FUCKFEST I'm am a married man. I'm a very busy businessman but I'm very luckey.Because I have a beautiful wife and she looks like an angel, my friends told me often.My wife loves me alot and believes me a lot.She can anything for me.We have a servant,BOBITA.She lived with us.She is not a beauty queen, but she is attractive and has a nice body. She has great tits!!! She is the type of woman who has great sex appeal.One day I came back home form my work and she told me that her aunty will come here for few days.At that time I remembered my marriage days,when I saw my wife's aunty.Her name is RUMIA.Our RUMIA aunty.RUMIA aunty has marvellous boobs and most attractive thing is her round ass.She is married but I know before her marriage she was a slut.One of my friends told me about her that she likes to taste different kind of cocks.I am very happy that she is coming.My wife knows it very well that about sex how much desparate I am.Our servant BOBITA also knows that.Because when my wife went to her father's house for some days.I showed her how rough I am about sex. It was a rainy saturday night.Suddenly I woke up from sleep for peeing and I saw BOBITA is watching a XXX movie on T.V.Our cable line plays a XXX movie every saturday night.I saw her wet pussy and she was rubbing her clit wildly.At that time on T.V. a boy was licking her girlfriend's pussy.She saw me and turn off the T.V.But I again turn on the T.V. At that time she was on fire.I just told her- come in my room and she followed my order. She was hungry for a great sex. First it was just kissing, but almost immediatly she started undoing my pants. Already i was starting to get pretty hard, and now she was sucking on it, nice and slowly. I slowly moved her head back and forth with my hand for a while until i rubbing and fingering her clit. She moaned and gasped a bit until she was perfectly wet.Now she got on the bed, her face down and ass in the air . Then I rubbind her asshole and she said me "Please, please fuck me!" Positioning myself, i teased her, licking her clit and her asshole again and again. She moaned even more and said "Ohh god, please fuck me now!" Immediatly she started undoing my underwear like a tigress but she was wondered after seeing my 8 inch dick.She dropped to her knees to suck my cock.I said her for sucking and I found her a really cock-worshipper. She took it all and kept on sucking. I asked her to stop because it was too intense right after coming. She did not stop, but kept on sucking. Then, after about 4 minutes, my cock is on fire. She stopped sucking and rolled over on her stomach. She said, “Take what you want! Use me, I am yours!!!”She spread her legs wide and guided me into her pussy.She laughed and said, “This is just like my fantasies—you can’t stop yourself, you have to take me.”As I slid my cock in, she let out a deep, throaty moan, which really turned me on. I started with long, slow strokes, letting her feel the entire length of my cock.Then I started fucking her hard and fast. She moaned loudly and dug her nails into my back.Then I pulled out and turned her around so I could see her hot ass. Then I realized she had guided me into her ass. Her ass was so tight, I was having trouble getting in.She groaned and I asked if she was OK, and she replied, “It hurts but feels good. Just go slow.But I that time I was like unsatisfied monster and I fucked her roughly.I was getting close to coming and started fucking her harder and harder. I was ready to cum, I was drag out my cock from her pink pleasurable asshole and she wanted to watch me cum .I shot a huge load on her face.She wasn't unhappy after takin my pride on her face.After that she said that-" I want to be your slave every night". When I remembered those night which I spend with BOBITA, I laugh with a great satisfaction. The next day our RUMIA aunty came.My wife was very happy.We and BOBITA spend the whole day with RUMIA aunty.It was again a saturday night.I found my wife is in not in the bed.i woke up and went to the T.V. room.I was shocked. I saw my wife,BOBITA and RUMIA aunty,they all three nude.BoBITA was lying on the table without any cloth.My wife sat on her face and RUMIA aunty was licking BOBITA's clit wildy.My wife was laughing in pain pleasure.They saw me and stop their game.I told them "can I jion with you".My wife replied-I need 8 inch rod in my mouth.I put my dick into her mouth and she started to suck like a filthy whore.Then RUMIA aunty was looking into my eyes and licking BOBITA's clit roughly.Suddenly RUMIA aunty stood and I saw her body.My GOD! she is 34G!!!-24-41.She came to my wife and she turn out my dick from my wife's mouth.Now she is holding my dick.I told my wife-go to our bedroom & enjoy with BOBITA, I want to spent sometime with RUMIA aunty.She agreed and went to our bedroom with BOBITA.RUMIA aunty said-your cock is too young.She took the whole thing into her mouth(deep throat).She was sucking,licking my dick like amd hungry whore.I was laughing in pleasure.She smiled and said, “Looks like you are having fun!” Her nipples are large, almost double the size of a pencil eraser, round and about one and a half inches long. I grabbed her and started playing with her tits, sucking them and biting at her nipples. She moaned and said, “Harder.” I was sucking like I was breast-feeding.I was rubbing my nose and then dick on her tits badly.Then I put my finger into her pussy.I heard a throaty moan, which really turned me on.I was shocked and said, “I will satisfy you tonight.”She told me to lay down on the floor and she sat on my cock and the riding game was started.she was screaming in ecstasy.After sometime She stood up because she didn't want to come now.Again she was started to suck my dick.Her mouth was better than her pussy. She sucked me for a few minutes.We started in 69 each other. Her pussy was dripping—the more she sucked the wetter she got.She kept sucking my cock. I begged her to stop so I could fuck her some more, but she would not. I shot a huge load in her mouth. She swallowed it and said 'YUMMY'. My cock went limp . Then, she showed me her round bubbly ass.My cock got stiff again.I started licking and kissing her ass.It was a heaven-made ass.I put tongue on her asshole and she moaning.I was licking it again and again.Then I realized she had guided me into her ass. When I was trying to enter my whole rod into her ass , she was screaming- ahhh ahh! your cock is too big for my ass.But I was desparate about her ass. I didn't follow her commands.I entered my rod roughly into her ass.She was crying in a massive pain. I whispered to her, “Thank you, I love your ass and have dreamed of fucking you in it.” She told me again and again-Slow, slow, please go slowly. Your cock is getting more harder and fatter.Be gentle.” Her ass was so tight.I told her, “Breathe deeply".Then I started fucking her ass hard and fast like a mad dog.She was groaning like injured tigress.My wife and BOBITA came there after hearing her scream. I was getting close to coming and started fucking her harder and harder.She moaned loudly, yelling, Fuck me, oh! please come, please come in my tightass.Her begging made me come very fast. I released my load inside her.She was saying-More ,more.I took her in my arms and started to apologize for being too rough. She said no,really you are man.Then my wife came and BOBITA to RUMIA aunty.RUMIA aunty said my wife that -It was great honey.His cum flooded my belly.My wife kissed her deeply.Then I sat on the floor and I took My wife and RUMIA aunty into my arms.We satrted to kis each other.At that time BOBITA was massaging RUMIA aunty's asshole with oil. We continued our nasty fantasies among us.Now in a year RUMIA aunty comes in our house 4 times.

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