let me start by telling you a little about me and my sister my name is mike i,m 22 years old now and my sisters name is ashely shes 19 now when it all started bac when i was 17 and she was 14 one night when me and her was alone she was on the compture in the family room and i was in the other room watchimg tv and than i heard

mike can you come here a sec.

so i get up and walk in the family What

ashely had her eyes on the screen and she said look at what poped up

i looked at the screen and it was a incest site we started looking around and she says do people really fuck there family members.

i was like yeah

and she was like wow she said look at those guys cocks they are huge and turned and sayed is your cock that big

iwas like wow did my sister ask me that and i said yes its big

and she said wow

and than are mom pulled up so we turn the compture off and i went to my room all night i was thinking about incest like what it would be like to fuck my sister.

and than long about mid-night there was a knock on the door i said come in and it was my sister.

than she walked over and set down on the bed and she said can we talk

i said ok

ashely looked at me and said can i see your cock please.

i just want to see it one time.

and all i could say was ok.

so i got up and got naked and my dick pop out

ashely said wow cool its huge.

she said may i touch it.

i was like ok.

she put her hand around my dick and started going up and down on it.

and than ashely said lets fuck.

she got up got naked and jumped right on me

i was like god this feels good and we fucked for like an hour and than i said ashely i,m going to cum

she got off me and grab me dick and started jacking me off

and than i shot the biggest load in the air i had ever shot.

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