This story is true and from A LONG time ago, when i was very young.

My parents divorced when i was about 5.  Me and my sister lived with my mom, and would visit my dad on the weekends. To describe me, I was all american type of girl, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, and short, even for my age. My sister was a few years older than me, and much taller, even for her young age. 

  Several years after the divorce, my dad met and married a spanish woman who had two boys of her own, while they were both young also, they were close to our age. At first they were both very shy.  Greg the youngest was close to my age, but a few years older than me, and the eldest, Ben, was also a few years older than my older sister, Marissa.  We soon became close in the short time that we got to spend together on weekends. 

One day we were driving in my dad's Porshe, and me and Greg were sitting together in the front seat (we were small enough to fit).  I had brought my blanket with me as i carried it everywhere with me at that age.  While we were driving i could feel Gregs hand rubbing against my leg.  I didnt really think much about it at first, but then i could feel him rubbing up against my leg.  I was to nervous or scared to really do anything, but I knew i liked it! I guess Greg noticed that i was enjoying it, because then he moved his hand up to between my legs and began to rub me thru my pants.  It felt so good, but i was terrified that my dad would find out what was happening. 

Later that night, as i lay in bed, my mind went back to the car ride... I reached into my pajamas, and began to rub my cunny the way Greg had earlier that day. It started feeling so good! It was new to me, because i had never touched myself that way before...I was scared of waking my sister who was asleep next to me, (we slept in the same bed while I stayed with my dad on the weekend)

A few months later we all went on summer vacation as a family.  During the car ride up (we had a minivan), me and Greg were spending alot of time together.  We would play around in the back of the van, under the covers, we would tickle and wrestle, and while i thought it was innocent enough, i realize he was using the opprotunity to feel on my body...

Later that night, the family rented a one bedroom cabin. My dad and stepmom stayed in the bedroom, and me and grep slept together on a fold out couch, and Marissa and ben slept on the floor in their sleeping bags.  As soon as we went to bed, i could feel Greg's hand on my leg... after a few minutes, his hand worked up my leg and was on my thigh... I had my pajamas on, and wanted to move, but i was scared about having my sister or dad wake up.  Greg seemed not to care, and was soon rubbing my cunny through my pajamas.  It felt sooo good. I slowly reached down and put my hand on his. After feeling my hand on his, he began to move his hand up to my stomach. Slowly his fingers worked their way into my pajama bottoms, and began rubbing my pussy through my panties.  I closed my eyes, and bagan to start breathing heavy.

   "is this ok Lore?' (his name for me)

   I was to scared to answer, but I reached down and began to move my panties aside. Soon his fingers where pressing down on my bald cunny lips.  I was in heaven.  This went on for a few minutes, and soon enough, i began to get very wet.  While i was scared to get caught, i could no longer hold back. I slowly started moaning, and Greg said "Shhh... quiet lore"

I could barely hear him, for one, i was approaching extasy. and for two, he was whispering so soft.  I then began bucking my hips up to meet his downward force he was putting on my pussy.  I wanted it. and bad. I began getting lust filled and reached down to help his fingers slide up and down my hairless cunny. 

  Soon, I was bucking so hard that the bed was squeaking, and my ass was coming off the bed. I was so close to coming, Greg's fingers was now covered in my juice, even though he had never put them inside me.
Suddenly from on the floor, we heard Ben say "what are ya'll doing up there?"

Frightened, greg pulled his hand out and simply replied with a sheepish, "Nothing"

Because we got so scared, we ended up just going to sleep that night, but i thought about it all the time after that.


Let me know what you think about my true story! i have some other fantasies i would like to write about... let me know!

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Trap ( 1644 days ago )
Trap avatar great stuff! I hope there is more to the story!
[#5571] spiritdancer110 ( 1644 days ago )
spiritdancer110 avatar I thought your story was great! I wish there was more to it! Please write some more.
[#5571] spike_right ( 1644 days ago )
spike_right avatar This was very good just work in the leangth and you have yourself a fan base in no time.
[#5571] saberturbo ( 1644 days ago )
saberturbo avatar Good little story that. Try n work on the length and your sorted!
[#5571] kingie ( 1644 days ago )
kingie avatar this story made me get very hot write more
[#5571] Vallens ( 1644 days ago )
Vallens avatar Great stuff! keep it up! btw, i can't find u on yahoo.
[#5571] Penance ( 1644 days ago )
Penance avatar Never before has a story that doesn't have oral or intercourse gotten me so worked up. Please write another
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