I lay there with my hands tied above my head and my sister laying on top of me. I felt very content. The past three weeks of being Shannon’s slave had been the best of my life. Shannon was six years younger than me and only in eighth grade but she was a born dominatrix. She’d done things to me that I’d been dreaming about for years. She was so incredible!

“You know, Mom’s going away for the weekend.”
“I know, Mistress. What are we going to do?”

“Gina’s staying over Friday night.”

Gina was Shannon’s best friend. A very cute little Latina girl. I was a bit disappointed. I hoped we’d be alone this weekend.

“Oh. Do you want me to stay in my room?”

“Of course not! You know, Gina’s always had a crush on you.”

“I kind of thought so.”

“Well since her birthday is in a few days I thought a great present would be to give her the use of you for the night.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. Being my sister’s slave was one thing but-

“Does she know about…that I’m your slave?” How many people had she told???

She giggled “Nope. It’s a surprise.”

“So you’re just gonna hit her with that when she comes over? I mean it’ll be a hell of a shock! She’s only fourteen. Are you sure she even wants to…do it?”

“Yeah it’ll probably be a pretty big shock but of course she’ll want to do it when she gets used to the idea. Who wouldn’t want to fuck you, big brother?”

“Sha-Mistress, this is serious! Are you sure she’ll keep our secret? The stuff we do is really illegal. If-”

She grabbed my balls and squeezed them painfully. “Since when are you allowed to question my decisions, slave?”

Oh that hurt! But I couldn’t give up. “I’m only thinking of you, Mistress. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Gina is coming over and you are going to be her sex toy for the night and do whatever she says. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress!” I gasped.

She released my balls and said in a slightly more gentle voice. “And quit your worrying. Gina’s very good at keeping secrets.”

Friday night came and Gina came over. I said hello and happy birthday to her and then she and Shannon put on a movie.

I served them snacks and drinks. I had to bite my tongue, a few times literally, to keep from calling Shannon “Mistress” when she told me to do something.

While I was in the kitchen I heard Gina say: “What’s with Steve tonight? Did he lose a bet or something?”

Shannon giggled. “Something like that.” But she wouldn’t say any more.

When the movies were over Shannon called “Hey Stevie! Bring Gina’s present in here.”

That was my cue. Trembling, I quickly pulled my clothes off and walked into the living room.

Gina’s mouth fell open.

Shannon walked up to me and started pulling my dick up and down while making sure not to obstruct Gina’s view.

“What do you think? Nice, huh?”

“I-I-wha-” Gina’s eyes were as big as saucers. This was not going well.

“Relax, Gin! Stevie’s my slave now. He does whatever I tell him and that means he’ll do whatever you tell him too. Right, Stevie?”

“Y-yes Mistress.”

“Watch this!”

Shannon pushed me over the arm of a chair with my ass sticking up. I knew what was coming obviously. She pulled my belt out from under the couch cushions and cracked me across the ass with it.

Gina winced at the sound.

Shannon hit me several more times and then held the belt out to Gina. “Go on. Give it a try.”

“N-no. That’s okay, Shannon.”

“Come on! He likes it.” She giggled and patted my stinging butt. “Sort of.”

Gina sat still for a long moment. Then she slowly reached out and took the belt from Shannon.

Of course the first time she hit me didn’t really hurt at all.

“That sucked, Gin. He can take it. Hit him!”

She did it harder. Then again even harder.

“That’s it! Give it to him!”

I could tell Shannon was getting turned on.

Gina hit me several more times. She seemed to be getting into it.

“Told you it was fun!” Shannon giggled. “Okay, Stevie. Now take Gina up to your room. And do whatever she says.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I stood up and took Gina’s hand. She looked very scared and uncertain.

I smiled at her encouragingly. “Come on, Gina. It’ll be fun.”

That sounded lame but it was all I could think of. But she did smile back and come with me. She still had the belt.

“Have fun!” Shannon called after her.

I brought Gina into my room and we sat down on the bed.

“Steve? Um, are we really…going to have sex?”

“Sure. If you want to. Shannon said to do whatever you say.”

“Why do you do what Shannon says?”

“I…I just like to. I like the things she does to me.”

“Has she had sex with you?”


“But…you’re brother and sister!”

“I know. Listen, Gina, we can do whatever you want here. We don’t have to do anything. But Shannon’s trusting you with this secret about her and me. Please just don’t tell anybody about this. I don’t want her getting in any trouble.”

“Oh I won’t tell.” She laughed nervously. “Who’d believe me?”

“Thank you. I know you’re nervous. Do you want me to get dressed or-”
“Would you kiss me?”

So I kissed her. I’d only kissed one girl before and Shannon and I never kissed this way. She relaxed and her tongue moved softly and timidly around my mouth. I put my arms around her and buried my hands in her soft, dark hair. This was really nice.

I could tell she was getting turned on so I slipped my hand under her shirt and started to squeeze and caress her breast. She moaned softly against my lips. I was unsure what to do next. Shannon would be telling me exactly what she wanted but Gina was much shyer.

I slipped her shirt off over her head and looked to her to see if it was okay. Her eyes said it was just what she wanted.

I kissed her neck and shoulders while I squeezed her breasts and tried to figure out her bra. She shifted to press her bare leg against my hard cock but she was to timid to touch it. Finally I released the bra and it slid down to reveal her delicious young breasts. They were full and round, bigger than Shannon’s.

I started to kiss and suck them. Gina just made soft contented noises and ran her fingers through my hair.

I moved to slide down her shorts and she grabbed my hands.

“No!” She gasped, sounding scared.

“I’m sorry, Gina. I thought…”

“Not yet.”

“Okay. What now?”

She looked away nervously. She picked up the belt and started fiddling with it.


I waited patiently.

“I don’t really know if I want to do this.” She looked down at the belt in her hands, remembering what it was for the first time. “Do you really like this??”

“Well, kind of.”

“Can-can I do it again?”

“Sure. If you want.”

I turned over and to give her access to my ass. She hesitated for a moment and then let it fly.

Her blows got harder and faster. She was getting bolder and more turned on.

She stopped.

“Turn over.” There was almost an air of command in her voice. I obeyed.

She looked down at me. She reached for my cock and brushed her fingers over it.

“Go ahead.” I encouraged.

She grabbed it roughly and pumped it up and down then she reached down and squeezed my balls. She sat down on the bed and leaned closer.

Then she stuck out her tongue and licked it. I gasped and she jumped back.

“It’s okay.” I stroked her trembling thigh. I t was a little more than okay! It felt fucking incredible!

She started licking again, treating it a lot like an cream cone. I slid my hand up her leg and into her shorts. She slipped her soft lips around my cock just as I pulled aside her panties and started stroking her clit. She yelped and moaned with my cock in her mouth and it exploded.

Cum oozed out of her mouth and I froze in horror.

“Gina, I’m sorry!” Shannon never sucked my dick but I knew she’d be extremely pissed at my lack of control.

“For what?? Just keep rubbing me! Please!”

I started rubbing her clit again as she cleaned all the cum off of me.

Then she turned and lay next to me, kissing me.

“I want you to fuck me!” She gasped.

She was already wrestling off her shorts. I helped her with them. She lay there, obviously expecting me to be on top. That was probably best. I got between her thighs and looked down at her. I was used to looking up at the girl of course. But she really was so pretty. Not Shannon but extremely sexy just the same.

“You are so beautiful, Gina.”

“Thank you.” She replied shyly. “I-I’ve always thought you were really cute too. I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time.”

I grinned. “Well then what are we waiting for?”

I slid my dick up and down against her hot, wet pussy. She moaned and grabbed my hips, pulling me forward. I thrust into her incredibly tight pussy and felt her hymen break.

“Oh fuck!” She cried. Her nails dug into me.

“Just relax Gina. It’s okay.”

I started to fuck her, trying to go slow and take it easy. That was hard because her sweet little pussy was so tight and it felt so damn good!

I could tell she was starting to enjoy this. She wrapped her legs tightly around me and her nails raked my back. I started moving faster. She moaned and writhed under me, bucking her hips to meet my thrusts.

This was fucking incredible! But for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about Shannon. All alone in her bed. I was wishing I was there with her even as I was fucking this sweet little thing.

Gina’s screams brought me out of my fantasies about my sister. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and I erupted inside her.

“Oh Steve that felt sooo good!!” She gasped.

“Oh yeah it did. You’re incredible, Gina.”

But you’re not Shannon.

I lay down next to her and she threw her arms around my neck and put one leg over me. I put my arms around her and rubbed her back.

Soon she was asleep and had released her grip on me a bit. I slid down and gently parted her legs. Shannon had said to make Gina happy. I started licking and kissing her still dripping pussy. She tasted so good!

“Mmm? Steve?” She mumbled, sleepily.

I licked faster.

“Oh that’s good! Keep doing that! Oh go faster, please!”

Gina thrashed and moaned as she came, drenching my face with her juices.

I crawled up next to her and she cuddled up against me again.

I slept there with Gina all night. I wished I could sleep with Shannon that way. Of course she’d probably restrain me in some way but it’d be so nice sleeping with her all night and waking up with her.

In the morning I served the girls breakfast naked and calling Shannon “Mistress” like I was should. Gina gushed about how amazing our night together had been and thanked Shannon profusely for the best birthday ever. Shannon was uncharacteristically quiet.

That night Shannon was watching tv. One of those annoying teen shows I hate. I knelt at her feet cuddling against her legs. I really hoped she would want to have sex but she seemed a million miles away.

Finally she spoke to me. “What was it like being with Gina?”

“It was…nice.”

I was about to say “But nothing like being with you.” when she grabbed me by the hair and jerked my head around to face her.

“Well I hated it! You’re my brother. You belong to me. And nobody’s fucking you from now on but me!”

I smiled brightly. “Whatever you say, Mistress!”

Of course I didn’t point out that the whole thing was her idea. I loved this new possessiveness. Being Shannon’s property exclusively was exactly what I wanted.

She was still angry. “Bring me the belt!”

“Yes Mistress.” I replied cheerfully.

I went happily up to get the belt. Shannon seemed really pissed. She was really going to warm my ass. And I’d done nothing but obey her. But I didn’t mind. it was nothing compared to the way she’d warmed my heart.

I thought to myself.

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