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The Training of Dylan and Cole Sprouse - pt 1+2

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The Training of Dylan and Cole Sprouse


This story contains Mind Control, BDSM, M/m/m, Chastity Devices and Punishment


I am unaware of the boy’s sexuality and this story is purely fiction and for the internets readers entertainment. ENJOY.


This is my first story so it is a work in progress. To send me feed back and let me know of items/storylines you wish to see added or changed get hold of me at:-



Before we get to the nitty gritty of the story let me introduce my self. I am an ordinary man of twenty one years old. I wouldn’t consider myself a hunk or a geek. I am an average build with dark brown hair and eyes with a height just under six feet tall with an average frame. I would consider my self above average with a seven inch cock and legs to die fore!!   For the purpose of this story I will refer to myself in the third person apart from dreams where it will be first person. My name is Matty F.



Chapter 1 – Gift’s from God


Matty was just finishing another changeling Friday day fixing computers at the local school in one of the larger towns in California. He had a fun day though because the school bullies had been taking the piss out off him all day, even though Matty was officially a teacher he could not help but chuckle to himself at how immature some of the boys could be.


The final bell rang for school out at 3.30 however some vandals had decided to introduce a virus into the school network so I would have to stay behind and find and fix the problem before the end of the day and be able to finally enjoy his weekend.


Matty decided the best way to deal with the problem was to start a detection program that he had created at the beginning off the school year for this very situation. As the program began its work he decided to go and get a cup of coffee … “ahh coffee is there no better stimulate” he though to himself when the program started to beep letting him know that virus had been located and that the networked PC had been isolated from the rest of the system. However before he could go and remove this malicious software he decided to wait for the program to finish it scans of all the network computers so he could fix the problems as soon as possible.


While he was drinking his coffee and musing to himself about the origins of man and the universe as he did on a regular basis as his job was satisfying to point, he was a technician at an all boys school and being bi-sexual he often imagined having mind control powers and using it to control the young boys that he worked with and using his powers to punish the bullies that made fun of him and to treat the boys that were being bullied by allowing them to make bullies into the their sex slaves …


BEEP, BEEP, BEEP he was drawing out of his imagination when the computer program told him the diagnostic was complete and to his surprise only four computers were infected with the students’ virus. He laughed to himself on the way down to the computer lab as the program not only identified and isolated the computers it showed him where the virus was. As he arrived in the lab he set to work beginning to purge the computers of the virus and reset the operating systems to its base format. The work proceeded quickly and he soon finished resetting the computers.


He approached the last computer where the virus was originally implanted and he decided to locate the student who implanted the virus. He accessed the logs in the administration section and discovered the person to upload the virus. He looked up the username and saw that it was Ryan Jackson, at that pointed he felt him self build with rage and anger as it was the bully that had been taken the piss out of him earlier in the day. However that emotion was shorted lived as it soon turned to laugher as he now had dirt on the boy who had him so much grief.


He now faced a dilemma in what he had learned to come clean to his superiors in the school or to keep the knowledge and destroy the information that he had learned before taking a copy for his use. The decision was not that hard for him as he decided to use his darkness and take then second choice so he made a copy of the logs before proceeding to destroy the information on the computer and server.  “Ha ha he is not going to know what hit” he chuckled to himself. He looked up at the clock and saw the time being 4.30. He proceeded back to the server room and then spoke to the head technician


“All the computers are clean now however the virus once detected, force a purge of the administration logs and the user who uploaded the virus could not be traced. I have also started the backups which will be completed by midnight.” He replied “Ok Matt shame about the virus destroying the administration logs was there no way to recover the logs?”


I though for a second before replying “sorry sir there wasn’t but who ever uploaded the virus made sure that all administration logs for the past day was destroyed. I’m sorry.” He answered “Ok it’s not your fault but it’s a shame, anyway though go and have a good weekend and see you on Monday.” “You to and don’t get to drunk” we had a little laugh and Matt proceeded out the door and headed to his car.


As Matt proceeded out one of the exits to wards his car a plan was formulating in the back off his mind to what to do with Ryan; but it would have to be put on hold to after the weekend.


Matt pulled out his keys to a Ford Fiesta 1992 model and thought to himself “GOD why me I need a new car, hell I need more money or a better job or something to happen, PLEASE GOD HELP” but that even though I was screaming it in my head I knew nothing would happen….


The engine finally ticked over and he was on his way home to a little one bedroom cottage where he go and masturbate over children in speedo’s or imagine a better life for him self. He turned on the radio and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by the Led was playing and maybe he thought it would be a good weekend after all.


He finally arrived home after being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, bloody traffic, every where you go its either jams or road words or accidents, something to slow down the flow of things, “God why” he muttered under his breath.


He turned off his car and got out and locked his car and when into his home he went over to the kettle and turned it on. As the kettle slowly started to boil he turned on the television and turned the channel onto Sky Sports and to his surprise RAW was on so he finished making himself a cup of coffee and proceeded to watch TV until his favourite sport was finished.


His stomach started to growl at him and he knew after his long day he was starving so he made his dinner while watching the Undertaker beat the crap out off Mr. Kennedy in a steel cage. He hated Kennedy so he was laughing when the Undertaker started making him bleed.


He finished my dinner, a nice steak with mash spuds and mix boiled vegetables. I looked at the clock and it was 8.15. Ahh wonderful he thought, do I go out and get drunk try to score and come back alone or stay home and just catch with sleep. Ahh what to do, what to do, so he decided stuff getting drunk save his money and catch up with sleep.


He finished his dinner and made a cup of tea and sat back and watched a variety of programs on the TV ending up, surprisingly on the ancient Egyptian era and the history of the various Gods of the time. He looked at the clock and it was now midnight, ahh wonderful bedtime. He slow got undressed down to his boxers, done his teeth and personal hygiene and then cured up in bed with the various thoughts from the day running through his head including Ryan, the bastard he was going to have fun with, the different Gods he had just watched and what tomorrow would bring. He slowly drifted off to sleep with the final though of the Gods.


In the Dream


I was at home with a load of kids from my childhood out side my window, doing what kids do playing on their bikes and throwing a ball around. I walked out side and started to join in with them, however it felt very surreal as if I was not total in control and I was onlooker.


As the dream progressed I was on my bike with the other kids all laughing and then my sub-conscious forced me to know that I was dreaming and to my shock I didn’t wake up from my now lucid dream … yes I screamed to my self and all the kids that were up outside my house just looked at me like I was crazy.


In a flash I waved my hand and all the girls were gone and the boys looked at me and one of them said “Matty what is going on, where did the girls go?” I laughed and replied “Now my bitch I am dreaming and you are all part of the dream” “WHAT?”


I moved my hand and with a flash they were all naked. I grinned from ear to ear and said “Now my bitches on your knees” they looked at me and where about to say something and I clicked my fingers and they appeared in front of me on their knees with the hot sweet mouths open just waiting to receive my cock.

I snapped my fingers and I appeared naked with a raging hard on. I moved closer to one of the boys, a 13 year old with blond hair, great hot body with a six pack and a small four inch rampant hard member. I smiled when I saw this and with a thought the other boys that were watching disappeared so it was just me and him. I moved close to him and said softly:

“Now boy beg to suck my cock” with a grin on my face a mile wide, he just looked up at me and said “please my master” licking his lips “please I beg off you let me suck you off I beg you please my master”


I pondered his request while I gently jacking off my quivering member in front of his face and watching him licking his lips. “Ok my pet I think you have deserve it so GET TO WORK” as I raised my voice to him. “Thank you master.”


I watched him as he slowly moved forward, he opened his mouth and started to lick the crown of my cock, the feel off his tongue swirling around the head of my member I could have shot my load there and then remembered it was a dream so I just enjoyed the sensation of his mouth working my cock.


He moved from the head and just slowing working the shaft of my cock moving down to wards my balls. His hot breath and tongue just sent my pleasure to overdrive. My bitch worked down to my balls and started sucking my balls one-by-one, I was moaning in pleasure as his skilled mouth worked on my balls. I couldn’t take it any more and yelled “GOD BITCH SUCK MY COCK NOWWWWW”


With that he automatically stopped sucking my balls and then in one swift motion he took my entire seven inch cock down his throat and in full swing started massaging my balls. At that point I was in heaven. I moved my hands on to head and grabbed his hair and fucked his face for all it was worth. As I fucked his face I started to moan loader and loader and with that he moved faster and started to gag which in turn made me fuck his face harder. After about ten minutes of face fucking him I wanted his nice tight hot ass.


I stopped face fucking and looked down at him with my cock in his mouth and precum oozing out of my slit which he gratefully licked up and swallowed and he looked into my eyes and “yummy, I want more master, please master let me have more” was all he could say as I pushed my cock in his mouth for a final suck before pulling out and turning him around to expose his hot little ass hole. J


I looked down and saw his sweet little hole and a smile came across my face. I lined my raging hard-on up to his sweet ass hole, I moved my cock up and between his cheeks and my with my pre cum leaking out which in turn I used to moisten his hole. I pushed my cock up to hole and said “ok my bitch, just relax as I take your virginity” “thank you my master.”


 As I looked down I watched as my cock pushed against his entrance and he let out a small gasp as my crown pushed passed his sphincter and we both gasped loudly as his ass and my cock adjusted to him warm tight hot ass. I slowly pushed my hard member up into him and god he was so tight. As he contracted and relaxed his ass my cock was in paradise as I pushed deeper into his rectum. Eventually I got the whole of my seven inches into him and moaned out load. I began to slowly pump his ass and he was sooo tight I felt wow could this get any better, and his ass got used to my member being in his hole I found it easier to fuck him. I slid my hands on to his ass after spanking each cheek a few time and got him into a good rhythm as we both mutually enjoyed each other.


The faster I fucked him the more and more I was in heaven. My cock and balls were boiling as I fucked him and I shouted “God i am about to cum, ohh GOD take, ahh fuck yea take it bitch,  GOD yeah” “ohh yes master fuck me, fill my ass like the little fuck toy which I am, fuck me master” he shouted.


That was too much for me and I shoot at least six strong loads deep into his ass and shouted “GGGOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD im CCCCUUUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.” When I final came down from my high I looked up and notice someone watching me. I was not expecting to see anyone and I don’t know why my subconscious had brought him up.


I know it was my subconscious but I know I didn’t conjure this person into my dream however since this was the first time I was properly lucid dreaming and since I was raised to be “proper” I didn’t want to offend this person as I had no idea who he was therefore I removed my bitch from the dream and fabricated a pair of jeans to wear.


He was looking at me at every aspect of my dream as if studying me. I spoke up and said “Hello sir, I know I am in a middle of a lucid dream and I know I didn’t conjure you into this dream, so may I ask who are you?”


He looked at me and smiled, while I was relieved slightly but still worried. He spoke up “I am pleased you understand that this is a lucid dream, as you call it, and that you have manners, you are more pleasant than other people I have visited through the ages.” I was now getting very worried when he said this so the best thing I thought was to be as polite and courteous as possible.


I looked at him and he appeared to be shining and I said “Would you like a seat or a drink or something?” he answered “Thank you a seat and a cup of coffee would be lovely thank you.” As it was a lucid dream I just thought two lazy mans’ chairs, with a small but very ornate carved dragon table in between the two chairs and a pot of coffee and two mugs on the table with milk and sugar in separate containers. It just appeared in the middle of the garden where I had been fucking my bitch. I beckoned him to sit in one of the chairs while I ask what he would like in his coffee.


After finishing making a coffee and then sitting down facing him. I watched him and he had a sip of his drink and he the continued “Hmm nice coffee, anyway where was I, ahh yes, tell me what do you know of Gods, not just any Gods though, Gods that were worshipped during Ancient Egyptian times?”


I pondered his question before replying “There were various Gods that were worshipped during the times of the Egyptians including:” I though best start with good Gods just in case I offended him, “Ra the sun god, Ma’at the god of magic, Thoth the god of wisdom, Hathor the goddess of music and vitality supposed the mother of most of the Gods and Horus the God of the Pharaoh. These were worshipped as the ‘good’ Gods” pausing for breath before continuing “apparently the ‘bad’ Gods were Anubis the God of Death, Osiris the God of the Underworld, Nephthys the Goddess of death and Seth the God of Chaos. These were just some of the Gods that were worshipped through the Egyptian times.”  


“Wow, I am impressed with your knowledge, now the reason why I asked was that you were correct, the Gods DO exist and are still alive in the realm of the Gods. Now before you say anything let me tell you something about myself and your heritage.”


He looked at me seeing that he had my full attention he continued “I am a messenger for Thoth, as you said the God of wisdom. My duty here is that the Gods, either good or evil, are in the preparation for a war which will be limit to their realm however there power is directly linked to the mortals of this world and dimension. Now Matthew, Son of Cheyne, house of Thoth, you are a descendant of the God Thoth. This may shock you but please let me continue, as his descendant you will be empowered with certain gifts including immortality, invisibility, mind control both human and technology and teleportation. Any questions at this point?”


Now at this point my mind was racing with questions however my mouth decided it didn’t want to work. He gave me questioning looks so I decided better ask something quickly. “WOW, when you say teleportation have I have to been there or if I look at photograph can I just appear there?”


He answered “Yes and No, yes if you have been there you can see the image in your mind and you will appear there and No if you have a photo it will not work as the teleportation works with you minds coordinates and since you have not been there you may appear in solid rock. Anything else?”


I relaxed again and asked “for the technology mind control how does that work? And I kind of understand human mind control. And you said I am immortal?”


“Yes that’s right you can not die not be harmed however do not draw attention to your self other wise you have to answer to Thoth. As for the mind controls, for humanity its simple just slip into the mind as you might expect and explore the mind of the human in question and then just say what you want the man or woman to do and they will not have a choice but to obey. Technology all you have to do is search and what you want will appear. One last thing you will be able to see any Gods that are in realm however DO NOT approach them, if they want to chat they will start the conversation. You can recognize them by the aurora around them like you can see with me. I have to be going unless you have any more questions?” he stated.


I thought for a second and said “How do I become invisible?” He replied “Just say to your self invisible and everyone around you will be unable to see. Your fingertips will become transparent so you know that you’re invisible. To end it say invisible end and your fingertips will return to normal. No one will be able to see or hear you when you are clocked. Anything else?”


He replied “Thank you. Is there anything else I should know?” he mussed for a second before stating “Remember do not pose to be a God or you will be punished, do not approach other Gods, I can say this though what out for dark aurora’s as they as you call it evil Gods. They should not come up to you but if they do not tell them about Thoth and your lineage or it will cause problems for Thoth. Now stand.”


We both stood up and he walked over to me and started to chant in a strange language while he placed his hands on my temples and said “Incantm finalate Thoth completau regnala de solltem.” At that point my mind pounded as if being reborn and in a bright flash he was gone.


I was left in my lucid dream alone when I woke.


End Dream


Chapter 2 – Revenge is a dish best served with Mind Control


As Matty came around from what he thought was the best dream ever he moved his down to his morning glory and he felt a cold sticky liquid all over his cock and crotch area he thought “ahh not surprised I cummed last night with that dream like that.” He rubbed his now hard member as he recalled the lucid dream which he had last night and thought I only wish the stuff about being immortal and mind control was real. Ahh who was he kidding. “Better get cleaned up” he said to himself.


He hopped out of bed and his sticky boxers and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. After a nice hot shower and rubbing himself clean after getting another boner in the shower he got a nice hot fluffily towel and dried off. He needed a coffee so turned on the TV which was on a kids channel and “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” was on. After finishing making his coffee he watched as this two incredibly hot twins were the stars of the show. His body couldn’t help but get another hard on which he smiled to himself about.


He finished his coffee and looked out the window and it was another blue sky and 30 degree centigrade out in California, “what a surprise” he muttered to himself. He went to his bedroom and decide we needed a swim so he but on a pair of dark blue swimming shorts … ahh commando, perfect. He grabbed a t-shirt and out he went to see what the day had in store for him.


He grabbed his keys and headed out the door making sure he locked the door before he left for the beach.


He arrived at the beach which to his surprise was quiet, a lot quieter than it should be for a late Saturday morning but he wasn’t complaining as he enjoy the beach a lot more when it wasn’t busy. He setup his towel on the beach and put on his iPod, and he was remembering his lucid dream from the night and he decided if what he experienced was real or purely a dream.


As he looked around he was quite frankly shocked when he saw Ryan, the school bully and he said “ohh yes perfect!!” as he sniggered to himself. He watched as his gang came into view and joined up with him. Ryan however saw his local teacher looking at him and he mouthed something to his mates and they headed off down to pier where there was a games arcade. Ryan however walked slowly over to his teacher and looked down his nose to him and let out a little snort.


“Ryan, have a seat I need word with you” Matty ordered when he came over to say hi. He looked worried as he sat down. “Yes sir how can I help?”


As he sat down Matty looked into eyes and stretched out his mind and he heard his surface thoughts, “ohh great what the hell does this bastard want?” Matty decided to shock him as he said “well first off” as he raised and angered his voice slightly just enough to get the young boy worried “this bastard, as you put” his eyes widening in shock “well done for implanting the computer virus into the network during your computer lesson yesterday, however if you though you get away it you were wrong as I clean up all the computers before I left yesterday” pausing for breath and to allow the young boy to absorb the knowledge he had just been given.


He heard his mind say “off FUCK how the hell did he know it was me, maybe I can get away it if I make up a story to leave”. Matty watched as he was about to butt but before he could Matty said “your not leaving so don’t even think about trying to make up a story!” as he said this Matty tried to implant a command into the boys head which basically told the boy to put both hands on his legs and not move as his hands were currently on the sand about to push him self up to leave.


Matty watched as the boy froze in shock wanting to move but finding he couldn’t move and a big smiled came across Mattys’ face as he watched him. “Now as I was saying, I have erased all the data on the school network that it was you that implanted the virus, now you may be thinking that you’re off the hook. Well let me say your not, firstly because of all the crap you have given me and other boys at the school and secondly you have to do what I say other wise a computer disc with the records will find its way to the headmasters desk.” Matty decided to just let Ryans’ mind process the last comment, as he listened into his thoughts.


In Ryans’ mind his mind was saying “ohh God, who is he, does he know what I am thinking I wonder, why the hell did he say well done for implanting the virus, why can’t I move, shit Shit SHIT, why is he blackmailing me, what does he want from me, how does he know about me being a bully, I can’t help it I have a crappy home, why is he not saying anything, ok then a test YOU’RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!”


Matty couldn’t help his smirk from showing and he decided to play with the boy for a bit. Matty said “Ok mate in order: no I am not a god I just happen to be a descendant from of a God, haha, yes I do know what your thinking, the reason why I am congratulating you on implanting the virus is because your one of the few people with the knowledge to get passed the virus checker, next time however include coding to destroy administration logs and I am not going to tell which sections to delete” pausing for breath before continuing “You can’t move as I have told you not to move, STOP swearing, I am not blackmailing you. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for not getting you expelled, I will tell you want a want from you once I have finished, HAHA, I have been watching you for a while and I have seen the pain you give to other class mates, NOT only that you are sick from the pleasure you get from it and the reason I let take the piss out of me is I have been testing you. Now I want to know why you are so unhappy at home maybe I can help” with a cheeky grin on Mattys’ before progressing “I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE. If you think I am then you can rot in hell after I have had my fun with you!!!”


Matty watched as Ryans face just lost all colour and by the looks of him he was in shock. Matty went back into Ryans mind and had a listen “…..” There was nothing he was in total shock. Matty sent the command ‘Wake Up’ and in an instant he started to blink and come around.


Ryan once he came around said “Ok, what the HELL just happened, si… sir?” Matty chuckled and started to speak “what your language boy!” “sorry” he softly answered “That’s better, now what didn’t you understand Ryan?”


He though for a second, Matty decided he should just to wait until the boy started to speak. Ryan piped up and said “so let me get this straight, you can read minds, you’re descended from a God, you want to help me even that I used to wind you up, putting it lightly, and my main concern is what you want from me?” he finished with really worried face.


“Once again in order yes I can read minds, I am descended from a God, however I am not at liberty to say which one, yes I want to help you, which you may find surprising because your hot and sexy so I intend to have my way with you and after I will help you as a reward” pausing as he watched Ryan blush “now what I want from you is simple you mouth and your ass to pleasure my cock.”


“What, your gay, you want to fuck me why? Why do you not simply command me to do as you have these powers and I can’t move from this position?” Ryan asked. “I am not gay. I am bisexual,. And yes it is true I could simply command you to fuck me however I want you to give your self to me. Consider it a test to see if you are worthy for me to help you in your home life. So what will it be?”


Matty decided he want to know what Ryan was thinking therefore he re-entered his mind and listened intently.


“Ok I need help at home and he may be my salvation, but I am not gay, but he wants me, yes he is cute but do I really want to suck him and let him fuck me? What am I saying he IS NOT cute, although, ahh what to do. Are you reading my mind I wonder? So all I have to do is fuck him and I really do need help at home, my parents are evil they do not care, he is cute I wonder how big his cock is, no what am I saying I am not gay, although I wonder what it feels like, should I give my self to him?” As Matty was listening he decided to send a command ‘get horny’ as he continued listening … “if I do give myself to him will he help as he has said, my God he is cute, maybe that’s why I picked on him as maybe do I like him, why am I getting horny, maybe I should give my ass to him, GOD I need to feel him in me, why am I getting so turned on by him, he is cute, maybe I am gay. No not gay bisexual, I think yes bi, I hope he is big down there, ok Ryan give your self to him, I need to. No ‘need’ is not right, I want to. OK so I will. I GIVE MY BODY TO YOU. I hope he pleasures me as well I am sooo horny.”


Ryan looked up at Matty and said “Ok sir, I will give my self to you, for some reason I need to I have no idea why but I think your cute and I want to. So here goes Sir, use me for your pleasure I give my self to you just please help at home.” Ryan was not blushing immensely and he had a half cocked smile on his face. Matty answered “Well done, you have passed. I must admit I am impressed with you. I accept your gift of your body and in return I will help you at home. Now follow.” Matty sent the command to follow him as he got up and headed over to a cave entrance in the rock face.


Ryan entered into the cave first and Matty followed shortly after making sure no one saw them enter. As he entered into the cave he saw Ryan standing in front of him and he smiled. “Strip” Matty simply said. He watched in awe as this thirteen year hot boy slowly started to strip in front of him. He watched as he pulled his red and yellow with a dragon symbol t-shirt of his chest to revel a hairless six pack smooth chest. He then leisurely pushed down his shorts and boxers at the same time to show a five inch raging member. Matty smiled as he saw him in all his glory. A blond hair boy with blue eyes and a fairly hardened facial complexion. Mattys eyes wandered down his chest towards his cock slightly covered with small blond hairs around his crotch.


“Wow Ryan you are so fucking hot, I can’t wait to try out your ass. Now turn around and let me look at you in all your glory” Matty said with a huge grin plastered all over his face. He watched as Ryan seductively turn around so Matty could a good look at his hairless back running down to his tight, white, firm and supple ass. He walked over to him and placed his hands on the top off his neck and then began to massage him leisurely working down the small of his back until finally reaching his tight firm ass. “Ohh master feel me up, God yea, wow take my ass let me pleasure your cock with my ass.” Ryan whispered.


Matty moved one of his hands of the supple ass of his new toy and around to chest tenderly feeling his six pack and the way that he melted under his touch. One of Ryans hands moved on top of Mattys hands and gradually pushed his hand off his chest sliding it down towards his discharging member. Before Matty allowed his hand to touch Ryans quivering cock he said “Ohh no not yet my little toy not yet. Now turn around and strip your new master.” “Yes my master, let me pleasure you” as Ryan turned around and licking his lips.


He grabbed Mattys shirt and practically tore it off him however Matty said “Slow down my pet all great things cum to those who wait. Strip me slowly and enjoy the sensation of revelling me.” Matty at this point slipped into Ryans mind and listened in on his thoughts “GOD I need him now, why is he toying with me. I need to serve him, to pleasure him for all I am worth. Why am I talking like this, GOD let him pleasure me only if he needs to.” Matty at this point was thinking to him self “wow how a simple suggest telling him to be horny can change a straight guy into my sex toy and not only that he wants to pleasure me before he receives any relief.”


At this point Matty was now shirt less and Ryan was kissing, licking and nibbling on his nipples. Matty started to moan in pleasure as Ryan worked his nipples and Matty gasped saying “That’s my toy, you make me hot and horny. Carry on pleasuring your master, work for all your worth and I might consider making you my permanent sex toy.” Ryan was now on his knees at Mattys crotch level just starting slowly pulling down his shorts to revel Mattys hard oozing with pre-cum cock. As it popped out his shorts it him in the face which cause them both to laugh.


Matty slipped back into his toys mind and listened “WOW, look at that he has a  wonderful looking cock, and it tastes, hmmmm like salty strawberries” as he licked the pre-cum of the crown of his new masters cock, which causes Matty to gasp  “and I love the way he calls me toy and his sex slave, ohh yea I would like that to be his sex slave, maybe if I do a good enough job he will let me.” Matty at this point could help but loss his connection with his toy as Ryans hot mouth began to engulf his cock licking anything that came out.


Even though Ryan had never sucked a cock before in his life he was doing a masterful job of it as he took it very slowly working his tongue all over the head while he let more of his member slip into his eager mouth. He eventually got his cock as far in him mouth before the hard yet soft member caused him to gag. Matty heard this and told him “listen my toy, you are doing a wonderful job and I feel that you may become my full time toy but you need to learn how to deep throat. Just relax your throat and push down and allow my cock to slide down, you will be graded on how well you perform.”


Matty looked down at his little cock sucker and he felt how his throat relaxed and then he was surprised that he forced the rest of his cock down into mouth. He kept it there while he got used a cock being there before coming back up for air. As Ryan came up for air before proceeding to go back down on Mattys shaft he slipped once more into Ryans mind “God I hope he is enjoying this. I really want to become his sex slave toy and get away from my family. I feel I belong to him now let me get to work and see if I can make him cum. Maybe if he cums soon he will take me with him.”


After about five minutes of sucking Mattys cock he felt that he was close as his balls which Ryan had been massaging were riding up he suddenly heard “GOD wow you’re a masterful cocksucker now let see how tight your ass is my toy. Stop sucking and turn around and open your ass for me.”


He watch Ryan as he grudgingly let go off his cock and looked in to his masters eyes which shocked him because instead of see his dark deep brown eyes they had turned complete white and his face seemed to be glowing, even in the cave. Ryan gave Matty a mischievous grin and said “master you are literally glowing, now please fuck my ass, take my cherry. Take me however you want hard or soft, I am your toy here for your pleasure. I give you my body and soul. Take me please.”


Matty was a bit shocked to hear this however at this point he didn’t care, all he wanted was his cock in his toys ass. Matty watched as Ryan turned around and bent over to receive his masters’ cock. Ryan bent over a rock so he could his around on to his ass and then pulled his cheeks apart to show his cherry to Matty.


Matty moved down and spat into the top off his ass and watched as Ryan twitched as he felt the saliva run down his ass. Matty at this point lined the crown of his cock up with his toys cherry. He pushed his cock on to his opening and he heard Ryan gasp as his pushed his cock past his sphincter. He rested a second so his toy could get used to the intrusion in his ass. “Please continue my master I need more” Ryan moaned as he began to push back onto Mattys cock. “Listen my toy, you push back as fast or as slow as you need to get it fully in you. I do not want to hurt you.” Matty gasped as he pushed back on his cock.

Ryan was moaning quite load as he fully got Mattys cock deep into his bowls. “OHH master your so big, I never imagined how great this could feel. THANK YOU for fucking me. I am ready for an ass pounding now my maaasssssttttteeerrrr.”


Matty couldn’t take it anymore and said “Ok my pet. Since you asked so nicely I will grant your request and fuck you.” “Ohh thank you master” he said in a pleading voice. Matty started to fuck him feeling the warmth of his ass surrounding his cock. He fucked him slowly at first until there was almost no resistance. Once he got to that stage he placed his hands on Ryans’ pelvis and grabbed him tightly.


Matty increased his speed enjoying the sensation of Ryans’ ass; he pounded his ass in and out. He drew his cock almost out of his before slamming it back in to his hot ass. Sweat started to form on his ass as he fucked his ass for all it was worth. He went faster and faster and they both started to moan in unison as Matty felt his climax approaching after about fifteen minutes of fucking his ass raw. Mattys moans got loader and loader as he knew he was about to shot.


“FUCK I am about to cummmmmm, get on your knees NOW and prepare to receive your gift.” As Matty pulled his cock out of Ryans ass he watched as Ryan turned around and got on his knees. He instantly began to suck his masters gleaming cock waiting for his master to cum. He deep throated his cock and began to suck it for all it was worth. Matty moan and grabbed Ryans hair and began to pound his face as his climax approached.


“AHHHH MY GOD, swallow it all, my pet, or you will be punished” he almost screamed as he began to shot his load into the waiting mouth off his toy. Shot after shot was forced from his balls and was eagerly received by his new toy. After finishing cumming he looked down at his pet and was pleased to see he had swallowed it all. 


Ryan looked up and saw his masters face glowing and said “wow my master your glowing brighter than you were before, thank you for fucking me I so needed it. Is there anything else you require from me or may I jack off?” Matty answered “Your welcome for the fucking, but you may not jack off, I want you to build up your supply of cum before you cum and sex does it better than anything else for building your supply. Wasn’t the fucking good enough for you?” I said in a slightly anger voice. He replied “ohh master you fucking me was awesome if you wish me not to jack I will obey your command without hesitation. I will not jack off without your permission.”


Matty order Ryan to redress him and Matty which he did and then they walked out the cave. They sat down in the sun for a bit while they regained their strength for the afternoon that was approaching. Ryan fell asleep next to his master and Matty decided that he need to implant a few command into Ryan so he not disclose any off the information that he had been given before his fucking session.


Matty slipped into his mind and began to program his mind. “Ryan, you are now my sex slave, you will obey any order I give without hesitation. You understand that I am not a God however you know that I have certain powers. You will not be afraid of them and you understand that the powers I have will protect you. You may not under any circumstances reveal any information that you have learned from me or about me, if you do you will want commit suicide.” Matty decided that that will do for the moment however more programming maybe needed at a later date.


Matty decided he needed to change a couple of things in his life and to free his new sex slave from school and his family. This would be his mission for the afternoon.



Chapter 3 will include Matty changing his life to get money, a new house and other items – I won’t give too much away for the moment


Chapter 4 – this will include the planning of the kidnap of the Spouse twins into his new house


As I said if you have any ideas of storyline get hold in touch of me at 


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