About four years ago when I was 13 years old, I explored a side of sexuality I never thought about before. It was in the summer, I had just gotten of school for summer vacation. I planned to spend one week at my Aunt Karen’s house. We had always gotten along, since I was a little kid.

She still had to work, so during the day, I had the house to myself for a while everyday. One day, when she left for work, I decided to go into her room and watch TV. She told me it was okay anyway. I jumped on the bed and couldn’t find the remote control, so I opened her drawer, and the first thing that caught my eye was a very large dildo.Â

I had never seen a dildo before, but I knew exactly what it was. It looked like a real cock. It was a soft rubber, so it felt kind of real also. I got a boner as soon as I realized what it was. I looked deeper into her drawer and seen all kinds of adult items, some DVD’s, some lubrication, and some vibrators. I had always like how my aunt looked, but I thought of her in a completely different way now.

I put everything back the way I found it and went downstairs to watch TV. I thought about what I seen all day, keeping my dick hard the whole time. I wondered what it would be like fucking my aunt, or being fucked by some of her toys. My mind was going crazy.

When she came home, I said nothing about my discovery. I just acted as normal as I could. I think she could tell I knew something though, or least she knew that I was looking at her body more. I noticed things I never noticed before; I guess just cause the hormones. I noticed her small but very perky tits, and her very thin waist, that just led to her perfect ass. She was now hot.

That night I stayed up late, just thinking about playing with her stuff again the next day. I had a dream about it actually. When she got up the next morning, I watched her car leave and I ran strait to her room. I opened her drawer and everything was still there, just waiting for me. I grabbed a DVD and slipped in the DVD player. I loved watching her porn, featuring all kinds of sex.

I watched a young girl masturbating with some toys. They looked similar to my aunts. She then lubed up a toy and stuck it in her ass. This got my thinking what that might feel like. I was so nervous as I though about trying it.

I grabbed the dildo out of the drawer and looked at it for a while. I decided to try it out. I grabbed the lube and ran back the guest room I was staying in. I shut and locked the door, even though I was alone in the house. I put some lubrication on the dildo and just rubbed it with my hand for a while. I was almost shaking I was so nervous.

I took off all my clothes and was completely naked when I jumped up on the bed and laid on my side. I laid at an angle that could let me get easy access to my ass. At first I just touched it with my fingers. They had lube already on them so I pushed one in. At first it hurt, but my body eased up to the idea. I slipped in and out faster and faster until eventually I got another finger in.

A few minutes later, I stuck the head of the dildo at the entrance of my ass. I began applying pressure but I was so tight. After about five painful minutes, I got the head of the dildo in. I just stayed in that position for a while, so I could give my ass time to loosen. I then pushed it in further. I began sticking it in and out faster and faster, each time going a little deeper than the time before. I looked down and seen a stream of my cum flowing from my dick, and I had not even touched it yet. It felt so good. I fucked my ass until my arms got tired.

I pulled the dildo out and began masturbating, something I was really familiar with. My dick felt bogger and harder than ever before. I quickly put myself on the edge and when I came, I shot loads of cum all over my chest and stomach. Some even touched my chin. I laid there a few minutes after just going over what I had just done. It was definitely the best I had ever done. When I was done, I cleaned everything and put it back where I found it. I couldn’t wait till the next time I would be horney again.

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[#5571] LordSnow ( 1647 days ago )
LordSnow avatar okay the most confusing things thing was the lack of paragraphs hard to read a wall of words. the other thing that was prety confusing was at the end where you switch to the husband, and you were still using first person voice.
[#5571] Ortsma ( 1647 days ago )
Ortsma avatar Butt our 'hero' should a least get a fuck from that soft plump body.
[#5571] happyhippie ( 1647 days ago )
happyhippie avatar it was a pretty good story but i hated the first person account because it made it kind of hard to follow so if you do make another please make it third person
[#5571] comsmith22 ( 1647 days ago )
comsmith22 avatar the list is missing parts 7-8-9 ...

are thy posted in another location?
[#5571] Gsquid5 ( 1647 days ago )
Gsquid5 avatar very good, i would like to see this happen, but dna says difference, but to me in can happen, i love the whole series thank you very good
[#5571] lovedcuzin ( 1647 days ago )
lovedcuzin avatar it was good but a little longer but overall good for a first time!
[#5571] lovedcuzin ( 1647 days ago )
lovedcuzin avatar it was good but a little longer story would be better
[#5571] physkokid2002 ( 1647 days ago )
physkokid2002 avatar 4 gods sake post moar
[#5571] physkokid2002 ( 1647 days ago )
physkokid2002 avatar yes
[#5571] Aclapper89 ( 1647 days ago )
Aclapper89 avatar It was good... I'm never going to be able to look at harry potter the same way... but it was good
[#5571] FyoraSilverwolf ( 1647 days ago )
FyoraSilverwolf avatar I want a sequel!
SemenSerpent ( 1647 days ago )
SemenSerpent avatar I love this story,

Reading this story I came all over my hand, After licking it clean, I'm looking

for something to fuck myself with.

Loved iot!!!!!!!!
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