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Sex with my Mom-True story

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I always love sex when I was 13 I would peek at my mom in the bedroom or in the shower. I am half asian and white I live in a small town outside of dallas. My life has been very fun was popular in highschool played football and pretty good looking(6'2 220).Its been 13 years since the first time I had sex with my mom and till this day we still do some crazy stuff(phone sex). I have move another state but when I go home I always have the best sex with my mom.My story is true so a little long but I think you will enjoy.Lets start, back when I was 10 I can home one day from school. Had 1 older brother but he was always hangng out with his friends.I always went to the kitchen first to get so milk and cookies. I started to walk down the hall and heared my mom talking on the phone in her room. So I wanted her to know I was home and when was dinner. Dad was military so he was always home after 6pm. As I got close to the room I could see the door crack and there was the first time I saw my mom naked. She was standing in the closet with her back faceing me. I was froozen in my tracks and just staring at her. She was looking at her cloths and was giving me a show that would change my life. Mom was pretty hot 5'4 dark skin about 120 and c cup. I was always in to sex I always keep to myself about sex I would play with myself in the bath and would look at dirty books my older brother had but never jerk off or seen a real naked women. As I watch I started to think about my mom and her fucking me. Back then women had big hairy bush but as a little boy pussy was pussy and real pussy was the best.I started to get hard and realize for the first time that I wanted to fuck my mom. I know that it was wrong but she was the first women that I got to see naked and real.As she bent down I saw everything from her pussy to her butt crack. As I heard her say bye on the phone I went to the bathroom and close the door. I quickly took of my cloths and started to touch myself and play with my cock.I close my eyes and was thinking that of my mom fucking me and for the first time I jerk off and cum. It was so good that I wanted to do it more now and from that day I became my own sex toy. As time went I started to stay home more then hang out with friends. I would race home hoping to see my mom or just be alone so I could jerk off. After a few months went by I would come home and if alone get naked and look at my moms panties.I love this and as a young boy sex was good with myself.Before I go on just so everyone knows Im a good person in life go to church never got in trouble with the law got a great job making 65k a year but as a little boy just love sex. One day as I came home My mom was a sleep in the livingroom. I guess she fell asleep watching TV. She was on the couch and was wearing t-shrit and shorts. From the kitchen I could see her as I watch her I being to playwith myself. I was behind the counter so If she woke up she could only see from the chest up and if someone came homeI could just walk to my room. As I watch I pull down my pants to my ankles and just started to jerk off right there. I could see her brown nipples through her shirt and and see some of her panties from the side. Mom always wear white ons but she had other colors but white ones where always in the dirty cloths. She roll over on her side and her back was faceing me. Her t-shirt was up a little so I got a view of her butt and backside of her panties.I could see the outline of her panties and her shorts. I was so hard and wanted to see more or just cum on my mom. I pulled my pants up and with my hard cock in and bulgeing from my pants I went to see more close up. I went in and sat on the floor next to her so she though I was watching TV. I was about 3 feet away from her butt I slowly started to touch her butt and rub my cock.I was scard shitless but I was so horny and wanted to see how far I could go. I got up close to small  her crack and notice her shorts where unbuttin. I could see alittle of her dark push through her pants. I could not belive what I was doing here I was looking at my mom with my cock in my hand. I wanted her to move so I sat down so she could not see my cock and tap her on the back to let her know I was home. She turn around and laid on her back. She talk for a second and went back to sleep. That was it I started to jerk off slowly just looking at her I got up on my knees and bent dowh to smell her pussy. The smell of pussy is the best right guys you know what Im talking about. I just stood on my knees and watch my mom. I slowly started to to play with myself. Here I was cock in hand(5 inches lets be real not fake) if my mom wakes up Im dead. I watch her and just wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. As I got up to go to the bathroom still holding my cockMy mom woke and saw me. She freak and started to yell and hit me I ran to my room know I was dead. My dad is going to kill me. I freak out started to think what the hell is wrong with me. That night at the dinner table I was shock that my mom did not tell my dad. After dinner dad went to take a shower and brother was in his room on the phone. I was in room when my mom called me to help with the dishes. I was scared but went to the kitchen as we where clean mom talk about stuff and the family as we finish mom said she was going to take a shower. My parents have a shower in there room but for some reason as I went to my room my mom knock on my door and said she was going to take a shower in the other bathroom which was next to my room. When she came in I could see her sleeping clothes and fresh panties. As I sat there think why my mom did not tell my dad I heard the water turn on. My mom never takes a shower always bath. I started to get hard and went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I look down the hall my brother door was close I went to the kitchen and dad called me to the garage. I went and we talk and my brother came in and said he was going to his friends house for 1 hour. As he left and I went to my room I notice the bathroom door crack I could hear my dad in the garage talking on the phone. I slowly walk up to the door and saw my mom taking a bath I started to jerk off and just keep looking. She was so hot wjth the water running down her dark skin and her dark nipples. I was so turn on slowly jerking my cock and watching her. She would stand up and wash her body. As I slowly watch her and stroke my cock mom my look right at me. We both just stood there I saw her look down and she look at me and contiune to wash herself. We never said a word just kept looking at eeach other. I was about to cum and got real brave I push the door open a little and let her look at me. Not one word came out and when I blow my load it went everywhere. I kept looking at her my mom doesnt touch herself but she was playing with her pussy. As I finish I look at her and she just turn around and went on bathing. I heard my dad come to the kitchen so I ran back to my room. I was lost in words did my mom just see me jerk off? I started to think that this was all a dream. I started to change and put everything in thought when I heard my mom open the bathroom door. I want her so bad I was just in my underwear and said fuck it here we go. I open my door and turn off my light. As my mom walk by I called her and when she walk to my bedroom I gave her a hug and started to put my hand down her shirt. I grab her tit and started to caress then. My mom pull on my cock and look at me and walk out.This was it she was mine and I was going to her. That night I was in my room watching tv when my mom came in. She was talking about stuff and sat on my bed I was on the floor but as soon as she can in I was hard as arock. I stood up and she look at my tent in my shorts. I walk over to the door and stood by the door. As I turn around to see her I pull down my shorts and look at her. I told her that I want to her to teach me to fuck and have sex with her all the time. She slowly sat close to me and told me to watch and listen for anyone. She slowly started to touch it and ask me why I look at her and touch myself. I want to kiss her but she said no just watch and listen. Being 13 not to smart about sex and first time. She  slowly started to tell me about looking at her and feel on my cock.She took at kiss on my stomach and went down kiss me. I felt her get close and her touching my balls was al it took I started to cum little by little. Mom started to lick it and then put it in her mouth.My first blow job was great but just the fact it was my mom made it even better. She clean me up and gave me a kiss I forced my tng in her month and we slowly started to kiss I put my hand down her shorts and felt her pussy for the first time. She was so wet and she look in the hallway and pull her shorts and panties down a little as I rub her pussy she started to buck a little with every move. She told me to put my fingers in my mouth and taste her. I love it and wanted more. She turn around bent forword a little so she could hear if anyone. Her shorts where down right below her butt. She lead me to be right behind her slowly she pull on my cock and told me to place it right by her pussy. As I did she insert it in and with this I was fucking my mom doggy style. I was kind of nerveous but as she thursted back and forword I started to fell so good and wanted this to last forever. I could hear her moun and touch my cock and fell it everytime I can out as I went in see would push back and grab her butt checks to open up. I felt her juices run down my cock and to my balls. My mom started to play with my balls and taste her fingers.I started to get the hang of it and my mom was so wet she was rubbing on her pussy and put one of her legs on my bed to open her pussy some more.I could feel the build up and wanted to cum in her. I load her hot and wet pussy and she slowly started to move and look at me cum in her. I pull out and she pull up her shorts and went down and started to suck on my cock. She clean me up gave me a kiss and smile at me and left. I was in heaven and could not belive what just happen. I was so into sex with my mom and wanted more. Thinking of her pussy and her sucking my cock made me sleepless that night. I could tell you all that made up stuff about moms talking dirty to 13 year old sons with 7 in cock but this is TRUE and it gets better. Please understand this was 13 years ago and till this day we still find time to get kinky with each other. I still look at panties in my aunts house and jerk off to them. I have a girlfriend and she loves the sex we have. Any feed back please e-mail me at  more to come and think about this and its all TRUE.



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