Fucking My Hot Mom part 1




For years, ever since fourteen, I had dreamed of fucking her. And tonight, on the eve of my seventeenth birthday I did so. I fucked her; I fucked my mother, May.Â

           But that’s getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with a little history.

           My name’s Ken and I have no relation to Barbie. I have a sister who’s two years younger than I am. Our father left us for our mother’s younger sister when I was ten and Samantha, my sister, was eight.Â

           The fantasies I have of having sex with my mother began when I was fourteen. The three of us, my sister, our mother, and myself had just moved out of our old home and into our new one; it was comfy and by comfy I mean smaller. Whereas I used to have my own bedroom I now shared with Sam. May slept in the room next to ours.

           I came home from school at the usual time, eager to have the house to myself. I shouldn’t have been so eager though; May, usually at work at this time, had taken the rest of the day off.Â

           I didn’t know this though, so I went to my room and removed my clothes. I looked at my frame in the mirror and wished I wasn’t so pale and scrawny. The only part I was happy with was my seven inch penis. I stroked it for a second imagining a naked Julie Porter, a student in my PE class. Then I headed for the shower.Â

           I opened the door and stood in shock. My mother was naked, wet, and combing her black hair.Â

           Now, May had given birth to me when she was nineteen, so now at a stunning 33 she was what my friends refer to as a MILF. Of course I never thought of her as a mom I’d like to fuck, I mean, c’mon she’s MY mom! I’d get pissed off at my friends for talking about her like that, but standing there naked while she too was naked turned me on.Â

           I think I gasped out an “Sorry” and quickly shut the door. I ran back to my bedroom and masturbated furiously; Julie Porter was not in my dreams that night, but rather my Mom who was wet not from a shower but from sweat and my sperm.


Fast forward three years to the eve of my seventeenth birthday. Mom is helping me rehearse for a school play I had agreed to be in to get closer to Sara, the hottest girl in my high school.Â

           “What’s wrong honey?” Mom asks as I again forget my lines.

           “Its just not the same,” I say. “I mean, you look nothing like the lead, Mom.”

           She just looks at me. “Should I dress up?”

           The female role that my mom is rehearsing is a high school slut who wears slutty clothes and a mental image of my mom dressed in tight fitting school uniform flashes through my mind causing my dick to salute in my pants. “That might help, but where’ll you find a school uniform?”

           “I bought one for Halloween. Be right back.”


When she returned my dick stiffens again at the sight of her in that tight, short-skirt uniform.Â

           She notices and smiles at me. “How’s this,” she asks.

           “F-fine,” I stammer wishing she wore nothing.Â

           “You look more than fine to me, son,” she says, her eyes lingering on my bulge. “Why don’t you show me what you have that makes girls drool?” She steps up to me and begins fondling me dick through my pants. I harden more.Â

Without even thinking about doing it I reach out and take hold of her breasts. I say: “God, Mom, you look like a slut!” I pinch her nipples through her top.

“Want to find out how much of a slut I really am?” she asks.

I nod. She unbuttons her costume and her melons bounce free. “I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.”

I unzip and remove my dick for my mother’s inspection. Her eyes widen at its enormous size. She licks her lips and gets on her knees. “Ever have a woman’s lips wrapped around your impressive cock?” she asks taking hold of my member and pumping it with her hands.Â

I shake me head, my breath caught in my throat, unable to answer.Â

“Then today’s your lucky day, son. I’m going to suck your tool until you bathe my throat with your hot cum.”

She engulfs my shaft with her lips and I feel I’ve died and gone to heaven, but a part of me thinks I belong in hell for enjoying my mother this way. Â

           As her head bobs up and down on my rock-hard shaft I grip her head by its hair and begin face-fucking her the way I’ve seen pornstars do on the ‘net. She’s moaning around the girth of my cock; drool and pre-cum drips from her lips onto her breasts.

           “Oh God, Mom, I’m cumming!”

           She takes me all the way to the back of her throat and holds me there, one hand cupping my balls, the other on the flat of my stomach. She tickles my balls, coaxing my semen out and into her mouth. I watch as she swallows and then releases me from her mouth.  I’m deflated, but find the sight of her so sexy that I can’t help clubbing her face with my cum and drool drenched tool. I leave wet streaks down the sides of her face. Â

           “Don’t worry, son. Next time you’ll last longer. And next time, maybe, just maybe you’ll be allowed to put that somewhere besides my mouth…”




Fucking My Hot Mom part 2

Coming Soon, if enough good reviews from part 1





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