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The cruise

larry2686 on Incest Stories

it has been a year and a few months since me and my mom had sex. we havent talked about it since then until now, when my grandparents treated me and my mom and sister to a cruise. we had been on a cruise before but this time would be different.

for the people who didnt read my last story, my mom is 45 now with large 36d breasts with a little sag and a nice figure except her flab and she has the nicest ass. dispite those little imperfections if we lived in california she could be a playboy centerfold. she has red dyed hair shoulder lenght. she is 5 foot 4 110 pounds.

my sister is 21, 5 foot. long brown hair with blonde streaks about 90 pounds, in the best shape anyone can be in. the roundest firmest ass i have ever seen and 34b breasts. and i am 18 now, 5 foot 8 and a quarter with short black hair. im in shape with a 6 and a half inch dick. i know its not that big but i know how to use it. back to the story..

ever since we had gotten on the ship we knew how small the rooms were. almost right after we had unpacked we established "room rules". there was only one real rule being that the person who comes in to sleep latest would be the one sleeping on the pullout couch. the first night the two people sleeping in the bed was me and my mom. we were awake most of the night. my mom staying up because she was worried about my sister coming back so late and i was up thinking about that shower we shared. just thinking of that afternoon made me get a raging hard on. without warning i pulled off my boxers and put my hand on my moms crotch and gave her a big kiss on the mouth and lifted her shirt up so her nipples were showing. i started to suck on them. this time she didnt say a word, she didnt cry out or anything it was almost as if she wanted it and then without warning the door opened. "oh my god" i thougt to myself as i rolled off my mom and quickly shut my eyes pretending im asleep. it was my sister, drunk , stumbling in and crashing on the couch. i was safe for now.

the next morning me and my mom were walking around the boat talking. we talked about why we havent talked about the aftternoon in the shower and how her old husband was sexually neglectful. the reason why she didnt talk about me and her was because she was almsot tramotised because when she was my age she was constantly raped by her father and she liked it so she didnt tell anyone. i couldnt believe it. my own grandfather raped my mom. the man sleeping in the room beside us. she also explained that she wanted to have sex more often and that what i said about her not having sex in years was true.Â

talking about sex and listening to my mom made the both of us extremely horny. as we turned a corner down a hall she stopped in mid sentence and pined me agaisnt the wall and gave me a big sloppy kiss. i then grabbed her and went into the nearest room that had the door wide open. i didnt want to do it in the hall. as we went in the room kissing i started to take off my moms halter top exposing her hard nipples and she took off her mini skirt and i peeled off her black panites. i then put my hard cock in her soft pussy and began to pump. i pumped as fast as i could. she lightly moaned. "oh yea fuck me, fuck me." she repeated. just as she had her orgasm i pulled my cock out and sprayed the largest load of cum all over her stomach, breasts and some of her chin. as we cooled down and she lick the cum off her chin we noticed that the people who owned the room was standing in the doorway looking at us. then we gathered up our clothes in embarassment and ran out of there. the minute we turned the corner we slowed down to let my mom adjust her top.

that night my mom, and my grandparents went drinking. it was me and my sister in the room alone. my sister stayed in because she was feeling sea sick and me i was just bored and desided to give her company. we lay in bed talking with her every couple minutes bending down to throw up in a bucket. i didnt mind the sound of vomit hitting the bucket because everytime she threw up i would get a glance at her blue tattoo on her lower back and her red thong. everytime i would see this i would want to tell her or ask her to fuck me but i never could bring myself to ask her of such a thing, i had too much respect for her. over some time my sister got better and went out drinking with some people who she met on the boat.

at about 2:30 in the morning my sister came back, stumbling and smelling over beer. she went and layed on the bed because my mom had not yet come home. i looked over at her. she was so hot. i made the desicion right there to have sex with her. she was drunk she wouldnt remember i constantly thought to myself. "lets get you out of these smelly clothes, if mom came back she would know you were drunk and shed get mad and we dont want that now do we.?" i said to my sister. i then started to take off her top exposing her firm round tits. i went lower and took off her jeans, exposing her small red thong. i peeled it off and with two fingers i started to rub her soft pussy. "O you treat me so good." she slerred. she then repostitioned herself so that she was under me. i then out my dick to above her clit and then she planted a nice kiss on my mouth and then i put my incredibly hard cock in her pussy. i went as deep as i could and rubbed it in alittle bit. i slowly rocked. as i went faster i could her my balls slapping her pussy. she then moved her hips as she neared her orgasm and she let out a big moan. before i came i pulled out my dick and rubbed it abit and jiz went over her pussy and onto the bed.

i then lay next to her and pulled the covers over our naked bodies and i held her through the night and we fell asleep. the next morning i woke up to my sister putting on her bra and makeup. "that was heavenly last night." she said. "OH fuck, you werent drunk, and you actually wanted to fuck me." i asked "no silly, i was sick and some dumb waiter spilled beer on me and yes ive wanted you for so long." she explained as she went out the door. i fell back to sleep in bliss knowing that my hot older sister wanted me and had sex with me.

i woke up an hour later to banging on the wall. "thats strange." i said to myself becasue it was my grandparents room. i snuck down the hall to see their door was ajar. i then opened it a crack and looked in. i saw my grandmother sleeping on the couch and my mom naked on the bed. my grandfather was ontop of her as he violently banged her which shook the bed which made the banging on the wall. i looked closer and saw a tear in her eye. "Holy shit." i thought to myself. she was being raped by my grandfather while my grandmother was in the same room.

my grandfather being 70, not really that strong and me being stronger than him pushed the door wide open and i ran up to him and pushed him off my mom. his dick came right out of my moms pussy. a load of cum dripped out off my grandfathers cock and my mom pussy juice squirting out. i pushed him against the wall, waking up my grandmother. my grandfather pleaded with me not to hurt him and after some explaination i found my cock getting hard. i have to admit watching my mom getting raped was pretty exciting. with little convincing i had agreed to a threeway with my mom and grandfather.

my grandmother almost insitinctivly unzipped my pants and started to suck on my cock. i didnt really stop her.Â

my mom and grandmom looked very much alike. she had a round face, blonde short hair. there was a ten year difference between my grandfather and grandmother. she was 59, looking great for her age. she wasnt as hot as my mom but she was average. the same hieght and weight as my mom but with 36c breasts and her friends made jokes about her erotic past. when she was 16 she would give free blowjobs to anyone with a cock that was 7 inches or bigger. she later went on to stipping in a nude bar when she was 17 and before she was married when she turned 18 she became a sex teacher. she retired from that when she was 40.

after giving me a mind blowing blow job, i went over to my mom. "its just like when we do it, it will be great for you." i said to her. my grandfather ordered her to suck his dick and as she did so, i put my cock in her plump, juicy ass. it didnt take long for my grandfather to drop a load of cum all over my moms face and as he did i pulled out and widely jizzed all over her ass. with that she turned over ontop of my grandfather, who put his cock in her ass now, and i climbed ontop and put my cock in her pussy. at the same time we pumped her harder and harder. my grandmother came over and started to rub my moms nipples. my balls hit my granfathers balls a few times. we pumped faster and harder while my mom was helpless in the middle and my grandmother was fingering herself. "OH FASTER,FASTER,FASTER" my mom screamed as she reached a mind blowing orgasm. the feeling was incredible, the feeiling of screwing my mom while my grandfathers cock was in her ass, our balls touching and my grandmother rubbing my moms nibbles while fingering herself. as my moms juices ran down my leg, over my grandfathers balls and onto the bed i shot a huge load into my moms cunt.Â

then when we got up me and my mom got on out clothes and went to our room and my grandparents began to fuck. i could hear them in there room still fucking while my and my mom cuddled with our clothes off and my cock was in her pussy. we just lay there until my sister came in the room. "OH MY GOD" she said. me and hear never talked about me and my mom but the rest of the vacation was me and my sister fucking and me and my mom fucking. currently i am trying to have a threesome with my sexy old sister and my hot mom.

possible a sequel coming about me my mom and my sister.Â

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