Well if you have not been reading my storys then you dont know about me and my son. Lets begin.........

Thursday I got home around 6pm and was alone and need to start dinner. My hubby call and would be late around 9pm. I went to my room and change my cloths. I unbutton my shirt and remove it and started to unbutton my blue jeans and unzipped them when I started to think about that night my son and I got down and dirty. I remember feeling his cock against my wet pussy and him suck my dark nipples and feel me cum so good. I turn the bath water on and went in and remove my jeans to reveal my matching bra and thong set.I remove them and got in and was ready to play with my pussy. I rub the soap all over my dark beautiful body think it was my son. I went to my nipples and pull on them to send a jolt of pleasure in my body. I rub them back and fourth to get them very hard. As I was thinking about my son I went right between my legs and felt my hot pussy jolt with just the touch of my finger on my clit.I brace myself against the wall and lefted one leg up on the tub so my 3 fingers could go deep in my pussy.

I was in heaven fingering ,pull my nipples and rubing my ass hole thinking about all the sex in my life and my new friends online that get me so horny. I was going real fast and deep. I moun like I was geting fuck and loveing it. I felt the water pouring all over my dark skin and could see my tan lines around my nipples and pussy. Hair was gone from my pussy and now my lips where so big and pounding in my pussy was the pleasure of my sons cock in me. As I finish I got out and change cloths to cook dinner. I pull on my PJ bottoms with no panties because we women like to feel free right girls...8-) I went in the kitchen and started to cook. Around 7:30 my to sons came home from basketball practice. I was on th ephone when my oldiest hug me and rub my tits. I did not pay to much because I was to busy with my cooking and chating.

After dinner my hubby came home and was very sleepy. He ate and shower and off to bed. I went in the guest room to watch a little TV. I feel a sleep and about 11pm woke up by my oldest getting in bed with me. As we laid there I could feel has hands all over me but once it got to my pussy I just grab and move it. He kept trying and no words where said just me pushing his hands away. later my youngest came in and I got on my side to hug him and watch TV. My youngest in front me behide him on my side and my oldest behide me. Thats when I felt him go down in the back of my PJ and right to my wet pussy befire I could move my hand to stop him he push in with his finger. I was shock but it really felt good. He slowly work my pussy and it started to get wet. I started to help him so with ever push out with his fingers I would push my ass out so he could go deep.

I felt 3 fingers in my pussy and the noise was geting load of wet pussy so I turn up the TVÂ alittle. My youngest left so when he left the room I really got into it. I push my ass with ever push he did deep in my pussy I felt him kiss my neck and going up my shirt. I watch and listen to make sure noone was coming and reach back to grab his cock and pull it out of his shorts. I could feel the beat of his cock in my hands and now he was rubing my ass hole with all my pussy juice. I want it so bad and started to pull my bottoms downI got up and brace myself with one hand against the bed. He bent forword and started to suck on my nipples throw my pj top. I felt my bottoms around my kneesand now his cock was up against my ass.

The hallway light came on we both jump and I pull my bottoms up and got up out of bed. It was my hubby.............


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