. I re-entered her and resumed fucking her hard. It took about ten more minutes to her second orgasm. By this time we were both glistening with sweat and I was panting from the exertion of almost non-stop hard fucking her. When she came, gasping and whimpering and sobbing, her orgasm triggered my own and I came just as her spasms began to subside.

We collapsed into each other’s arms on her towel and just lay there, slowly recovering. “John.” She whispered “This was so wrong.”She gripped me in her arms and squeezed herself against me. “But oh so good! God I needed that!”

“I know. I am not getting any from Belinda either and I need it just as badly. When I saw you today, I wanted nothing more badly than to make you my fuck buddy.”

“What do you mean Belinda isn’t giving you any?”

I told her the story of the past thirteen years. She was inclined to take Belinda’s part but in the end conceded that I needed to do something and that masturbating daily was not a final solution. I hinted at divorcing her daughter and she asked me to reconsider.

We kissed and cuddled a little more before putting on our swimwear for a last dip in the pool before retiring to the house where both of us took a much needed nap.

We didn’t speak of what had transpired between us until it was almost time to retire for the night. She had bathed and put on a cotton nightdress and a housecoat and approached me in the kitchen where I was putting away the crockery. “John, we need to discuss what happened between us this afternoon.” She said quietly.

“Yes, Kate I think we should.”

“It was very wrong, John, and nobody but nobody must ever know about the two of us.”

“I agree, Kate.”

“Least of all Belinda, John.”

“Least of all her, Kate”

“Did you mean it when you told me I am beautiful?”

“Every word Kate, you are stunning. You have indecently good looking legs. You have beautiful breasts, even better than Belinda’s. You have a figure to die for. Just looking at you even now races my pulse.”

“Did you mean it when you said you need a fuck buddy, John?” she almost whispered.

“I need a fuck buddy, Kate. I need a fuck buddy to relieve my sexual frustration. But I want you for a fuck buddy, Kate, because I don’t want someone else after this afternoon.”

Her whispering became even softer, as if she was afraid to hear what she wanted to say: “I have been reading a lot, John. Today’s young people are into a lot of depraved stuff that my generation has been missing out on. Do you think you will be able to deprave your mom further than you have already?”

“I have a kinky-bastard side that is hidden deep inside, mom. I think we will be good for each other because I like my woman to be a real whore in bed.”

“Do I retire to the spare room, John? Or do I wait for you in your bed? You have regained enough energy for your mom-in-law-fuck-buddy, haven’t you? ”

“My bed, mom. Its headboard doesn’t bang against the wall.” I reached up into the high cupboard where we kept the first aid stuff and shook a purple tablet from a small unmarked bottle and tossed it into my mouth. Drawing a glass of water I said: “I am swallowing a Viagra, mom. It’s going to be a long night.”

“Oh my god, John!” “Shall I pour you a brandy, mom? Kaitlin isn’t here tonight and you can really let yourself go.”

“Pour me a stiff one, please John. I feel like I’m gonna need some fortification.”

It was my turn to lower my voice. “There is an enema in the bathroom cupboard, Kate. If you feel like using it, leave it out on the wash basin stand for me to notice.”

What can I say. We had to be careful with Kaitlin in the house but she never had it so easy to sleep over with her friends as during these two weeks. I fucked mom in law every single night and even some days during lunch hour when I rushed home for a half an hour quickie.

Kaitlin tanned more topless and more carelessly than she ever did when her mother was at home as it didn’t bother her granny. Her pert, juvenile tits bothered her dad a lot less also, as he had a pair of huge tits consuming his mind.

After Belinda returned from her sister Kate still is only fifteen minutes drive away, and waiting.


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