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My mom's sexual crusade

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My mom's sexual crusade

    I was born in a small town of about sixty thousand residents.  My dad was an oil rig contractor and he would leave for a few weeks and then come back so he was off and on. It was during these times that he was gone that we started to notice that my mother had the attention of lots of men in the town.

     Me and my brother started noticing that my mom was kind of interested in this man who played a guitar. Every time she would walk down by the gym where he played, he would start playing her favorite song. Pretty soon we figured out he was playing it for her and we also noticed the huge smile it brought to her face. I wondered what dad would think about this but I never brought it up to my mother.

    A couple of months later our dad had come back to visit us for a month. We were so happy, he brought us over all kinds of presents and things and mom was also glad he came back. I started to notice that the guitar guy also stopped paying as much attention to my mom and even at that young age I knew that it was because dad had come back.

    This didn't last long however. As soon as my father left to go back overseas, the guitar guy was back. Him and mom were soon hanging out quite a bit. All her friends were jelous when he would play the guitar for her. I soon started to notice that my mother was rather different from most other ladies in our neighborhood. She was tall and had a very pretty face. She wasn't the prettiest but Once I first started noticing my attraction to women, I started to notice the fact that my mother was quite attractive. I was still a momma's boy and I wouldn't like it when she would walk us off to school and then let us go off on our own, even though we would be seeing her again in just a few hours.

    Around this time I was around 9 or 10 years old and my sexuality started to develop very quickly. Mom was definitely one of the girls on my radar. There were other women in the neighborhood that I found to be interesting looking to say the least, but I began to notice how my mom dressed, how she walked and talked to others. I knew this was very taboo and that I probably shouldn't be attracted to her in this way but I knew never to bring it up to her or to my brother. He was probably experiencing the same thing at the time but I never spoke to him about it until way later.

    Mom began to wear short dresses and very thin blouses. She would sometimes dance with the guitar man, at the church wedding hall, and at times their dancing got very physical. I remember sitting in the corner watching them move. The guitar man had his hands all over my mother's lower back and he sometimes gripped her so low that it looked like he was grabbing her ass. I remember always getting very excited and my heart beating, but I didn't know what I was experiencing yet. I only knew that it felt nice and my pee pee got very hard. Sometimes I looked at her in a way that was so perverted, that I couldn't look her in the face right after. I'm not sure why, but none of the other ladies or her friends behaved like that on the dance floor. My mom was never into alcohol but she still got carried away when there was music on. She didn't seem to care that her son was right there watching her along with other kids and people in the church hall that also were close to my father.

    A few months later my uncle called us up to ask if we could take in his daughter so she could go to college where we lived and avoid paying for a dorm room. My parents gladly accepted because we all loved our cousin Brianna very very much. She had just turned 18 and was also seeking to get away from the country lifestyle and go to a more modern college then what they had back at home. My parents gave her her own room and me and my brother were so happy that she was over because she was alot of fun. I was especially close with Brianna. She loved me and treated me like her son. She loved to give me piggy back rides when I was younger but by this time I was already 13 years old and was getting kind of heavy for her, but we still managed to have fun in other ways.

    Me and my brother Greg were two average fairly happy kids. We learned from our parents how to enjoy life, but my father was starting to get very busy at work. He worked long hours and I started to notice that my mom was beginning to feel lonely. By this time I knew how people get when they don't have sex for a while and I saw that my mother had needs that had to be taken care of. She started to behave very wierd around the house. She would often come down into the kitchen wearing a thin silk bath robe which gave away her bra strap on the back and on her shoulders. Me and my brother could also make out the panties as she wrapped the thin silk robe around her tight body. By this time I had figured out how to get myself off but I didn't figure out how to jerk off yet so I would just go upstairs to my mom's hamper, take out a pair of her panties and crawl under her bed where I would hump the carpet until I had an orgasm. I would usually have to scrub the carpet clean of the mess I had made.

    Interestingly, after each time I did this I felt really terrible. I had started to wonder would God punish me for thinking about my mother this way. I hated myself for not being able to control my urges over her, but I always ended up going back and doing the same thing.

    I was amazed at how my mom never found out about the mess I made under her bed, or that I had used her panties to get off, because she was very good at noticing little details. She knew about everyone and everything. She always knew where things were in her house and she kept the home clean too. That's how she found out that my cousin Brianna was a smoker. She was cleaning the sofa one day and found a pack of cigarettes underneath it. She confronted her over it but promised that she wouldn't tell her father. Shortly after that they started to smoke together and even in front of me and my brother.

    My mom wasn't the only woman I was heavily attracted to. My cousin Brianna wasn't bad either. She had really nice legs and would often put on these stockings and high heels and walk around the house showing her legs to me and my brother. She would ask us what we thought of her heels and thighs. She was obsessed with this one boy that she was dating and wanted to hear our opinions about her looks, before she dressed up for him. I don't know how my brother felt but I used to get a raging hardon when she did that. One day she even noticed me covering up my hardness. I thought she would freak out and tell my mom but she just smiled at me and then continued to fix her hair in the mirror. I found this to be very strange but I didn't feel any braver after that. I soon figured out a way how to trap my penis with the waist band in my shorts so that way the bulge wouldn't be obvious.

    I noticed that my mother started to spend alot of time at several of the neighbor's houses. We lived right across the street from an army depot pklace, and my mom would often make coffee for them and bring it over there. I noticed that she put on makeup and fixed her hair every time she did that. Her wardrobe became very revealing as well. She would wear V cut shirts and very short dresses that she borrowed from my cousin sometimes. She would stay over there for hours and would never go over if my father was at home.


    A very short time after that, something happened that turned my world completely upside down. After it, nothing else would ever be the same and my understanding of the adult world would change completely. There was lots of confusion and somewhat of a depression which I quickly got out of because I was the type of kid that could hit the ground running.

    My brother Greg came to me and said he had to tell me something really important but not to tell anyone. I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone so he went on to say that one day he came back home early from school and heard moaning in the basement. Even though mom was supposed to be at work, she had taken off early with her boss and they came to our house and started to have sex in our basement and then my brother said he caught them red handed. Mom freaked out and told her boss to leave and then she had a conversation with my brother about what he saw. My brother said that she told him not to tell our father and that what she did with her boss wasn't right. She then offered my brother a blowjob to keep his mouth shut and proceeded to blow him. My brother, who was 15 at the time, went on to say that she took her top off for him and let him feel her tits while she was sucking his cock. He also added that this happened a few months ago and several more times since. She also let him finger her and even promised to let him actually do it with her soon after he matured some.

    Of course I interviewed my brother about how the blowjob was and how her pussy felt and everything, and then I asked him why she didn't let him have sex with her yet? He just nodded saying that he was kind of nervous about it and that he told her, so mom decided to hold it off until he was maybe 16 or even 17. My brother said that he told her he could do it sooner but mom said she would be the judge of that and that she would only let him suckle on her breasts and finger her but that they wouldn't have sex until she decided he was ready. My brother also went on to say that she still has sex with our neighbor when dad is at work and that she sometimes tells my brother about it.

    A mix of emotions were rushing trough me like adrenaline. I was horny, confused and I even felt a little bit jelous. Why was she doing all these things with my brother and how come she didn't tell me about it? Since I promised my brother I wouldn't tell her that he said, I really couldn't confront her about it. I wondered what kind of mother she really was. How come other moms werent so sexual and liberal about messing around with neighbors, my father's friend and even her own child? How would my dad ever deal with this if he found out? What was she doing across the street every other day visiting the army guys and bringing them coffee? I had a million questions about my mother and was unsure about alot of things, but one thing I was sure about was that she was still my mommy and I loved her very very much. I started to have a mild asthma attack from excitement.

    I had been having asthma attacks since I was about 6 years old and every time it happened my mom would hear me wheezing and wake up in the middle of the night to help me with my inhalator. That's probably the first time I started to notice her breasts because she would be sleepy and tired and in those moments wouldn't have the sence to cover her clevage up. Her breasts weren't bare in any way but they were semi nude and definitely in plain sight for my eyes to feast on.

    About a month later my curiosity about her visits across the street was just overwhelming and I decided to try and spy on her. It was a sunday and my dad had to go help a friend move, and my brother had hockey practice to go to, so me and mom were alone in the house. Around two O'clock in the afternoon she put the water on to brew and went upstairs to fix her hair and put some makeup on. She soon finished and was ready to take the coffee across the street.

"I'll be back in a few hours honey I'm just going across the street to let the army guys try this new coffee brand I bought. If you get hungry you've got some pasta in the fridge just throw it into the oven for 15 minutes, ok sweetey?"

She kissed me on the forehead and ruffled my hair while smiling at me.

"Ok mom, I'll see you later."

She walked out with some nice heels on and headed on across the street. I immediately went into the back yard and jumped over the neighbor's fence and ran around his house to position myself in the back yard. I waited about 30 minutes before I was brave enough to jump their fence and sneak into the garden which was now used to stockpile pallets of ammunition and all kinds of soups and canned foods. I found my way trough all these things and reached the back door patio. There were two basement windows at the bottom of the house. I could hear music commin from the basement and I also heard echoes of slapping sounds which were intensifying by the second. I heard a familiar hum mixed with a moan. I could already tell it was my mom. I got brave enough to crawl up to the window and take a peek trough it.

    What I saw next was probably the most shocking, yet most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. One of the big army guys was lying on his back on the matress with my mom on top of him. His rock hard cock was deep inside of her pussy as her face was on his. They were kissing very passionately as he worked her hard from below.

    The other guy was behind my mother standing on the floor right in front of the matress. He held my mom's ass, gripping it tightly. I thought that he was hurting her for a second, but then I noticed that he had his cock up her asshole. My mom broke her kiss with the one guy and leaned back into the arms of the man behind her. He gripped her breasts and slid his cock slowly in and out of her asshole. She leaned back and tilted her head over her right shoulder meeting his mouth for a passionate kiss. The two men must have been at least half my mother's age, who was only 40 at the time.

    My heart was beating so fast and strong that I was starting to have an asthma attack again. I was so horny and nervous that I accidentaly bumped a flower vase with my elbow to my right, immediately knocking it over and breaking it. This made so much noise that neither the music nor the sounds of the fucking weren't enough to drown it out. I looked back trough the window to see my mother staring right back at me.

"DONNIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, STAY RIGHT THERE AND DON'T MOVE."  I could tell my mom was furious with me.

The two men also saw me and they jumped back all startled, their hard cocks pulsating in the chilly air.

"Who's that Donna is that your kid?"

"Yes that's my son, I'm so sorry guys we'll have to continue this some other time I have to go talk to this little brat."

Then I heard the two guys whispering

"Holy shit dude that's her kid. Let's get outta here."

My mom threw on the little bit of clothes she had on when she left the house and stormed up the stairs after me. She walked out furious and slapped me in the face.

"Don't you ever spy on me like that." She wanted to yell at me but managed to keep her voice toned down so that the neighbors wouldn't hear us. She was still yelling but quietly.

I couldn't help but notice that her breasts were almost falling out of her V shirt and her dress wasn't properly on yet. My mom held her obviously wet panties in her left hand as she hit me with her right hand again on my tush.

"What have you got to say for yourself young man? You should never spy on your mother like that you hear me?!?!?!"

I barely managed to put out a word as I was almost sobbing.

"I'm sorry mom, but I was just curious ....why you spent much time across the street. Greg told me you had sex with the neighbor and that you let Greg finger you and that you showed him your breasts and..."

I was so distraught that I spilled the beans about everything due to my hysteria.

She cut me off before I could finish.

"Watch your language with me I'm still your mother and I won't have you cursing like that. How do you know what fingering is anyway, who taught you that?"

"I dunno we were watching some porno on TV the other night and that's what they were saying" I replied.

"Don that is none of your business who I had sex with, and your brother should have never told you about what we did. And you shouldn't be watching porn at such a young age."

She managed to calm down a little bit as we made our way into the house. She closed the door behind her and locked it.

I could tell she felt a little bit bad about hitting me. She kneeled in front of me holding onto the shirt that covered her bare breasts.

"Oh sweetey I'm so sorry I hit you."

"Don't worry about it I didn't even feel it, I was just upset because I got a little bit freaked out when I saw such a helpless position." I could harldy keep my eyes off her body, which she obviously noticed.

"You can't tell your father what you saw do you understand me?" She waved her index finger in front of my nose.

"Greg said that after he caught you you said you would lick his pee pee."

Mom looked confused. "I said I would suck his pee pee, but..."

"Mom I'm not trying to blackmail you but can you please lick my pee pee too?"

Her jaw dropped in shock.

"Donnie I'm....your brother is older then you but it's still not right that I licked him down there, and it only happened once, never to be repeated again."

"But mom he said that you showed him your boobies and that he touched you inbetween the legs and that you promised him sex ."

Mom was almost getting angry again.

"He told you all this???!"

I just nodded.

"Donnie honey, you are to young for all these kinds of things and I will NEVER EVER do it with your brother."

I was starting to get all choked up. I didn't really see how this was in any way fair to me. I wanted to at least get to touch her or something.

"But mommy, this isn't fair. Can I at least touch your breasts?"

She grew more impatient with me.

"Oh god help you dear child, no you CAN'T! I am your mother, now what kind of mother would I be?!? End of story." She raised her tone at the end there.

I almost started to cry again.

"You love Greg more then me don't you mom?"

Mom was starting to tear up now too.

"That isn't true baby." She hugged me closely. I could now feel her nipples poking trough the thin shirt which instantly caused me to get hard. I was almost positive she could now feel it on her leg too.

She looked at me seriously after backin off as she held my shoulders.

"Tell you what. If you don't tell your father or your brother anything, maybe I'll show you my boobies some other"

"Will you let me suckle on them?"

"I don't know we'll have to see about that, go on go to your room mommy has to go get a shower."

I had to make sure about one more thing.

"Mom you still love us the most right? Me Greg and dad....right?"

She hugged me closely again as she knelt in front of me.

"Of course sweetey, you are what matters most to me in the whole wide world, and your father too. When you saw me with those two guys earlier, I was with them just for fun but your father is the only love in my life...ok baby?"

"But why did you tell those other two guys that you would continue the sex some other time?"

She went on a little annoyed. "Well because they did not finish."

I was still curious and as long as she kept answering I wanted to continue this interrogation.

"And did you finish?"

"Where did you learn all this stuff..."Finish"...who taught you that?"

"Well me and cousin Will found some porno magazines at a friend's house and me and Greg watched some porn late the other night."

Mom seemed like she was ready to jump out of her skin.

"Well ok son but you are just to young for this sort of thing, sex is for grownups and I want you to understand that what I did with your brother and those two men, that it isn't right."

I assured her I understood.

"I gotcha mom, and I promise I won't tell anyone but do you wanna see some of the mags up in the attic...I stashed a bunch of them away."

"Well...ok but make it quick I have to still make dinner for your father."

We walked up the creeky old stairs and sneaked trough a mini door all the way at the top of the stairs. The whole scene reminded me of a horror movie. Everything was really dusty so we didn't waste time. I walked over to the far right corner of the attic where there sat an old table with some drawers in it. I opened up one drawer and there it was. My porno stash. I had all kinds of magazines in there girl on girl, girls solo, old men fucking girls and even some of older women with younger men. My mom was kind of wierded out.

"Oh my god sweetey, you don't have to keep these up here in the dirty old attic. Just put them under your bed or something I won't mind and your father will never look under the bed."

I flipped trough some more pages and the images started to become more graphic. There were closeup shots of girls' vaginas and big huge cocks. I could tell my mom was getting very uneasy, but I still thought it would be fair for her to do one last thing with me if she didn't want to do anything physical with me.

"Hey mom, since you said you won't do anything physical with me like you did with Greg....why don't you watch an incest porno with me at least?"

"What kind of an incest porno? Does it have real real incest?"

"No no it's all actors but I'd really love for you to watch it with me...."

Mom just kept flipping trough pages of the dirty magazine...she seemed in a trance.

"Momm?!?! So will you...will you watch it with me?" Mom seemed like she really didn't want to do it but like I had almost cornered her. I wondered if she feared I would tell on her, because she sort of had that look in her eye. I really had her cornered with this.

She finally responded.

"I guess I could sure...what's the name of it?"

"Well it's called Taboo and there are many parts to it but the first part is my favorite. It's where..."

Mom cut me off before I could finish.

"Well don't ruin it for me by telling me what happens. We'll watch it tonight after dinner okay sweetey?" She just kissed me on the forehead and said

"And bring those into your room I don't like you comming up here all by yourself it's creepy and dusty up here." She helped me carry some of the magazines down the stairs. What a cool mom. How many moms would do that for their son?

    Later that night we all had dinner together. My cousin Brianna was wearing a rather revealing outfit because she had just come back from a date with her boyfriend. Me and my brother couldn't keep our eyes off her amazing tits. I had a silly feeling that she was getting a kick out of us staring.

    After we were finished eating I helped my mom wash the dishes and asked her where she wanted to watch our little movie. She said that we should meet in the basement by the couch and watch it on the big TV after everyone went to sleep.

    I quickly ran upstairs to my room and burned the movie off of my computer onto a DVD. I also jumped in the shower and put on my PJ's and after everyone had gone to their own rooms, I quietly walked downstairs into the basement.

    A few minutes later I could hear the stairs creaking as my mom walked down after me, her high heel slippers click clacking all the way down to the cold carpetless floor. I brought some popcorn and a two liter bottle of pepsi out of the fridge and I fixed cups with ice for the both of us. Mom helped me stretch out the couch, it was one of those old couches that could turn into a bed.

    I walked over by the stairs to get my pepsi bottle.

"Don don't walk on that cold floor barefoot, put some slippers on." She whispered to me. She made me walk over to her and put her slippers on. I looked up the stars to make sure the door was closed and then walked up to lock it. Mom saw me do that but said nothing.

"Don how long is this movie honey you have school tomorrow. I hope it doesn't last to long."

"It's about an hour and a half but we don't have to watch the entire thing tonight, we can just finish it tomorrow if you want."

My mom yawned as she said "Yeah let's just watch half of it tonight."

I quickly popped the DVD into the player.

The movie opens up with a much younger Kay Parker having sex with her husband in their bedroom. I could hear mom clearing her throat. I couldn't believe that I was watching a porno movie with my mother who was lying right next to me. I looked over to her and could tell she was starting to become sweaty.

The sex scene was getting rougher and steamier. Kay Parker spreading her legs wide as her husband fucked her from below. The guy licked her breasts and kissed her on the neck as he continued to intrude her most private area.

The guy then decides to turn the light off, and Kay Parker turns it on. He shuts the light off again which upsets Kay Parker and she turns it on one more time. Then they stop having sex and get into an argument. My mom couldn't believe what was happening.

"Why are they fighting?"

"I guess they're having some marriage problems." I responded to my mom.

The couple went on to argue and they both started to dress up. The man yelled at his wife saying he couldn't take it anymore and that he'll be moving out and leaving her soon. He also said that their son would have to decide which parent he wants to live with.

Kay Parker sat down on the bed again her face very sad.

The next scene took part in the kitchen the following morning. The mother is making her son brekfast while telling him what happened the previous night. She goes on to say to him that she wanted him to think really good about who he wanted to move in with.  The 18 yearold boy's response was quick and he said he wanted to live with her rather then his father. He went on to say that he could quit school and get a job. This got a very angry reaction out of his mother who immediately protested and said that she would get a job adding:

"I'm not exactly over the hill you know!" She smiled at the camera as if she was looking at her son, the camera caught a part of her partly nude breasts and almost bare nipples. Her robe was parted and she could see that her son noticed this. He responded.

"Mmmm you're telling me. I got the best looking mom in town."

"Well thank you sonny boy." She answered him by tying up her robe with a smile on her face.

My mom decided to interrupt.

"Oh my god they're not going to do it are they?"

"Mom you said not to tell you what happens...I mean I could tell you if you really wanted to know..."

"No no don' tell me." I could see that mom was very interested in the movie.

About an hour into the film my cock felt like it was about to burst. One touch on the tip of my cockhead would have resulted in an orgasm.

Kay parker eventually goes out to look for a job. She finds work with some man and goes on a date with him. She has a fun time with him until he gets a little rough with her so she dumps him. She is then invited to go to some kind of a party, which she didn't know was a group sex kind of party. She walks around and notices people having sex. The camera starts shooting numerous people doing nasty things, women blowing men just before they enter other women, women kissing and going down on each other.

In one scene a man is having sex with this girl and he pulls out just before he starts to shoot his sperm and he finishes on her pussy and her tummy. He then inserts his penis back inside of her, his cockhead still dripping a mixture of semen and precome.

"See this is wrong right here, Don you know not to ever do this right?" My mom looked at me with concern.

I just nodded. "I know mom."

"And you must always use a condom let alone do what that man just did. See that's how a woman gets pregnant very easily. It doesn't matter that he pulled out and came outside of her there's still a risk of her getting pregnant even though it isn't that much sperm."

"Don't worry mom we learned this in health class."  

"What did you learn exactly?"

"Well Mrs. Kelly taught us how babies are made and that you must always wear a condom."

My mom put on a smirk.

"Wow how nice, Mrs. Kelly is telling graphic things to thirteen yearolds about sexual intercourse."

I could tell mom sounded pretty angry. She obviously had a problem with Mrs. Kelly, maybe it was because my teacher was also an attractive woman just like my mom.

"I don't really mind it mom, I like Mrs. Kelly she's really cool."

"Cool? What is it that you like about her? You probably like the skimpy outfits she wears...which I think is totally inapropriate to wear in school."

"Well I don't know I guess she's kind of attractive...sure."

Mom was looking a little bit jelous for some reason.

"Who do you think is more or your teacher?" She said with a smirk.

If we were about to have this conversation I didn't want to let the movie keep rolling. I really wanted mom to see the mom son sex scene. I turned around and noticed that the movie had already made it up to that scene.

"Should I pause the movie mom?"

"No don't pause it just answer my question."

"I think you're much more attractive mom...I think you're much cooler too, but Mrs. Kelly is also cute."

She crossed her elbows. "But do you think I'm cute too?"

"I don't know mom, I only got to see you naked from far away so I barely saw anything....should I pause the movie?" We both turned around to look at the big 47 inch screen. Kay parker was inside of her son's room and she was now holding his semi hard cock debating in her head weather to go trough with what she ached to do, or to leave. She eventually put his cockhead in her mouth and started to blow him which woke the boy up. He just grunted as he said.

"Ohhhh mom."

And he put his fingers trough her hair. Mom's eyes sparked with fire as she watched the mother take her top off and expose her breasts to her child who immediately started groping them. A few minutes later the mother positioned herself over her son's cock and impaled her twat on his rock hard pole. They started to make out passionately as she rode his cock.

Mom looked at me again.

"Well I can't let you have sex with me Donny, you're too young for that and I fear you wouldn't know what to do... but I guess we could play around a little bit."

My cock was about to burst out of my pants.

"What do you mean, play around?"

Mom tapped the spot right next to her and said.

"Come closer to mom...common don't be scared." I hesitated a little bit because I never actually thought anything would ever happen. I scooted close to her and lied right next to her as she threw her arm over me and started to run her fingers trough my hair. We kept watching the movie. By this time the mom was on her back and her son was fucking her missionary style. She began to yell.

"Oh god I'm cumming." I could feel my mom's heart beating because my ear was right on her breasts. She told me to look up at her and took hold of my chin with her left hand, because I was positioned on her right side and her right arm was over my shoulders and caressing my hair lovingly.

She pulled my chin closer to her's and told me to lick my lips just after she wet her own lips with her tongue. I could feel her breath on my wet lips and it smelled so sweet. It had a minty fresh feel to it. I could also smell her freshly showered skin. Mom had no make up on but she still looked stunning even up close.

"Have you ever kissed a girl baby?"

I was kind of shy and embaressed to admit that I had not.

"No mom, I guess I haven't except for when we smooch on the lips before bed time."

My mother always kisses me and my brother softly on the lips in a non sexual motherly way, every night before I go to sleep and she had been doing that ever since I can remember.

"I don't mean like that. I mean like...." She planted her wet lips on mine and I could feel her tongue attempting to part my shivering wet lips. I was so nervous that I was starting to lose my hardon. It was simply way to much contact then what I could handle at the time.

After a few seconds and me not opening my mouth my mom backed off.

"It's okay baby, it's just my tongue open your mouth and well play tongue tag okay?"

She tried it again and this time I opened up my mouth and met my mom's wet tongue which started to twirl around in my mouth. I chased her tongue with mine and kept my mouth completely open, it was almost like one of those porno kisses from the movies I've  seen and jerked off to. We went on for a little while and then mom stopped again.

"That wasn't bad but we need to make it more sensual and a little bit more wet then that so just follow my lead."

My mom licked her lips once again and I did the same. She parted them slightly and licked my chin with her tongue trapping my lower lip with both of her lips and licking them a little bit. She did this in a very slow motion leaving a trail of saliva on my chin and lower lip. She then proceeded to guide me with a very smooth french kiss as I opened my mouth and we did a real nice genuine wet french kiss parting lips and closing them our tongues having much more traction then earlier. Our mouths clicked rather loudly as the mixture of saliva made a wet sticky sound.

"Do you wanna see mommy's boobs?"

"Sure mom but can I get to have sex with you also?"

She started to take off her top and unclasping her bra as she spoke.

"I don't think so Dookie you're to young for that and I could get pregnant." She called me Dookie since I was a baby, or whenever she wasn't mad at me.

"But mom why don't we use a condom I can go grab one of dad's?"

She was persistent. "It's still to dangerous a condom could slip off or maybe pop and I can't risk it with you."

"But you can risk it with Greg?"

She seemed sad and looked like she felt guilt.

"Oh god don't bring that up again, you know it has nothing to do with me loving one of you more then the other."

"But then why not let me have sex with you?"

"Ok I got an idea. I'll let you have sex with me but not in my vagina."

"Ok but where then?"

"Well you can stick it in my butthole, I'm sure it feels just as good as mommy's vagina."

"But mom you won't feel as good...will you?"

"This is not about me baby don't worry I'll figure out a way how to have fun too okay?" She smiled as she kissed me on the lips once more. I just nodded humming "Mmm-hmmm" as I responded to her tongue intrusion.

"Okay now grab the condom out of the drawer behind you."

"I still have to wear a condom mom?"

"Yes and that's not debatable. A butt can be very dirty back there. You don't wanna get some...ummm how should i say this, mud on your that how it's refered to nowadays?" I just nodded disappointingly.

"Or we could just not do it at all, if you're going to be such a crybaby. How's that?"

"No no mom I'm ok, let's do it I'm more then grateful." I reached back into the drawer and pulled out a trojan. I immediately tore up the package with my teeth.

"Careful honey, you might break the condom."

I took the condom out and handed it to mom.

"Ok now take your boxers off and your shirt please." She sounded authoritarian. She sat up and prepared the condom for my rock hard penis, that's what it was supposed to be anyway but it was anything but. My cock had gotten completely limp because of my nervousness. When my mom saw my little soft pee pee she almost giggled.

"What's wrong, are you nervous?"

"I don't know mom since we were kissing it kind of shrunk I guess."

"Well maybe this will help." SHe got up and stood next to the bed. She pulled the straps off her shoulders completely exposing her tits. She also slid her black laced panties down her strong shapely legs. It was definitely having an effect on me once her thick bush came into view. My mom had a really nice bush down there. She sat back down on the bed and told me to kneel in front of her.

She pulled my foreskin back on my semi hard pole and gave my head a lick with her tongue. Then she started to jack me off while smiling at me from below. She took my cockhead and rubbed it up against her hard nipples switching from one nipple to the next. This definitely did it for me as I was rock hard now. She took some saliva from her mouth with her finger and lubed up the inside of the condom which made it slide on my cock easily. I could tell she wasn't really impressed with my cock which was at around five inches.

"Ok scoot back down a little bit." She said as she laid on her back and spread her legs. She had alot of hair on her pussy but you could tell she trimmed it every once in a while. Her asshole was also quite hairy. She reached down to her ass and spread her asscheeks real wide for my pulsating red cock. I positioned myself inbetween her legs and rubbed my cockhead close to her pussy.

"Ahh not so close, you're aiming for the hole under it." She then took my cock and pulled it toward the right hole.

"Right there."

I could feel her asshole with my cockhead and how tight it was. I started to push forward hard and it finally popped inside of her butthole.

"Ohh go slowly I've got a really tight butt baby." She said as she adjusted her body to the new object now pulsating in her hole.

I started to push deeper and deeper until I could no longer push. There was plenty more room farther down but I had run out of penis. I pulled out and started to assfuck my mom slowly. She took hold of my hand and crisscrossed her fingers with mine pulling me closer to her mouth. I wasn't really quite as tall as her at the time so I had a hard time reaching her wet mouth. What I had to do was push my cock deep in her asshole to reach her mouth and then break the kiss when pulling out. I looked down to see mom playing with her pussy as I my head rested on her naked breasts. I started to pound away a little bit faster but It was a mistake. Within seconds I started to come filling up the condom with my seed. My body quivered with ecstacy and my mom just hugged me closely putting my head on her right shoulder.

"It's okay baby let it all out let it all out." She said as she tapped me on the back as I shook and buckled in her arms. She stopped playing with herself and just sat there waiting for me to calm down. A few moments after my dick lost its hardness it slipped out of her. She told me to go to the bathroom and flush the condom away in the toilet, and to also take a quick shower.

By the time I was done and came out of the shower, I noticed mom was gone. I went up the stairs to the first floor and she wasn't there either. I proceeded farther up the stairs to the second floor to check if she was in my parent's bedroom, she wasn't there either. All I heard was my dad snoring really loud as he was sound asleep. I walked father down to my brother's room. I could suddenly hear two people breathing. The door had been slightly open and the light was also on. I peeked in to see something that very much disappointed me and made me very sad.

The sight I saw was my mom on her back, her legs spread in the air, and my brother's fifteen yearold balls slapping quickly back and forth against her mature asshole as he fucked her missionary style pumping away inside of her pussy. I could hear the matress springs creaking and the two of them trying to hold back their ecstacy. I wondered how my mom wasn't worried about dad catching them, or even me catching them. I guess she was just to horny to worry about that at the time.  She looked to her left and caught me staring at her but she didn't do much. The look of ecstacy on her face told me she didn't want to disrupt her fun just because I was there staring at her. She looked at me for a few seconds, her eyes almost teary from pleasure and then she just threw her head back she seemed as though she was about to come.

I could suddenly hear my mom whisper in ecstacy.

"Don't come yet baby I'm so close don't stop, harder!!!"

"Ahhhhh god mom I'm comming....ahhhhh"

he kissed her neck and tits as he pulled his cock out to drop a load all over her pussy and tummy spraying her thighs and as high up as her tits. I quickly pulled my head back and shut the door behind me, running off to my room. I couldn't really see my brother's cock but there was no way he had a condom on because I didn't see him reach inbetween his legs and he just shot his sperm so quickly so there was no way he had a condom on.

I just jumped back and ran off into my room. I pinched myself trying to snap out of this disbelief. My penis had been inside of my mother's rectum 10 minutes ago and seconds ago my brother's was in her vagina. I had trouble falling asleep because she let him in there with out a condom and I had to wear a condom in her butt. I thought about how I would confront her about this the next day. I laid there awake for a few hours hoping mom would come in and maybe wanna talk to me. I was so depressed I almost cried myself to sleep.

    The next morning I came down into the kitchen last of everyone in the house. Mom and Dad were sitting around eating with my brother who was shoveling his eggs into his mouth because his friends were already outside waiting for him in the car. He left a half hour earlier then me because he was already in high school. He grabbed his bookbag and ran out kissing mom and dad both on the cheeks.

    My cousin Brianna was also there which was kind of surprising to see her up this early because her classes didn't start utnil later in the afternoon. She was wearing a tight white tank top and very short shorts.  She just sat there drinking her coffee. Mom was in her bathrobe sitting right next to dad as he read the paper paying attention only to what he was reading.

    My mom's bathrobe was slightly parted so before she got up she tied the knot up front making sure her breasts were covered. It seemed like she didn't have a bra on for some reason. She got up and walked over to the kitchen counter to grab some cold cuts for me.

"What do you wanna eat Dookie?"

She brought me back a couple of boiled eggs and some salami. I ate quick because I slept in a little bit longer then usual. A few minutes later my dad wrapped the newspaper back together grabbed his coffee mug , his jacket and said goodbye to everyone. Mom walked him out and kissed him on the lips, it was just a quick smooch though.

She walked back inside the kitchen, this time her robe slightly parted. She reminded me of Kay Parker from the Taboo, the incest movie we saw last night. You could clearly make out my mom's cleavage.

I was still pretty upset because of last night.

My cousin Brianna just sat there drinking her coffee and checking her cellphone.

Mom could tell I wasn't allright so she said:

"What's the matter honey, you're not hungry?"

"I already ate two eggs."

"You should eat that last one, lunch isn't until noon at school right?"

I responded with "What do you care?"

My cousin Brianna put down her cellphone, because she probably never heard me talk back to my mom like that much less for no reason.

"What's with him Aunt Donna?" My cousin said.

"Don't worry about it Bri" then she looked at me angrily. "We'll discuss it later ok Don?" Now I knew she was mad at me because she called me by my name.

Brianna looked at me "What happened Don?"

"Nothing, mom only cares about Greg and doesn't really care about me."

Mom was losing her patience so she raised her voice.

"Donnie I said we'll discuss it later now stop i,t and don't you DARE tell her you hear me?"

Brianna looked puzzled. She was becomming more and more interested in this now.

"Tell me what what's happening Aunt Donna?"

I said nothing after that and just got back to eating. I finished my last egg and grabbed my bookbag heading straight for the door.

Mom went right after me and we got out on the front porch closing the door behind us. Mom whispered but rather loudly.

"What's the matter with you why are you so angry with me?"

"Mom you promised that you wouldn't have sex with Greg and you lied."

"I didn't have sex with him he put it in my butt just like you did last night."

"Oh please I saw it good. He was exactly inside of your pussy and without a condom too."

"He had a condom on."

"Oh no he didn't, how else did he spray his load all over you without reaching down to take the condom off."

Mom looked like a deer in headlights "Umm I pulled it off."

"That's bullshit mom, and you know it." I snapped out of her grip.

"I'm so sorry honey, I was just so turned on and I didn't want to just pleasure myself I really needed to be filled up with a real live penis, and you probably couldn't go..." I cut her off.

"So you could've come back to me I was ready to go again like five minutes later."

"You want mommy to give you a blowjob right now before school? Will that calm you down a little?" She smiled devilishly as she said that.

"I don't know....maybe. It depends how good it is." I smiled back at her as I stared down her neck and eyed over her cleavage. Her eyes directly looking at mine and then following them.

She grabbed my hand. "Common, we can't do it inside the house because of your cousin."

She dragged me to the side of the house trough the little side garage door. We entered the garage and she just told me to stand against the wall. She did not even bother taking my pants the whole way down. She just kneeled in front of me and was about to reach for my fly.

"Mom, can I kiss you first?"

She just stood up and closed in on my face all the while smiling. I could tell she was enjoying this. She licked her lips after which I did exactly the same quickly and locked my lips with her's. She kissed me slowly, our tongues dancing. I felt her left breast softly and lovingly. The kiss probably lasted for quite a while but it seemed like it was half a second. My mother hummed into my mouth. She was one of those. The moment she parted from our lip lock I asked her.

"You really get turned on when there's a possibility that someone might catch you don't you mom?"

She just smiled and kneeled down in front of me once again.

"I don't know...maybe." She responded.

"You saw me watching you and Greg last night and you didn't even flinch, you in fact looked like you rather liked me watching you."

She just giggled as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my semi hard cock. Her right tit had accidently fallen out of her robe and she hadn't even noticed it. I glanced down, my eyes feasting at the sight of my mother licking my cockhead as she stared up at me smiling. Her big nipple long and pointy on her sagging breast. Her tits weren't really saggy in an ugly way, but becaues they were probably bigger then average they sagged a bit. She teased my cockhead for a couple of seconds and then licked up and down the bottom of my cock. She then inserted my cockhead past her lips and stopped there. I could feel her wet tongue circling around the head, and then flicking over my tip and back to circling the head again. I was in heaven. I just let out a loud groan and threw my head back. My mother never stopped looking up at me by the way. God what a slut, I thought to myself. She was never like this when I was younger, or I at least didn't notice it.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall right in front of my dad's old mercedes. I was already fifteen minutes late and my slutty mom hasn't even stared blowing me. She just kept on teasting the top of my cock. I knew I needed to start going soon so I was about to put my hand on the back of her head and push her on my cock when I felt my cockhead on her breast. She was rubbing my dick on her tits making them wet and leaving a trail of saliva strecthing from her lips all the way down to my cock and her tit. Oh my god I had never dreamed my mom was capable of acting this way.

She then put my cock back inside of her warm mouth and I put a hand on her head and gently pushed her forward, as she swallowed my length down her throat she never stopped suckling on it. The sucking action was something I rather enjoyed. I then felt the tip hit the back of her throat and be engulfed with her throat muscles which now started to flex giving my head stimulation. Usually when I watched porno, seeing this happen the girl would gag and spit out some saliva, but not my mom. It seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing. She kept flexing the muscles around my cockhead as her tongue stimulated the bottom vaine of my shaft. She didn't even bob her head back and forth and I was cumming in seconds. The most amazing thing is that the cum disappeared down her throat without her gagging yet. I couldn't believe it. Spurt after spurt kept flying out and all I heard was 'gulp gulp gulp gulp' her swallowing my load, and no gagging whatsoever.

I finally stopped cumming and my mom slowly pulled her head back making sure that her lips put some pressure on my head as the cockhead went past them. She smacked her lips as she stood back up to face me again. I could smell my cum on her breath.

"Was that good enough?" She smiled as she said that.

I just nodded speachlessly. She turned around and started walking away as she said.

"Hurry home mommy's got a surprise for you when you get back."

"What do you mean what's the surprise?"

She said. "Let's just say that you were right me being turned on by the fact that we could get caught!"

I couldn't believe it. Was she saying that she would finally let me actually fuck her in a traditional way, the way God meant for it to happen? My heart was racing so quickly I almost collapsed. I didn't say anything other then:

"I'll be home by four mom."

The whole day at school I kept recieving text messages from my cousin who desperately wanted for me to tell her what me and mom were arguing about this morning. I kept texing her back saying that I just couldn't and for her to stop bothering me about that.

When I got home from school that day my cousin was gone out somewhere. Probably out with her boyfriend. My dad wasn't back home yet but he would be in less then an hour. I could hear some moaning and heavy breathing comming from upstairs. I carefully walked up the stairs, the moans getting louder. I could already tell it was my mom and my brother Greg having sex.

I barged in on them and yelled.

"Greg aren't you supposed to be in school. Mom why aren't you at work?!?!?"  

I was usually almost always the first to get home every day. I would use this time to go into my mother's hamper and jerk off while smelling her freshly used panties and rubbing them on the tip of my cock.

"Mom..... picked me up from school..... just before I stared my second period....ungh.... so we came back here to have some fun." My brother barely spoke inbetween breaths as he kept pumping his cock in and out of our mom.

"Have you guys been having sex all day today?"

Mom just combed her long hair back and nodded to me.

" can watch...and learn...if you ever expect me to do the same with!" She was almost out of breath as well. They were both sweaty and it seemed as thought they had been fucking for hours. I walked closer to them and saw that my brother clearly wasn't wearing a condom. I also saw stains all over the bed, which were a mixture of my brother's come and mom's juices. My brother immediately started busting my balls.

"You can' it like this baby bro. You're still an amateur...uhh" He kept pounding away missionary style. Their fingers were interlocked. They seemed very intimate.

My mom wouldn't let him make fun of me so she said.

"Greg...don't to your ....little brother that's okay honey" She reached out her hand toward me. "Come to mommy, he won't make fun of you."

I kneeled next to my mom and she grabbed the back of my head pulling it toward her face. Her head and whole body were rocking back and forth as the bodies slapping never seemed to stop. We kissed each other as she hummed and breathed into my mouth lovingly. With her right hand she played with her clitoris. I placed my left hand on her breast and started groping it. I licked her whole chin and played with her tongue. Our mouths were wet from saliva.

"Mommy'll let you fuck her soon you just have to learn first baby." She said to me quietly so my brother couldn't hear.

"Why can't I just do it right now?" She just smiled at me as my brother licked her left breast. She closed in on my lips again and we continued to make out.

I saw her petting the back of my brother's head with her right hand. She threw her head back as if she was about to come but then she looked at me again.

"Do you guys wanna double penetrate mommy?"

I just nodded with a smile, and my brother had kind of a look of disappointment on his face. I felt like I was ruining his excitement. Then my mom gave him sort of an angry look like 'say yes'. I felt like she was only doing that so that I wouldn't feel left out. My brother finally said yes after a long pause. He looked a little annoyed.

Greg pulled his dick out of her and she just scooted up underneath him squeezing out of his almost vicelike grip. My brother wasn't quite as big as mom yet but he was definitely taller then me. I was tiny compared to the two of them. She got up off the bed and stood next to it. I looked at her breasts, they were wet from saliva and red from obvious suckling that might have occured earlier. I then glanced in between her legs, there were juices and fluids running down her thighs. Just looking at her strong muscular legs and perfectly round ass drove me crazy. Her breasts looked amazing to.

I was in sort of a trance when I heard my mom yelling at me almost.

"Donnie can you hear me? Hello earth to Donnie!"

My brother then said :"Common buddy pay attention dad's gonna be home soon and I don't wanna end up jerking off in my room."

"Okay okay sorry." I tried to concentrate.

Mom continued. "Okay Greg lay down on your back and Donnie position yourself behind me."

She then walked around the bed put her leg over my brother and positioned herself over his rock hard pole. She slid down it slowly and rode up and down a few times before telling me to come closer to her. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw it was almost five O clock which meant my dad would be home any second. Surely my mother must have known this, I think she enjoyed the risk of getting caught in a threesome with her children.

"Come to mom Donnie." She leaned forward giving me easier access to her asshole. I kneeled closer and then stood up with my knees bent making sure I didn't step on my brother's legs. I took hold of my cock and aimed it at her hole. I rubbed up and down letting the head pop inside and slowly pushed in deeper. I could hear mom breathing heavier and faster. I wasn't inside of her pussy but at least I was ass fucking her with no condom which I considered a huge step and it definitely felt a hell of a lot better. I felt more intimate with her and I could definitely feel her warm insides much better. I could feel her ass muscles squeezing my cock. She was probably convulsing her vaginal muscles around my brother's cock and I was getting the windfall.

We both started fucking her in sync. I reached around and grabbed her breasts and started groping them. She leaned back on me and reached around her left shoulder holding my head lovingly. My brother started assaulting her quicker from the bottom and I felt her breathing get quicker and heavier then before. I then heard the door downstairs opening and shutting.

"I'm homeeee people." It was my dad.

This somehow threw me off and my efforts to hold back my orgasm were kind of ruined and I started spewing cum inside of her butt. I managed to hold my groan in.

"Don't stop Greg, he's not gonna come upstairs right away." I heard my mom whisper to my brother.

"ANYYBOOOOODY HOOOOME?!!" My dad yelled from downstairs.

My mom yelled back. "BE RIGHT DOWN SWEEETEY!!"

I was shocked at how leveled her tone was considering the fact that my brother never stopped his assault on her pussy. I eventually pulled out and was about to run out of the room to go jump in the shower but I needed to finish watching them fuck. My brother reached around my mother's hips and locked his wrists and started fucking even faster and more violently. Their bodies were slapping so loudly that I had to partly shut the door. Finally my brother whispered.

"I'm about to come." Mom jumped off his cock and made sure that my brother didn't come all over the room by giving him a bunch of napkins they had prepared earlier. My brother covered his dick and came inside of it, none of it leaking out.

"Get out of here Donnie go shower, and you too Greg." Mom wanted us out of their bedroom quick. She feared dad would walk upstairs and see the incestious group sex happening on his bed. Me and my brother ran out like we saw a ghost, cocks swinging in the air while my mom quickly ran off into the shower.

        That night the entire family had dinner together. My cousin joined us shortly after. After a quick shower, mom made us some tacos and dad kept walking up to mom and kissing her on the neck in front of us which he rarely did. They were quite playful with each other to our amusement. My cousin giggled as dad playfully turned up the radio station and started dancing with my mom in the middle of the kitchen. Her smile was from ear to ear. You could really tell they were truly a happy couple after all these long years, but what I could not explain is my mother's recent behavior. It isn't like dad doesn't pay enough attention to her. They might not have sex as much as they used to, because I used to catch them under the blanket more often in the past then in recent months and years. One time when I was six years old I caught them in full doggy position. Mom's ass was up in the air and dad was right behind her. I started crying. Mom quickly covered herself up and they both ran over to me to calm me down.

    I could have never imagined that just seven short years later my relationship with my mother would turn sexual. My heart was beating from happiness to see my parents together like that. Mom had on this pretty conservative longer skirt and she had her high heel slippers on and an apron. Dad kept spinning as they danced all until the song ended. He sat back down, slighly out of breath.

"So what have you kids been up to today?" Mom brought him over some tacos.

Me and my brother just shrugged our shoulders and kept eating, trying to avoid answering.

He was about to turn his attention to my cousin when me and my brother both answered in sync nervously

"Not much." He looked back at us suspiciously. He wasn't angry, just testy.

"You two boys hiding something from me? Did you break that glass door on the back porch again? Honey what did they do today after school?"

Mom ran over nervously trying to save us.

"No honey they were with me the entire day almost."

Dad looked at me again.

"Nothing happened in school did it?"

    I just nodded no. He then smiled at me and looked at my cousin Brianna and started asking her some questions. I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying because my eyes were all over my mom's legs. She was swaying back and forth around the kitchen, her lower back showing because the T shirt she had on was a little bit to small for her. I saw her smiling at me but not in a motherly way. It was more of a sexy teasing smile. I had noticed that she was acting like that more and more, and even more interestingly both times that I caught her having sex with my brother, she never seemed to actually orgasm. I concluded that she must still be horny and wanting it, so I smiled back at her. I felt kind of happy that she was smiling at me and not my brother. 'Was she wondering how I would feel inside of her, or maybe whether I could last longer then my brother?' I asked mysefl.  A moment after that I saw her smiling at my brother. She was sending very mixed signals. I started to feel again like she was more into him sexually. I never doubted her love though. I blamed it on him being older but I promised myself that I would do my best to prove myself to her once she let me do it in her vagina. I started to think up ways to make myself last longer and impress her. I truly wanted to please my mother with a nice orgasm.

    My cousin never brought up what she was asking me earlier. She kept bugging me about why me and mom were at odds with each other this morning via text message, but she never brought it up during the dinner. We sat around the dining room for another hour or two and listened to the radio and then everyone went off either to sleep or to watch TV. Mom and dad went upstairs. I think mom would finally get to come after being teased so much by my brother's amateur cock.

    I went upstaris and started researching porno films trying to figure out what pleases a woman. I already knew they liked oral sex but I'm not sure if my mom would let me do that to her. I went to sleep late that night after going into the bathroom and jerking off while smelling her panties. Oh how I wanted to just give her head one time.

    The next morning I ran into my parents bedroom to wake them up. I was having wet dreams about my mother all night pretty much and my balls were starting to hurt. I woke dad up and told him to get up and stop being so lazy so he did. I laid down in between the two of them and after he got up I laid in his spot. Dad walked over to a closet, grabbed some boxer shorts and went into the bathroom. I turned to my mom.

"Hey mom, how'd you sleep?" She smiled at me, in an almost sleepy dreamy state.

"What do you want Donnie? Your father is right in the bathroom."  She finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

I moved in close to her mouth, she hadn't even brushed yet and I planted my mouth on her's. Mom didn't back off, instead she responded with her tongue giving me a dry kiss. I backed off licked my lips and then went in again but this time she held back.

"What if your father walks back out."

"But he won't we'll hear the shower go off."

Mom said "What if he just has to walk out to grab a dry towel and leaves the shower on."

"Well it's a risk well have to take." I smirked at her with a smile knowing that she enjoyed that kind of thing.

She then closed in on my face for another kiss and we did make out for a few seconds but then I said.

"Mom I want more then that. I wanna put it in your vagina."

She responded while turning around.

"Not in the vagina you can put it up my butt." She let me slip underneath the covers. I groped her breasts as She pulled up her night gown up her long thighs. I felt over her legs and pulled out my pecker from my boxer shorts. I didn't take off her panties completely because dad could walk out any second, but I just slid them do the side as she had a really elastic thin pair on. I then found her asshole ring and shoveled my cock inside of her butt. I then reached around up front and did something I didn't do before. I reached down into her panties and found her pussy. I slipped my middle finger inside of her pussy. SHe was soaking wet to my surprise and joy. I started to ass fuck her and finger her pussy very slowly. I could feel her assmuscles contracting and milking the precome off my cockhead. She grinded her ass back on me and started to breathe faster.

"Don't stop." she whispered.

I started to ass fuck her quicker and i also intensified my hand motion. I rubbed her clit quickly and she started to come. She gripped my hand with her own and said quietly.

"Ohhhh god!!!!" Her body buckled under me. I felt wetness wash my fingers as I pulled my hand out of her panties. I then reached up front and put my pussyjuice soaked hand in front of her mouth. She licked my fingers and kept backing up her ass on my cock. I was soon finishing inside of her. I didn't make a sound. My body just quivered and groped her breasts. My wet lips remained on her back as the tip of my tongue barely broke trough my lips. We pretty much came at the same time I only finished maybe 10 seconds after her. It was a very special moment for a son to share with his mother. I didn't care what society thought of this, it felt way to good to be wrong. I had imagined, only comming inside of her pussy would feel better.

"Mom when do you think it's ok for us to really do it?"

She smiled at me while holding my hand.

"I don't know honey. Maybe on Monday."

"You mean after school?"

"No I can take monday off and maybe I'll call in the school and say you're sick, we'll see."

I almost shrieked that's how happy I was. I hugged her and kissed her cheeks. She just started laughing and told me to get out of the room before dad comes out of the bathroom.

"Okay okay, it's not for sure yet so get outta here and go take a shower downstairs."

I gave her a smooch on the lips and ran outside. I must have made an impression for her to give in so quickly. I don't think that my brother made her come yet so I was especially excited because of that too.

The rest of the day  Mom and dad hung out at the house grilling, while me and my brother went to play some baseball with some friends across the street.

After our little baseball game we went back home to eat. Mom had made us some pancakes. Me and my brother love to eat pancakes to this day all troughout the day it doesn't matter how late it is. Dad was eating with us too. We just sat around the table for a while and chatted. Mom stepped out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom and I stopped eating, wiped my mouth from the syrup and walked after her.

I knocked on the bathroom door and said quietly.

"Mom let me in it's me"

"I'm peeing Donnie, what do you want??"

"I just want to talk for a second please let me in."

She unlocked the door and let me inside. I locked the door behind me. Mom was sitting on the toilet and smoking a cigarette. She immediately put it out after taking one last puff.  She had her pants and panties down around her ankles. I could hear her pee trickle down into the toilet.

"What's so urgent honey? And open that window don't breathe in the smoke it'll kill you"

I walked over to the window and opened it up.

"Nothing I just wanted to...I don't know. I wanted to be with you alone for a little while."

"That's all right sweetey mommy doesn't mind, it's just that I'm in the bathroom and it's kind of awkward."

I looked at mom's lips and said.

"Mom can I kiss you?"

"Oh god ...will you at least let me get off the toilet?"

"No I wanna kiss you now."

She sighed and looked a little annoyed but she nodded to me anyway.

I moved in on her lips and she took hold of my chin bringing it closer to her own chin. I could see her lick her lips with her tongue making them nice and slippery, I did the same. I could also see mom's tongue sticking out slightly and I puckered mine out a little as well. We connected and I licked her tongue back as she shoveled it down my throat. I really really enjoyed making out with mom. It was one of my favorite things. Her sweet mouth tasted like peaches.

"Hmmmphhh ...Hmmphhhhh" She hummed into my mouth as we made out. She hadn't even wiped her pussy with toilet paper yet. I put a hand on her left breast and started groping away. I took mom's hand and put it on my crotch but  she pulled it right back. We continued to kiss as our noses made loud breathing noises. We slowed down a little bit and started to french very slowly and passionately. It was the wettest and longest kiss I had ever had with my mother, or with any girl period. She didn't seem to mind me groping her breasts so I put a hand down inside of her shirt and under her bra. Mom continued to delicously hummm into my mouth not stopping our violent make out session.

"Smooch" She broke it off.

"Okay will you let me wipe myself now and put my panties on?" She smiled at me. I just nodded and watched her reach inbetween her slightly parted legs and wipe her wet pussy. She stood up and pulled her panties up over her waist, the panties made a snapping sound.  I stood up as well and mom noticed the tent in my shorts.

"You're ready to go again??? Get rid of that before you walk out of here so your father doesn't see it." She looked at my crotch with a smirk.

"Why don't you help me with that mom?" I said with a smile.

"Why don't we wait until monday, then we'll have all day to play around with each other...okay sweetey?"

I put my head down in disappointment, I really wanted a blowjob.

"Oh one more thing. When your father leaves tomorrow morning, neighbor Tony from down the street he's going to come over and me and him we'll have some fun downstairs in the basement. If you want you can sneak into the closet and watch what he's doing so you get some idea what kind of things I like to be done to me and you might learn something as well...but only if you want you don't have to watch me have sex with other men if you don't want to."

"Are you kidding? I'd love to watch it mom. I promise I won't make a peep."

"And don't play with yourself I don't want you comming on any of my dresses you hear?"

"Okay but can you please please give me a quick blow job right now, I promise it won't take longer then five seconds."

She looked at me with a smile.

"Just five seconds? You promise?" I just nodded back smiling.

I sat on the side of the tub and watched my mom kneel in front of me. She reached over to her left to make sure once more that the bathroom door was locked. She said.

"Let's see what we have here." As she reached around my waist puling off my shorts and underpants. My rock solid pecker popped out like jack in the box slamming my stomach.

Mom gripped my cock and slid her hand up and down the length of it pulling back the foreskin and exposing the purple glowing head. The tip of my dick was slippery from precome but mom just licked it off and shoveled the cock into her mouth. She started bobbing up and down this time. It was different then before because her lips went up and down the length of my rod, as her tongue worked my cockhead. I heard a knock on the was my dad.

"Common you guys I gotta go to the bathroom!!!" my dad yelled trough the door.

Mom took her mouth off my cock, her lips making a smacking sound.

"One second sweetey!" I could tell she liked the fact that dad was just outside the door, as she got back to blowing me. I kept noticing more and more how much she got off on the fact that somebody might catch her, not necessarely her attraction to me. I was lying to myself to think that mom was attracted to me sexually, which I was praying to God that she was on some level but the thrill she got out of possibly getting caught blew that right out of the water. I could immediately notice the way she was bliwing me, it was changing. She was more into it and more passionate about it. She didn't blow me as quick, as if she wanted for me to last a little bit longer. Her slurping sounds got louder as well as her humming.

"HHHmmmphhhh, slurrpp hhhhmpphhhhhhh slurppp" Fortunately I don't think it was loud enough for dad to hear even though he was standing right outside.

I put my hand trough her haid and gently caressed it, following her up and down motion on my pole. Mom looked like she was sweating and a little off balance. She stopped blowing me as I could hear dad.

"Hurry up you two...what's going on in there I really have to go Donna!!"

Mom stood up and breathlessly whispered to me.

"Common quick, hurry!!" She reached for her pants and pulled them off.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What was wrong with her she seemed insane.

"Are you sure mom I don't even have a condom on."

"Yes I'm sure I'm sure just make sure you pull out in time." She laid down on the floor and threw her pants on the toilet tank. She didn't bother taking her pantes off she just helped me slide my pants off quickly. Mom held my hands as she sat down on the floor. She lied back and supported her body with her elbows. I positioned myself in between her legs and naturally aimed really low going for her asshole because I could see her hands playing with her pussy. I rubbed my cockhead against her asshole and then mom stopped me.

"No silly, put it inside of my pussy!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I almost came prematurely from just her words. I was almost confused about what to do. She still had her panties on so I slid the panties to the side to expose her sopping wet pussy. She was dripping wet. I felt over it with my thumb and saw that it was moist. I rubbed my cockhead along the length of her pinkish slit and my rock hard pole was now being handled by my mom's hand. She rubbed her clit with my head and then pushed me inside of her deeply. It felt so much better then her asshole. It was much warmer and wetter and there was alot more room to play with. I couldn't believe I had my pecker in the place where I first came out of. I pushed in deeper and deeper and then started to push out and in, fucking her slowly. She whispered.

"A little faster baby, faster!"

She was all over me too. Her face was really close to mine and I could feel her tongue on my wet lips.Her breath smelled like cigarettes but It was still quite pleasant. My mother never had bad breath. It looked like dad had walked away from the door, so we just kept having sex.

"Make don't come....inside of me....I'm not ....on the ....pill." Mom said inbetween breaths. I quickened the pace and started to fuck her hard now, our bodies making a slapping sound. I kept making out with her at the same time. Her mouth tasted so sweet and tender. I wanted to pinch myself I thought I had been dreaming. I could not come to the fact that my penis was inside of my mother's vagina and she was enjoying it willingly. There was something sexy about her not being completely naked below her waist because her panties were still on but we had just pushed them to the side. My cock was rubbing against the panty line but I didn't care ...I just kept fucking away like a rabbit. I could feel mom's finger nails softly scratching my cock momentarely because she was playing around with her clit. She reached around my naked back and lovingly scratched my back with her fingernails. Oh god it felt so good....I was near comming too so I let her know. Her vaginal muscles were almost gripping my cock ...I never knew a woman could do that.

"Mom I'm so close to comming!!"

"Oh just a little bit more honey just a little bit more."

"I can't I'm about to finish." She broke our kiss and looked at me seriously. I guess she really needed to come.

"Okay stop for a second and just stay still until the urge to come goes away and then start again."

I stopped, my cock at the bottom of her hole. Mom was kissing me on the cheek. I was almost out of breath as we both breathed on each other. I started to pump in and out again but just a couple of pumps still pushed me toward the edge, so I stopped again. Mom opened her eyes.

"It's okay, just stay still for a few seconds."

I tried it again 10 seconds later as she kept kissing me on the lips and on my neck. Her pussy was also gripping my cock hungrily.

"I can't mom, stop kissing me it's turning me on to much." She stopped gripping my penis too and said.

"Okay okay....just close your eyes and think of something else."  

I tried that too but to no avail.

"I can't I'm to close to comming." She finally said.

"It's okay baby just finish mommy'll be just fine." I pumped in and out a few more times.

I just let out a quiet "Ahhhh" and pulled out. A shower of white semen came out of my cock, all of it landing on her thighs and panties and her tummy. Mom looked below to make sure I didn't come inside of her and gripped my cock with her hand milking every last drop from my penis. I lied on top of her out of breath and very tired, my breathing was heavy. I had noticed that mom never exposed her breasts to me, so I groped them real quick. My penis started to soften and mom said.

"Okay honey get out of here quick before your dad comes back up and wait for me to finish showering." I said okay and gave her one last smooch on her wet lips. She just smiled back at me and kissed me on the cheek. My cheeks were fire red.

"You looked really cute baby." She gripped my cheek like I was 5 years old.

    The next day was sunday. We all got up pretty early. My brother stepped out to play some basketball while my father jumped in the car to go visit my uncle. As soon as my cousin Brianna left the house too mom got on the phone to call our neighbor Tom. Tom came over pretty quickly. I set myself up in the closet downstairs in the bathroom, with a can of coke in my hand and some beef jerky. I was unsure how I would process watching my mom with more men. It seemed kind of natural to me at first but then I kind of got wierded out.

Mom and Tom came down the stairs all over each other. They made out passionately and quickly. I could tell mom really needed some satisfaction.

"Hurry up my husband's comming home in less then an hour."

 Tom didn't say anything in response.

He just continued to unbutton my mother's blouse as he groped her breasts trough her shirt. He pulled down his pants and a monster cock came in my view. He must have been at least 8 inches. No wonder mom wasn't that much into my tiny pee pee. She needed a really meaty cock to please her pussy after having two kids. A few seconds later mom was on her knees bent over this small bench next to the washing mashine. She looked my way and unclasped her bra making sure I could see her breasts nicely. Her tits were immediately covered with Tom's hands. Tom was one of my dad's best buddies...he was always nice to us kids and we all liked him but seeing him in this new light kind of made me think twice about him.

I could tell he entered mom without a condom and started fuckin her. He humped away with much greater force and speed then I could ever muster. Mom started to breathe really heavily and she even began to moan.

"Ohh ohhh,,mmmm" She hummed.

Tom said nothing he just gripped mom's hips and kept fuckin her doggy style. Only a few minutes into it mom was comming.

"OHHHH GOOOOD!" She yelled pretty loud to my surprise, kind of startling me. A few minutes after that she came again. Tom pulled his cock out of her pussy and came all over her ass and lower back grunting very loudly.

"UNNHHHHHHHHHHH OH DONNA...OH GOD DONNA!!!" As soon as they both managed to calm down, Tom pulled his pants up wiped his dick off with some tissues and took off.

"I'll talk to you next week, I'm sorry it didn't last longer!"

"OH it's fine Tom, I loved it I actually came twice." Mom didn't seem to care that I was in the closet. Then again she didn't seem to care that I just watched her fuck my dad's friend.

I finally walked out of the cock poking up my shorts creating a tent. Mom looked at me as she tried to get up. Her knees seemed a little quiverish. She smiled at me as she glanced at my penis.

"You learn anything honey?"

"Yeah I learned that my penis isn't big enough to please you right."

Mom looked at me with worry. She was still topless and bottomless. She only had a pair of heels on and her tank top had been wrapped around her tummy. Other then that she was completely naked.

She told me to sit next to her. She had a very serious look on her face.

"Now Donnie that isn't true at all. Your penis is just fine...besides you're only thirteen years old. It will get much bigger I promise."  I could barely concentrate on what she was saying her breasts and naked thighs were distracting me.

"Maybe you're more attracted to Tom and Greg. I mean they're a little bit older I know...." She cut me off before I could finish.

"Don't talk like that, because It isn't true. I'm very attracted to you honey. I had alot of fun in the bathroom yesterday and believe me much smaller penises have been up there before."

"You promise?" I asked her with a baby face on.

"Yes baby, I promise." She then took hold of my chin lovingly and pulled it gently towards her mouth. We connected for a quick smooch and just as I opened my mouth to push my tongue forward, she broke it off.

"Can we do it real quick mom?"

"Not now Dookie, I'm kind of beat. Help me get to the shower. I need to save the energy for tomorrow, we'll have sex all day if you want. We just have to make sure that nobody comes home before they usually come. Your cousin is sleeping over at her friends house so it'll be perfect."

I just nodded with a smile and helped mom over to the shower.

    The next morning I was up before anyone else in the house. I was downstairs making some toast. Mom walked in to the kitchen in her bathrobe. She must have just woke up a few minutes earlier because her hair was a mess.

"Hey mom!"

"Hey sweetey." She kissed me on the cheek.

A few minutes later my brother and my dad walked in. They were both starving. My brother was finished eating in less then ten seconds and he ran outside as his friends were already waiting for him. Dad read his paper for a few minutes and then got up to do his morning gym routine. I saw this as my chance to please mom while dad was still in the house because I figured that even If I could get her off later, I simply couldn't last long enough because I know she wouldn't be turned on as much because there was no danger of anyone walking in on us.

I figured that it would be good to eat her out because that way I wouldn't have to depend on my penis for durability. I walked over to her as she was making coffee.

"Hey's gonna be in the gym for at least 15 more minutes."

She responded with a serious tone. "Donnie don't screw around, we'll have all day once your father leaves."

"Yeah but then it won't be as exciting for you because he can't catch us." That definitely got her attention. She turned around and crossed her legs and arms as she sipped her coffee leaning against the kitchen counter and smiling at me.

"Well what exactly did you have in mind?"

"Why don't you let me go down on you...I promise I know what I'm doing and it won't take longer then 15 minutes...I sware." Mom almost choked on her coffee from laughter.

"PFFFMHH...." She almost spit it out. "We'll just have to see about that won't we." She leaned back against the counter and just kept standing up. She untied the robe and let it part. She had no bra on and a pair of nice black silk panties on. She also had on a pair of high heel slippers.

I walked closer to her all nervous. I kneeled in front of her. Mom just kept sipping away at her coffee and smiling.

"Your father will be done in less then 10 minutes so you better hurry up."

I nervousy grabbed the lace on her hips and slipped the panties down to her ankles. I was very surprised at what I saw. Mom had completely shaved her pussy.

"Wow it's bald today?" I looked up at her.

"Yeah Dookie, I shaved it just for you sweetey."

I felt over her lips with my hand and noticed they were already slippery. Mom was a really horny girl. I felt the inner length of her lips and slowly inserted a finger deep inside making a hook and I started to stimulate her that way as my tongue made contact with her clitoris. I could feel a quiver come out of her but she just kept sipping on her coffee as her elbows remained crossed.

I sped up my intrusion and started suckling on her clit violently. I flicked over it with the tip of my tongue and started to push my tongue deep inside as I stretched the lips. Mom set the cup down on the counter which gave me a signal that I must be doing something right. I could now feel both her hands on my head, her fingernails combing trough my hair.

"MMmmmmm" she let out a humm.

I started to finger fuck her with three fingers and I reached with my left hand behind her and inserted a finger in her asshole. I kept suckling away at her pussy and soon I got what I needed. Mom started to shake and quietly squeal. I didn't stop. I continued my assault. After a few more minutes mom came again right on my face.

"Okay okay...jesus that was good Don." She called me by my real name again, that meant she wasn't kidding. She looked at the clock and by the time she picked up her cup again dad had barged in trough the door. He grabbed his papers, kissed mom in the lips and gave me a kiss on the cheek and stormed out of the kitchen and into the garage. He was gone a few moments later.

"Okay honey. There are a couple of rules before we start. The first time we do it you can go in bareback because Ill be watching you to make sure you don't come to soon. After you're done mommy's gonna have to do some dishes and some other work around the house..."

I cut her off. "Awww mom, I thought this was our day."

"Hold on let me finish. While I'm doing the dishes you can do me from behind, doggy style, but you will have to wear a condom okay?" I just nodded with a smile. Mom picked up the phone and called the school to say that I'm sick. She had already called her boss, who she also fucks by the tell him that she would take a sick day today.

The moment she hung up the phone she smiled at me and walked up to me connecting her wet lips with mine. I responded with my tongue as we made out passionately. I put my hand into her panties and felt over her pussy once more. Mom laid down on the love seat behind us and let me slip her panties completely off. I took my shorts off and threw them on the kitchen table. I pointed my cock toward her pussy and mom stopped me.

"Hold on let me lube it up a little first." She took hold of my cock and put her wet mouth over it licking it lovingly making sure that lots and lots of saliva got on it and stayed there. She pulled it out, making a popping sound and then said.

"Okay now try." Mom seemed like she wasn't that into it after comming just now. Maybe her pussy had dried up a little.

I positioned myself right under her pelvis and rubbed my cockhead along her slit. I wanted to get her interested again. I connected my cocktip with her clitoris and pulled back her pussy so that the clit would come out. I rubbed it for a few seconds getting her attention somewhat.

"Ohhh yes that's good honey that's good keep doing that." I then inserted the cock and started pounding away. I made sure that I jerked off twice this morning so that I could last longer but it didn't really help much. Seeing my mom lying there topless with my cock inside of her did the trick quickly. I just groaned really loud with my O face on and pulled out of her spewing tons of come on her tummy and thighs. Some of the sperm landed right on her pussy and she reached down and with her finger spread it around the pussy especially stimulating her clit with my sticky goo. She then put that same finger inside of her mouth and suckled it clean.

"I can still go one more time mom."

"Okay sweetey, but first let me make sure all the sperm if off your penis." She reached down for my cock and wiped it off with her hand. She scooted down and I positioned my cock closer to her mouth. She suckled it clean of any remaining sperm and then scooted back up. Within seconds I was approaching her entrance once more. My cock, even though at half the strength as before, still managed to be hard enough to enter her smoothly. I started fucking away again slamming my pelvis against her's. Mom made a gesture for me to come closer to her face. She really did enjoy kissing me I couldn't deny it.

    Our mouth's connected and we started to kiss very slowly.

"Wanna do mommy from behind?" She asked.

I just nodded. Mom then tried to turn around making sure that my cock never fell out of her. She extended her long sexy leg over onto the side where the other leg was. I held onto her hips making sure that I don't slip out of her. She then put her knees down the loveseat and extended herself up taking hold of my hands and guiding them over her breasts. Mom then started to back her ass up on my cock. I told her to lay down flat so I could grab hold of her hips properly.

She did so. Her curvy feminine figure made me horny as ever. I grabbed her hips and started pounding away. I made sure that my left thumb could reach her asshole. I inserted my thumb in her butt and the other hand was on her back scratching her lovingly. She backed up on me in the same rythm as I slammed her ass, which jiggled with every collision. I wondered if it would be appropriate to spank her.

I decided to go at it very nonchalant and I slapped her ass very softly, to which she didn't respond. I did it again but harder this time. My cock kept slipping out of her as I was getting more and more tired from fucking, and each time it did mom reached inbetween her legs and guided my penis back into her pussy with her hands. She must have been enjoying it.

Mom also reached behind to her ass and spread her asscheeks wide for me as I kept pounding away. I loved looking at her asshole. I put my index finger over it and gently rubbed her hole, not penetrating it. Within a few seconds I was ready to come once again. I pulled ouf ot mom and said

"Mom where do I come" She jumped quickly making sure I didn't make a mess on her loveseat.

"Into the sink quick!!" She ran over to the sink with me making sure that every last drop made it in. Mom lifted me up a little bit so I could reach the sink, because she was a little bit taller then me. I rested on her bosom as the last rope of cum splattered over the brekfast plates.

"You okay sweetey?" Mom looked at me lovingly. I just nodded. She then gave me a quick french kiss twirling my tongue with her own.

She then walked over to the loveseat and grabbed her bathrobe. She tied it closed and sat down on the chair lighting a cigarette. Her legs were still bare though all the way up to her upper thighs as she crossed them.

She took a puff of her cigarette and told me to open up a window.

"How was that dookie?"

"That was great mom. I'll be ready to go again pretty soon." I glanced over her legs again. I just couldn't get over her.

She took another puff "MMmmm, I'm sure you will. Mommy just has to wash the dishes and do the laundry too."

I looked at mom and wondered how to ask her what she was thinking.

"Mom how come you suddenly started to screw around on dad and have sex with everyone?"

I realized how that came out. I didn't have the intention of calling my mother a whore but she kind of looked at me with her eyebrows raised.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I didn't mean it to come out like that mom. I mean how come all of a sudden you're becomming so adventurous."

"Well most women enter a sort of a midlife crisis and I'm just going trough something similar."

I Responded "But most women don't do it with their sons and neighbors either, right?" I wanted to make sure this wasn't a regular type thing.

"Well no it's not something people do and it's actually illegal but Donnie, when I was little your grandma shielded me from life. She was a very conservative lady as you already know, and I feel like I've missed out on life when I was younger, and then I married your dad pretty young too so that's all it is. It's just a phase that I'm going trough and that will soon end. I'm just trying to experience different things and have a little fun while doing it. There's only one life to live you know?"

My cock was beginning to regain life again as I looked at mom's legs as she sat there smoking next to the open window. Her robe had become a little bit more parted around her chest area and in less then a few minutes I was ready to go again, hard as a rock. Mom noticed the buldge in my pants and kind of smiled while putting out her cigarette.

"My little boy is ready to go again am I right?" She stood up and walked over closer to me letting her robe part below her waist. Her pussy came into view as she walked toward me.

"Yes mom I'm ready again."

"No problem baby just put on a condom and stand on the little stool and you can do me from behind while mommy washes dishes okay?" She bent down and gave me a smooth kiss on my lips, no tongue though. Mom walked over to the sink and I set up the stool behind her. She kept her robe on and just started to wash dishes after pulling up the sleeves. I slipped on the condom after lubing up my cock a little bit and stood up on the stool behind mom. I grabbed her breasts from behind and kissed the back of her neck and all around her cheeks. She just smiled and purred from enjoyment. I groped her breasts inside the robe and then untied the robe completely.

    Mom slipped the robe off all the way and now she stood nude in front of me. She kept on washing the dishes like nothing was happening while I lovingly licked her back with my tongue and kissed her all over the neck. I put some more spit on my cock and pushed it toward her hole. Mom spread her legs out a little making sure I could enter her. I then pointed the tip toward her pussy and popped my cockhead inside of her. It didn't go in smoothly because obviously she wasn't as excited as earlier because she had already came. I pushed in and out a few times and it wasn't going smoothly so I pulled out once again and put some more spit on it. I tried fucking her again and this time it went a little more smoothly but not as slick as I wanted it to. I then decided to ask mom about an Idea that I had.

I never stopped fucking her as I began to speak.

"Mom, how come you're not into girls?"

She said "What do you mean, sexually?" I just hummed.


"I don't know, I guess I'm just not turned on by girls because I'm a girl myself...silly. Men turn me on, you and your brother and your father you guys turn me on as you should, that's nature."

I twirled her nipples as I kept banging away. Mom didn't change she just kept washing dishes as her hole was getting drier and drier.

"But don't you think it would be kind of adventurous to be with a girl just once. How do you know you wouldn't like it if you have never tried it. You said you'd try anything that's adventurous just once right?"

Mom suddenly had my attention.

"Well I guess it would be kind of sexy and kinky in a sick perverted kind of way....sure. But how am I going to find a girl that I know will be into women?"

"Well maybe I could help you mom." I said inbetween breaths as I kept fucking her.

"Ohh please what girls do you know? You don't know any women."

"Sure I do mom...cousin Brianna. She's very pretty and obviously kind of adventurous. She comes down into the kitchen almost wearing nothing."

"Oh my brother would KILL me if he ever found out. That's a dumb Idea."

"But mom don't you think it would be kind of sexy. She comes home from school and you sit down with her and tell her how you would like to experience lesbianism with her for the first time. You could kiss her on the cheek first and then do a little french kiss. I would love to watch that. Who knows where it would go from there maybe she would get really turned on by you."

Mom was silent for a moment. She kept washing dishes but I was noticing that my cock was slipping in and out of her much more smoothly now. Her pussy had become wet at the sexual thoughts of her brother's daughter. I kept talking because I knew it was having a good effect on her.

"Then maybe she could kiss your breasts and play with them a little bit and maybe kiss your tummy and go down on you who knows. Then maybe I could join in and have sex with the both of you." When I said that last thing mom stopped washing her dishes and set the plate down.

I was kind of scared for a moment that she might get angry with me but she wasn't. She just put her hands on the edge of the sink and started backing up on my cock. I reached around to put a hand on her right breast and she placed her own right hand over mine guiding my hand gently over her nipples. I reached down inbetween her legs to find her clitoris and started rubbing away. She also found my hand with her left hand and gently stroked it as I fucked her while playing with her clit. Mom was definitely turned on by my idea and I sped up my fucking.

Mom's breathing quickened and I could tell she was almost finished.


"Ahhhh AHhhh, oh god I'm comming" I rubbed her quickly and kissed the back of her neck and on the side of her face. Mom turned around toward me and met my wet mouth with her own. We kissed passionately as I started to come, filling up my condom inside of her pussy. We practically came at the same time. It was such a special moment to share with her.

I didn't stop fucking her I just kept easing my penis back and forth as the cum sloshed around insdie the condom. This went on for a few minutes as I could tell mom was enjoying it but then she said.

"Okay Donnie I think you should pull out honey, what if the condom breaks and your sperm spills inside of me?"

I listened to her and started to pull out slowly but something was wrong. I noticed that there was no more liquid surrounding my penis, it had somehow emptied out. I pulled out all the way to see that the condom had broken.

I thought long and hard about how to tell her.



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