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Sleep sex; father-daughter

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I was asleep one night.  I had been having a dream that was vaguely sexual, but also vaguely uncomfortable like wrestling.  I woke up and my father was on top of me in missionary position.  He was just on an outstroke as I gained consciousness and he froze looking into my face, half inside me.

My father is a dorky, hard to respect man.  I was certain he was going to make same ridiculous excuse or possibly try to play it off with a lame joke.  And I could see the gears were turning in his head as he tried to figure out what to say.  I was just waiting for it so I could cuss him out for saying something so stupid and shove him off me.  But the gears just kept turning, he never said anything.  It completely disarmed me because I was totally prepared to rip him for whatever stupid thing he said.  I wasn't ready to say something to nothing.  I just lay there.

It took so long that I got used to him being in me.  I finally thought, geez, if you're gonna just leave it in me atleast put it all the way.  He must have read my mind.  Or he just got impatient with horniness.  Right after I thought it, he shoved all the way inside me.  I betrayed myself with a little moan.

That was all the encouragement he needed.  He started humping me robotically.  It was so pathetic.  My legs lay there spread, as he had spread them.  He was mounting me as he had been mounted hile I slept.  Don't get me wrong, we've had sex regularly since, with all the bells and whistles.  My dad may actually even be a good lay.  But that first time, with me just lying their immobile as my father did his business me, was the hottest sex we've ever had.

Soon he started pumping faster as I just lay there breathing hard, but trying not to moan.  He pulled out and came all over my belly.  I was really disappointed.  I asked him why he didn't come inside me.  My lame, awkward dad came back as he avoided eye contact and then cracked, "I don't wanna be a grandpa."  I insisted, next time cum in me.  He muttered something about, ok, but getting birth control.  Then he kissed me pathetically, half passionate-half dad, and snuck back to his bedroom.

We did get birth control, but he came inside me one time before that cause he couldn't wait.  That was the second hottest sex we ever had.  The birth control gives me acne, but it doesn't matter because he loves fucking me anyway.  All of this is a secret from my conservative nerd mom.

But I'll never forget the first feeling of my own dad using my limp body to satisfy his needs.  So caveman.  Gawd I love fucking him now.


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