I never considered myself gay or bi, but after what happened today I may give it another thought. Let me fill you in on the details of when I gave my first blowjob to another guy.

I have been single for a few months now and work night shift so the chance to meet a girlfriend are pretty slim at the moment. Up until this morning all my sexual act have been with a female.I admit there have been numerous occasions that I have looked at gay porn on the internet and got turned on,even jacked off to it. Well today was one of those days plus some.

I got off work at the normal time and came home to see what new porn had been posted on some of the sites I visit regularly. I normally get off looking at pictures and movies of cumshots, or small tiny white girls getting fucked by some large dicked black guy. My favorite probably has to be watching or looking at guys getting head though. That probably comes from my love of getting blowjobs from my ex girlfriends. I looked through a few sites and come to one that focuses on guys getting sucked off by other guys. Like I mentioned before I have looked at gay porn before, but today I was getting seriously hard watching guy after guy fill some dudes mouth with sperm. I knew I needed to find a mouth to release into this morning and figured finding a guy to help me out might be a lot easier then trying to wine and dine a woman.

I figured the best place to look for another horny guy would be no other then gay.com. So I went and setup a membership and found a chatroom for around my area. I went on there a looked at a few profiles and got a lot of instant messages from older guys looking to hook up. I am 27 and though Im not a spring chicken, I felt if I was going to do anything with a guy I would like him to be around my age. After awhile A guy named John popped up and was less then 10 miles away. Sweet! He was around my age but was kinda big it seemed. I am a small guy. About 5'6" and 130 pounds. He had his stats of 5'9" and 200 pounds. I really didn't know how I would feel having a guy that big, that I have never met before in my house. We talked for awhile and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. He told me he was gay but hadnt been with anyone for awhile. We eventually got around to exchanging pictures and I felt kinda weird since I had a lot more of my dick to send then of my body and face. My cock isnt that big really. About 5.5 or 6" on a good day. He seemed to like it and told me he really liked the fact that I kept it shaved. He then asked what I was looking for. Was I looking just to talk, or if I was looking for some action. I told him that honestly I was looking for a no strings attached blowjob. This really seemed to get his attention and he told me he had a deal for me, if I wanted to accept it. The deal was he would be willing to come over and suck me off but since he hadn't had any in awhile either he wanted me to return the favor. Wow! I never really thought about that. I had to think awhile. Would I be willing to suck another guys dick so I could have a warm wet mouth on my cock? I came to the conclusion it could be no worse then when I went down on my ex's and told him I would suck him if he sucked me. I gave him directions to my house and said goodbye, then just sat there and waited.

20 minutes go by and there is a knock on my door. I get up and open the door and there he is standing in my doorway. I invite him in and we go sit on the couch and talk for a bit. It was that kind of nervous-not knowing what to say talk. I was nervous as hell, but he looked pretty good for being a little chubby. All I could think about was if I could really go through with sucking this guys dick. A guy I had met only a few hours ago. I got up and went to the kitchen to get a beer to help me relax a bit. When I came back I found him sitting on the couch with his zipper spread open with his cock out in the open. "Do you like it?" he asked. I could tell by the way it looked he wasn't to big but that he was pretty big around. I told him that it looked pretty good and that he would have to take it pretty easy on me because I have never given head before. He said he would be easy on me and since he was sitting there ready to go I figured I was going to have to be the one to make the first move. I stood inbetween his legs and told him to put his shorts around his ankles. He wiggled out of them and sat back on the couch. I then decided to go for it and knelt down in front of him and took hold of his semi-hard dick. This was the first cock besides my own that I had ever touched. I asked him how he liked getting sucked. Did he like getting a wet blowjob or a dry one. He said he liked a lot of saliva on it. With that I took grasp of the base of his dick and lowered my mouth onto his shaft. I went slowly at first making sure to get plenty of spit on it to lube up his cock. Within about a minute he went from semi-hard to fully erect. Fully erect his dick was about 6.5 inches long and like I guessed was pretty fat. As I got going, I tried to get all of it in my mouth but found out I was not very good at deep throating. I found that I was better at working my mouth and tongue on the head while I jacked the rest of his shaft off. He seemed to be enjoying himself pretty good. He told me that I sucked a good dick and he wished he had met me sooner. We went about another 5 minutes and then I felt his hand on the top of the back of my head. I figured that this meant only one thing, which was that he was ready to cum. Now I had to make the choice on if I wanted to swallow it or spit it out. I decided Id probably spit it out because I just felt weird to swallow it. His moans were getting more intense so I speed up and placed a lot of pressure with my tongue on the underside of his head. He placed both his hands on my head and I felt his cock get really stiff as he shuddered a few times. It took a few seconds before I noticed that he had cum in my mouth. At first it seemed like a warm slippery liquid in my mouth, then the salty taste filled my mouth. I slowly withdrew my mouth from his dick making sure to clean all the cum off as I went and then got up to spit out his load. He had cum quite a bit. It had pretty much filled most of my mouth. As I was sitting in front of the bathroom sink I couldn't get over the fact I was sitting here spitting out another guys load I had just sucked off in my living room. To tell you the truth I kinda liked the feeling that I could get someone off. I also liked the feeling that I was next!

I finished off in the bathroom and walked back out in the living room to find John buttoning his shorts up. I asked him how he liked it and you could tell he was loving it. He said that was some of the best head he has gotten in a long time. He then came up to me and placed his hand on my crotch. I was hard as hell and I was really looking forward to blowing a load in this guys mouth. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped then off. He started rubbing my dick with his one hand while pushing me down on the couch with the other. Finally I was going to get my dick sucked like I had watched in the porn movies all these mornings. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and waited for the warm sensation to work its way down my shaft. I could feel him licking my balls and the shaft up and down like a sucker. This lasted about a minute then I felt his hot mouth go down and take my whole cock in. I love the feeling of having someone take your whole dick all the way down and have thier face buried in your lap. Up and down he worked his mouth. All I could say was "suck my dick, suck my dick". It felt incredible. After about 2 minutes I was ready to explode and I knew I was going to shoot a lot since I hadnt cum in 3 days. I let out one "I'm going to cum" and I totally exploded in this guys mouth. I must have shot 8 or so loads in his mouth and when I looked down I could see some of it leaking out and down my balls. He got up and went to spit it out in the bathroom while I just sat there spent and totally in awe of what just happened. All I knew was that I was going to sleep good today. I thanked him for coming over and told him maybe Id get a hold of him again sometime soon. Hope you enjoyed my story of what happened today, hopefully I will have more to tell soon!


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[#5571] ritcheydrew ( 1642 days ago )
ritcheydrew avatar You totaly stole my story. Not word for word.. but you tried to capture it in the same way.

[#5571] ritcheydrew ( 1642 days ago )
ritcheydrew avatar Why did you steal my story? You basically took my story and changed a few lines to try to make it your own.

Fuck You!

[#5571] Puffer ( 1642 days ago )
Puffer avatar I really enjoyed this story. I remember my first time though and it didn't go quite as well as this story. I got pretty hard reading this however.
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