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Sex with my Dad part 2- True Story

jkwon on Incest Stories

As he carry me to my room I know this was wrong but my body and pussy want it. As he laid me down Honey you sure this ok?    I want you and I feel safe with you. As he kiss my neck I reach to feel his hot man hood and feel the wet come from the precum. I open my legs so my pussy could release the juices and hot from my body. He made his way down to my dime size nipples and suck on then ever other suck would bit soft I felt a jolt in my body with ever suck and pull from his mouth. I started to suck his chest and nipples so he could feel the pleasure . He place one hand behide my head to welcome me sucking his nipples.

I felt his hand rub my wet pussy and with one push his finger where deep in my pleaseure hole I grab him tight and bit him on the neck not to hard so I would not leave a mark. I rode his fingers with ever push he made he stood up looking at my pussy and his fingers going in and I could hear the wet sound with every push and felt more fingers in my pussy. I grab his cock again and look at his fingers go in and out I open up more to let him know I was enjoy it. He bent down and begin eat my wet pussy and rubing my ass hole. I place my hands on top of his head and push with every licking and sucking of my clit and lick in my pussy hole.I could feel his hot cock pumping and geting ready to cum so I let go for I wanted him in me. After a few min and geting my bed wet from the eating of my pussy I grab hold of him tight and cum in his face. I was so feeling good when I laid there he walk over to my face with his cock and without telling what to do I push his cock in my mouth.

Picture this my dad standing beside the bed me on my knees bent forword sucking his cock and playing with his balls. He open my ass and rub my ass hole and push his fingers in my pusssy and ass. My room smell of pleasure and sounds of sex. For luck was on our side for no one has came home.Im ready to cum baby he said I release his cock. You ready baby to get my cock in your pussy? How you want me I ask doggy style he said we dont have much time I got on the floor and bent over the bed with my upper body laying down on the bed.He got behind me open my legs I turn around to see his cock slowly push in my wet pussy. I grab the bed for it hurt but did not want to stop. Slowly daddy I said ok baby and he slowly rock in and out of my pussy. I started to feel pleasure and my orgaisem was building up again. I reach back to grab his ass to help push him in my pussy. He grab one of my legs and place it on my bed and now I could feel his cock in my stomach slow pace started to pick up and faster and harder. I was scream a liitle but enjoy him fucking me and with this he turn to turbo and rock my pussy. Faster and harder and now I was going crazy and came so fast and hard. He knew and said OK baby Im going to com and with one deeep push he pull out and shot his load on my ass hole but not in. I laid there for my pussy was beatin so  hard and was big as a Orange. I felt ever shot of cum and the sound of my dad gruntin. He rub his cum around my ass and then on my hole. He bent down and kiss me I want to fuck you all the time it our secret baby and left the room.........

I will leave it at that so you can Imagine the rest. I hope you enjoyed 

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