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My Story: Tim's Sexual Awakening With His Parents

Jim Andy on Incest Stories

This story happened to me when I was 13. My name is Tim and my best friend was Jason. Ever since we discovered the joys of masturbating, Jason and I got together after school, whipped out our cocks and jerked off. We had managed to collect pictures of naked women and couples fucking and sucking from the internet and passed them back and forth as we rubbed our cocks.

After we had been doing this for a while, Jason suddenly asked me one day if I thought we were gay. I must admit the thought crossed my mind since we were two guys, jerking off together. We talked about several times, then decided the only way to find out was to try. We decided that we would suck each other’s cock one time and see if we liked it, then decide if we wanted to go further.

We finally decided that the next day would be the day and that I would go first, sucking Jason’s cock first. We set rules, to make sure we could stop before getting a mouth full of cum if we didn’t want to go through with it. However, I was concerned that I would go through with it and then Jason would chicken out. We discussed this and Jason assured me that no matter what happened, he was my best friend and if I swallowed his cum, he would do the same for me, even if we both decided we were not gay and did not want to go any further. Also, we decided that if one of us liked it and the other didn’t, we would continue experimenting until the gay person was satisfied he was gay and then he would have to find another partner.

The next afternoon we went to my house and were in my bedroom. I was on my knees in front of Jason’s naked crotch and just about to take his cock in my mouth, when my mother walked in the door. She let out a gasp and calmly said and just what are you two doing. I turned bright red and froze. Jason on the other hand seemed fully prepared for the situation and said, Mrs Johnson, Tim and I are experimenting and he is the designated guinea pig. He was going to suck my penis to see if we enjoy being together. My mother, was taken back a bit, but seemed to recover after a few seconds and said Jason I think you better go home now, I need to talk with Tim. After we talk, I will decide what to do. In the meantime, since you two did not actually engage in any sexual activity, I will not say anything to your parents, but I will have a talk with you later. With that Jason dressed and slipped out of the room.

I was still naked and started to get my clothes, when mom said leave those where they are and come with me. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She told me to sit on the edge of her bed and tell her what we were planning to do. My face was still bright red and I was at a loss as to how to tell her, but she was very gentle and said, Timmy, honey, it is ok, you can tell me everything. Finally I got up my nerve and told her about how we had been masturbating together and about our conversations about whether or not we might be gay. I told her that we decided the only way to know for sure was to try. We were going to suck each other’s cock and if we liked it, maybe go further.

Mom said, I understand your curiosity, but you two are way too young to be starting a sexual relationship with each other. Let me propose something else. If you want to know if you are gay or straight, then you need to experience both sides not just the gay side. Here’s what we will do. I will talk with your father tonight and if he agrees we will introduce you to sex ourselves. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but managed to say that sounds good. Mom smiled and said now stand up and let me see that cock of yours. I did she just grinned as she walked over and placed her hand on it and rubbed it a bit. She said you have a very nice cock, looks just like a somewhat smaller version of your father’s.

After dinner, Mom took me to her room and said, your father and I talked and this is what we will do. Tonight, you can sleep with me and I will show you the pleasures of being with a woman. Then tomorrow night you can sleep with your father and he will introduce you to gay sex. After that, you can take a little time and decide which you like best and reinforce that choice, you can spend a weekend with me or your father, whichever you prefer.

We watched TV for a while. No one spoke much, It seemed all three of us just sat there contemplating what the evening would bring. Finally mom excused herself and went into her bedroom. She was gone about 20 minutes and finally returned wearing a see through negligee. I couldn’t believe how hot she was. Dad just smiled as she walked over and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She did not close the door, but suggested I take a shower. She told me she laid out some nice soap and shampoo for me and she would be waiting for me. I took one of the fastest showers ever and walked out with a towel around my waist. Mom had lit several candles. She met me as I walked out of the bathroom and we hugged. She felt so soft in my arms. Then we kissed, at first it was a soft almost motherly kiss, but quickly it became very passionate. She reached between us and pulled my towel free and let it drop to the floor. Then she pulled me close to her, rubbing her crotch against mine, pressing herself against my rigid cock.

I had never felt a girl in this way, it felt incredible and I was so turned on, I was afraid I might cum right there in the middle of the room. I groaned a bit and mom must have realized what was going on, because she broke our kiss and stepped back to look at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her barely covered body. She smiled and said do you approve? I just grinned and said Mom you are very beautiful. She just said, I’m glad you approve, At that she grasped the hem of her negligee and slowly pulled it over her head and for the first time, I saw her naked. Mom was 32 years old, having had me when she was 19. She was thin, but had very nice breasts. I knew from going through the laundry that she wore a 36 C bra and her panty size was small. I was a bit surprised to see that she had no pubic hair. I just stared at her.

Finally she said you can touch if you like. I said yes I like and moved closer to her so that I could touch her. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me again. I luxuriated in the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest and the feel of my arms around her waist. My hands fell on her ass cheeks and I pressed her close to me again, not caring if I came or not. I just want to touch my mother and hold her. Our lips met and we kissed again. This time, her tongue slipped between my lips and I could feel it rubbing my tongue and lips. Finally, Mom said, would you like to do anything else besides stand and hold each other?

I said oh yes, I do. In my mind, I was picturing those couples Jason and I masturbated to, fucking in all different positions and licking each other’s sexual parts. Well then what would you like to do first she asked. I said I would like to massage you, if that would be ok. She got the biggest smile and said that would be more than ok, I love it when your father massages me. She walked to the bed and quickly lay on her stomach in the middle of the bed. I wasn’t too sure how to proceed, but decided to straddle her and begin rubbing her back and neck. As I straddled her my cock rested between the crack in her ass cheeks. I pressed it into her and began rubbing my cock back and forth as I slowly massaged her shoulder and back. She was moaning in pleasure as I worked my way down her back. Then I decided to kiss her skin as I worked. I leaned over and gently started kissing her neck, shoulders and back where I had massaged her.

She shuddered more and her moans grew louder. As I got to her waist, I moved down her body, but before I could straddling her feet, she spread them so that I was kneeling between her legs. I quickly realized she had done that to expose herself to me. I continued massaging her hips and ass cheeks, and then as I reached her upped legs, I reached between then and rubbed in inside of her legs. After doing that for only a few moments, I got brave and began rubbing up against her cunt lips. She squirmed and pressed her hips up to meet my hands. Again I kissed her all around her ass cheeks, but couldn’t figure out how to get my face between her legs and decided to wait and continued massaging down her thighs and calfs.

As I finished with the back of her legs, mom turned over and lay on her back. I again moved up to straddle her waist and slowly began massaging her neck and shoulders, all the while staring at her breasts. I barely touched her neck and shoulders before going right for her breasts. I was unsure how to massage them, but mom was quick to show me. She cupped her hands over mine and showed me how to do it. Then she moved her hands to my upper legs and she began touching my cock and balls. I couldn’t believe how nice if felt in her hands and could feel a climax building in my groin. I tried to ignore it and decided the next placed I wanted to kiss was mom’s breasts. I moved my hands and gently pressed my lips first to one then the other breast, moving them slowly all around each breast, and then taking her nipple between my lips and licking with my tongue. Mom really seemed to enjoy it when I sucked on her nipples. She moaned even louder and I could feel her body tense under me.

Her stomach was taught and muscular, I massaged and kissed it and then as I moved again she spread her legs and I could see her cunt lips exposed for me. I quickly began rubbing her lips. She told me to lick my fingers and rub very slowly up and down her lips. Then she pulled back the lips and said see that little nub of flesh. That is my clitoris, you can take it between your fingers and gently squeeze it as you rub my lips with your other fingers. I did as she showed me, then she took my hand and moved it to her cunt and showed me how to insert my finger in her cunt and begin finger fucking her. As I was doing that, I decided to see if I could lick her pussy lips at the same time. I bent over and extended my tongue to caress her lips. By now she was bucking her hips up to meet my strokes and when my tongue ran over her lips she just seemed to explode. I heard her said I’m cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop. I continued and was amazed to feel her cunt squeezing my finger like a glove.

Mom continued bucking and moaning for several minutes before she seemed to collapse under me. She just lay there panting. I noticed that her nipples were erect and seemed to protrude nearly twice their normal size.

Finally mom reached up and took my face between her hands and pulled me down beside her. She put her arms around me and we kissed tenderly and passionately. She ran her hands down my back and said, Timmy honey, that was incredible. Don’t tell your father, but I haven’t had an orgasm like that in years. Then she pulled me on top of her and said cum inside me, I want you to fuck me, fuck me like I have never been fucked before. I was between her legs with my cock twitching in anticipation. She reached between us and pointed my cock at her cunt opening. I slowly pushed forward and was rewarded as my cock slipped between her cunt lips and buried in her pussy. I was part way in, when I was stopped from going deeper, so I withdrew a little and tried again. I got a little deeper this time and did this several more times. Finally I felt my cock bury itself all the way to the hilt in my mother’s cunt. As I did that, she held me tight and said, don’t move, just stay like that for a minute, I want to relish the feeling.

I struggled to stay still, I wanted to pump my cock in and out of her cunt, I wanted to cum so bad I could hardly stand it. We stayed still for nearly a minute and then she said that feels sp good. Honey please fill me with your cum, please do it now. I started pumping my cock and immediately I could feel my orgasm building. It took no more than a dozen strokes and I could feel the spurts of cum explode from my penis and fill my mother’s womb. I continued pumping until the last spurt seeped inside her and then had to stop as my cock became very sensitive, so sensitive that I was unable to move for several minutes.

Finally my cock started to soften and it slid out of her cunt and I could feel my cum seeping out of her. By this time we were wrapped in each other’s arms, holding on for deer life. I tried desperately to press every inch of my body against my mother’s body, tried to get so close to her that we would feel like we were one being. After that, I rolled off her and we lay side by side, wrapped in each other’s arms and soon fell asleep.

I don’t normally dream, but that night I had a very strange dream. In my dream, I was laying naked on my bed, masturbating and my best friend, Jason walked in. He stood there for several minutes looking at my cock, and then he began undressing. To my surprise, Jason turned out to be a girl, an absolutely gorgeous girl with long, silken blond hair, bright blue eyes, perky, firm breasts and a shaved pubic area. Before I could speak, he, I mean she walked over to the bed and climbed on top of me and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Just as she was doing that, I was awakened by the feel of someone sucking on my cock. I opened my eyes and saw that mom had my cock in her hand and was starting to lick and suck it. I was not sure whether the dream was related to this or not.

Mom was kneeling near my head, so I reached out and gently motioned for her to straddle me and let me reciprocate by licking her cunt. She lifted her leg over me and the next thing I knew, her cunt was pressed against my face. I moved my face back and forth a bit, then stuck my tongue in her cunt and began moving it in and out as well as around her lips. I was not sure if this is what she wanted me to do, but she seemed to enjoy it and I could sense that she was getting excited. At this point my hands were resting on her hips, but it occurred to me that she might enjoy it if I massaged her breasts. I moved my hands to her breasts and began caressing them the way she showed me earlier.

That seemed to work as she pressed her pussy against my face and picked up the pace at which she was sucking my cock. Within minutes, she came. I could hear her moans and feel her muscles tighten as her back arched and the next thing I knew, my face was covered in her cum. That was all the stimulation I needed as I came in her mouth. Although she was engrossed in her orgasm, she continued sucking my cock and seemed to swallow all of my cum as it shot into her mouth.

After that we slept for several more hours. Strangely enough I went back to my dream and in that time, Jason the girl and I sucked and fucked over and over and by the time I awoke, I was sweating profusely and I noticed that my cock was erect and copious amounts of cum were puddled around the base of my cock. Even though Mom noticed the cum, she never said anything. When the alarm went off, she got up and said time for you to get ready for school and for me to get ready for work. Before heading to the bathroom, Mom said to me, that was one incredible night. I can’t remember another one like it since your father and I were first married. Then she said, and tonight you can try out gay sex with you father. I was not too sure I wanted to after the night I spent with my mom, but managed to say, that sounds good.

After dinner that evening, my Dad said, come-on Timmy, lets go get naked and see how this works. Well I could see already one difference between women and men. Men don’t worry about the preliminaries, just lets go get naked. Mom took her time, showered and lotioned herself and put on sexy negligee.

As we entered the bedroom, Dad said, I am not too experienced with this. I had a few male contacts before we were married, and really enjoyed them, but I really enjoyed being with your mother much more than any of my male partners. What I suggest we do is try oral sex tonight and if you really enjoy that and want to spend that weekend with me, we can see about anal sex then. For now lets just restrict ourselves to kissing and rubbing, maybe jerking each other off and some oral sex. What do you think. I said, that I was all ready to suck Jason’s cock and maybe I could do the same to him. He just said OK and asked how I wanted to do it.

I said why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed and I will kneel in front of you. He asked if I wanted for us to undress or just for him to unzip and pull out his cock. I said, lets undress and see how that feels. He quickly pulled off his shirt and began unzipping his pants as I did the same. Once naked, I was surprised at how large Dad’s cock and balls were. They were nearly twice the size of mine. I thought about want mom had said about how great the sex was, and wondered how that could be the case when his cock was so much larger.

He sat on the bed and I kneeled in front of him and took his already erect cock in my hands and began stroking it. I felt very hard, but at the same time the skin was very soft. Then I stuck my tongue out and tentatively licked the head of his cock. The taste was pleasant and I found the odor a real turn-on. I continued licking the head and then down the shaft of his cock and his ball sack.

I decided that it was now or never, so I quickly slipped my mouth around the head of his cock and began stroking up and down his cock as far as I could go. It felt wonderful and I quickly picked up the pace of my strokes. Then suddenly, I realized I was getting a bit to vigorous as the head of his cock banged against the back of my mouth and I nearly gagged. I backed off and decided to go a little easier and not so deep. Since I was only able to get about hale of his cock in my mouth, I grabbed the base of his cock in my hand and pumped furiously up and down in unison with my mouth. Within minutes he was panting for breath and raising his cock to meet my strokes. He put his hands on the back of my head and moved me even faster, but did not attempt to force his cock any deeper into my mouth.

Through his ragged breathing I could hear Dad saying, I cumming. If you want to pull out, that will be ok, but if you want to take my cum in your mouth that will be even better. I didn’t hesitate for a moment, I mumbled as best I could with a mouth full of cock, yes, yes, please cum in my mouth. He apparently understood me, because I no sooner got the words out of my mouth than he cam. I could feel hi muscles twitching and the streams of cum hitting the back of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, while the rest dripped out of my mouth and ran down my chin. I really enjoyed the taste and aroma of his cum and the feel of his throbbing cock cumming in my mouth. However, before I knew it, he was begging me to stop sucking because his cock was getting to sensitive to stand.

I stopped moving and he seemed to be ok. Almost immediately his cock began to shrivel and before I knew it I had a soft cum soaked cock, less that half the size it was when it was erect. Finally I stopped sucking and let go of his cock. Dad pulled me on the bed beside him and we lay together, he wrapping his arms around me. At first we didn’t kiss, but as we lay there, I looked up at him and he just leaned down and we kissed. He seemed to enjoy the taste of his own cum and used his tongue to collect as much as he could. After we lay together for what seemed an hour, Dad said now it’s your turn, would you like for me to suck you. I grinned and said yes, in fact balls are starting to hurt from all the excitement.

He rolled me on my back and climbed on his knees so that he could bend over and reach my cock. It was already rigid and throbbing and I was afraid I could cum as soon as he touched me. I tried to calm myself and concentrate on other thoughts. That didn’t do much good as the only thoughts I had were about fucking mom.

The next thing I knew, Dad started licking my cock, running his tongue up and down the underside of my cock and then around the cock head. He did that for several minutes, then took my cock in his mouth. I was surprised to see that he could take my entire erect cock into his mouth and feel his lips at the base of my cock. He then used his tongue to stimulate me as he kept my cock buried in his mouth. Then he began moving his lips up and down the length of my shaft. He moved his lips from the base to the very tip of my cock and then back again. After several minutes, I felt my orgasm building deep in my groin and like my Dad did earlier, I said I was cumming. He just took his hands and wrapped them around me and pulled me closer to him as I exploded in his mouth. He continued sucking until my cock softened and shriveled. He released me and again pulled me into his arms and we held each other in a warm embrace. Again I looked at him and he bent down to kiss me. This time it was my turn to taste my cum and I found it very erotic.

The next morning was Saturday and mom came bounding in and hopped on the bed. She said well Timmy honey, what is the verdict? What do you want to do, a weekend with me or with your father?

I grinned and said that is a very difficult choice, I really enjoyed being with both of them, but I had to admit that I really wanted to spend the weekend with mom. However, I added that I would really like to spend an occasional evening each of them. Mom laughed and said, well we will see, maybe that can be arranged.

Net story, A Weekend With Mom.

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