A little about me, first. I have been interested in animals and stories about sex with them for a long time. I tried some things in my younger days with calves sucking my boner, but nothing since I was about 15.

This story happened recently, my first animal experience as an adult.

I am helping a friend of mine finish his basement. I frequently am at his house when noone else is around. One day, I got to thinking about being there all alone with his 2 dogs, a golden retriever/poodle mix and a bulldog. The next time I went over there, I decided to try something.

I unzipped my pants, took out my already hard cock and knelt on the floor. The dogs were curious, so they came up and sniffed at my cock for a few seconds, then walked away. I looked around and saw a stick of butter on the counter. I took some butter in my hand, and rubbed it on my cock.

The dogs immediately came and licked it off. They loved it. My head, my shaft it was AWESOME. Then, the bulldog started likcing my balls as the mix was still licking my shaft. I was in heaven. I am an exhibitionist, too, so the thrill of maybe getting caught was only feuling my lust.

After a few minutes of the eager tongue-lapping my cock and balls were getting, I let loose with the biggest hardest orgasm I have ever had. They love cum more than butter and cleaned me right up.

Man's best-friend indeed!

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[#5571] badlybent ( 1639 days ago )
badlybent avatar The story is good but it is so hard to scroll down and keep your place without line breaks. It would be hard enought to read on a printed page but much worse on a monitor. Please try to get the formatting right the next time. You write much too well to
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