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sex with sister

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This is a story of how I had sex with my sister. She was 15 at the time, I was 17. We are the only two kids in our family...
It all started one night when my parents went out to dinner. they go out frequently, leaving my sister and I home to order dinner and watch a movie. On this particular night, my sister, Vanessa, was pretty tired as she had come from a big sleepover the night before. We rented a movie but Vanessa fell asleep on the couch. When I finished with the movie, I went to go work on some homework and then I played a little bit of Xbox. I finished up with the Xbox and went downstairs to check on my sister and go to bed. When I saw her, it was the first time she ever gave me a boner. She was lying slumped on the couch, her shirt riding up all the way to her shoulders. I saw her bare back and that was the first time I ever wanted her. I also noticed she wasn\'t wearing a bra. looking back, I realize that she never wore a bra at home.

I really wanted to see her chest at this point so I slowly rolled her over. Vanessa was a notoriously heavy sleeper, so I was fairly sure I wouldn\'t wake her. I did it very sowly though, just in case. About halfway through the roll Vanessa stirred. I instantly stopped and darted up to bed.

About six months later, I still hadn\'t had sex with Vanessa yet. I frequently watched her sleep through her open door or snuck into her room to watch her get dressed. When I was home alone, I would sneak into her room to sniff her panties. She never gave any indication of noticing me.

I had a plan. That night, my parents were going out to dinner again. I was really curious to know if Vanessa would fuck me and I didn\'t want to make a move if she would be disgusted by it. I dressed in my gym pants that really show my dick if I have a boner. Then, like always, Vanessa and I sat on the living room couch to watch a movie. After choosing the movie, I startied fantisizing, letting my imagination go wild, and soon I had a boner. It wasn\'t that hard with Vanessa in her exposing tank top that showed me the outlines of her nipples.

I then lied down and pretended to doze off, keeping one eye slightly open so I could see where Vanessa was looking. Sure enough, she was staring wide-eyed at my erect dick. She kept staring at it for about ten minutes and then softly said my name. I didn\'t respond.
Her hand slowly reached into my lap and she lightly stroked my dick through my pants. That was all the indication that I needed.

I bolted up and jumped on top of Vanessa, tearing off my pants as she looked at me with a surprised expressions on her face.
"We\'re going to have sex. Now." I said.
She responded by grinning and ripping off her tank top, exposing her boobs that weren\'t too huge but weren\'t tiny either. I started sucking on her little nipples and happily heard her moaning. I made my way down to her pussy and flicked my tongue in and out of it. Vanessa screamed "DO it! I want you right now".

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her wet pussy and we fucked.

To be continued...


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