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Sneaking in to fuck mom

sirlancelot2008 on Incest Stories

I was still awake when my mom stumbled in after three o’clock in the morning. She had been out with my aunt and some of their friends having a ladies night out. I had insisted that I could stay home by myself. I was constantly trying to prove that I wasn’t a little kid.


My mom is hot. I mean, sexy, flirty, teasingly hot and she knows it. I had seen her use her charms to get men to do what she wanted them to do many times. She would laugh at the lot of them behind her back. Her sister, my aunt was just as bad. I hard my aunt say to my mother plenty of times that I was the last thing that had been between her legs. It took me a while to figure out that she was saying that my mom had had sex in a long time.


Well, when my aunt dropped my mom off at home, my mom barely made it to her bed before she passed out. To say the least, my mom was the star of my wet dreams. I crept to her bedroom and found her laying on her side. She had gotten off her shoes before curling up. My eyes locked on her butt-cheeks exposed from the tight dress she had on. I had spied on my mom many times, but I had never had a clear view like that. She had on a thong and it only covered her pussy. All I could think about is how to get my cock into her pussy.


I went around and climbed up on the other side of the bed and stuck my nose to her crotch from behind. I had heard guys say that they love the way pussy smelled. I could only smell my mom’s perfume.


With her lying on her side, I couldn’t see away that I could put my cock in her. It was clear to me that I would have to get her on her back and her thong off. If she woke while I was rolling her on her back, then it would be all over.


I thought and came up with the plan to say that I was only trying to help her undress if she woke and ask what I was doing. I figured that if I succeeded in getting her naked then I could say that she was like that when I found her. The stories that I made up in my head sounded good enough for me, so I went to work.


I shook her shoulder gently and then hard. She did little than moan. I pulled the stretchy dress down from over her big tits. She moaned a little and pulled the pillow under her head. I took a deep breath and repeated in my head that I was helping her undress. I figured if nothing else that I could get a very close-up look at her. Her tits were already right there and one of her nipples looked as hard as my cock.


I got back on the bed to get a good grip on her dress and began working it down over her hips. I got part of the dress down over her hip, but she was laying on the other side. I got down and went around to the other side of the bed. It became a mission to get her dress off.


I reached under her hip from the front and began pulling the dress down slowly.


“What…..what….” she moaned.


“Lift up, I need to get your dress down,” I said as if it was something I really had to do.


I continued pulling and she lifted her hip and the dress came down along with her thong.  I pulled them down off her legs. She was completely naked by curled up on her side again. I became more determined than ever. I was going to fuck her and that was that.


I removed my t-shirt and underwear and got up on the bed behind her. I positioned the head of my cock to her pussy but I could push more than the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She moaned and adjusted herself on her side, but not enough for me to make good penetration. I started to get really frustrated. I had come this far.


I knelt on the bed and pulled her top leg over rolling her onto her back. I moved up between them to keep her from rolling back. I laid down on top of her when she started to move.


“Mmmmm….you should be in bed,” she moaned.


“I’m staying in here with you,” I said as I moved the head of my dick to her pussy.


“What are you doing,” she asked.


I didn’t say anything feeling my cock slip inside of her pussy. I laid my head on her tits and began pumping with a steady rhythm.


“No baby, you can do this,” she moaned. She put her hand on my shoulder as if she was going to push me off, but she didn’t.


I started pumping faster as it began to feel better and better to me. I held her shoulders and pumped my ass harder. Her legs fell open more and I felt her moving with me.


I gave it all that I had and I sucked on her nipples too. She moaned, but I didn’t understand what she was saying. I kept fucking and fucking until I got a chill that shook me from head to toe while I shot my cum in her. I calmed down with her hands on my back and drifted off to sleep.


My hard cock woke me as the sun began to come up. I started pumping slowly as my mom began to stir. I started fucking her harder and harder as she moaned holding her head. I kept fucking giving it all I had. She just laid there letting me do my thing for a while and then she began moving with me.


I started sucking on her nipples again and licking them. She moved her hand to my ass and began fucking me back harder. It felt better than I thought it could. It felt like we fucked for hours before I came in her. She moaned and moved her hands up to my back.


“Honey, could you go get me headache medicine and some water please?” she asked.


“Yes maim,” I said and hurried getting my underwear on and t-shirt.


When I came back she was on the phone talking to my aunt. She thanked me for the water and medication and that was all. She didn’t say a word about what had happened. Things sort of went back to normal except that I was doing more to pull my load around the house and helping more. Mainly it was because I was following her around drooling.


I got up the nerve to sneak into her bed about a month later. She made no move to stop me as I slid down her panties and got on top of her. She did spread her legs and moved with my stroke. She said nothing to me about it, so I started doing it two to three times a week. She still acted as if nothing had happen afterwards, but during she started fucking me and encouraging me to fuck her harder.


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