Shivering, she stood on the street corner. She would’ve been 14 years old, if that. Dressed in a tiny black dress; ragged and dirty. He didn’t notice as he grabbed her arse and hissed harshly in her ear.

He dragged her into an alley and pushed her against the wall. One calloused hand groped at her dress, while the other reached under it. His long fingernails scratching as ripped her underwear off. She moaned into his neck as she felt him roughly finger her, clawing at the inside of her pussy like an animal.

She looked up at his face. It was almost as dirty as hers, and not much older, but the expression was one of hunger. A thrill rushed through her at the thought of someone near her age having his way with her. He felt her shift, and knew that his desperation was catching.

He whispered in her ear and unzipped his pants. She gasped as his 10” cock sprung out. She fell to her knees and started sucking, bobbing her head up and down. He forced her head closer and she gagged. Gasping he shot his load into her mouth. She looked up as she swallowed, cum dripping from the sides of her mouth and down her neck onto her C cup breasts. Her tongue worked along his still-hard shaft, licking up the excess cum and making him harder still.

She breathed heavily, her breasts moving up and down, squeezed tightly into the tiny dress. He brought her to her feet and pulled down the dress. Her naked breasts exposed, he grabbed her nipples and twisted them, making her groan in pleasure. Bending down, she felt him begin to lick and nibble her breasts and she tried to stop herself from panting and moaning. He kissed his way down to her pussy, his hands running up and down her smooth, tanned thighs.

Her pussy was completely hairless and dripping wet, just the way he liked it. He grabbed her arse tightly and panted into her ear, ‘I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you stupid little whore’.

He pulled her legs apart and thrust upwards. She screamed and his massive cock pushed into her tight, teenage pussy. He bottomed out and she began to pant and moan. He thrust into her with such force she felt her tiny pussy stretch. She could feel every delicious bump on his engorged cock pushing into her. He pulled out so only the very tip of his cock was still inside her, and then shoved it back in; hard. In and out, he drove her wild with pleasure. ‘Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard!’ ‘How do you want it, how hard do you want it, you stupid whore?’ ‘I want it deep, and hard, harder baby!’.

She felt him spasm and grow harder, then he exploded inside her, cum instantly overflowing her tiny cunt and running down her legs. Finished, he pulled out some money and threw it at her feet, leaving her exhausted covered in sweat and dripping with cum.


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