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They Made Me a Cow

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Uncle Jack and Aunt Claire had helped me get pregnant and at 16 I had his baby. We put him up for adoption and since I knew I would not be able to if I held him I never saw him. I finally got over the wating period and could have sex again and really enjoyed it so much. Aunt Claire invited 2 of her lady friends over and gave a little four some party for me. My breasts were now 40EE cups and they swelled with milk al the time. If I had wanted to I could have gone without a bra and they would get so full of milk that they stood straight out, firm and full, the nipples swollen and dark.  Finally I went back to classes and went to a different high school like so many girls that got pregnant in those days.

I had to take gym class even though I tried to get out of it and the dyke teacher made me do everything even with swollen breasts full of milk which I had to express several times a day. Several girls, very slim and athletic, used to walk by me and make a mooooo noise like cows. They laughed and always did that. One even said, "What a fucking cow." one day and I cried an hour in the car. THey were all flat chested and slim and athletic and I hated them. I showered after everyone else left so I did not have to be naked around them.

One day I was showering and my breasts had been aching to be expressed. I was under a warm shower massaging my breasts and milk was squirting and flowing out. The relief made me hot and I was going to massage myself through an orgasm soon. Suddenly a voice said, "Oh, I am sorry, excuse me." I opened my eyes and saw Cassie, a very sweet redheaded girl that was shy. She was coming in to shower and was leaving quickly. "No wait, It is okay." I said. She came back in, "Really, I can go." "No it is okay." She came in and took a shower head near mine. She was looking at me trying not to stare and I felt warm by her gaze. "It is okay," I said. "They are all mine." "That is obvious" she said. "Mine are hardly anything, yours are what all the guys talk about." "Really?" I said. "Yeh." I had begun massaging them and milk sprayed out all over. "Oh wow, what is that?" she almost squealed. "Oh, milk, I had a baby and it was put up for adoption and now I have all this milk that I have to get rid of." She was staring as I massaged them and the milk flowed. "You can touch them if you want to." I told her. "Really?" "Yeh, go ahead." She stepped to me and did not just touch them but took them both in her small hands and massaged them "Oh yes, that feels so good." I said. Suddenly her mouth was on the nipples and she was sucking them getting the milk from them, first one then the other. I was building to an orgasm and then her fingers were between my legs and I spread them and an orgasm sprayed her hand.

I pulled her up and looked into her eyes and we kissed. "Thanks" I told her, "I needed that so bad." "I loved it, can we go to bed together?" she sighed. "Sure, when?" I said. "My parents are gone this weekend, come over Friday night and we have all weekend." "Okay" I told her and kissed again. She gave me her address and phone number and soon I found myslef the next evening at her door, knocking and wet. We practically jumped into bed and were naked in a second. We made love for an hour then she was kissing my neck and a sound came from her that scared me...."Mooooooo.." I stopped cold, "What did you say?" I said. She looked me in the eyes and said, "I said, Mooooooo. Say Moooo for me Teresa." "Why are you doing this, I thought we were friends." I asked me beginning to cry. She had my breasts in her hands and squeezed them hard making me cry out. Then there were several girls laughing and I tried to get up but Cassie held me down. "Well, the cow is in bed with Cassie. HOw did she get you here cow?" the girl said. "PLease, don't call me a cow." I begged trying to move but now they had moved to the bed and each was holding me down. THey all took off their clothes and the first one sat next to me and twisted my nipple. I cried out and was begining to cry, tears all over my face. "Well, you fucking cow, now we will milk the cow, get her up and get her ready."

They put me over a bench and my stomach was over he middle, my hips on one side and my chest hanging on the other side. Hold her good, "Jane, milk the cow." she said. A bucket was now under my breasts and a girl grabbed them hard, milking me like a cow. Milk squirted from them relieving them and hurting them at the same time. "Fuck yeh, she is a fucking cow." the girls were all yelling now and slapping my ass and some my tits that hung down and each time they hurt making me cry more. THey did this for an hour or so and then one stepped up, "Eat my pussy cow, lick it." I id as she said and she stayed there in front of me till she had an orgasm. "Damn cows eat good pussy." she said. "Who is next." I ate all 5 of them and then they again began torturing my tits, pulling, twisting and sucking them harder than felt good. One went downstairs and came up with 3 guys from school. "Okay, time to breed the cow, maybe she will have a calf. The  guys stripped and soon rammed into my pussy hard. Now my pussy responded and my hips moved with them. "Oh damn yes, oh yes." I heard myself say and an orgasm shook my body. "Damn, the cow fucks good and has orgasms." the girl said. Another guy entered me and did the same filling me with his cum and I shook all over my tits swaying with his pounding. Then the third did the same and another orgasm shook my body. "Fuck the cow in the mouth too." the girl laughed. I looked and a nice hard cock was there and I took it in and began giving it my best low job. All three were soon taken care of.

Then I said, "Hey guys, this can be more fun for all of us if we get on the bed and let me do what I love doing. "What is that,?" the leader of the girls said. "Well, I love sex but I love lots of it and all at the same time. I love eating pussy, sucking cock and getting fucked. Who wants my ass by the way?" "Let her up on the bed." I was on the bed then in charge of everything. Now I took what and who I wanted and made sure that the leader was limp when I was finished with her. "Oh damn, please now more," she begged me now. after eating her 4th orgasm and fingering her hard.

The weekend was all sex. Sunday morning I dressed and got up. As I left I looked around, "Moooooooo" see yo all later. Thanks for the good time.


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