My Sister-in-law often stays over at our house, one night things got very intense.


My wife called me up at work asking if it was alright to invite her sis around. I of course agreed as I loved her being around and we always have a laugh.


I got home just after half 6 in the evening to find the girls in the kitchen making dinner. After a few hours of chatting and watching TV, we all felt tired and went into the bedroom to relax and talk more on the bed. Time passed and we all becoming very sleepy, our conversations slowly stopping and then quite. The girls fell asleep shortly and I just lay there, looking at the two hot women on my bed. My wife was at the top end of the bed laying across the pillows, my sis in law in the middle and I was at the bottom, I waited a while until I heard deep breathing from their sleep, after I heard that I moved my foot brushing against my sis in laws, desperate to feel her skin. The touch and thought of being able to do things to her whilst both were asleep got me very hard and I sunk my hand in my trousers and began to stroke myself.

Our window was open and it began to rain, the sound was very relaxing and helped mask any sounds of pleasuring myself I may have made. With the rain beating down hard, I felt daring and decided to move closer to her, her back was facing me and part of her thong was sticking out above her ass. I positioned myself right up against her ass and stopped in case my movement may have disturbed her. Nothing...with my cock fully out of my trousers I edged my cock to her ass, the tip of my cock brushed against her cloths and I twitched hard with the excitement. Once again, I stopped just in case she awoke and still nothing. My daringness was getting braver by the second, I moved my cock a bit firmer into her ass to then fill my cock between her slit. By this time, I was so flustered and excited I began pre-cumming.

The rain got louder and a storm roared out making me jump for a moment, she stirred and I moved back, my cock still fully out. She shivered and I put my hand on her arm, she sighed and sheepishly said, “Cold” I moved my top half up to her back and held her from behind, resting my arm on hers. An mmm sound came from her and with that, her hand held mine and pulled it around her waist. My heart was beating fast, my cock was only a couple of inches away from her ass, if she moved back, she would know for sure that I had a hard on. I was starting to stir a bit being nervous and then she did the one thing I was fearing and moved her ass back into me...I froze, my grip around her waist became ridged. She moved her rear a bit I presume not knowing what she was feeling at first, then heart pumping like mad now, then she again began moving her ass slowly on my cock. I couldn’t tell if she was asleep, half awake and enjoying the closeness or awake and giving her brother-in-law the cock tease of his life.

Either way, I wasn’t going to let this stop me taking advantage of the situation, with her grinding movements on my cock still happening, I slid my hand down her side onto the waist, then I pushed myself firmly into her, her ass pushed back onto my thrust and I knew then that she was partially awake. I started to grind my cock into her from behind looking up to see if my wife was asleep, which she very much was.

Moving into her back, I kissed her shoulder continuing my grinding; our movements were now blatantly sexual and not mistaken for just cuddling. Her arm moved and her hand rested on mine, our fingers wrapped around each others, she then moved our hands to her PJ’s and then began moving them down her ass. I couldn’t believe what was happening...her PJ’s moved down her ass revealing her hot ass in that sexy thong, her knees moved up and she then took her PJ's off!

I was totally freaking out and horney as hell, my wife, her sister was only inches away from us, her sister was on our bed, with no trousers on and my cock was rubbing against her ass. She then moved her ass straight back against my raging hard on and lifted her leg, moving her thong to the side like an invitation to fuck her.

That was it for me, I moved myself a bit lower on the bed to position myself behind her and guided my cock to her pussy from behind...the sudden touch against each other was intense and made us both moan, as I rubbed against her clit I was amazed at just how wet she was, no, wet wasn’t the word, she was soaked, flooded...the head of my cock slid effortlessly over her clit searching and exploring it...this was it...this was the moment I had always fantasised about for so long, I was about to fuck my sister-in-law and it was going to be right in front of my wife.

With my final slide against her, I moved the tip of my cock to her soaking cunt hole, her hand rested on my swollen member and then she reversed slowly onto my cock. I moaned out as I entered her and pushed all the way into her, “oh fuck” was all she said, it was the only other thing that had been said all this time since we started. I held her leg high up and continued my slow build-up of motion in her. The feeling was so intense, the whole situation was extremely intense and all I wanted to do was fuck her so hard and loud, but the slow cautious movements was agony as it was, we both sighed louder and louder with every thrust, her pussy was so soaked but tight, I could feel her contracting on my cock as we built up speed, I leaned to her back and began licking and kissing her, this made her stir more and got me equally as excited.

I wanted to look at her as we fucked, I knew this was dangerous as it was, but I was desperate for the missionary position, desperate to get as deep in her womb as I could. I pulled out of her, our juices soaking each other, she lowered her leg and for the first time, she looked at me as said, “where you going?” I replied, “I wanna be on top of you, I wanna see your face”. She looked scared and looked at her sis, looking back at me she said, “Ok, but be careful, if she wakes up, there’s no hiding it this way.” At that moment, I really couldn’t give a shit if she wakes up or not, I was too lost in the moment, my cock was doing all the thinking and all that mattered was fucking her.

I slide over and she laid on her back, lifting her knees to her chest, she then took of her thong, I then slowly moved myself above her lowering my waist between her legs. She raised her legs and with my cock in hand, guided it back into her hungry cunt. Pulling out I slammed hard into her making her moan load, I leaned down to her face and for the first time, our lips and tongues met, sliding franticly over each others, lust, pure passion was the moment, our bodies were grinding firmly but not too much to wake her, I glanced over at my wife to double check and then looked back at my sis-in-law, she looked as well and smiled deviously at me. The look made my cock twitch hard and she moaned with the feel.

“Are you close?” she said, “very!” I replied, “me too, we better be quick, she could wake up”. Our voices were low, but our bodies could or should have woken anyone up by now.

We began kissing each other passionately, my cock sliding back n forth in her faster and faster, her pussy tightened with the increase of speed. My cock became even more swollen and I felt pre-cum beginning to ooze out of me, she stirred, bucking her hips upwards, “I felt that!” she murmured during our tonguing session, “bad boy, you trying to cum in me?” she continued, “mmm yes” is all I said. “I’m so close... cum for me!” Words of magic she said, I couldn’t take it anymore, I slammed deep into her womb making her gasp, I pounded her pussy faster and faster, my balls tightened, I was about to cum, pre-cum was leaking out like mad. I was about to cum in my sister-in-law! “I’m going to cum” I sighed out...”oh god yes me too” she replied, she leaned her head back, her hand gripped my waist and then she held her sisters hand with the other! I freaked, but couldn’t contain myself anymore...”NOW! Cum” I groaned out and with that exploded a massive think wad of hot spunk deep into her cunt, she gasped and began to orgasm over my cock, we both were creaming in n over each other, I pounded hard feeling her pussy grip my cock, my cum spurting over and over again into her hungry cunt.

After a while our orgasm together slowed down and I laid on top of cock still twitching and oozing cum into her, though her pussy was totally flooded and was leaking our love juices out. We kissed softly for a minute then looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled, we looked at our bed partner, and she was still holding hands with and was somehow still asleep through all that. We looked back at each other and she grinded her waist against mine...

”Feeling full?” I said with a very cheesy grin. “Very much” looking deep into my eyes she replied. I leaned down to her ear, licked it and whispered, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you.”

She kissed my cheek and held me firmly, “Probably as long as I have wanted you to make love to you” she replied. My wife sighed and moved a bit on the bed breaking our moment, we kept still until she settled and decided we better sort ourselves out. I slowly pulled out of her dripping pussy, I looked down to see a massive soak patch on the bed and our juices dribbling out of her pussy. I smiled, stood up and helped her get off the bed slowly. We went into the bathroom, locking the door behind ourselves then kissed and held each other for a few minutes, our knees were trembling from the intense fuck session we had just had and then began cleaning ourselves up.

As she was at the sink cleaning her cum filled pussy, I came in from behind her and slid my tongue down her neck, my hands firmly grasping her massive double H breasts, she poked her ass out to rub on my cock again and continued to grind, lick and fondle. She turned around and pushed me up against the wall kissing each other on the way, she pulled my top off and then kissed onto my neck and onto my chest, she began licking my nipple and stroking my cock again, I was already semi hard and didn’t need much persuasion. “I better check it’s clean before we go back to bed” she said whilst looking up at me from licking my nipple.

She then continued down my belly to my cock, grabbing hold of it and then moving her face against it, rubbing it on her cheeks and lips. “Oh baby” I sighed and with that she took my member into her mouth for the first time, her tongue slid on the tip and sank all the way to the hilt. I grabbed her hair as she began sucking my cock; I was hard as hell in seconds of being in her heavenly mouth and was beginning to fuck her mouth slowly. I looked down at her and could see she was fingering her pussy...I closed my eyes as she worked me up to boiling point, I was almost on the verge of cumming and was so tempted to cum in her mouth, but the thought of filing her up again was too much and I pulled away from her mouth, pulled her up turning her around and bent her over to lean on the sink, with one swift move I slammed my cock deep into her used cunt and fucked her as hard as I could, she moaned loud calling out my name, telling me to fuck her balls slammed against her pussy and I pounded her ass with everything I had. Wet juice sounds became louder and we were once again soaked. Holding her hips and pulling her back with ever thrust I moaned I was about to cum again, she out of breath said, “cum baby...make me cum again”. She was moaning out loud and I slammed into her for the last time...”OH GOD!” moaning out I said and erupted and hard load of cum into her hungry cunt...I slammed hard as I spirited and she then came a few moments later...moaning an aarggh sound and shivered violently. Our bodies came to a rest again and we were well and truly done.

We once again cleaned ourselves up and then tip-toe back to bed. She slowly put her trousers back on which were on the floor and passed her soaking thong to me, “that is for you” and kissed me on the lips. I sniffed them in front of her and put it in my pocket.

We lay back down onto the bed, my wife had moved completely, and were somehow still asleep. I knew she slept well when it rained, but this was insane. We cuddled up to each other, kissed and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to find my wife was already up, my sis-in-law was still asleep, so I kissed her on the face and went to find my wife. She was downstairs washing up, I went up to her from behind and kissed her, then bit her ear, and she cringed and kissed me. “How’d you sleep last night?” I asked, “mmm very well, I think I was heavy asleep, felt like I was floating.”

I straight away thought that must have been our motion on the bed she felt and smiled. “I went to the toilet this morning and when I went back into our bedroom a minute later, there was an odd smell?” she said puzzled. My eyebrow raised thinking oh shit, our sex smell was still heavily in the room, “no idea, can’t say I noticed anything.” I replied. “God knows then”, “it smelt a bit like when we have sex is the only way I can describe it.” She said, “I must have missed something last night then if that’s the case” I replied jokingly. “Meh, not me” she said smiling.

I didn’t know how to take that and with that began making myself a drink. A little while later, my sis-in-law came down, looking fucked, she looked at me cautiously and smiled, looking up at me. “Wow, bad night?” my wife said, “kind of” she replied, “well get your ass on the sofa and he will look after you.” My wife went into the kitchen and began making breakfast. My sis-in-law came and sat right next to me, peered over her shoulder and kissed me on the lips, “I enjoyed last night” and smiled, “Did she say anything?” I told her what she mentioned earlier and she laughed. “Well I guess we have nothing to worry about then!?” she said grinning deviously. “Nope” I replied and slid my hand between her thighs, “I’m going to take the day off tomorrow, mind if I CUM over?” I said winking.

“You can CUM whenever you want!” she replied deviously again.

“I can’t wait!” I replied.

And with that...began our continuing affair. From that day onwards, I regularly take days off work to be with her and just have amazing sex. My wife is none the wiser and we have since had sex in the same bed sharing with each other.

Thanks for reading.

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horneygypsyman avatar hot stuff, i think it's great. i've always wanted to fuck my wife's sisters too.
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Gimpknight avatar Solid story I enjoyed reading it.
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