I was a night shift worker on 12 hour shifts in, and anyone who has ever worked that type of schedule knows you have a lot of time off. A lot of time off in the wee hours of the morning, when the freaks come out to play. A normal night out would have been a trip to the corner bar, a fun joint with live music frequented by a wide range of people, from college students to older working folks and most everything in between. On this particular night I wasn't really in the mood for the bar, so I fired up my mildly hopped-up '89 Mustang 5.0, threw her into gear and sped off into the night for a drive around the city. I really loved that car, and regret selling it, she wasn't the fastest or coolest ride in town, but the sweet sounding rumble from the dual exhaust, custom paint job and mag wheels made her quite a nice pussy wagon for a 23 year old guy who spent most of his time chasing skirts. I headed up towards the airport, there was a really great, little-used road that ran parallel to the runway where the cops didn't go much and you could really open up your car. After a couple of 100 mph plus blasts down the road, I turned off into a seedier part of town where several porno theaters and adult bookstores were located. Since I probably wasn't going to be picking up any pussy that night, might as well pick up a dirty movie for later. I pulled into the first of two stores I would visit that night, one of the nicer ones that was pretty clean by adult bookstore standards. I pressed the ringer outside the door, and was buzzed in by the desk clerk, strolled in and started to browse the many racks of adult dvd's for rent. I was checking out some of the amateur titles, looked up and noticed a man and woman coming out of the theater area. They were in their 40's, he looked the part of a businessman and she was sexy as all hell. Long legs, short skimpy gold sequined dress, dark thigh high nylons stockings with the tops peeking out just a touch, strappy style high heels, and the most beautiful big MILF breasts overflowing out of that low cut dress. She wasn't a supermodel, in fact she had a little extra meat on her bones, probably 20-25 lbs heavier than she wanted to be. But she had that certain look that you know right away when you see it....a sexy older woman who loves to show it off to anyone that wants to look. Well, I stopped looking at the dvd's and started to watch this sexy broad wander around the store. I was amazed by the train of guys who had followed her out of the theater, there must have been 20 of them. Her and hubby made their way around the store, and she was obviously enjoying the attention, bending over seductively and really showing herself off to the crowd. One of the guys who had followed her out was standing near me, so I asked him about the woman. He told me that she was a regular at the local theaters and that she would often spend hours taking on all comers until either she or they were too exhausted to continue. I got the feeling it was usually them and not her who would be the first to call it quits. I had been in all the porn stores and theaters nearby but had never gone in to watch a movie, preferring to take the flick home and jack off in the comfort of my living room. I had no idea that women actually came to the theaters and fucked random guys for fun. So this guy says if you want to get a piece of her tonight, just follow her around and see what theater she ends up at, when she settles in, she'll start fucking and sucking everything that moves. That sounded like more fun than jacking off to a porn movie in my living room so I decided to take his advice. She and hubby left the store a few minutes later and headed towards another theater, with several cars driven by horny pervs in tow. I parked my 'Stang in the gravel-surfaced, pot hole filled parking lot and entered the theater. Hot MILF and hubby had been sitting in their car for a bit, then eventually came in. She strutted through the door like she owned the place, and was immediately greeted by the smiling desk clerk. Her name was Janice. This place was what you think of when you imagine a porno theater....dirty, smoky, shabby furnishings, and guys that look like real dirtbags working the counter. But as I would come to find out over time, it was the place to go for all the insatiable slutwives who couldn't get enough cock and cum from the dirty bastards who frequented these joints. Couples got in free, otherwise it was 10 bucks to go inside. I dropped down my money, the clerk stamped my hand and I was in. Let me explain about the inside of a porn theater for those who have never had the unique pleasure of being in one. When you walk in, you are literally in the dark, and until your eyes adjust several minutes later, you haven't really the slightest fucking idea who is next to you or what the hell is going on around you. This commonly leads to a bunch of guys bunched up near the entrance waiting to see what the hell is happening. So here I am, crowded up with a bunch of horny pervs (I was there too, so....) in this seedy, smoky, filthy porn theater hoping to watch this sexy older woman get fucked. My eyes finally adjusted to the dark and I could see the place was packed. It was about the size of a small sized school gymnasium, concrete floors with a downward slope towards the screen, and filled with a lot of well used couches for seating. There is room for quite a few people to stand in the very back and in the front down by the screen, otherwise the couches dominate the room. I could see Janice standing against the wall with hubby right beside her, apparently she was really ready to go beacuse she had exposed her big floppy MILF tits and was rubbing her pussy through her dress, sort of slowly writhing around and swaying a little as she did it. The seats were all filled, I'm not kidding when I say there were prob 60-70 guys in this place. One of the standing pervs spoke to a fellow perv taking a couch all to himself, the guy then got up and offered his seat to Janice and her husband, and they quickly sat down. I had squeezed my way in pretty close to Janice so I could get a good view of any action and was only a couple feet from her, in a mass of guys trying to be close up and, most likely, fisrt in line. I will never forget what happened next as long as I live, Janice looked right at  me, and said "Hey honey, come over here and sit next to me". Holy shit. I'm not saying I'm so hot that chicks pick me out of a crowd, but I was 23 , in really good shape and a pretty decent looking guy, and anyway the rest of the crowd was generally quite a bit older than I was. So I sat right down next to her and we started talking. She told me about how she liked to come here and get fucked by every guy in the house. I told her it was my first time here and was unaware that sexy women like her did this kind of thing. Now I'm not suggesting that I was some uneducated virgin type, I had had my share of women, and actually enjoyed and sought out slutty types, and it's safe to assume she qualified as the slutty type. So I reached my hand over and put it on her thigh, stroked her there for a bit and quickly made my way to her pussy, which was unbelievably wet and very loose, I couldn't believe the size of her fuckhole. She adjusted her sitting position a little so that her pussy and ass were pointing towards me, giving me easier access for groping her. I was really working my fingers in and out of her sopping wet twat, and she told me to go ahead and put my hand in her. Holy shit. It was my first time having my fist in a pussy, and wow what a feeling. She was really getting into it now, as she was probably not really getting filled up by my fingers before. She was moaning and telling me loudly to "fist that pussy baby" and "fuck me with that fist". I asked her if I could finger her ass and she just said "mmmmmm" so I took that as a yes and started working on her butthole. Now I had mentioned before that she had a pussy that was less than tight, well the backdoor was a lot like the front. It was just as easy as before to get two, three, and finally four fingers into her stretchy asshole, which she had apparently taken the time to lube up before she came in because it was slippery and sloppy, felt like she had used KY maybe. So I've got four fingers up this sexy whore's butthole and she is getting really revved up, so she starts picking guys out, one by one, to come over and stick their cocks in her mouth. She must have been doing great because these guys were lasting about 2-3 minutes each tops. Her husband handed me a rubber and said to go ahead and fuck her ass, so she got on all fours, facing towards the back of the couch, sucking off the guys standing back there and getting her ass fucked by my rock hard 7 inches. No I don't have a 9 inch cock, sorry....really though I am sorry because that would kick ass to have a 9 inch cock. Anyway, I have never had trouble with coming too soon, in fact sometimes I wish I could come faster than I do, and I was going to enjoy fucking the well-used asshole of this cumdump MILF, so I took my time and fucked her for a pretty good while. Finally I shot my load in her, and sat down for a bit to watch the show. It was pretty damn hot to see so it wasn't long before I was ready to go again, I whispered in her ear that she should get down on her knees and blow me, and not surprisingly, she did just that. Before taking my cock in her mouth, she thanked me for fucking her ass, then went to town on my dick. It was then I realized why those guys were only lasting a couple minutes each, Janice was a blowjob expert, sloppy-wet, saliva-dripping, deep throat blowjob....what more can I say. I had the advantage of shooting off a bit earlier so I got a several minutes of her awesome mouth before I came with my cock wedged deep back in her throat. Fucking fantastic. I sat and watched again for about 30-45 mins, as cock after cock entered her mouth, pussy and asshole. She licked, sucked, stroked, licked balls and had dozens of loads shot in her mouth, on her face, and in both holes. Finally she took a break, one of the guys went and got her and hubby a couple of sodas, the mass of guys had thinned out some, and we sat and talked some more. She seemed quite intelligent and was a good conversationalist, not sure why that surprised me, but it did. She told me she had been coming to adult theaters since she was old enough to get inside, and that her own uncle had been the first one to take her to a theater, when she was 19. Holy shit. Janice took on maybe 30 more guys that night over the next couple of hours, I estimated that she fucked and sucked well over 70 different guys that night, some more than once. I gave her my number, and hoped she might call sometime for some one on one fun, but it never happened. I was lucky enough to fuck her a few more times over the next year or so inside the theater though. That day sure changed my life, maybe for the better, maybe not, but it sure did open my eyes to the wilder side of things, things that I previously had not imagined in my wildest dreams. I have a bunch of other true theater experiences, if you liked this one let me know, I'll tell you some more:) Thanks for reading!

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