Kate pushed away the bushes that blocked her view. Jack was showering under the waterfall and for the past few days Kate had been going to see him do his daily ritual of jacking off. Kate had never had sex, she never really had the urge to, but every time she saw Jack stroke his 8 inch piece of meat, she wanted to feel it inside her pussy. It was half way through his tugging of himself that he shouted out, “Oh Kate, Oh Kate, yes, god your ass is so fucking tight.” It was then that the idea came into Kate’s head, she was going to have him, he wanted her, and they were going to fuck, maybe this stranded desert island thing wouldn’t be so bad after all. She stripped off in the bushes and, naked, sneaked up behind Jack as his cries for Kate got louder and louder. She was now directly behind him and whispered in his ear “Do you need a hand there big boy”. He immediately turned around shocked to see Kate right in front of him. He realised his cock was still in his hand and quickly pulled it away embarrassed, but before he could hide his cock, she moved forwards and their lips met in a long kiss. Halfway through she placed her hand on his cock and slowly started to stroke it. He moaned slightly as they kissed, but then she pulled away from him and guided him towards a rock where they sat down and Kate started to tug harder on his cock. “Kate, this may sound a bit bad, but I have dreamed so long of having your lips wrapped around my cock, do you think you could…”, she smiled uneasily, but all the same got down on her knees to give the first blowjob she had ever given. She bent over to place the head of it into her mouth and as she did she heard something from behind her. Suddenly she was grabbed by someone else, she let out a scream, but couldn’t as she felt Jack’s hands press down on her head to force her further down onto his cock. She heard Sawyer’s voice say “Are you ready Kate, me and Jack knew you would never become the slut you are without a little help from us two, so although you may not like it now, you’ll soon be lapping our cum up like the slapper you are.” She felt something press against her anus, and to her horror realised that it was Sawyer’s cock as he forced it into the virgin hole. Being raped in the pussy is one thing, but getting ass raped is the worst thing she could think of. She tried to bite Jack’s cock which was still in her mouth as the pain in her buttocks got worse, but she was just hit in the face for doing it. After a long while Sawyer finally ripped into her ass and got all his fat dick inside. “Now listen here you slut, your just going to happily suck on Jack’s dick there until he cums, when he cums, your going to swallow every last drop, if you try anything, we’ll kill you. Meanwhile I’ll be fucking this sweet ass of yours until I cum, your going to love every minute of it and that’s final, ok.” She knew she had no choice so her head soon started to bob up and down Jack’s fat cock. She started to lick off the head the salty pre-cum that had started to gather as she sucked him off. Suddenly Sawyer started to thrust in and out of her tight hole, it felt painful, but she started to get wet, even though she didn’t want it. It got too much for Jack and he burst and coated the whole inside of Kate’s mouth, right to the back until his orgasm subsided after about 30 seconds of cumming. She swallowed the salty liquid and as she examined by swallowing it she felt Sawyer’s volcano erupt in her butt as he filled her with hot, sticky jizz. They both stood up in front of her and told her to give them hand jobs. She knelt of her knees and started to tug on their cocks. Five minutes later they both came and coated her face, hair and tits with their juices whilst moaning. They then walked off and Sawyer shouted behind him, “same time tomorrow my little butt slut”. It took her ten minutes of fingering herself with the natural lube all over her face, before she finally had the release she was looking for. After that she found a new love, for jizz tasting and anal sex.

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primefury avatar Great start! Make a sequel. Make it longer, more description and sex. Very hot story.
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