My alarm clock went off at 6:00 A.M. . I get up and walk to the bathroom. The door was open a crack and I hear the shower running. I go in to relieve the massive morning wood. In the middle of my piss my mom's voice comes from the frosted shower door. "Whos out there"? she said. "Its me ma" I replied. Well hurry up I'm about to get out. I finished my piss and let my pants drop to the floor and opened the shower and put my hand over her mouth. I told her " If you think you are going to suck my cock and we're even you're wrong"! I took a step back to take in the view. She was quite ashamed as I looked over her plump frame and her massive tits. Her nipples were quite hard and her pussy was freshly shaved. "So, do you want to fuck?" NO gaod damn it she said quite hateful. "I'll suck you off again but thats it". O.K. I said.

  She knelt down and engulfed my rod down to my balls. She was rushing and in an instant I was hard as a rock and she started to lick my balls. I pulled out and there was quite a loud smack as her pretty mouth left my now purple cock head. "Spit on it Cindy" and she did. She kept on doing it as she was jacking my stick. She started to get into it. She took my cock slowly down her throat and I could feel and see her troat swell. And all of the sudden the door flew open!

 She pulled her head from my crotch as a voice rang out. You been in there a long time honey, you alright. HOLY SHIT! It was dad. My mom cleared her throat and said she wasn't feeling good and thought a long hot shower would do the trick. "Alright then, take your time I'm just going to shave real quick before work" he said. She looked up at me and all I could do was smile. She closed her eyes let out a waek sigh and started to suck real slow. I couldn't believe this shit. My dad was 3 ft. away shaving and I was in the shower with his wife/ my mom with my dick in her mouth. He got done and left the room and she started to pick up the pace and rubbing my aching balls. But I stopped her. I grabbed her up by her hair hard and fast. I hiked her right leg up in the air and crammed about 2" of my young trobbing dick in her puffy pussy.

 "OH Shit" SHe squealed. No fucking she said. I grabbed her left leg and hiked it up in the air and rested her plump frame against the wall. She was just so very helpless and I sank the rest of my very thick 7 1/2" cock in her now soaking wet pussy. "AAAAAHHHHHHH"! was all she could muster. Take mommy's pussy she said as she gazed into my eyes. This turned me on and I started fucking her like a mad man. "OH SHIT OH SHIT" she kept yelling. I was slamming her as hard as possible and she was rubbing her clit with a frantic pace. I was fucking her so fast that eventually my dick slipped out as she was cumming and when it did I felt a warm jet stream. Holly hell she squirted all over me. "Damn ma" I said. "Your dad could never make my twat do that" she said.I let her legs back down. She stepped over to the shower head and grabbed it with both hands and arched her back. I got behind her and sank back into her meaty cunt. "OH YEAH, fuck it good fuck it real good" she said. After a few minutes she pulled away but kept her position reached into the shower caddy and handed me some body gel. Whats this for? Smear it all over that fantastic cock of yours and be double sure to use alot. Why? So you can fit that monster up mommy's ass she said.Â

 I did as I was told and sank it up her ass. She squealed with every inch till I was balls deep. When I finally bottomed out she was squirting and cumming like crazy. She then looked at me and said the words that I remember to this day and it still turns me on. " Fuck my big ass! Fuck me like your dad can't. Fuck me like a cheap whore"!!!!!!Â

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