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My Sister Xin Ru was the sexiest thing I ever saw in my life. Growing up in a small household proved difficult with just my Mum and my Sister. My Mum and dad had broken up a year before this experience took place, leaving me growing up in a household of women. 

My Sister was sixteen at the time and I just was fourteen. I had always been a small kid and people always thought I was about a couple of years younger. My Sister Xin Ru however, was every guy's dream. She had long black shoulder length hair big black eyes which you could just stare at all day, and what a body! I reckon she must have been at least a 34C-28-34. I cannot remember the number of times I had jacked off over her each night. It must have easily run into the hundreds and hundreds. She was a BABE! 

I would sometimes look through her bedroom keyhole and see her getting ready to go to the gym. I could never see any further down past her breasts, which would always annoy the hell out of me, as the keyhole was a funny shape. Although sometimes I would catch a glimpse of her perfect stomach, which was tanned a golden brown and had absolutely no fat at all. How I fantasied about what her pussy looked, smelled, and tasted like. I bet she had a beautiful pussy just like the rest of her body.

Xin Ru also had the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. They were both the size of a pair of melons, each one perfectly round and perfectly formed with nipples that looked like small bullets. They would always bounce up and down when she came running down the stairs, especially when she was not wearing her sports bra. Mmm, how I fantasied about freeing those titties and sucking each one greedily in my hands. Little did I know that all my fantasies were going to come true very soon !

It was October the 5th and it was Nicole's eighteen birthday. She was going out that night with her friends from secondary school, about ten of them altogether. I heard them talking about going to some new night club in town, and how they were going to find her a sexy guy. Believe me my Sister didn't need any help in getting men, men just drooled over her where ever she went. I thought to myself, it's going to be some lucky bastard's night tonight, little did I realize that the lucky bastard would be me!

My Mum had also made plans to go out that night at 9.00 PM. My Sisters friends would be coming round at 9.30 PM to pick my Sister up, so it would just be me on my own tonight. I decided to jack off to some porn videos as soon as my Mum and Sister had left, so I didn't mind being on my own.

What the hell is Nicole doing? I thought. She must have been in her room for about an hour and a half. Finally, ten minutes later I heard her bedroom door open and footsteps as she came down the stairs. I pretended to be watching TV as she walked into the living room. The sight that greeted me was enough to shoot my load there and then! My Sister was dressed like a slut in heat!

She was wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen! She was wearing the shortest black, figure-hugging skirt that I had ever seen, barely covering her perfect round arse. It started riding up her cheeks as she bent over to pick up her earrings. As she bent over, I caught a glimpse of the smallest and skimpiest white thong I had ever seen, riding up her arse cheeks hugging her pussy as if it had been sprayed on. The sight of my Sister gave me an instant boner, which I quickly covered by grabbing a cushion and shoving it over my dick. Luckily my Sister didn't see anything.

"So what you doing tonight? my Sister asked playfully. "Just watching telly, nothing much." I replied. Little did she know that my evening would be spent jacking off over her in her skimpy skirt and sexy white thong!

"It's a shame you're not eighteen. Otherwise you could have come out with me and the girls." Now there's a thought. My mind started having images of her friends, some of who were absolute hot babes, just like Nicole. God, I would love to fuck them all !

"That's all right, Sis!" I replied. Maybe in a few years time. "Ok, I'll take you up on that." she replied, smiling her beautiful white smile back at me. As she walked over to the window to see if her friends had arrived, I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous hour glass figure, her skirt looked like it would tear off her arse if she sat down! It left nothing to the imagination. As I tried to tear my eyes away from her arse, I looked down at her long golden tanned legs which just seemed to go on forever. The fact that she had high heels on made them look even longer! God, how I would love for her to wrap her legs around my neck, it would be pure heaven. I would have given anything to see her beautiful pussy, let alone fuck her!

I desperately needed to go and jack off over Sis, and couldn't wait any longer. "I'm going to take a shower, Sis." I said, as I got up off the couch trying carefully not to drop the cushion which would have otherwise exposed my raging cock!.

I made it into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I pulled off my t-shirt and shorts and my cock sprang out pointing towards the ceiling. I jumped into the shower and started to wank myself silly over the sight of my Sister in her sexy outfit. After about 10 seconds I started to groan and shot a thick creamy load onto the side of the shower curtain. God, that felt good. Just as I stepped out of the shower I heard my Sister shout, "I'm going now!" "Ok!" I shouted back. "Have a good time!" which I'm sure she knew she was going to have, as she was dressed like a slut !

I threw my bathrobe on and went downstairs into the living room again. It was all-quiet. Just me on my own. I pulled out my porno video, which I had hidden beneath the sofa and stuck it in the video player. I then jacked off a few more times and decided to call it a night. I hid my porno video back and then trundled upstairs to my bedroom. I crashed out on my bed and must of dozed off for a few hours.

I awoke later to the sound of a car pulling up outside. I looked at the clock on my bedside table, it said 2.15 am. I pulled off my duvet and walked over to my window, I looked outside and saw my Sister being held up by two of her friends, one under each arm. She looked pissed out of her head, and her friends were finding it funny as Sis found it difficult to stand, let alone walk.

I crept out to the top of the landing and listened quietly as I heard the front door being opened. I heard one of my Sister's friends say, "Just put her on the couch. You don't want to wake her Mum and brother up." With that I heard the door shut quietly and laughter as her friends got into their cars and drove off. I went back to my room and laid down again, it must have been about 10 or 15 minutes later when I thought, that's odd. I haven't heard Sis come up to her room yet. I crept back onto the landing and went to my Sister's room. She was not there. She must still be downstairs, I thought to myself. I quietly crept to my Mum's room and opened the door a little. Mum wasn't back either. I crept down the stairs quietly and made my way to the living room. The curtains were still open and it was a full moon. I looked around until my gaze fell on the couch. What greeted me was the sexiest sight I had ever seen. My cock, within seconds, sprang to life and popped out of my bath robe.

Sprawled out on the couch was my sexy Sister. She was lying down length ways with one hand across her face, the other lying on the floor. Her legs were parted slightly with one lying half on the floor near her hand, and the other over the arm rest. I looked down at my throbbing cock. I had never seen it so big and red, it seemed to be moving up and down on its own accord. I grasped it with my left hand and gently moved my hand back and forth taking in the beautiful sight before me. I looked down at my cock as I felt some pre-come ooze out, which I quickly rubbed back into the shaft.

I crept over quietly with my cock still in my hand over to Sis. I knelt down by her face and pushed aside her black hair. "Sis." I said quietly. There was no response. I moved closer to her face and was overcome by the strong smell of booze. She was seriously pissed. I shook her gently by the arm, which then fell to her side. "Sis!" I said a little louder this time. Still no response. I removed the bathrobe I was wearing and was now in the nude, my thick cock just inches away from my Sister's face. I patted her gently on the face and still there was no response. Just to be on the safe side I slapped her face gently. I heard her mumble softly in a slurred voice.

This was a dream come true ! I looked towards the ceiling and said out aloud, "Thank you GOD!" My sexy Sister was sprawled out in front of me absolutely pissed out of her head and I could do what ever I wanted to her. My cock was starting to ache with pleasure now, as I thought of what I could do to Sis.

I gently pulled the couch forwards and went round the back, it was one of those couches which could be used as a spare bed. I unhooked the clamps at the back and let the back drop out. Moving round the front, I pulled the couch forwards a little more until the back hit the ground with a thud. I looked back at Sis to make sure she wasn't awakened by the noise. Good, I thought, she was still out. I grabbed one of her legs and moved Sis around so she was lying down with her legs facing me and her arms sprawled out behind her head. I still could not believe my luck, there she was in her sexy skin tight mini skirt I had seen her wearing earlier in the evening, still wearing her high heels.

I moved up towards Sis and patted her on the face again, still there was no sound. I then started to unbutton her blouse. My fingers trembling as I undid each button slowly, from fear of waking Sis up. There before me, in her bra, were the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I moved my hand underneath her back and undid the strap holding her bra together. I heard it pop open easily. Pulling the bra down, I gently moved each arm out from the strap and tossed the bra on the floor. My Sister's tits were absolutely beautiful and tonight they were all mine. I cupped each breast in each hand and gave them a squeeze, they felt nice and firm and were perfectly round just like a pair of large melons. Her workouts down at the gym were definitely paying off, I thought. I bent down and placed my mouth over her left breast, running my tongue around her nipple whilst sucking it greedily. I massaged the right tit with my other hand. I watched her face all the time just to make sure she didn't wake up. I carried on sucking each breast greedily in turn for about half an hour, before I moved up closer and placed a leg over each side of her waist, in a squatting position. My cock looked like it was going purple and needed to be seriously relieved very soon. With my cock in my hand I massaged my Sister's tits with my swollen purple head, one at a time to start with and then slid my cock between each tit, as if I was fucking her tits. I carried on for as long as I could before I shot the thickest jet of come I had ever seen all over my Sisters beautiful tits, I groaned out aloud in pure ecstasy. I moved back down again and greedily massaged all of my spunk into both of my Sister's tits. It was very sticky and creamy but after a few minutes it was all massaged in with nothing left.

I crawled off Sis and knelt on the floor again, the best was yet to come, I thought greedily. My friends would give their left nut to be in my position now. I placed a hand on each of her golden brown thighs and moved my hands upward towards Sis's pussy, hitching up her skirt in the process. I parted her legs gently and froze as I heard Sis mumble again. "It's OK, Sis." I said quietly. "Your baby brother is just going to fuck you like the slut you are." With that I moved my hands towards her skimpy waist band holding up her white thong panties, and slipped a finger under each side. Gently I pulled down the skimpiest thong I had ever seen, just barely big enough to cover her pussy. I pulled off her thong and placed it to my nose, I sniffed it greedily. It smelled exquisite, a fishy, tangy and sweaty kind of scent all in one. Whatever it smelt like it smelt delicious and good enough to eat. Now I realized why my friends always joked about a woman's pussy smelling like a fish. But I didn't care. It smelt divine to me. My Sister must have been dancing all night to get this hot and sweaty. I licked at the inside of her panties tasting the sticky contents. It tasted delicious. A sweet and tangy taste, I licked at it greedily until her panties were clean.

I looked down at Sis and gasped in shock and amazement! Sis had a shaved pussy! I couldn't believe it. She shaved her pussy! Of course I absolutely loved a shaved pussy! But I had to admit it was the most beautiful shaved pussy I had ever seen. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!

I grabbed Sis's left leg and placed it on my left shoulder, I grabbed her right leg and spread it out a bit more. Her pussy seemed to open up like a flower, with beautiful pink lips and a darker shade of pink inside. Without wasting any time I moved my mouth towards my Sister's hot juicy pussy, glistening with her juices, and stuck my tongue inside. It tasted tangy and salty, and smelt slightly fishy. To me it tasted absolutely delicious! I stopped every once in a while when Sis started to squirm around. When she stopped squirming I greedily carried on lapping her sticky pussy savoring the tangy sweet taste until my mouth and chin were wet and sticky. Sis tasted delicious ! It was like tasting the forbidden fruit. I was addicted to eating my Sister's beautiful pink pussy.

While eating my Sister's pussy, my cock had sprang back to life again and was once again bursting to be relieved. I stood up and said out aloud, "I'm going to fuck you now Sis, good and hard you sexy slut!" I quickly ran upstairs into my bedroom and pulled out a pack of condoms I had hidden in my wardrobe. I grabbed a pack of six and ran back down again. Good. Sis had not moved. She was still in the same position, legs spread open, tits hanging out. I knelt down between her golden thighs and pulled a condom out of the pack and then pulled it over my aching cock. The condom was very tight over my cock. I had never seen it so big! Then again, how many men get to fuck their sexy slut of a Sister! After a few minutes of fiddling around, I finally managed to slide it over the entire length of my aching cock.

I moved closer towards Sis's slippery wet pussy and guided the head of my cock in gently. To my surprise, my Sister's pussy was unbelievably tight. Very gently I edged my aching cock inside, an inch at a time and then pulling back, and pushing back in again. My Sisters pussy felt beautifully velvety and warm, and very slick with her pussy juices still overflowing from her cunt.

Eventually I had all of my 8-inch cock buried deep inside my Sister's sticky, juicy pussy. I was in pure heaven as I slowly pumped back and forth gradually building up the pace. I watched her face anxiously in case she started to wake up. Surprisingly, Sis remained in her drunken slumber. "Thank you girls for getting my Sister sooo pissed!" I said out aloud. I pumped back and forth harder and harder, it felt so good being inside my big Sisters pussy, it felt like a tight warm slippery glove wrapped around my cock. I was in heaven! I never wanted to pull my cock out. I didn't care if she did wake up! I looked at Sis greedily and had a wicked thought, one which almost made me shoot my load there and then.

I stopped fucking Sis, and reluctantly pulled my cock out of her very slowly. I look down at my cock which looked huge! The condom was covered in her delicious sticky pussy juices. I quickly ran upstairs and went into Sis's room. I turned on the light and looked around her room. Quickly I opened all of her drawers in her dressing table and her wardrobe. Please, please, I thought to myself. Let Sis be on the pill.

Jumping over the bed, I pulled out the draw from her bedside table and looked inside. Still nothing. Where would she put it, I thought? Just as I was about to go into the bathroom something caught my eye stuck to the back of the bedside table on the inside. And there it was! A packet of birth control pills sellotaped to the inside where no one could see. I was in heaven. My mind started to race, as I realized that I could fuck my Sister without a condom on and not have to worry about getting her pregnant! My mind went wild at the thought of it. My cock instantly started twitching like mad and started to ache painfully.

I ran back downstairs two at a time, almost tripping over the last step. Sis was still there. She had moved around though so she was now on her side. SHIT! I thought. I'm gonna have to move her again without waking her! Slowly I knelt down in front of Sis. Gingerly I pulled her right shoulder round and she flopped down on her back again. With my other had I parted her legs again to make way for my engorged and aching cock.

This is it, I thought! I finally get to fuck my Sister properly! My cock started to ache like mad. I could feel the spunk in my balls building up and wanting to be released. Kneeling between her thighs, I tried to pull the condom off. It was very tight and slippery. In the end I had to use both hands to pull it off, it was on so tight. As I pulled it off it made a loud "SNAP" noise! I threw it to the floor and greedily guided my unprotected cock towards my Sister's hot juicy pussy.

I eased in the head gently, GOD! It felt so good. My Sister's cunt was so slippery and warm. I couldn't wait any longer and plunged all of my 8 inches deep inside her. I didn't care if she woke up! I fucked Sis like a mad man. I held both her arms down forcefully as I fucked her hard. God knows how she didn't wake up! I fucked and fucked like mad. I could smell a slightly fishy aroma in the air from her pussy juices combined with my cock juices which drove me mad and I fucked her even harder. This was it, I was starting to come! I could hear my thighs slapping against her pussy, I grabbed each of her arse cheeks and with one huge plunge I stuck all of my 8 inches inside her pussy as deep as it would go. At the same time I pulled her arse cheeks towards me penetrating her pussy all the way to my balls. With one loud groan I emptied my balls deep into my Sister's hot sticky pussy. For some unknown reason I bit down hard on her shoulder as I came inside her. I was in pure ecstasy and was amazed that I did not wake her! I came several times inside Sis like a bullet out of a gun. Each time I pushed my cock inside as far as it would go making sure every last drop went inside her! God it felt good!! I never wanted to pull my cock out ever again! I really didn't care if she wasn't on the pill! I would love to get her pregnant.

I lay on top of Sis breathing heavily for what must have been about ten minutes, my aching cock still buried deep inside her. I looked up at her beautiful face and thanked god that her friends had got her so utterly pissed. I slowly pulled my semi-erect cock out from her hot sticky pussy. I looked down and saw my cock glistening with my Sister's beautiful pussy juices. It was a beautiful sight to see. As soon as I pulled my cock out of Sis, what seemed like gallons of my spunk poured out freely from my Sister's cunt. GOD it was a beautiful sight !

I just lay there looking at my Sister and could not believe that I had finally got to taste her delicious pussy and fuck her in the same night! I quickly picked up the white thong that I had thrown on the floor and wiped Sis's pussy with it, trying to clean up as much of the mess as I could. With great difficulty I then managed to put her sports bra back on, which seemed to be a size too small, but eventually I got those beautiful tits back in and buttoned her shirt back up. I sniffed her panties once again and devoured the fishy tangy smell that was coming from them. I decided to keep them for myself as they were covered in her pussy juices and tasted delicious. Carefully I pulled Sis's skirt back down which barely covered her juicy pussy and arse and grabbed a blanket from the cupboard which I threw over her. Good I thought, she didn't wake up once, and I had finally got to act out all of my fantasies in one night! What more could a guy ask for? I knew my Sister would never let me see her in the nude, let alone eat her out and fuck her in one night! I knew that this was definitely a one off and would never happen again, but still I had her soiled panties to remind me of the experience.

I grabbed the used condom off the floor and also put it carefully in my bathrobe pocket along with her panties, so I could sniff and jack over it in the morning. I looked back at Sis for one last time and then quietly made my way to my bedroom before Mum came back. I fell into bed exhausted and didn't wake up till the morning. I didn't hear Mum come in that night, but she came into my room in the morning with my mug of hot chocolate and asked if I had a good time last night. I just replied yes, but little did she know that I got to fuck the sexiest girl in the whole world, my Sister. If Mum ever found out I knew that I would definitely be disowned from the family, but I didn't care. I finally got to fuck Xin Ru.

Xin Ru woke up later on in the afternoon. "Did you have a good night Sis?" I asked. Shut up” she replied. "I've got a fucking headache and I'm sore down there." she said pointing to her pussy. "Well, it must have been a good night then." I replied. With that Sis got up and went upstairs to take a shower. She didn't say anything about the fact that she had no panties on. Maybe she thought she gave them to some lucky guy in the night club. Little did she know that I had them under my pillow, still fresh with her delicious pussy juices. I never did get my Sister pregnant that night, a month went by and she obviously had her period otherwise all hell would have broken loose. My Mum not the kind of person to take things like this lightly.

As for me, I still jack off over my Sister every chance I get. She is still the horniest bitch I know. I sniff her panties every night and jack off over them. I can't wait till her twentieth birthday. I just pray that her friends will take her out and get her drunk, so I can fuck her brains out and eat her delicious shaved pussy again. Who knows ?



dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a

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