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Sex Slave for Hire

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The house was in the country, on a small estate surrounded by forest. The couple was young, in their mid-thirties, with the kind of jobs that meant they rarely had to sit behind a desk. They had money and needs, and word went out through the vine I listened to that they were looking for a maid, and a slave.

   I rang the doorbell. A moment later the door opened and a very attractive young man stared down at me. His skin was brown, Latino, I thought, and his eyes black. He had an arrogant look to him, and I hoped he wasn't the Master of the house. He wore black leather pants and nothing else, his body rippling with smooth muscle.

   He let me in and gestured that I should follow him. He took me to a salon where the Master and Mistress of the house reclined on couches.

   The Mistress motioned me to a chair. The interview began. I answered their questions honestly; I was here in the hope of laying myself bare to them, giving them all I had, and I would start now. I studied them discreetly and liked what I saw. She was slim, willowy, with long chestnut hair and amused green eyes. He was tall, well-built, with short dark hair and a supremely handsome face. I felt myself grow moist just looking at him, at his strong, capable hands. When it came time for me to strip and let them examine me, I trembled at their touch, their probing fingers making me wetter than ever. I moved into various positions for them as they pinched and swatted me, testing my reactions. I gasped and whimpered softly, a hot flush on my skin as I let them study me. I prayed they would be pleased.

   They exchanged a glance, and I knew they wanted me. There was a contract to sign, and I felt a thrill of arousal as I signed over my body and my sexual freedom to them. I was given a week to sort out my affairs and an order to refrain from indulging in pleasuring myself, or anyone else. 

   The week passed by in a blur. My thoughts never really left their large house, and my body throbbed in anticipation of all that would come.

   When I returned, baring just one small suitcase, the same man brought me into the house. We did not speak to each other; the collar around his neck told me he was a slave too, and would wait to be told by his Mistress if he could speak. I, too, could wait.

   He led me to a bedroom that I guessed would be mine. On the bed was laid out my uniform. He stayed with me while I undressed and put it on. I could feel his eyes on me, hot and angry. I looked at his arrogantly handsome face, now marred with hatred. He resented my presence here, that was obvious. But I did not think it would become a problem.

   The uniform was a maid's costume, with a black corset and a stiff black skirt like a lampshade barely touching my skin. There was no underwear, but garters and stockings were included. The other slave came over to tighten the laces on my corset; I gripped the bedpost and gritted my teeth as he viciously pulled on them, tightening them until I could barely breathe. My breasts spilled up over the top, my nipples peeking up. I slipped my feet into the spiky stilettos and did a practice walk - it had been a while.

   I heard footsteps in the doorway and the other slave immediately sank to his knees. I did the same, pressing my forehead to the floor.

   "Let's take a look, shall we?" the Master said. "Up."

   We rose to our feet and the Master scrutinised me. I held myself still as he ran his hands up my legs, brushed his lips across my breasts, and lightly slapped my bottom, rubbing the tender flesh.

   "Very nice, very nice indeed," he said finally. He looked over at the other slave, standing quietly nearby. "Go and get them."

   The slave was gone but a moment and when he returned the Master told me to turn around and bend over the bed before I had a chance to see what he carried. With every inch of me tingling in anticipation and more than a little fear, I did as instructed.

   "Spread your legs for me," the Master ordered. I moved them apart as far as I could and he moved in behind me. My skirt was pointing up at the ceiling, my bum and shaved pussy completely exposed. The Master ran his finger between my lips and then dipped the tip into the pool of juice collecting there. Then it wasn't his finger but a round ball, and he was pushing it inside me. Not just one, but a string of balls, inserted deftly inside me. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut to keep from making a sound. Finally they were all in, and the Master tugged gently at the string dangling between my thighs. Pleasure spun through me and I gasped aloud, earning me a smack.

   "There will be no orgasms without permission. Do you understand?"

   I forced my voice to be steady while I tried to fight the rippling sensations he caused by tugging on the string of beads. "Yes Master, I understand," I said obediently.

   The tugging stopped but he didn't move away. His hands roamed my arse cheeks and smacked and rubbed them until they were warm and red. I felt him pry my cheeks apart and oil was dribbled down my crack and into my arse hole. Before I had a chance to take in this new sensation a butt plug was inserted in one shove. I jerked and made a sound, unable to help myself.

   The Master sighed, disappointed in me already. "Take her to the punishment room. I will not permit disobedience in my slave."

   Down to the basement I was taken and swiftly tied to a whipping post, my skirt removed so it would not get in the way. The male slave smirked at me, pleased to see me lose favour so quickly. The rivalry between us had begun before I'd even arrived.

   A silky voice remarked, "Oh dear, punishment so soon? I had such high hopes for her."

   "A small thing, my love," the Master replied to the Mistress. "But please, stay and watch."

   I could not see them, but I listened and trembled as the Master picked out an instrument and took up position behind me. The first thwack landed squarely across my cheeks, striking the base of the butt plug and pushing it up inside me even more. The mix of pain and pleasure was unbearable. The blows rained down on my bottom and I was soon squirming and crying, begging for pardon.

   "Not until you can take your punishment quietly," the Master said sternly, pausing in his strokes for me to stop my sniffling. Then the whipping continued, and I bit my lip until it bled, determined not to cry out and displease him again.

   Finally, the punishment stopped. The other slave untied me none too gently and led me over to the Master. I watched, curious, as the Mistress beckoned to the other slave and he eagerly went to her.

   "All that whipping has made me wet, my toy," she said to him, sitting down in a big armchair and spreading her legs. "Kneel and bring me pleasure." He immediately dropped to his knees before her and bent his head to his task. My own pussy juices dripped at the sight.

   "Ah, all in good time," the Master said in my ear, his breath fanning my desires even more. "This is your first day in our service, and it hasn't started very well, has it?"

   "No Master. Forgive me Master."

   His hand slid up my leg and tugged on the string dangling from my pussy. I nearly came right there, with my arse on fire and the balls jerking inside my pussy, my back hole plugged and oiled, but with an effort I controlled myself.

   "Very good. I see you're learning, but what I want is total and absolute obedience." He sat in an armchair across from his wife, who watched us with a lazy smile on her luscious lips as her 'toy' ate her out, and drew me onto his lap. "I won't often fuck your pussy, my slave," he proceeded to tell me - I swallowed my disappointment - "But I have a great liking for your arse and your pretty little mouth here. You will wear the plug at all possible times unless ordered to remove it, and we will gradually increase its size so that you will be able to take me without lubrication. You see, I like to fuck at any time I please and sometimes I don't want to give any pleasure, only to take it. So you will be ready and willing to offer yourself whenever I desire. Do you understand?"

   "Yes Master, I understand."

   "Good. Now, you will have plenty to keep you busy, cleaning and whatnot, but that is second to serving me. My lovely wife has her own slave, and I have long been on the lookout for one for myself. Sometimes we will swap. Sometimes we will want a show. Sometimes we will offer you to our guests. You cannot say no to anything we ask, and you cannot pleasure yourself nor orgasm without permission. Tell me you understand, for I do not want to repeat myself."

   "I understand, my Master."

   "Good. Now on your knees before me."

   I slipped to the ground, the cold floor of the basement a sharp contrast to the fire that still seared my backside. The Master told me to take out his cock. I held it in my hand, gazing at its beauty, its size. I followed the Master's instructions as he told me the way he liked to be licked and sucked. I buried my head in his lap and thrummed with pleasure to hear him moan. The Mistress was gasping now, and her cries were increasing as her slave licked her clit and thrust his tongue inside her, flicking it against her soft inner walls. The Master suddenly grabbed my hair and forced his cock deeper inside me. I fought to relax my gag reflex as he rammed my mouth. I loved the sensation of him fucking my mouth, using me like the sex slave toy I was, with no regard for my comfort or unsatisfied desires. With a groan he exploded inside my mouth and held me still until I had swallowed every drop. Behind me I heard the Mistress cry out in her own orgasm, and thrilled at the raw sexual energy in the room.

   "Now for a show," the Mistress declared. She stood and her slave moved her chair to beside her husband's, where she took her seat again. I turned around, saw that they were facing a thick floor mattress covered with a soft rug. I wondered what they wanted me to do, and whether I could ask, when the other slave grabbed me and threw me onto the mattress. I pushed myself up and he slapped me, hard. Tears started in my eyes and my cheek smarted. He smirked at me, cruel delight in his eyes as he reached over and, yanking down the front of my corset, twisted my nipples with long fingers. By now I knew better than to make a sound, but should I submit? I glanced at the Master; his dark eyes were gazing at the scene intently, his hand slowly stroking his cock while his other hand played with his wife's breasts.

   It was a show, and in this I could make noise. I decided not to submit to this arrogant sex slave. I tried to wriggle away but he caught my legs and pulled me to him, kneeling between my knees. He yanked on the string and the balls inside my vagina rippled along the walls. I cried out with pleasure and arched my back, wanting more but knowing to come was forbidden me. The slave flipped me over onto my stomach and positioned me so my bum was in the air. He pulled on the string again, slowly, and let the balls pop out one by one, knowing it was torment for me to try to stop my orgasm. They came out slippery with my juices and he thrust them into my mouth like a gag. Then something bigger was pushing at my hole and in a cruel thrust he entered me, only to pause and then withdraw until just the head of his cock was inside me. Then, again, he thrust in, his large cock filling me, rubbing against the butt plug in my arse as entered me. His tempo increased and soon he was thrusting hard and fast, his hands reaching around to twist and pull on my nipples. I looked up again at the Master, wanting his approval, and saw his glazed eyes, the slight smile on his lips. The Mistress watched with a knowing look: she had felt this giant cock in her too.

   The male slave pulled out of my pussy so suddenly I nearly came with the loss. He threw me onto my back and knelt with his knees either side of my neck. He aimed his cock at my mouth and forcefully wrapped my hands around the shaft. I understood. I gripped him and wanked his cock rapidly, aiming the head at my open mouth. He stiffened, let out a groan and arched his back as his seed squirted onto my tongue. I licked him clean, to show respect for my Master, but I hated the Toy for having me. I wanted to be the Master's and no one else's, but knew there would be many more occasions when I would have to let other men and women use me however they wanted.

By now the Master's cock was fully erect, pre-come glistening from the tip. He got up and walked over to me, picking up the string of beads and kneeling beside me as I still lay on the mattress. He maneuvered my legs and inserted the beads once more, pinching my clit at intervals. With him, I made myself stay quiet and still.

   "I want you to come now," he said, music to my ears. I could have wept with joy and gratitude.

   "Thank you Master, oh thank you."

   He manipulated the beads, tugging on them as he put his lips to my clit and sucked. I came quickly, my breath catching in my throat, determined to please even as he gave me release. When I was calm he gently rolled me over onto my stomach, raised me onto my knees as the Toy had done, and with a Pop pulled out the butt plug.

   "I was going to wait," he breathed hotly in my ear, "but I can't. I hope you will be a good slave and dutiful, and mind my earlier words."

   "Yes Master, I will obey."

   Without any warning he nudged the head of his cock into my anus, easing it in slowly but forcefully. I pressed my face into the mattress to silence my screams as the pain ripped through me. With every fibre of my being I stopped myself from fighting him, willed myself to welcome his big cock into my tight back passage.

   When he was halfway in he began to move, slow thrusts without withdrawing. My arse relaxed and was able to take him all the way in, the pain turning to deep pleasure. My clit tingled, and as his cock rubbed up against the beads in my vagina I fought another orgasm. The beads gave extra pleasure to him too, and he soon lost himself in thrusting into me. He grabbed my hips and drew me onto him, his thrusts becoming harder and faster.

   "I want to hear you," he gasped, and I obeyed instantly, screaming my pleasure, my blissful frustration. I was a receptacle, a hole to be filled with whatever he gave me. He shuddered and climaxed, shooting his seed deep inside me.

   Afterwards, I felt calmer and happier than I ever have before. I loved the Master, I loved his mastery of me, his control of me, the way he gave me pain and pleasure, and could barely contain my eagerness to please him in any way possible.

To be continued, if you like it...

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