I learned how to jack off at that age as my older brother taught me how. I would jack off at least four times a week. I learned to play with my balls to get the maximum results. I never had a thought about sucking a dick i just taught all my friends how to do it. Most of the time i would have them lay on their bed and i would jack them off. I learned to massage their balls and sometimes take my finger and put it in their ass to make it feel better. I did this for several years untill we moved. The next time i had a feeling i was twenty three and worked with this guy that was a really cool guy. We spent a lot of time together and finally one day i ask him if i could jack him off. He got mad and didnt talk to me for a few days. But one afternoon he came up to me and said he wanted me to jack him off cause he wanted to see what it feels like for some body else to do it. We went to his house and i met his wife. He told her we were going to the garage for awhile. As soon as we got there he took his pants off and sat down on a couch he had out there. I had him lay down and his cock started getting hard and it was pretty big. About 10 inches and knotty. I had brought a small bottle of baby oil with me. I took it out and put some on my hands and started pumping that large cock I jacked his cock about ten minutes but he had not cum yet. My fingers were already moist with the baby oil so i ran a finger up his ass. I began finger fucking him as i jacked him off and it must have felt good cause he cum all over the place. I started doing this twice a week for awhile.Later on he invited a friend over to meet me. This guy had a small body so i had him stand up and i reached around him to jack his cock. He came all over my hand but that wasnt too bad. This went on for a few years. I really enjoy doing this from time to time so one day i may meet you and jack your cock off

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