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My New Pet - Part 2

Ashlin Rane on BDSM Stories

I awoke early, my cock at full attention under the sheets. I resisted the urge to jack off and climbed out of bed. I slowly made my way downstairs, still groggy and yawning, and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed some eggs out of the fridge and put a sliced bagel in the toaster. I scrambled the eggs quickly then put it all on a plate to take upstairs. I grabbed another empty glass first.

I made my way upstairs and unlocked my pet’s door. I walked in and set the plate down on the nightstand next the previous night’s dishes.

“What the hell is going on?!” my pet yelled. I sighed and sat down on the bed next to her, stroking her stomach softly. She looked at me with hate in her eyes.

“Do you remember any of last night my pet?” I asked. She closed her eyes and looked away.

“Yes. Why are you doing this to me?” She asked calmly. She was more calm than I had expected. It surprised me a little, but I didn’t let her see that.

“You’re a very beautiful woman. Your eyes caught me the first day I saw you. I wanted you to be mine and now you are. You’re my slave and you will continue to be until I say otherwise. You will do everything and anything I tell you to do and in return I will take care of you.” I explained as I moved my hand up to her breasts. I squeezed them softly, pinching her nipples. “I will punish you and beat you into submission if I must. It’s your choice.”

“You said last night you wouldn’t hurt me..” She said as she turned back to me.

“I will not beat you in the sense you are thinking. Whipping yes punching no slapping yes, you get the picture I hope. You will be punished and it will hurt but I would never hurt you to the point you suffered long term.”

“Ok..” She said softly, still looking up at me.

“Ok?” I asked a little surprised.

“I’ll..I’ll be your slave as willingly as I can I guess. I don’t know what you expect of me but I can only hope one day you’ll let me go..and if I submit maybe it‘ll come faster.” She said softly. I sighed. I had no intentions of ever letting her go. She would soon realize that, I only hope by then she will be happy here with me.

I picked up the plate and fed her breakfast slowly. She ate fast, she was hungry still from last night I would assume.

“Time for your last bit of breakfast now.” I said as I rubbed her slit through her thong. She closed her eyes tight at my touch. “Don’t be scared sweetheart. I told you, I won’t ever hurt you badly.” I said as I climbed on top of her. I straddled her chest and stroked my cock slowly, looking down at her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me, that pleading look back in them. It made my cock even harder. I grabbed her tits hard and pushed them together, sliding my cock between them. She started sobbing as I slowly pushed my cock in and out between her tits. I picked up my pace, thrusting my hard cock between her tits faster as I pinched her nipples still staring down at her. Tears flowed down her face as I fucked her big tits.

“You ready for your last bit of breakfast sweetheart.” I asked as I quickened my pace more. She looked up at me and nodded slowly. “Mmmmm that’s good pet.” I said fucking her titties faster. I stopped and moved up slowly, pulling her head up. “Open your mouth.” I said looking down at her.

She closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth. I ran the head of my cock along her lips slowly then thrust my cock down her throat gagging her. I held her head up with both hands and pumped my cock in and out of her tight throat hard.

“Suck now.” I demanded as I fucked her mouth faster my balls slapping her chin. She started sucking on my cock as it slid in and out of her throat. I could feel her gagging on my cock still, making me fuck her even harder, pumping in and out as deep as I could. “Mmmm good girl, get ready to swallow all my hot cum. You miss any and I’ll punish you hard.” I growled as I fucked her throat harder and faster.

Pumping in and out as fast as I could I drove my cock as deep as I could in her mouth as my cum started shooting down her throat. I groaned as I pumped it deeper and deeper into her throat, she swallowed and gagged and choked on my cum and it turned me on that much more. I looked down at her, she was so beautiful laying there choking on my cock. I gave one last hard thrust as the last of my cum shot into her throat.
I slowly slid my cock out of her mouth and climbed off of her. She coughed hard and took in a deep breath. Cum slid down her chin onto her chest.

“You missed some my pet.” I said sternly as I looked down at her. She looked up at me, tears forming in her eyes.

“I..I didn’t mean to I’m sorry..” She pleaded. I stood and went to the dresser pulling out a few choice toys to use. I walked back to the bed and placed a ball gag in her mouth. Fastening it tight behind her head she winced. Tears flowing down her face fast as I untied her hands from the bedposts, holding on to them tightly as I placed her in handcuffs. I pulled her up from the bed and untied her legs, placing leg cuffs on them.

I pulled her off the bed and took her to the end of it. I tied rope to the top of the bedposts, they nearly touched the ceiling. I removed one of her hands from the cuffs and attached the other to the end of the bed so she couldn’t move. I tightly tied her hand up above her head to the bedpost. I removed the other hand from the cuff and tied it to the other bedpost tight.

I proceeded to spread her legs wide and tie them to each bedpost tightly so she couldn’t move. I touched her face as I grinned at her. She sobbed hard and closed her eyes tight. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her thong off. I shoved two fingers up her cunt hard. She threw her head back as I fingered her dry cunt. I pulled them out and grabbed a crop off the bed.

She opened her eyes and saw the crop in my hand. Her eyes widened and she started trying to scream but it was no use with the gag securely in her mouth. I brought it down hard over her tits leaving a long red mark. She screamed behind the gag and pulled against the ropes. I brought it down hard again across her nipples then across her tits again.

“You going to do what I tell you from now on?” I growled. She nodded her head fast as I continued to hit her tits with the crop. She was sobbing uncontrollably by the time I finished. Her tits red, bright lines across them. I grabbed her tits hard, making her scream again. Pinching her nipples hard I forced my now stiff cock into her cunt. She was dripping wet cum running out of her cunt.

“Mmmm did you like that pet. Seems you did since you’re all wet for me.” I laughed as I forced my cock deeper into her. I pushed my cock in and out of her hot cunt fast and hard. She pulled against the ropes hard as I pounded her cunt harder. She screamed and moaned, throwing her head back as I fucked her.

“You like it don’t you slut, you like me fucking your wet cunt don’t you.” I growled as I fucked her harder. I could feel her breathing speed up as I slammed my cock into her. Her cunt got tighter around my shaft making me groan. It felt so good inside her  cunt, tightening around my cock, milking my cum out of me. I grabbed her shoulders holding them hard as I forced my cock in and out of her cunt as hard as I could. My balls tightened as I rammed her hard and soon I was shooting my hot cum into her cunt. I slammed my cock as deep as I could as I came hard in her. I groaned loud as I pulled out. She hung there weak breathing hard. She had orgasmed.

I walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed a table, moving it to the end of the bed before turning it over. The legs sticking upright. They were about 6 inches around and a foot long. I moved to her and untied her hands. She was limp but conscious, recovering from the pounding she had just received. I put the handcuffs back on her, her hands behind her back. I untied her legs and put the ankle cuffs back on.

“Now since you enjoyed that so much I think you might like this even better slut.” I growled in her ear. I walked her over to where I had the table laying. Her eyes were nearly shut she didn’t see what was coming. I pushed her down slowly til she was crouched over one of the legs. I pushed her down hard as her cunt was forced open by the leg of the table. She screamed out as her cunt stretched around it. Only an 2 inches was inside of her.

“You like that? You like having your cunt stretched open?” I laughed in her ear as I pushed her down harder. She screamed loud as I pushed her down more and more. The table leg slowly disappearing into her cunt. She started crying again uncontrollably. I pushed harder and harder til she couldn’t take anymore. 9 inches of hard wood was deep in her cunt. I walked around in front of her and looked down at her smiling. “You look good my pet.” I said as I touched her face. She looked up at me crying hard.

I moved back behind her and kneeled as close as I could. I rubbed my cock against her round ass, sliding it between the cheeks. I leaned in and kissed her neck.

“Fuck it now.” I demanded. She sobbed and slowly raised herself up. She stopped and sobbed. I grabbed her shoulders and forced her back down hard. She threw her head back and screamed. “Fuck it now or I’ll make you do it.” I growled as I pinched her sore nipples hard. Slowly she started moving up and down the table leg disappearing and reappearing from her hot cunt. I stood and moved in front of her again.

Her tits bounced as she started fucking it faster. She was sobbing hard feeling the pain run through her body. I moved my hand to my cock and stroked it slowly in front of her. Watching her riding the table leg moving faster on it. She started moaning and fucking it harder. Her tits bouncing hard up and down. I squeezed my cock and stroked it harder.  

I moved behind her and positioned myself. Grabbing her hard I stopped her and forced my throbbing cock up her dry ass. She screamed and groaned as I moved closer forcing it deep into her ass.

“Keep fucking it.” I demanded. She started moving up and down once again, now fucking my hard cock along with the table. I groaned and leaned back as she rode me. I watched her ass bounce up and down on my cock as she moved faster.

“You like having my cock in your ass bitch.” I growled as I slapped her ass hard. She moaned loud and started moving faster. “That’s it slut take it. You like having both your holes filled don’t you whore.” I growled again as I grabbed her shoulders and forced her up and down faster and harder. She nodded and groaned louder as she was raped hard in both her tight holes.

I pushed her down harder forcing her to take the full length of the table leg deep in her cunt. She screamed loud as she took 12 hard inches of wood. I forced her up and down faster and faster. Her ass felt so good on my cock. I felt my balls tightening again as I shot my load into her ass. I groaned and kept forcing her to fuck me with her ass. I pumped the last of my cum deep into her ass and pulled out. I stood and kissed her forehead as she sat there, impaled on a table leg breathing hard.

“That was very good pet. We’ll finish this in a bit.” I said and grinned at her. I walked out of the room as she started sobbing again.

-Ashlin Rane


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