Ever since her first time with the stranger at the mall, Ashley Morgan could not stop thinking about sex....unlike a normal teenage girl, she was not thinking about her boyfriend, or a crush at school....instead she was thinking about having filthy slutty sex with way older men, men she didn't even know! She couldn't get her experience at the mall out of her head....she just kept picturing herself bent over in that little dressing room while a man she had just met took her virginity, fucking her hard and rough, not caring that it was her first time! As Ashley lay in bed at night, rubbing her little wet cunnie to orgasm, she pictured it over and over and also imagined new scenes with strange, using her teen body like a toy and talking dirty to her...

On Wednesday Ashley's parents told her they had to go away for the weekend. Ashley's mom told her that her uncle dave was willing to come and stay for the weekend, but that if Ashley preferred she could spend the weekend at a friend's house. Shhe thought about going to her friend Danielle's house, but then she began to get a very naughty idea.....She remembered how good looking uncle Dave still was at 40 and how much she had changed since he last saw her. He would have to notice how sexy she had become, and she could certainly help it along by teasing him mercilessly!Parading arond in sexy,skimpy little clothes...sitting in his lap....maybe even letting him catch a peek at her naked young body....The more she thought about it the more exited she got! After she finished bringing off her hot little cunt, she told her mom to call uncle dave and tell him she would love to have him spend the weekend with her.

Friday afternoon came and her parents were ready to leave. A knock came at the door and Ashley rushed to answer it...She had decided to leave on her cheerleading uniform from practice so that her uncle would immediately see how much she had grown up. When she opened the door he was even sexier than she had remembered! He was at least 6'2" with a strong athletic physique and a gorgeous smile. The look on his face was pure shock as he looked at the little blonde vixen answering the door...tiny with big blue eyes, sweet full lips and a perfectly toned little body that looked great in the revealing uniform! "Wow!", he sputtered,envoloping her in his arms, "I almost didn't recognize you Ashley. You've becoming a very beautiful young woman!" "Aww thanks uncle dave", said Ashley, "...I have sure missed you...I can't wait to spend all weekend catching up and having all kinds of fun!" Looking at this sexy young thing before him, hearing her talk about the fun they would have, Dave couldn't resist having some very impure thoughts, but he quickly remembered that she was his niece, and tried to make himself stop, telling himself that he was a perv for thinking that way...

Once Ashley's parents were gone, he asked her what she felt like doing. "Why don't we go for a swim while it's still hot out?", she suggested..."did U bring your swim trunks?" He hadn't brought any. "That's okay...you can wear some of daddy's...come on,I wanna go swimming!"

While he changed into a pair of shorts, Ashley put on her little white string bikini, the one her mother said was way too sexy for a girl her age! "oh well," she thought, "what mommy doesn't know..." By the time she got out to the pool, her uncle was already in the water. She walked over to the edge of the pool slowly, letting him get his first look at her new grown-up body. She could tell from the loof on his face that he was definitley impressed. He swam over to the edge of the pool. "Come on in!" he said, splashing her a little. Ashley shriked, pretending it was too cold, even though it really wasn't. She said she had to get in slowly, and with that she sat down on the edge of the pool so that her legs were dangling in the water and her uncle was eye level with her bikini bottoms. He stayed near her, trying to coax her to come in...She continued to act scared....leaning back and resting her handson the warm concrete, she spread her legs a little, knowing that her uncle wouldn't be able to resist making eye contact with her little spandex covered pussy. Sure enough, she caught him trying to sneak a look whithout her noticing. She decided she would go even further with her teasing...She knew that her bikini got *very* sheer when it was wet, and she couldn't resist giving her sexy uncle an even better view!!! She quickly slipped her body into the water,and then immediately jumped back out,saying that it was too cold to stay in! As she resumed her spread eagle position on the edge of the pool, she thought about how naughty she was being, trying to get her father's brother to notice her little teenage pussy. The bottoms were soaked now and clinging to her puffy cuntlips. She knew that they were seethru now and that her slit was basically on display. She was so turned on by what she was doing that she could feel her own juices mixing with the water dripping down her thighs...

Her uncle didn't know if what this hot little slut was doing was intentional or not, but either way he could feel his cock getting stiff in his pants as he eyed his sexy teenage niece. He didn't want to get in trouble but he couldn't keep his eyes off that sexy cunt of Ashley's,looking ripe and delicious under those tiny panties. He could see that it was completely bald, and judging by her womanly curves, she was definitely old enough to have hair growing there! "Holy fuck!", he thought, his dick throbbing,"this hot little slut shaves her pussy!" He couldn't get over what a sexy little cocktease Ashley had transformed into, seemingly overnight. He wondered if that little cunt had ever been fucked. Little did he know, Ashley was well on her way to becoming a fuck toy...

"Aren'tyou gonna come in?" he asked her. "I dunno uncle Dave", she said coyly..."it's awful cold! i think i need you to help me get in!" Her uncle was all to happy to help...he sawm over to her and tried to coax her in. "I'm scared!", she said. "...let me hold on to you and you can carry me in slowly." What is this little girl trying to do to me?, he thought,as he stood up, glad that his rock hard cock was still underwater. Ashley wrapped her legs around his waist and her armsaround his neck, letting him lift her up and ease her into the water. Her soft tits were pressed up against his chest as she clung to him for dear life, faking fear of the cold water. He was holding her awkwardly and he looked nervous and she instinctively knew that she had made his dick hard with all her showing off! She licked her lips and gave him an innocent smile! "Hold me lower, uncle Dave!!!I need to get used to the water!" With that she shifted her body down until her round little ass was just resting against the bulge in his shorts. Even though her chest was till above water, the cold water and the contact with her unle made her nipples stiff as rocks, and he felt them pushing into his flesh. Even though his was afraid of getting caught,he couldn't resist having a look down at those big perky tits on display for him. He didn't know what to say when she playfully slapped him! "I caught you uncle dave!" she said, "...you were checking out my tits!"  "I...I'm sorry Ashley!", he stammered..."I didn't mean to look at you...you are just a very beautiful young woman. can you ever forgive me?"

Ashley giggled..."Uncle dave, you are a naughty boy! You know I am your brother's daughter and you shouldn't be looking at me like that!" "I know,Ashley", he said, "I promise I will never do it again." "It's okay, uncle dave...as long as you are looking, do you think I have nice breasts? They are bigger than all of the girls in my class so sometimes I feel self-conscious about them." Dave couldn't believe his sexy little niece was actually asking him what he thought of her perfect little tits! "Ashley, you should never feel ashamed of your body...you are a lovely young woman and i'm sure all the boys in school agree." "Well," said Ashley, "I don't much care what the stupid boys in my class think...they are so dumb and immature, but if you think they are nice that makes me happy!"

He couldn't believe what the little vixen did next. She stood up and untied her top, letting it fall away and exposing her perfect perky tits in all their glory. "Do they look nice without my clothes on, uncle Dave?", she asked. He was in shock as he stared at her perfect young form. "Yes Ash," he said, "your breasts are absolutely perfect, but I don't think your father would like it if he knew I was seeing you like this!" Ashley just smiled and said,"well it's a good thing he's not home!" He couldn't resist touching her any longer...he swam up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He bent down and took one of her tiny pink nipples into his mouth. He was afrid ahe would get scared and push him away but she just moaned softly and pressed her firm tittie against his lips. He felt her push her hips into him so her crotch was directly against his raging hard on. He though she might be scared or surprised by it, but to his surprise she just moaned harder and began to grind against him. He suddenly realized that his little niece might have more experience than he realized. She wrapped her legs around him and he gasped as he felt her soft warm slit cradling his fuckmeat. He smiled at her. "Hmm, I don't think this is what your parents had in mind when they suggested I look after you for the weekend!" "Nope," said Ashley,"but it is definitley what I had in mind!" Hearing his little slut niece say that she had planned on seducing him made him hot as hell, and he knew he had to fuck her hot young cunt immediately! He picked her up and carried her out of the water and onto the deck, where he knew no one would be able to see them. He laid his niece down onto a chaise lounge and pulled off her skimpy bikini panties, getting his first look at her bare little pussy. She spread her legs and used her fingers to hold her sweet little cunt open, showing him the tiny pink hole that he was about to stretch out. "Do you think my cunnie is pretty,uncle Dave?", she asked."Oh yes, baby", he said,"I think you have the prettiest little cunt that I have ever seen!" "Are you gonna stuff your big fat cock in it uncle Dave?", she asked in her best little girl voice. "I sure am baby," he said, "I am gonna fuck my little slut so good she will be begging for more!" With that, he ripped down his swim trunks and watched the horny look on his little niece's face when she saw that it was 11 inches long and almost as fat as a pop can. "Wow uncle dave, you sure have a big dick! I hope it fits in my litte pussy!", Ashley said, "I better get it nice n wet with my mouth before u stretch me out!" "MMM baby," he said, "you are a good little slut,aren't you?" as she went to work on his cock....she definitely knew how to make a guy wanna cum, as she slobbered all over the head,looking up into his eyes as she forced it inch by inch down her pretty little throat, making gagging noises....He grabbed her hair and shoved it down her throat hard, afraid that he would hurt her but she just moaned louder and reached down to play with her dripping little slit. The little slut was getting off on being face fucked hard!!! "MMM suck on it, you little slut!" he growled..."make your uncle's cock all nice an shiny so he can fuck his little girl's horny little cunnie!!!" He took his heavy cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her outstretched tongue....she was moaning and beggin for more. He gave her a slap across the cheek with it, thinking how pretty she looked with a fat cock in her face...When she started licking and sucking on his huge balls, he couldn't take it anymore...he had to have that sweet young pussy!

He sat back on the reclining chair and pulled her into his lap. his stiff cock was right against her little pussy opening. "Fuck my horny little hole uncle Dave!!", she begged, and with that me grabbed her and pushed her down hard on his pole. He felt like he was ripping her in half as he pushed into her teen opening.He had never felt anything this tight before and it was heaven! As for Ashley, she was cumming immediately as her tiny horny cunt got filled up for only the second time in her life! "It's a good thing I lost my virginity to an older guy with a monster cock," thought Ashley, "or this wouldn't feel nearly so good..." She kept cummnig and cumming as she bounced up and down on her uncle's fuckpole, thinking about how naughty she was being, fucking her dad's bro! "mmm yeah fuck your filthy little niece!" she moaned, getting off on the taboo of what she and her uncle were doing. "You like fucking daddy's little girl,huh? I wonder what he would say if he knew his brother was ramming his cock in his little girl?"

Ashley's uncle was so turned on by the nasty words coming out of this little girl's mouth that he needed to cum. "Where does my little fucktoy want this load of hot cum?" he asked...

"I wanna see you cock explode as u cum all over my pretty little face Uncle Dave!", Ashley said. He couldn't wait to see his brother's daughter covered in cum like a common whore! He laid her on her back and rammed his dick into her little pussy once more,knowing that he would have plenty of chances to work over her tiny cunt this weekend, and thenhe knelt over her, grasping his giant shaft in his fist and pumping as it began to explode. He came for what seems like minutes, unloading tons of hot spunk all over Ashley's face and hair, then covering her perfect tits. As she lay there, covered in cum, she smiled and told him she couldn't wait to get her little virgin asshole stuffed full of cock!

to be continued...

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[#114] Trefor229 ( 1079 days ago )
Trefor229 avatar Good story - sounds real .... there are 13 year olds like this I'm sure!
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thecrown246 avatar I been reading stories on this sight of couple of years and thats one of the best ever loved it, was incredible keep writing for god sake
[#5571] walkindude ( 1639 days ago )
walkindude avatar and i liked the first one..... however, it doesnt leave much realism.... i mean i dont think a 13 year old girl would act that way.... i dunno... maybe if she was more naive, it might be more realistic.... but whatever, good story...
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mykyl0 avatar Some capitalization errors and spacing issues, but you can really write some hot stories. Keep it up!
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