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Mother sucks me

Bryan326 on Incest Stories

I have read many incest stories on this website and I am going to try and make my own series. It is kind of late where I am at, sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes I make. =D                                                                                                                                                                                                                   At the time this story takes place I was 17 years old and my mom having me when she was around 20 was 37. As a 17 year old I was 6`1 with a 7 inch penis. My mom was in great shape for her age;she has amazing double d's and a very nice ass. My dad was never really in my life so me and her have lived alone ever since I was born.


 I got the idea in my head to try and please my mom sexually after she walked in on me masturbating. I was soaking in the bath and I started to rub myself, the door was shut and if she did need to get something should would knock, I was wrong. I was starting to get into it and I closed my eyes and started to picture my moms nude body when I heard the door knob turn and her walk in. I was at the point where you were so into it that it seems inpossible to stop rubbing it and I came with my mom in the room. 

 "Mom....I I I I'm sorry I couldn't stop," She started at me for a brief second and opended her mouth but seemed to not want to say what she had on her mind. "It's fine Danny, every one does it". She turned around and was about to walk out but turned around and took one last glance and shut the door. I quickly got out of the tub and dried my self off. By the time I was dressed for sleep my mom was in bed with the lights out. 


 It was about a week later and I hadn't really talked to my mom about the incident or anything really. That night I had decided that I would go in her room and talk to her about it. I knocked on her door and she yelled for me to come in, I did. I sat on the botton of the bed and we set in silence for a few minutes. 


 "What do you need honey, is this about the other day? You know I'm not mad about that, everyone does it, even I do it sometimes. I haven't had sex in a really long time honey, your young and expermenting." I was pretty shocked that she would admit that she masturbates. I was gonna try and slip a hint in about me wanting to fuck her. "Hey mom, do you want to know what I was jerking it to?" She stared at me wondering.... I took a breath and said: "I was picturing you and I fucking...I know it sounds weird but i've seen you nude so many times and now you've seen me." To my shock she didn't not look suprised but almost pleased with my coming out. 

 She looked at me with lust in her eyes and said "Well honey this house is just us in it and nobody would ever know that we did it. I have my tubes tied so we don't have to worry about getting pregnant and your always home so..." Hearing her say that it could work out I got a hardon and pulled down my pants to show my mom the penis she gave birth to. She looked at it and started to rub it. "God that feels good, put it in your mouth" I moaned. She got off of her bed and on her knees and started to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had to this day...I tried to last long but she was just to good and I came all on her shirt and on her face. "Your shirts ruined mom, you should take it off" Now my mom almost never wore a bra then so when she took her shirt off I was stoked to see her breast and be able to touch them. After she had her shirt off I started to take off her pajama pants, I guess I was going to slow for her and she took them off. She guided my dick inside of her and I was in extacy. Fucking my mom...hearing my mom moan because my dick inside of her...she started to pant "Harder Dan." I started to pump a little hard and she grabbing the sheets to her bed....I was breathing pretty hard now and she was still moaning and I came inside of her and she told me she was cumming. 

 My mom told me I should go to bed and rest up, we had a busy day tomorrow.



 going to uupdate this tomorrow 


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