"Well good morning there, Brittany. Are you ready for today's lesson?"

"Oh yes, Daddy! I can't wait to find out what you're going to do to me today!"

"That's a good girl. I love your enthusiasm. You made Daddy so proud when you came to me on your 18th Birthday a few weeks ago and said you wanted to work at my whorehouse just like your mother and your older sisters. And you've showed such natural talent and raw ambition while I've been training you to be a slut these past few weeks! Now today, I'm going to take your training one step further."

"You mean I'm not ready to be a real-life whore yet, Daddy?"

"You will be soon, Baby. But first we need to do one more thing to make sure your hot little body is ready."

"And what's that, Daddy?"

"We need to open up that pretty little asshole. The clients don't just wanna fuck pussy when they visit this whorehouse."

"You know best, Daddy. Whatever will make me the best little whore I can be. I'm ready for you to do whatever you need to."

"What a good girl you are. Now get on your hands and knees... Good, now let's take off those pretty little panties... That's it. Now let me spread these beautiful, succulent ass cheeks."

"Yes Daddy, spread my cheeks so you can see my most private privates."

"Uhmmm. That must be the prettiest little rosebud I've ever seen in my life. So cute, so precious, so irresistible. Let me lean in a get a good whiff... AHHHH..."

"Does it smell, Daddy?"

"Oh it does, Honey. But it's a GOOD smell."

"Will the clients like the way it smells, Daddy?"

"Yes, Honey. The clients will LOVE the smell of your sweet little shit-hole."

"Oh good, Daddy. I want to make the clients very happy."

"I wish all my whores had your attitude, Pumpkin. Now let me get a closer look at this little stinker. Oh would you look at that... how cute is that? I see you shaved your asshole hair clean off, just like Daddy told you to."

"Yes, Daddy. Mommy helped me do it."

"Oh it looks so delicious, Baby. The clients are going to love it!"

"Daddy, I feel all tingly inside. I can feel you breathing all over my butt-hole with your mouth so close to it like that. It feels so nice and warm."

"Yes, I can tell you like it, Princess. I can see juices starting to secrete from your horny little pussy."

"Daddy, will you be sticking fingers and...other things...in my pussy like during our last training session?"

"No, Darlin'. Today's lesson is all about your little asshole. You will find many clients - most in fact - will prefer touching, licking, fingering, and fucking your asshole instead of your pussy. So that's why I must teach you not only to enjoy things - things of all sizes - in your ass, but also how to harness the true power of your asshole. How to use it to get the clients off and keep them coming back for more, week after week. Day after day, even."

"I'm going to get fucked in my asshole EVERY DAY, Daddy?"

"Yes, Sweetheart. Sometimes SEVERAL TIMES a day."

"Will this training session involve pain, Daddy?"

"Yes, it will, Princess."

"I'm scared, Daddy."

"Pain and fear are important aspects of life, Sugar. Feeling such things only makes you appreciate their opposites more."

"I don't understand, Daddy."

"I know, Pumpkin. That's because you're just a stupid little fuck toy."

"I'm sorry I'm so dumb, Daddy."

"That's okay, Baby Girl. That's why Daddy's here to teach you. Now where were we? Oh yes, your little rosebud...it's time to open her up."

"Yes, Daddy, open me up. OOOh! What was that!? I feel all wet back there!"

"I just spit onto your asshole, Sweetie. I need something gooey and sticky to help me get inside that tight bunghole of yours."

"You can also use the juices from my pussy, Daddy. I'm sure they'll help."


"Yes, Daddy."

"Who's the teacher here?"

"You are, Daddy."

"That's right, I'm the teacher. And you're the fuck doll. So the next time you want to tell me what to do, I'd think twice. Unless you want to be punished."

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean it."

"That's okay, Baby. There's no need for tears. Besides, I'm not going to be touching your pussy AT ALL today. And why? Because today's lesson is all about what, Cutie Pie...?"

"My asshole."

"And what else do we call it here at Big Daddy's Brothel?"

"My butt-hole."

"What else...?"

"My stink-hole."


"My shit-hole."

"Good girl! You're such a fast learner. You must have been studying those words with your Mother and your sisters in your spare time."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Oh, Baby Girl, you're making Daddy's cock so hard just saying those nasty words."

"I like making Daddy's cock hard. Hard cocks feel good in my pussy."

"Today you're going to learn that hard cocks feel good in your ass too! But I won't lie to you, Precious. It's going to hurt at first. I'm going to hurt that soft, tender rosebud. And I'm going to enjoy hurting you. But after a few minutes of pain, you'll learn that a big cock in your ass feels good. And maybe, if you're lucky enough, it might even give you an orgasm – an orgasm without even having to touch your pussy. And I'll enjoy giving you anal orgasms, Brittany. I'll enjoy it just as much as I enjoy painfully ripping the virginity right out of your ass."

"If you have to hurt me, Daddy, I know it's for my own good. I understand that the pain is necessary to teach me how to be a great whore for the clients."

"Good girl. Now let's get back to that little puckered treasure of yours. Here goes Finger #1 straight into that brown-eye."

"OOOhhh, Daddy...it slides in there nice and smooth doesn't it."

"That's right, Baby. I can tell right away that your ass was built for two things – shitting and fucking."

"I like shitting, Daddy, but I think I'll like fucking even more."

"Well then, let's see how easily TWO fingers go in."

"Oooohh...I can feel the difference, Daddy. Two fingers don't feel as nice as one."

"By the time I'm done with you, Baby, a 12-inch cock up your ass will feel BETTER than one finger."

"12 INCHES! Daddy, I'm so scared!"

"I know how to relax you, Baby Girl. How about I jam two more fingers up that sweet little butt?!"

"Owwww...Oh my GOD! Dad-EEEEE!!!"

"Oh Honey, your asshole looks so good stuffed with 4 thick fingers."

"It hurts, Daddy...oh God...it feels like you're ripping me open!"

"You're so cute, Cutie Pie. Are you crying?"

"Yes...because it hurts, Daddy. My ass feels so full that it...burns!"

"Good, Baby Doll. Daddy likes hurting you. Your pain is making Daddy's cock so fucking hard. You like making Daddy's cock hard, don't you, Sweetie?"

"Yes. Yes, I do. So hurt me, Daddy. Hurt me as much as you have to. As long as it makes your cock feel good. Please Daddy, pump those 4 fingers in and out of my tender...little...ASSHOLE!"

"That's a girl. There you go. Don't say you didn't ask for it!"

"Oh Christ in heaven! I can feel those fingers tickling the inside of poop chute! AHHH GAAAWD!!!"

"Enjoy the pain, you little cunt! Don't...fight it! Let that hole loosen up and you'll start to get pleasure from your asshole being stuffed!"

"Oh Daddy, you're so wicked. Your voice is starting to change. You're starting to sound like the devil again."

"That's because I AM the devil, you little fuck! And I'm here to train you to be my fuck toy!! This hole belongs to ME!! It was made for one reason - to bring me pleasure...and to bring pleasure to any man or woman who'll pay good money to FUCK IT! Understand!?! This asshole bellows to ME now, and if I wanna reach deep inside it, you can bet your tits I'm gonna!! Now take these 4 fingers down to their knuckles!!"

"AHHH!!! Oh sweet Jesus!! I can feel them going in me deeper! Holy Shit! Hurt me, Daddy! Keep hurting me!"

"Yes, take THAT you little fuck slut! Take those 4 fingers nice and DEEP!"

"Yeesss, Daddy! Jam your fingers in and out of me! Open me up! Oh Christ, it hurts so good!!"

"Oh Baby Doll, you look SO beautiful with 4 fingers stuck up your ass and tears coming down your cheeks. I've got to bring Uncle Billy in here to see this."

"Oh no, Daddy! Not Uncle Billy!! He's so...mean to me."

"Well that's just too bad, Sweet Pea. Not every client is going to be as nice as me, so this will be good practice for you."

"Daddy, please. NO!!!"


"Please Daddy, don't! Uncle Billy does weird things to me. He likes to choke me while he fucks my pussy. And he likes to spit in my mouth and in my hair. He even makes me lick his filthy butt-hole."

"Well I'm sorry, Darlin', but by the sound of those boots coming down the hall, I think Uncle Billy's already on his way here. Yup. Here he is now. Hey there, Bill!"

"Hey Dale, what's going on? You training that little cock-tease of yours?"

"Hell yeah, Bill. And I could actually use a hand if you've got some time."

"Sure thing, Dale. I was just playing with your other daughter, Susie, down the hall. Having some fun with the nipple clamps."

"Ah yes, Susie loves those nipple clamps. But I think little Brittany here has something you'll be much more interested in. Seein' that you're ass man and all."

"I thought I heard that little cunt screaming down the hall. You training this bitch's ass today?"

"Sure am, Dale. Care to take a look?"

"Well, well, well. How you doin' there, Sugar Pussy?"

"Um, hi, Uncle Billy."

"Now Sugar Pussy, is that anyway to greet your favorite uncle? You act like you don't even like me. Just for that I should get my candles and pour some hot wax onto your tits."

"Oh God, Uncle Billy, please don't! Not again, my nipples are still sore from the last time you did that."

"Then tell me you love me, Bitch!"

"I love you Uncle Billy!"

"And what do you love about me?"

"I love...I love...your big muscles."


"Your big cock."


"I love the way your breath always smells like whiskey. And how I feel drunk after you tongue-kiss me. And I love how you give me love bites right on my tits. And how you spit all over my body and call me a "fuck slut" while you pump your big cock in me."

"That's better, Sugar Pussy. Well what do we have goin' on back here? It looks like she's a born natural when it comes to butt sex. Goddamn it, Dale! How many fingers you got plugged up her shitter?"

"Four. But the little cry-baby says it hurts."

"Yeah, I can see her face is all beat-red and wet with tears. What's the matter, Whore? You can't take a lousy four fingers up your virgin ass?"

"It hurts, Uncle Billy. But if the clients will like it, then I'll have to learn to like it too."

"Bitch, you're going to have things stuffed up that rump bigger than your Daddy's four fingers. So you better get your mind right. Or else you ain't gonna be worth shit here at the brothel!"

"Bill, I think perhaps she might just need some more lube. But you know what? My mouth is so dry."

"Yeah mine too. I'm fresh outta spit since I been spitting on Susie all morning."

"I guess there's only one place to get some lube?"

"Is it my pussy, Daddy?"

"No, Darlin'. It's your MOUTH! Now open up and say 'ahhh'!!"

"Okay, Daddy. Ahhhh—owwwwllghh."

"Yeah, Dale! Make that cock-tease taste her own ass-stink. C'mon Sugar Pussy! Eat that ass-cream off your Daddy's fingers!"

"Gluh-uk...umph...owglhh......oh Daddy....I love when you shove things deep into my throat like that."

"Did you like the taste of those fingers, Bitch?"

"Yes Daddy. I didn't think I would like the taste of my ass, but it's really yummy!"

"Oh Dale, she's a natural-born ass whore. Shove those wet fingers back up her crack-hole."

"Ooooh GOD, Daddy...that feels soooo good now. Yes, I like taking all four fingers in my butt. It's all nice and squishy in my tushy. Goddamn, I'm a dirty little butt slut, aren't I?"

"That you are, Sweetie. You're doing a really good job handling these four fingers. Doesn't it feel nice when I work 'em in and out...in and out...in and out."

"Yeah, Dale! Work this slut's ass! Stretch that sphincter!!"

"I feel so nasty, Daddy. Like I'm being a really, really bad girl. Like I'm not suppose to enjoy your fingers fucking my asshole. But I do, Daddy. I do."

"Okay, baby. You've proven you can handle fingers. So let's move on to cocks."

"Uh...okay, Daddy...if you think I'm ready... Oh my, Daddy. I can feel the head of your penis sliding in."

"I'm just gonna EASE it in...nice and slow, Baby Girl."

"Daddy...oooh...it burns. How many inches of that big cock do you have in there?"

"About five inches now, Sweetie. But we have about four more to go. Do you think you can take it?"

"I don't know, Daddy. Your dick is in there deeper than your fingers were. It...it hurts, Daddy! Please don't go any deeper!!"

"Now Dale, don't you go easy on this little whore just because she's your daughter."

"Don't you worry, Bill. She's getting ALL of my meat today and she's gonna like it. Now Sweetheart, you're going to feel the rest of Daddy's dong slide inside you."

"Ohhhwww, Dad-eeee!! You're too...BIG...FOR ME!!!!"

"Breathe through the pain, Honey! They don't call it 'Ass Training' for nothin'. You gotta work! Now c'mon, you can do this, Baby Doll."

"Oh God, Daddy. This isn't natural. I can't take it!!"

"Bitch, I haven't even begun to POUND your anal tract yet. How do you expect to satisfy clients if you're going to start crying the minute you get a cock stuck up your butt?"

"I know how to stop her whining, Dale. Listen Sugar Pussy, while your Daddy's destroying your sphincter, why don't you suck on this?"

" ...Oh Uncle Billy, your prick smells so...nasty."

"That's 'cause I was fucking your sister Susie up her cunt and in her corn-hole all morning. Now open your pretty little mouth and find out what that bitch's insides TASTE like!"

"Guulp...slluurrp...GAH-ad-d... Uncle Billy, you're so mean to me! You're always playing tricks on me like that!"

"That's because you're nothing but a fuck slut. Now get my cock back inside that hot wet mouth!"

"Guulp. AHLT...ahlt...ahlt...ahlt..."

"That-a-boy, Bill. Teach your niece how to take a cock deep down her throat. That's it, grab the back of her head. Make her taste Susie's holes!"

"Gladly, Dale. Hey, did you get any deeper into that tender little ass yet?"

"I just about sank myself all the way in, Bill. Her anal ring is so nice and snug around my shaft."

"Mmmmph!! Owwwww!!"

"That's it, Sugar Pussy. Tell your Daddy how much you enjoy his donkey cock up your virgin ass."

"Well, Bill, I'm all the way in. I think I'm about ready to start reaming this hole good and proper."

"Sounds good, Dale. And remember, don't go easy on her. I know she's your daughter and all, but most clients like to fuck rough, so this whore's gotta be prepared."

"Don't worry, Dale. I know she's my daughter, but she's a whore first and foremost."


"Nice, Bill. Keep forcing that cock down her throat. I'm picking up the pace now, myself. Damn! My daughter's asshole feels GOOD! It grips...my cock...nice and firm. The walls of her shit tunnel feel like...warm silk wrapped around my prick. Lord Almighty, there's nothing better than a...virgin asshole!"

"Mmmmrrph...Mmmmm! Mmmmrrrph!"

"Cry all you want, Brittany. There's only you, me, and Uncle Billy here right now. And we WANT to hurt you, so you better start enjoying the pain or ELSE!"

"I'm gonna take my cock outta her mouth, Dale. I think she's gotta tell us something."

"Ahhh, sweet Jesus! Daddy, your cock is burning up my ass – but I LOVE IT!"


"I love feeling stretched open wide like this! I love feeling a big part of YOUR body reaching deep inside MY body! And Uncle Billy, I even like having your smelly cock smacking my tonsils!"

"Good, Sugar Pussy! Now I'm gonna slide my prick back into that sweet little mouth of yours – all the way until I feel my cock-head tapping on the back of your throat."

"Go ahead, Uncle Billy! Fuck my face, you asshole!"

"You asked for it, Slut!!"


"That's better, you little cunt. Take me ALL the way into that juicy little mouth of yours. How you doing back there, Dale? You fuckin' that tender asshole nice and deep?"

"I'm balls deep now, Bill! She's takin' it like a true champ, huh?"

"I'll say! She's sucking me down so deep I can feel my piss-hole rubbing on her tonsils. Listen to her choke as I fuck her face."


"Oh that's music to my ears, Honey Pie. Keep letting Uncle Billy's cock choke you like that."

"Hey Dale, what d'ya say we pound this bitch's mouth and asshole as if they were her pussy? Let's fuck her shit up royally!"

"Good idea, Bill. The clients are going to like a whore that can take cock HARD in all three holes. You ready to pound my daughter senseless?"

"Hell yeah, lemme just grab her by the pigtails, so I have total control over her slutty little face. Look up at me, Bitch! You ready to go for a ride, Princess?"


"I think she said she's ready, Dale. On the count of three we'll start fucking her hard from both ends. Ready? One...two...THREE!"


"Uh-huh!! Suck my cock down to the root, you little piece of white trash!! Go, Dale, go! Fuck that bitch's ASS!!"

"OOF! I'm reaming her good, Bill! I can feel my balls slapping on her greasy cunt lips!"


"Keep screaming, Sweetheart. We know you like it!"

"Yeah, I think she's trying to tell us to keep on poundin' her!"

"Look at this bitch's body drenched in sweat, Bill! God, my daughter's a good fuck!!"

"Oh and she likes having her Daddy fuck her. Taking that sweet virginity right out of her ass! She's so happy that she's crying tears of joy right now."


"Say, Bill. Take your cock out of her mouth for a minute. I want to see what she has to say."

"{GASP!} Oh my GOD! It hurts so good, Daddy! Hurt me more! Pound my precious little anal treasure! Make me cry all over Uncle Billy's big cock! Owwww!!!"

"I admire your parenting skills, Dale. You love your daughter so much that you take it upon YOURSELF to make her a real woman. Train her to be the whore she was born to be. Name me another father in these parts that would do the same?"

"Thanks for the kind words, Bill. You're a true brother. I guess now would be a good time to get the ball rolling on the real reason I called you in here."

"What d'ya have in mind, Dale?"

"Well, you know how sometimes the clients come in here in pairs? Like when there's two buddies together. Or a father and a son. Or two brothers. Well, I've been getting some special requests from gentlemen like this. They'd like to perform an 'extra-special' act with a willing lady."

"I think I know what you're getting at, Dale. They're looking to enter the lady's holiest of holes at the very same time, am I right?"

"You got it, Bill. As you know, our girls are good, but not good enough to handle getting double-banged in their bungholes. But a revelation has just come to me."

"A revelation, Dale?"

"That's right. As I look down and see my manhood 9 inches deep in my daughter's ass, I'm thinking there might be extra room for another 9 inches."

"Well shit, Dale! You're in luck! I'VE got 9 inches!"

"Daddy! Wait a minute!! I don't think I can take anything else up there. Your daddy-dong is so big as it is, and--"



"Back-talk to me again, Bitch, and you're gonna get another slap on your ass! Now if I say that me and Uncle Billy are going to double-bang your bunghole, then by God we're gonna double-bang it!!"

"Oh Daddy, you're talking in your devil voice again. You're scaring me!"

"Sorry, Baby Girl. But sometimes to be a good Daddy, I gotta get mean on your ass. I'm just trying to make you understand that I believe in you. I believe that you have the talent to take both me and your uncle's cock up your crack-hole. And if you can show me that you can, I believe you'll be our most requested and successful whore at the brothel."

"Oh Daddy, that makes me so happy! Do you mean it, Daddy? Will the men all pick me the most?!"

"Darlin', I been in this business for a long time now, and if I've learned anything it's that men love a true ass-whore. And if you can show me that you're a true ass-whore with two big thick cocks up your shitter, than you'll make Daddy so very proud."

"Oh Daddy, I love you!"

"Dale, I have to interject here. I gotta tell you again, you truly are a wonderful father to this here slut. I can feel the love in this room. It warms my heart. And it warms my cock."

"Thanks, Bill. Now what d'ya say we see how much dick we can fit up this slut's ass?"

"Yeah, Uncle Billy. I wanna feel your big prick up my ass TOO. In there nice and snug with Daddy's."

"Okay, Brittany honey. I'm gonna lay back down on the bed here, and you're gonna lay back with me so that your tits are facing Uncle Billy. Now don't let my cock come out of your shit chute. That's it, Princess. Nice and easy."

"Oooh, that feels good, Daddy. It's fun sitting on top of you like this with your schlong straight up my ass. It feels like you're all the way up in my stomach!"

"Well, get ready to have even more fun, Sugar Pussy, because here comes Uncle Billy's cock straight up your ass, TOO!"

"Aaaahhh! FUCK! Oh GOD, that's so TIGHT! Please go easy on me, Uncle Billy. It HURTS!!"

"Fuck you, whore! We don't go easy on anything here at the brothel. And we're certainly not gonna go easy on an ass-slut like YOU!"

"Oh dear God, help me! There's so much meat in my asshole!! I can't believe both of your big cocks can fit up there!"

"What kind of a slut lets her own uncle and her own father – her own flesh and blood – fuck the shit out of her ass?!? Tell me, you fucking WHORE!!"

"Oh God, I'm truly depraved! I'm going to hell for taking your big beautiful cocks into my body, aren't I? Dear God, why did you make me such a dirty girl?"

"Well, tell us Slut, do you like getting double-fucked up your pooper?"

"Oh, Uncle Billy! Oh, Daddy! I LOVE IT! I love taking two giant cocks in my virgin ass!!"

"See, Baby? Daddy knew you could do it. I'm so proud of you! Goddamn, it's so nice and tight up in this shit-hole!"

"Oh, Daddy, I love you so much. Fuck your little girl deep in her corn-hole! Let my virgin asshole show both of your cocks a really good time!"

"Ahhh! Dale, your daughter's asshole has got such a grip on my cock, it's going to make me cum something fierce. Do you think we trained her corn-hole enough to handle two cocks?"

"The way she's riding us nice and steady shows me she's a true natural when it comes to butt sex. I believe she'll be the "Anal Queen" here the brothel."

"Shit Dale, I'm going to cum any second. Seeing that you own this fuck-pig's body, in which hole should blow my load?"

"Why don't you pull out, stand up on the bed, and give her a nice hot creamy drink as a reward for all her efforts today?"

"Yeah, Uncle Billy, I'm thirsty from all this hard ass-fucking. Piss your hot cum all into my mouth."

"Oh yeah? You hungry, Slut? You want Uncle Billy to give you your lunch?"

"Yes! Feed me, Uncle Billy! FEED ME YOUR CUM!!"

"Oh, you are a nasty bitch. Lemme just slide my prick out of your asshole... ooh yeah, look at that – it's still all nice and clean despite the damage it's done to your rectum."

"C'mon Uncle Billy, climb up here and lemme see what the deep, dark depths of my ass taste like."

"You got it, Sugar Pussy. Oh that's it. Stuff it deep into that throat. Eat that ass slime off my cock. Ooh...keep sucking...clean it off good with those big juicy lips...Uncle Billy's gonna dump some cum down into his niece's belly! AhhhhRRRGGG!!"

"That's it, Brittany! Gulp down Uncle Billy's bodily fluids. Make him feel good, Sweetie!"

"Ohhh, fuck yeah, Sugar Pussy!! Drink that nasty cum down! Oh Lord in heaven, that was hot! There's nothing better than cumming in the mouth of your own kin."

"Ummm, your cum tasted SOOO good, Uncle Billy."

"That's a good little bitch. Now tell me, are you ready to drink your Daddy's cum too?"

"Yes, Uncle Billy. Your cream was so delicious that I want another throatful. Daddy, can you stop pumping my butt-hole and gimme more sperm to drink?"

"Oh shit! Daddy's ready, Baby Doll! Climb off my cock NOW! That's it, turn around and take me in your mouth. Good girl. Start sucking, and don't forget to enjoy the flavor of your ass all over my shaft. Oh damn, oh damn. Here we go – drink me down, Precious. Drink the same hot, sticky semen that helped create you and your beautiful fucking body! Holy SHIIIITT!!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh...fuckin' A! That's it, Brittany, slurp it all down..."

"Wow-ee! That was fucking hot, Dale! You're little girl's still going to town on your cock. She's trying to milk you dry."

"What can I say...my cum must taste good."

"Oh Daddy. Oh Uncle Billy. I love you both so much! I'm so happy right now! I loved pleasing your cocks today with my asshole and my mouth. I drank so much cum that my tummy feels like I've just eaten a full meal. I haven't even had my pussy touched today and I don't even care."

"Honey, give us 15 minutes and I promise that Uncle Billy and me will give your pussy some pleasure. But first – roll over. I wanna try one more thing with that elastic asshole of yours."

"What d'ya got in mind there, Dale?"

"Just you watch, Bill. Now, Sweetheart, get up on all fours and spread your asshole with your hands."

"Like that, Daddy?"

"Would you look at that, Bill?! Look at my daughter's well-fucked asshole. Look at how it gapes open!"

"Oh that is a beautiful sight, Dale. The hole is all ruby-red and sticky with ass juice. We certain fucked the hell out of this whore. You're lucky that this slut is your daughter and you can fuck her whenever you want."

"If you think that looks good, Bill, then watch this!"

"Oh GOD, Daddy!!! What are you doing to me NOW?!!"

"Oh it's so beautiful, Honey Pie. I'm sliding my entire hand into you... all five fingers are penetrating your asshole... I'm past the knuckles now. I wonder if I can get my whole fist inside there?"

"Oh Christ, Daddy! You're killing me! But I LOVE it!"

"Do you wanna be anally fisted, Darlin'? Do you want Daddy's hand to reach inside you?"

"YES!! Do whatever will make me the best whore I can possible be, sweet Daddy!"

"Uhhnnn. I don't believe it! Do you FEEL that, Bitch?! I just slid my entire hand into your ASS! Can you feel your anal ring wrapped tight around my wrist?!"

"Oh YES, Daddy... this is actually starting to feel good. Can you please wiggle your fingers inside me?"

"Gladly, you little ass-slut."

"Oh that's it... I can feel your fingertips tickling the rubbery walls of my poop chute. I like it Daddy. Oh my God, do I like it! Can you reach in any farther, Daddy?"

"Sweet Christ, Dale. This bitch is the most depraved ass-whore I've ever seen."

"Bill, do me a favor. Go get my wife. Tell her, she's gotta see her baby girl right now. She's gonna cream herself when she sees how deep my fist is up her daughter's ass."

"Sh-sh-sure, Dale."

"Oh, and Bill... tell her to bring my Louisville Slugger. We're gonna do a little more experimenting with Brittany's magical ass..."

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