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Watch me fuck my sister

Anthony Dennis on Incest Stories

You may recall from my earlier story that my sister would sort of babysit the twin girls of our folks' friends.  They were slightly younger than I and attractive girls.  I used every opportunity I could to show them my cock.  One of them, Jinny, was much more interested in my cock than the other. 

One evening our folks and theirs were going out to a movie and dinner and wouldn't be home til quite late.  We took our turns showing.  My sister was walking all over the house with first just her towel on which she always had pulled up high so you could see her ass and pussy.  It turned her on seeing my boner through my pants from her display.  I could tell that the twins were getting aroused by seeing her pussy also.  When it was time for me to bathe I walked naked into the bathroom and left the door open.  I asked Jinny if she wanted to talk to me while I bathed.  Of course, she did.

She sat on the toilet and we talked about this and that, the whole time she never took her eyes off of my cock.  I could tell that she was getting very aroused by the way she squirmed sitting there.  Moving this way and that so her clit could make better contact with the toilet seat.  I was already hard and this was making me even harder.  Soon I was done bathing and I stood up to dry off.  My cock was in her face and as I leaned over to get the towel from behind her I made sure to let my cock touch her face.  She didnt' flinch from it but didn't suck it either.  I don't think she knew much about that sort of thing just yet.   But she obviously liked the way my cockmeat felt on her cheek and lips.  

I asked her as I dryed off if she knew anything about fucking.  She said she didn't.  I told her that if she would pretend to be asleep, a little later I would show her what it was.  She readily agreed.  A little later (it seemed like forever) the twins and my sister were in my sisters room, in bed with the lights out.  I waited about thirty minutes.  I had to jack off while I waited.  Shortly after that I quietly opened my sisters door and crept over to the bed.  I knew my sister was still awake but it looked like the twins were asleep.  I whispered to my sister that I wanted to fuck her.  She looked at me quizically and said "Right here?"  I assured her that yes, I wanted to fuck her right next to the twins.  She was always up for fucking and most especially if there was a chance of getting caught. 

I started out by eating her.  I sucked on her clit like it was a tiny cock.  It didn't take long and she was leaking pussy cream.   I knew then that I could put my plan in place.  She was way too aroused to say no.  I whispered my instructions to her and she nodded and got on all fours.  But, she was on all fours over the top of Jinny!  I moved Jinny down on the bed very carefully so my sister wouldn't guess that she wasn't sleeping.  This positioned my sisters pussy directly over Jinny's face.  Knowing that the angelic Jinny was really awake was really making me hard.  I could see Beth's pussy was nearly literally going to drip pussy cream.  I reached over and flicked  on the small light by Beth's bed.  I explained that it was so I could see my cock fucking in and out of her.  She was so turned on she didn't care.  She just wanted my cock to fuck her.

I straddled Jinny and slid my cock into Beth.  It slid in very easily because of her creamy lube.  I started out kind of slow and leaning on Beth's ass.  Beth slid her knees down a little and presto!  Her pussy, with my cock in it was now nearly touching Jinny's face.  I began to fuck a little faster.  My balls were making contact with Jinny's chin and lips which was incredibly arousing.  I fucked a little faster yet.  Then I had a stroke of genius.   I took a long out-stroke and my cock slid out just as I planned.  I fucked forward and my cock, covered with Beth's pussy juice slid up Jinny's face.  It touched her lips and cheek.  I slid it back and put it back into Beth's dripping little cunt.  A couple of fuck strokes and out it came again, to slid onto Jinny's face.  I made a small adjustment and my cock was accepted into Jinny's mouth.  She was tasting my cock and it was covered with Beth's pussy juice.  I began alternating pussy and mouth, pussy and mouth.  It didn't take long and I was needing to come.  I couldn't come inside Beth so just at the last second I pulled out and slid my cock into Jinny's pouty little mouth.  Shooting my come, I fucked her mouth for a few strokes and then held it there.  She swallowed almost all of it but her face was glazed with pussy juice put there by my cock.  

I got off the bed and knelt beside it.  Jinny was so aroused that she had soaked her pajama panties.  I finished my sister with my mouth and whispered in Jinny's ear "come to my room in a little bit".   Which she did about 10 minutes later.  I could tell that she was ready because she'd left her panties in Beth's room.  There is something very arousing about a girl that  makes it so obvious that she wants fucked. 

When our parents got home later there was a paniced run from my bed into Beth's.  I was so relieved that they hadn't interrupted my education of Jinny.  She found out all about fucking and sucking that night.  Ever after that when her and her sister stayed overnight we always fucked.  Almost always she would pretend to be asleep first so we could repeat our first encounter.  She never admitted it but I was sure that sometimes she would lick Beth's clit while I pounded my sisters cunt on top of her face.  I knew she liked the taste of pussy because I later learned that she had taken to eating her sister while she slept.  But that's another story. 


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