The Perils of Greggie-Poo

   Chapter 5: "Slave To Cock"

   After years of being a cocksucker for Mishi and her black lovers, I
decided to play it straight and try to shed this life of cocksucking.  I
met a beautiful, upright blonde church-going Christian girl and things were
fine, I was seeing Chastity for about a year but then I just couldn't fight
those desires inside of me.  I needed cock.  I saw this ad in a local
paper's personal section stating:

   "Dominant male seeks submissive male for discreet encounters.  Write for
more info" and the address.

   I just could not fight it any longer and answered the ad with a very hot

   Marcus or "Master" as I called him, wrote me right back and gave me
orders of how we were to meet.  We met at a black bar he picked, we sat in
a booth, had a few drinks and talked.  We discussed how things would work,
which was simply I would service him whenever he wanted and do whatever he
said.  While at the bar he placed my hand under the table and made me rub
his huge, hard black cock through his jeans.  It felt so big and hard, and
eventually we got up and went out to his truck.  Once there he took his
huge, uncut member out and had me stroke him as we drove to his place.
Once there he put in a porno movie and we undressed.  He sat on the couch
and spread his legs, telling me to get down on my knees between them.

   Once on my knees he grabbed my head and pulled me down to his balls and
told me to lick them while I stroke his cock.  As I licked and kissed his
spunk filled nutsack, he enjoyed watching guys getting blown by other guys
in the porno.  He was experiencing just what they were as he watched it and
said it was hot!  Then a scene of a guy giving head to another guy in the
shower came on and he decided we would head to the shower.

   Once in, the hot water slapped against our hard bodies and he placed his
hands on my shoulders.  Looking into my eyes he easily pushed me down to my
knees in the shower.  He was so much bigger and stronger, easily
controlling me.  I looked up at him as he looked down at me and he began
slapping my face with his big tool.  He was enjoying it, enjoying
humiliating me and I was loving it.

   I reached down and gave my hard cock a couple strokes and he asked "What
the hell are you doing?  You don't touch yourself, your only concern is
pleasing me.  I don't care if your get pleasure or not, all you care about
is getting me off and that is now your purpose in life.  When my cock
enters your mouth for the first time, that is when you become my slave.
Then I own you and there is no turning back.  Now lick my shaft and head so
that my cock slides smoothly in and out of your mouth."

   I licked his cock up and down and all over the bulbous crown, tasting
some precum.  Then he took his cock in one hand and held the head on my
lips, he put his other hand on the back of my head.  I looked up at him
smiling down at me.  With our eyes locked he held my head in place and
thrust forward his hips, his cock forcing my lips apart.  It was so hot
looking at each other as his cock entered my mouth.  His large member
quickly filled my hot mouth as my lips stretched around his shaft.

   I swirled my tongue all around the plumb in my mouth, savoring the
delectable flavor.

   "Now that my black cock is in you mouth you are my cocksucking whiteboy
slave until I say you are not and I plan to use you often."

   With that I sucked in my cheeks around him and he placed both hands on
either side of my head, holding me in place.  Then with his hips, he began
pumping his majestic black cock in and out of my mouth.  I gently played
with his balls and caressed his muscular legs and ass as he used my mouth
as he wanted.  There I was, on my knees, my mouth being used by a big black
man, it was heaven.

   Between moans he would verbally abuse me saying stuff like "take that
black cock, bitch, suck on a real man's cock, this is as close to a real
man as you will ever be!  Most guys call other another guy a cocksucker
when they want to insult him, because that is the lowest thing a man can
do, suck the dick of another guy.  And here you are doing it, you are
smoking my log, you are a whiteboy cocksucking faggot!"

   I was just loving it, being made to feel so cheap, being used, I had
found my place, again.

   He picked up the pace and was just ramming his rod into my mouth, I was
gagging every so often but he did not care.

   Then his breathing got deeper and I tasted some precum, followed by a
huge moan of pleasure and a blast of his thick seed.  He kept pumping as I
swallowed it down tasting his hot spunk.

   "Now you really are my bitch, that is the first of many loads you will
be forced to swallow," he moaned as he leaned against the shower wall,
spent from his huge load.

   We got out toweled off and went into the bedroom where he placed a dog
collar around my neck and attached a leash, which he held the end of.  He
laid back on the bed and told me to get him hard again and give him nice
long blowjob with attention to detail.

   He told me what things he liked as I went along thereby training me to
be his own personally customized cocksucker.  He had me tell him how much I
enjoyed being his slave and we talked back and forth as a gave him great

   The hot talk only heightened the whole scene and his cock was even
bigger than before.  After a good hour he pulled on the leash and pushed me
onto my back.  He got over top of me and brought both my hands above my
head.  Then he wrapped the leash around my hands, keeping them together and
held both my hands with his one hand.  With his other hand he shoved his
dick into my mouth and began to fuck my face.

   There was nothing I could have done to stop him if I had wanted to,
which I did not.  But knowing he had control over me for real, turned me on
more than I ever had been in my life.  I just laid there as he used my
mouth as he wished, loving it.  It wasn't more than five minutes before he
pulled out and sprayed his spunk all over my face.  He rubbed it all over
with his still hard cock before shoving it back in my mouth to clean it up
and suck the last bit of cum out of the shaft..

   He rolled off me and I jerked off as he slept, still enjoying the taste
of his cum in my mouth and all over my face.  I finally knew that I would
never fight this life again, I was a slave to cock and I knew it.

   So began my life as his slave, he would call me whenever he wanted to be
serviced.  Which was every other day, if not more.  He knew I had a
girlfriend and did not like it.

   One time he called me over, just before I was going to take Chastity to
a movie and he came in my mouth, rubbing it all over my lips.

   He said, "When you kiss her tonight I want you to remember that my cum
is in your mouth and all over your lips, and do not clean it up."

   When I did kiss her I thought about it and got really turned on, knowing
how much he controlled me.  I often had to cancel dates with her to do as
he ordered me to.  One time he came over as I was going over to pick her up
and said I was not going anywhere.  He had me call her to tell her I could
not make it and while talking to her, he had me sucking his cock.  When
done talking, he took the phone away and used my slave mouth as he wished.
He was always a little rough and verbally abusive, it was the best.

   After about two months and many loads, it was putting a strain on my
relationship with Chastity.  It was not hard to decide what to do.  Yes,
Chastity was a beautiful, rich blonde girl, young, pure and the object of
so many men's fantasies...  but she could never have a huge, black cock...
When I was thinking of breaking up with Chastity one night, Master said:

   "Let me make it easy for you" and he shoved his cock in my mouth.  "You
know this is what you want, it feels so good in your mouth doesn't it.  You
cannot fight it even if you wanted to, cock owns you, my cock.  It is your
life now and will be forever, you are a cocksucker and there is nothing you
can do about it.  You exist now only to service black men and do what they
tell you.  In the world there are guys that get sucked off and there are
guys that do the sucking and you are one of the latter.  You will break up
with her if for only one reason, I am ordering you to slave!"

   He was right, it felt so good in my mouth and being used by another man
gave me such pleasure, I knew what I had to do.  Plus he was my black
master and I was hit white bitch so I had to do what he said.

   He told me I was going to break up with Chastity and tell her why-
because I'm a black cock slave.  He got a evil grin on his face and told me
we were going to have some fun.  I could not believe what he was planning
and said it might not be such a good idea.

   "If she finds out all my friends will know."

   "You do not tell me what to do, I tell you what to do and when I do, you
better do it!  It does not matter if your friends know, your life is cock
now, nothing else matters " he said sharply.

   He insisted on driving me over to her parents' mansion and parking out
front.  After a few minutes, she came out to greet us.  When she came out,
I told her he could no longer go out with her.  When she asked why, Marcus
put his hand on my head and began to pull my head down, I resisted and let
Chastity see this but then gave in and went down to my place.

   I (reluctantly) unzipped Marcus's pants, and took him in my mouth right
away and began sucking bigtime.  He moaned and made sure she saw his
pleasure and then told me to slowly come up and look at her and then he
would pull me back down to his cock again.  I came up and I could see she
was stunned as she looked on.  Then his hand went on my head and he pulled
me back down and this time I did not show any signs of resistance.  I took
his cock back in my mouth and began giving him super head.

   She stood looking in the van window, seeing my head bobbing up and down.
Now there was no doubt that she knew what was taking place.

   Master looked at her and showed her the pleasure on his face, the
pleasure of using my mouth.

   "That's it, bitch, suck my cock, I'm going to shoot my thick nigger seed
in your faggot whiteboy mouth" he said to me as he looked at her.  On cue,
I felt his semen flooding into my mouth, a taste I now knew well.  He
grabbed my hair and pulled me up and showed her my face.  Cum smeared on my
lips and chin as he pulled me off and up so she saw his cum in my mouth and
on my face.

   She could see the pleasure on my face and tell I just loved it.  The
entire time we went out she never sucked my cock, she was grossed out by
the thought of it and here I had just blown a black guy.

   "Good cocksucking slave faggot, that makes an even hundred load of black
cum, doesn't it?" Master said with a smile.

   I gave Chastity one last look and then went back down to his cumstick.
My girlfriend just stood there watching me suck some black guy's cock.  She
didn't even know I was into this kind of stuff, so it must have shocked the
hell out of her.  Chastity got closer and watched, mystified, in rapt awe
as I expertly deep-throated the huge organ.  My head pistoned up and down
on my Black Master's cock like a jackhammer.

   "Mmm, he loves suckin' black cock!  Don'tcha whiteboy?  That's all white
bitches are good for, serving black cock, right faggot?"

   I moaned my agreement.  Master looked right into Chastity's eyes while I
sucked him off.  As he tensed up, I knew he was about to cum, he lifted my
head off his cock and made me look at Chastity.

   "Watch this, bitch," he said and Chastity stared right at me as he shot
his load right onto my waiting tongue with perfect accuracy.  I caught
every drop of his copious load on my tongue.  I allowed it to sit there
until he nodded.

   I then broke my eye contact with Marcus and looked at Chastity, closed
my mouth and swallowed loudly and said, "That is why...  I am a black cock
slave faggot."

   Chastity was speechless.

   Marcus opened the door and pulled her in, she was still too shocked to
react.  Marcus pulled her in back and told me to drive back to the his

   As I did, Marcus shoved her dirty panties in her mouth and ass-raped her
all the way back to the projects, cumming in her ass multiple times and
giving her a piss enema, for good measure.

   When we got back, I came into the back of the van.  Chastity was still
face down, ass in the air.  Her sphincter was stretched wide open, it had
lost all elasticity and gaped obscenely.  I could see it positively
brimming with brownish shit-stained cum.

   The overwhelmingly nasty stench of fresh shit filled the air.  I looked
over at Marcus, whose cock, still a foot long as it hung flaccid between
his legs, was completely coated in Chastity's shit, as were her ass cheeks.

   As Chastity watched, Marcus summoned me to him and made me get down on
my knees.  I knew what to do and opened his mouth widely as Marcus inserted
the full length of his shit-covered cock into my mouth and down my throat.

   Chastity marveled at my skill as I flawlessly prevented his teeth or
lips from brushing Marcus's cock as it went in, so that none of the shit
would get scraped off on the way in.

   When Marcus had finally lowered his entire length into me, causing
obscene bulging in mt neck, his kinky black pubic hairs tickling my white
boy nostrils, I closed and sealed my lips tightly around Marcus's cock and
sucked hard, repeatedly, working my tongue around the huge tool.

   The entire time, I kept eye contact with Marcus, Chastity watched on,
hypnotized.  Then, slowly, Marcus pulled his long, huge, thick, rock-hard
black cock from my tightly sealed lips, sparkling clean.  All of Chastity's
shit stayed in my mouth.  When Marcus was out and my mouth bulged with
shit, Marcus nodded and I swallowed loudly and visibly, taking all of
Chastity's shit into my gut.

   The momentary silence afterward seemed almost like a tender moment.  At
least until Marcus abruptly and roughly grabbed me, threw me to the ground
on my back, tore off my skimpy jogging shorts and began roughly ass-fucking
me without mercy.

   The entire van rocked violently as Marcus churned my creamy white ass
into butter.  I cried out both in shock and pain.

   Marcus looked over to Chastity and ordered her squat over my mouth and
shit the cum and piss enema into his mouth, which she did gladly, getting
revenge on me for getting her into this situation.

   When we finally got back into his apartment, he had already fucked her
up the ass and cum deep in her bowels, and had fucked her face as hard as
he had her ass and made her swallow.  He'd also pissed in her mouth and

   Once we were inside his apartment, he made me suck the cum and piss from
her ass.

   He ordered her to shit in my mouth, which she seemed to do with some bit
of sadistic pleasure.  She had stopped putting up a fight now and we each
took turns sucking his cock and drinking his piss.  Now Master had two
slaves for his big, black cock.

   Mishi came in on the middle of this.  Apparently, she knew about my
straying and had arranged all of this with Marcus long before.  It turned
out, I later discovered, that Marcus is Luke's brother.  Mishi took an
instant liking to Chastity (and vice-versa).  As Chastity shat another piss
enema into my mouth, Mishi informed her of the situation and told her she
would be staying with them, now.

   When Chastity began shitting uncontrollably at the end of the enema,
everyone was surprised.  Mishi made me eat it, but it just kept coming.
Chastity shat at least 4 pounds of shit down mt throat before it was all
done.  I threw some up and was told that would be my dinner.

   Chastity explained that she has always had an incontinence problem,
something she's hid as her most private shame.  Because of some rare
metabolic disorder, she must eat constantly and shits copiously at least
twice a day or so.

   Mishi said she'd fit right in, here...  in fact, some people would
appreciate her "curse" very much.

   Nowadays, Chastity still loves to be raped by Mishi and Luke and Marcus.

   Sometimes she and Marcus or Luke will top me-they'll lay me on my back
and Marcus will savagely ass-rape me while she sits on my face with her
full weight, and fills me with pounds and pounds of her nastiest shit.  The
two will French kiss passionately while they use me in this way.

   Other times, when she is particularly filled to the brim with shit, she
will lay over me with her ass over my face and have Marcus ass-rape her.  I
must eat all the shit that spills out and repeatedly suck Marcus' cock
clean of the inch-thick layer of shit that it comes out of her ass with.

   Often times this goes on for an hour or two before Marcus comes either
up her ass or down my throat (sometimes both) and follows up with what
seems like a gallon of piss.

   Sometimes Mishi and Chastity will top me, Mishi forcing me to seal my
lips to Chastity's asshole so Chastity can let her shit flow freely and
completely uninhibitedly down my throat straight into my stomach.  I've
eaten so much now that my stomach capacity has definitely increased - I end
up looking as if I'm nine months pregnant, sometimes carrying around what
feels like about an extra 50 pounds of shit in his gut (I sometimes get
back pain from this, now).

   Mishi loves to make me eat as much as I can and make me hold it all and
make sure it doesn't come back up until it's all digested (this usually
takes almost a week before I'm hungry again).

   To be continued in the further "Misadventures of Mishi" and "The Perils
of Greggie-Poo"! 

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[#10] nmsteve ( 1148 days ago )
nmsteve avatar Had to read this story again.They still shit and piss on me and use me as their toilet when ever they want.My wife has started to make me sleep in their shit and piss in the bath tub.They have found other people to party with and the tub get over 6"in. deep with all of the shit and piss.She sits on the toilet and sucks cocks or eats pussy while people come in and bury me in their shit !
[#2216] hansemboy ( 1197 days ago )
hansemboy avatar Great story! One time my wife's lover sat on my face as he fucked my wife and he farted and finally took a shit in my mouth as I licked his asshole! I came buckets without even touching myself, but it only happened once.
[#2216] indycrusade ( 1131 days ago )
indycrusade avatar i know how u must have felt. my wife's lover plants his asshole on my mouth every time he fucks my wife. He has a tendency to fart and shit when he cums and he wants me to swallow all his mess when he does. His anus and ass crush my face when he's fucking my wife violently and i can hear them screaming with pleasure while he lays a huge turd down my throat. for some reason (and i'm really ashamed of this) I often cum uncontrollably during these sessions. it's gotten to a point where i am both of their slaves and i find myself often worshipping my wife's lovers anus. they've even spoken about castrating me, a thought which terrifies me!
[#10] nmsteve ( 1333 days ago )
nmsteve avatar I love to have my wife tie me up and then she has her boyfriend piss and shit on me.Then she makes me watch them fuck.
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