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My daughters first sex

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We always had a great birthday party for misty and she had lots of friends come over.We played lots of games one being musical chairs.It happened one time that i was playing with them and the music stopped and i sat down and one of her friends sat on my lap. I got an instant hardon as the girl was built like misty.She was real slow about getting up and then went over to misty and started talking and staring at me . We started again and my daughter got beside me and when the music stopped she sat on my lap. as my dick was still hard she bounced up and down real slow and looked around and smiled. Daddy you got a hardon for me and laughed. I laughed and said oh yeah baby i want you. Well the people started leaving so i went in to drink a beer. Misty had gone into her room and changed clothes and came out with spandex shorts and a halter.Her tits were really beautiful.Her body was something to die for. My wife had to take some of the kids home and she would be back in about an hour. Misty sat down next to me and ask for a sip of my beer . Just one misty  and she took a swallow and some beer ran down her tits. Oh gosh daddy will you wipe that off for me. I didnt have a towel handy so i used my bare hand. Damn her tits were big and my dick got hard all over again.As i was staring at her tits she looked at my dick and then said daddy do you want to fuck me .I know you don't know but i've been fucking for six months. Misty reached down and began rubbing my cock and i just about cum right there. Misty told me to pull my pants down and i didn't say a word i just took them off.Nowpull my shorts off for me. At that point i realized my daughter was seducing me. I began pulling her shorts off and she said i'll fuck you better than mom ever has.Now eat my pussy daddy.I was all hers right there. As i looked down she had no hair on her pussy and i dove right in.She was cumming in my mouth in one minute . I was sucking her cum out as hard as i could as i wanted all of it. I had her shaking all over the couch. I ate her pussy and tounged her ass for twenty minutes. She made me stop and turned around and went down and started sucking my cock.She was sucking like a pro. I held the back of her head and fucked her mouth hard and deep. I could'nt hold back any longer and shot cum  into the back of her throat and she took it all and  milked my cock dry of cum. Daddy if your going to fuck me you better do it before  mom gets home. But my cock started dying down so misty  started talking about the girl that sat on my lap at the party and it got hard again. I laid  her on the floor and shoved my cock in deep and began fucking her fast. We were fucking about two minutes and she started cumming all over my cock and i shot my load in her. As i was pulling out we heard thecar pulling up so we both ran into our bed rooms and changed clothes.As i came into the living room my wife was standing there looking at the cum on the carpet and ask me what this was  and all i could do was stand there with a blank look on my face. Misty came walking out of the kitchen with a wet towel and said she dropped some ice cream on the floor and began wipeing it up .She was faceing me and i could look down her blouse at those beautiful tits. My wife went into the kitchen  and misty looked up and said lets do it again tomorrow daddy. I just nodded my head and rubbed my cock. day two is cumming soon


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